Cloud Strife's Buster Sword – Evaluation FFVII/Kingdom Hearts

you hello neighbor once welcome back to my channel this is the method for speaking and today as you can see I've got a nice very nice actually replica of this sword of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7 well actually it could be more precise this is not from Final Fantasy 7 this is from Kingdom Hearts as you will have appreciated if you have fans for the series but still it is still the sword that Cloud Strife swings now I've noticed says I think that makes of you who are gamers out there you will approve you will have appreciated that the fact that they are remaking Final Fantasy 7 and that they know for for ps4 and then probably other platforms as well hopefully also PC and you know that was one of my favorite Final Fantasy probably not my favorite but one of my favorite Final Fantasy and I've been playing through them and really really happy I was really looking forward to that so as I found the series I have to say that I'm very very happy with that and and I thought that this could be a perfect time good timing before speaking and reviewing this beauty here the sort of Cloud Strife so let's begin right now the first thing obviously that we have to say is that although we are doing trying to be as historically accurate as possible this is at the end of the day a fantasy sort so we do need to consider that probably in any possible given situation I would definitely use a smaller sword but let's just put ourselves in a bit of us for special time special situation where this is the only kind of weapon that you can use and and so we need to kind of try to see the pros and cons advantages in actual real situations well the first thing obviously this strikes the eye is how big it is this is massive only look at this now obviously this the the replica that I have here which by the way was given to me was was going to me for the purposes of this video by my really good friend Valerio this gentleman over here hi that I would like to extend my thanks for this very good friend of mine and he actually has a video game shop and he sells online and it also has a nice it's more a nice YouTube channel where he shows a few things unfortunately most of the videos he makes are in Italian but if you do understand Italian and want to have a look please go check this channel so um as I'm saying this sword the first prong will be it's really really big and of course this is not made of metal but if it was made of metal they would have been incredibly happy I mean look at the thickness of this beast because the replica here one possible accurate thing is if I do probably the cutting path would have been smaller because that's you know will be sharp and this part will not be sharper that's one of the reasons why Cloud Strife keeps it like this all the time however we do need to consider that term so this would actually make it more like a saber or a katana in the way you use it you most of the times wouldn't really hit with the back of the sword of ammo sometimes it would cut with the edge okay so I would imagine that if I have to choose a stance for this I would probably go for this stance the reason being that I can actually the sense of this one doesn't cut I can actually use my shoulder to hold on the sword and kind of get rid of some of the weight at least while holding this where as a kind of a this kind of of stance this kind of stance with be incredibly it's really heavy now and it's not metal probably it wouldn't even be able to keep it this way another possibility would be the back thick stance the one the back sounds like in kendo but again too heavy so probably wouldn't be able to swing it so I think the only possible I think plus five holds it helps I want it in front but probably I having radical muscles that wouldn't be a good idea so again this kind of stance would probably be more reasonable right now the again the thickness of the blade is outrageous probably this is too weak so probably we would have to I mean then we're big Souls but they would have some kind of degree of distal taper they did have these holes one here one here and if you can see there is another one here it does have two holes I think at the purpose of decreasing a bit of the weight but still this would not be enough you would actually have to remove part of the metal from all this part here which you don't even need anyways and in order to make it more resistant and lighter as much as you can then the hilt now this again is massive it would probably do balance the sword and it would give a lot of problems here also talking about and also is not really protecting me much because it's it has the same thickness of the blade which of course not doesn't happen very often it's very occasionally does but most of the times particularly with medieval swords it wouldn't really happen much so again this is not really something what I will do I will decrease a bit the thickness of the blade and increase a little bit feel so make it actually closer to probably something like it's my hand ax or maybe even a claim I just change it a bit but yeah I think there will be much more effective as a weapon but again this is fantasy so well just being okay with that not the in order to balance the sword something like this in order to be balanced it would have to have some counterweight over here otherwise it will just be like a huge but kind of a huge piece of metal that you would just clean on two people not really but kind of closer to an axe but not even that because it's all full metal so you just wouldn't be able it wouldn't be practical you would be so slow will they this that all damage you would actually do the damage would actually deal with something like this wouldn't be much because in order to really damage someone and cut efficiently you need speed with no speed of something like this like people often think that the the heavier in a really really heavy sword make you slow by if you hit you will destroy the opponents but that's not really the way physics works and I've already talked about this another video tall sort of them called two hundred swords would not help if you wanna check that video please check it out there's a little bit of physics thing so again counterbalance so I wouldn't need something quite heavy here to try and counterbalance it and I would make the the actual and this pontius should be thicker trying to hold grab it probably with leather possibly trying to make it make them you know in order to make it facilitate gripping so after room as a sword I have to say that looks a great this for these like massive it looks really good but unless there is some kind of magic or technology that makes it work for some whatever reason as a normal sword listen just wouldn't really work okay maybe if you really have a huge gigantic man he could potentially wield one of these but again to what it to what purpose so again for the fan of the series though I do have to say that the sword really looks good so again with some kind of magical technology it could perhaps make sense also probably so even techniques considering if only cuts from this side would be kind of similar for kendo and kenjutsu where you use this part to cut but again look at this and this is not metal and look how I'm slowly I actually have to use my body to it to move it faster if I only use my hands it takes forever and recovering from a hit like this if it was metal be something like this so even if I try to stab and if it was metal so this would probably be basically impossible so again thinner here yeah he'll do business is too thick and a little bit of a bigger handle wouldn't make it a nice and beautifully looking cyan that well let me know what you think about it which Final Fantasies your favorite and if you want me to evaluate gunblade or other kinds of of fantasy weapons from those video games thank you very much for watching as always and remember the Metatron has spread his wings

29 thoughts on “Cloud Strife's Buster Sword – Evaluation FFVII/Kingdom Hearts

  • Cloud's sword useless? You're dead wrong. Here's a whole list of uses for Clouds sword:

    *Group size guillotine blade
    *Diving board
    *Ship anchor
    *Mongolian cooking skillet
    *Harvester blade
    *Snow plow
    *Riot shield
    *Industrial wood splitter
    *Lightning rod
    *Armored car bumper
    *Landing gear door on stealth aircraft
    *Draw bridge counter weight
    *Icelanders gym equipment
    *Post hole digger
    *Bedroom mirror
    *Loading tray for a 16 inch battleship gun
    *Flight deck for a large aircraft carrier model
    *Hour hand for big Ben
    *Vault door latch

  • No enemies have a chance against such a big sword, even I would have been invincible had I gone into a fight with that deadly weapon

  • I love the Gun Blade. It would be very useful to be able to shoot archers and people on horses in-between cutting down enemy's. I refer to Cloud's buster as a Shield Sword because it's so big you can hide behind it. You would need a Armour piercing 50cal to shoot threw that sword.

  • Haven't played Final Fantasy VII in quite some time but I'm certain that Cloud does move his body when he swings his sword.

    He's technically a super-soldier (though not good enough for SOLDIER), so the size and weight is plausible, even if it does disregard real world physics.

    It's conceptually based on the zanbato, with a design based on an Okinawan paddle/ club.

  • Final Fantasy 7 is the sole source that spawned my weapon obsetion. The two most reveared swords in the world (to me) are Cloud's Buster Sword and Sepheroth's Masamune. This also has something to do with my love of Odachi.
    Love your opinions Metatron

  • The handle isn't centered. :/

    Not that it matters since the very sword design is stupid to begin with.

  • I always thought the holes represented the two slots for Materia that the Buster Sword has.
    Of course if you include Materia and Mako you can literally magic away every possible argument about anything in the FF7 universe.

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