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Club Newport scam my boyfriend and I out of close to $4,000 promises on vacation weeks is not included in the package they sold us. I want my money back from them They’re refusing to give it to me. They scammed us and all I want is a refund I’m mad because I work very hard for my money. I just want my money back Okay, so what happened was my boyfriend and I last year we went he had got solicited probably a year prior for Cruz and He bought them he bid on it So we have postponed it a few times we went to Florida for this cruise we decided to make it a family event. We invited a bunch of people and we rented out a play on a house and We bought extra rooms on this show but for us to get what was offered to him, which was a car rental a seven-day car rental the cruise itself Meals at the hotel. We had a sit through a timeshare presentation. We sat through this timeshare presentation but after we finished the time timeshare presentation We had to go to the Florida visitor center to get our cruise vouchers It was there and when we came in touch with club Newport Before they would give us the vouchers. They offered us another deal And that was when you sit through this other we had already said notes at a time share But they offered us to sit through another presentation for a vacation club in exchange they were going to give us VIP Interests onto the ship. We have some elderly people with us one of our friends. She’s 85 years old We had my mom with uh, she’s 77. It was actually my mom’s birthday So we figured well, that would be good because at least they don’t have to wait in lines They told us that the ship was completely full that would be easier for us to get on so we agreed to do it So in doing that they took $20 to make sure we came to the meeting the next day so we sat through the presentation and We weren’t interested of. Him and I worked for an airline. I worked there for 32 years He’s worked there. I think for 25 years so he told him no no, no So then they send the next person out and they said well, what did we offer you? Vacation weeks and I believe it was five They offered I forget the number but in the end it was five vacation weeks per year In order to sign up and we’re like well, we’re gonna get vacation weeks with this. That sounds a little more enticing Because you know we fly for free So we’re like if we’re gonna get a free vacation we can we get else either five or six vacation weeks but so we went ahead and signed it was six thousand dollars and When we immediately went on the cruise because we almost missed our crew signing up for it. So we go on the cruise There’s only a three-day cancellation period If we come on we come back from the cruise. We don’t have access to their website yet so Finally when we got access to the website. He immediately starts playing with it He started inquiring about, you know, buying some vacation stuff. He wanted through a river cruise. Well, the river cruise is not available Oh my god, that’s interesting. Maybe this was filled up. This is not taught in the during the time period you want it So then I was like, okay, my birthday’s coming up. My birthday was in September So we want to try to it one of our free included vacation weeks He called and they told him because he’s trying to find it online. Everything’s supposed to be done online He couldn’t find it online. So then he wound up calling them They said well when you booked the included weeks you have to go through our concierge service so He that’s kind of odd why we have to do that, but we went with it. I said well, let me look at it so I’m at work one day and I’m looking at it and I’m a person who immediately comes on in you’re chatting with them and I said I’m trying to figure out how to book my included weeks and they’re like, what are you talking about? There are no weeks included the weeks aren’t free and someone no, that’s what they told us. No, there’s no free weeks So they said he may want to call customer service. I called customer service and the lady basically laughed in my face She said no, they’re highly discounted rates, but they’re not free. I said well we would have never paid $4,000 for a discount so we get discounts with our job every day. We work for airline and That’s when it was on. So basically they had me contact somebody else a customer service She said we’ll put it in writing that she wanted You want a refund? But you’ve already passed your refund frame. They only give you three days to cancel But those three days they know you’re going onto a ship. You’re not gonna be back until after three days so I Started I asked them for they said we’ll give you $1,000 back, but we paid them Four thousand dollars three thousand nine hundred ninety five dollars to be exact. So Basically they were refusing to give us the money. I went to the Better Business Bureau I’ve Gone to you guys. I’ve gone to squeaky wheel. I’ve gone to an attorney general’s office. I contacted my bank. I’ve gotten nowhere I went on Facebook. They blocked me from Facebook and You know luckily people have seen your reviews You know your website and I’ve been getting people contacting me through their they’ve been contacting me through the other website I’m on kompis wiki wheel but to this date we have not received a penny back and We are not able to use these weeks that are included because they’re not included. It was just their way of getting you We become the find out is what they’re doing is they’re basically a fourth party What they do is just like you and I or anybody else when you book a vacation You go online you use Expedia Travelocity All the different search engines that’s what they’re doing. So they’re doing it for you, but they lie and say that’s part of their inventory So we got scam Only thing that can do for me at this time is to give me a hundred percent of my money back That if they do that I will remove all complaints about them and I will stop I take I was in my complaint thing about them are the action I’ve taken I will end it but only thing they could do it just time to give me my money back

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