31 thoughts on “CNN Reporter Asks Bernie Sanders Supporters to Define 'Socialism'

  • Does Bernie Sanders want the workers to seize the means of production in the United States?
    No. He doesn't.
    So he's not a socialist. End of story.

  • Socialism can only work if everyone puts in an equal amount of effort. That's why it works in Denmark, but couldn't work in the United States.

  • Socalism is where the lazy people live comfortable without needing to work, on the expense of the middle class and higher…

  • Well their first mistake was not correcting the reporter. Sanders isn't a Socialist, he's a Democratic Socialist. Other than that this is like when people go to Trump rallies and pick out the stupidest supporters there. They parade them all over the Youtube and pretend that all Trump supporters are stupid as a result of it.

    Everyone should accept that there is at least one intelligent person voting for another candidate who knows what they are talking about, could debate with you calmly until you both die, and really challenge you on policy issues. Accepting that these people exist should prevent everyone from making sweeping generalizations about an entire voter group and that seems to be one of the main problems with this election.

  • Brian Cairns+ that funny you put the empowering the people and holding the top accountable. that is what Vladimir Linin said to get elected in Russia in the early 20th century. as soon as he got elected he killed millions that disagreed with him. the people never saw the power to the people. the governments job is to follow the Constitution. JFK said, ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. socialism is about making politicians richer and everybody else poorer.

  • Listen, when the people [Gov't] try to implant a Socialist/Marxist/Maoist/or any far-left society, the outcome is that it will mess up no matter what; look at for example, India and China; two countries that was ruled by Socialism/Maoism [China]. China and India implanted Far-Left ideologies into their economy and what happened is that both countries was scarcity on resources, forced labour, and such, so they tried the free market for a while and now present day China and India are booming.. Business making profits, More Economic Competition, and etc.

  • I'm 12 and I know what socialism is!! It is where the government owns everything. You get pretty much everything for free. It does sound great at first,but you are pretty much a slave. People who work so hard get the same amount of money as people who barely work. The people who work as hard as possible give their money to people that barely work. In my opinion,everyone is homeless with socialism. The government owns the land and decides what to do with it. You are pretty much just living where they let you,you don't own it.

  • This is why Democracy is flawed. It allows mob rule to take place under idiotic people such as these. The system does not value wisdom and truth, but it values mob mentality and ignorance.

  • Socialism, liberalism, marxism, and every political ideology in between are just strategies to enslave people, fill their minds with their own view, mind creating other mind so to speak. No ideology can satisfy a whole society, we are to divided. Living your life according to a mindmade system is not the way, I know everybody is doing it, because everything is mind corporations, politics, religion enzz. We need to back off the mind, You need to know the nature of the mind better, to see what it actually is and know that you are not the mind, I know it sounds odd, but the truth is never popular. Are you ready to dive into the biochemical dreammachine we call mind, and while you are learning about the nature of the mind, just learn the big picture of life in general. Google TruthContest read the Present

  • this stupid bitch is just trying to make them stupid is like bitch do you know what does chales means no so she's fucking stupid means

  • The great thing about socialism is that it makes the people work together for example the people would be funding the police and the police would not burden them with nuisances and the people wouldn't hate on the cops. It doesn't have to be like Cuba or China.

  • Step 1: Ask 100 people that question.
    Step 2: Edit it down to the narrative.
    Step 3: Bias conserved – Burny Supes R Dumm

  • Personal definitions should be just that, personal. Media wants everyone to have the same views, well guess what, that very concept goes against what Socialism stands for.

  • they are just just voting for others to pay for their liberal arts degree so they will become completely useless part of society.
    Oh, you worked hard, took risks and at paid off in the end and now youre a millionaire? Well fuck you, give us your money, so people who refused to work more then 10 hours a week can go have free stuff.

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