CO Gun Background Checks Are Preventing Crime

Colorado recently expanded their
background check law which closed the loophole that had previously allowed gun buyers
to purchase a weapon without going through a background check
if they bought it through a private sale this is the private sale background
check loophole we’ve heard about it we’ve talked about
it we finally have numbers from Colorado about how well those background checks
are working at preventing people who shouldn’t have
guns from having them Louis I got emails from right-wingers
saying that the program is not working well at all and I got
emails from others who are saying that the background check program is working
really well so let’s break down the numbers Huffington Post has a rubber results
about it there were 400 4,792 background check done on private sales since this law went
into effect 72 sales were blocked because the
would-be buyer was convicted out or charge with a serious crime or was under a
domestic restraining order so I got some emails from people saying
this really isn’t that much David this is pathetic this is doing nothing and I
said hold on a second let’s think about these numbers
critically 1.5 percent over those who applied for a gun permit for private sale can’t legally have a
gun that means Willis that for ever huh
every 100 people wanted to move them are prevented from illegally obtaining guns because above this background check system that
doesn’t even consider Louis the number who realizing that they can’t legally get a
gun won’t even applied now yes some people
will circumvent the law and buy a gun on the black market or a legally but it’s a
numbers game not all of them well and Louis when we
think about 1.5 percent a private sales were people who should
shouldn’t have guns and could have gotten were it not for
the background checks we’re talking about hundreds thousands if we have a all a background check
system across this country I think this is actually a big deal it’s a huge deal and unfortunately it’s
impossible to know what does 122 people are are capable of and what they would do
with those guns but is a is a POS is it reasonable to believe
that one of them I go on a shooting rampage somewhere i mean you could argue that I’ll I don’t
know maybe twenty to thirty people who got shut
down in these background checks right I one of them could have been
responsible for possibly killing dozens of people in some by Lynn Elber no question if we’d make even
conservative estimate if you say okay 1.5 percent should not have had guns they could have
were it not for this background check would think they’ve all those people even if we estimate that only one
percent of them would use those guns in the commission of a crime which might be a very low estimate right we’re
talking about people who already have been convicted of violent violent crimes you are blocking many crimes factually
speaking many crimes were prevented from this and the other side of this Louis we have
to remember is we hear from the right that background checks are somehow less
freedom as the Colorado House Democrats press
release says the other 98 percent of sales ninety 8.5
percent of sales went through without a hitch for
law-abiding citizens evidence that having a background check
does not prevent these legal and responsible gun owners
as they are often called from getting their firearms absolutely
no limitation to freedom yeah and I think the only real hurdle to
this of course is the gun lobby those who
want to sell more guns they are people that have been are up bamboozled by the gun lobby

20 thoughts on “CO Gun Background Checks Are Preventing Crime

  • Those sellers that could not sell to the 1.5% probably sold to someone else, so where did this hurt anyone? And how many deaths could it circumvent?

  • So… the crimes that haven't happened yet are being prevented? I didn't realize we had invented Minority Report technology.

  • Let's get that straight for a moment..
    You say "prevented gun sales to people who are not be allowed to buy guns"
    So far, I do not see any reason to assume, one of these people would have done any violent crimes in the future – that question in it selfe is a straw man to conveniently ignore that fact, that these people have "by law no right on a gun" – it does not matter why they want one and in dubio pro rheo my friend.
    The law itselfe is enough justification to prevent those sales – no?

  • too bad the opposite happens here in brasil law abiding citzens even by abiding the law of gun controls they still sometimes cant buy weapons and almost everyone here is a sitting duck just so people know here are the laws here we must be 25 yrs old to get one we must have the police permit to own one plus make a license for it and also have a psichologist make a thorought mind check on the person but even after that its still a miracle to even own a gun here unless you find a black market which is really easy to find since our frontiers are huge and our armies never guard they only guard the rivers and streets of paraguay for smuggling and for stuff without taxes reciept also drugs but those smugglers are cunning and quicker then our slow goverment

  • america needs to fix loopholes in the brady bill, in order for state to be compliant in reporting drug abuse, mental issues and domestic abuse… but this is a common sense issue. gun advocates should take notice, because this is the only thing both sides can agree on… criminals shouldn't have firearms… nobody's confiscating guns in colorado now that these laws are in effect… and law abiding owners aren't effected…

  • Wow, that was really thorough Davey.  You should do the statistics for the FBI.  I mean, there was no speculation in your reasoning at all.  Except for the entire premise of it.

  • It is a huge deal considering the amount of gun crime in the United States compared to its population. It is a significant percentage. 

  • Criminals need to be able to have easy access to guns in order for gun manufacturers via their shills like the NRA to promote the need of having a gun to protect yourself from said armed criminals in order to maintain profits.

  • Background check will definitely stop stupid criminals from buying guns and certainly deter anyone with criminal intent from buying a gun, which leaves the sane, responsible people left to buy guns.

  • How about we have a cop on every street corner so we remain safe at all times? 

    The problem with background checks is this.  You are violating people's rights to make them feel "safe."  A similar policy is recording everyone's conversation to see if someone could potentially commit a crime or not.  How far is the government willing to go?  You prevent the sale of guns to certain people to prevent crime.  How about we listen in to everyone's conversation or see what they won't to prevent more crime.  How about we check up on people in their homes to make sure they are not stashing explosives or planning on doing a shooting.

    Here we passed a law that violates our rights to make us safe. What is going to prevent the government from going farther?  They could pass a law to make people do a mental check.  With that you deputize doctors to where any red flag that comes up they won't allow that person to buy a gun.  Similar to the zero tolerance policy in schools.  No doctor wants to be that person who allowed the next shooter to own a gun when a red flag comes up just like schools are going to do everything possible to show that they tried to help someone keeping them off the hook.

    My family has a history of mental illness to where a couple of my family members spent time in hospitals.  I have signs of Asperger  which many of these shooters have.  With that I could be banned from owning a gun if we allowed mental checks.  Never mind that I own 4 guns and never pointed them at anyone.  I always handle a gun like it is loaded.  I have done nothing to prevent me from owning a gun but in order to keep everyone "safe" the government would have to barge in our private lives and prevent a crime from happening no matter how small of a chance.

    People, the world is a dangerous place.  Shit happens, where a helmet.  How about instead of allowing the government to violate our rights we instead find a way to better everyone's situation to where we lower poverty, help people get jobs, make the family environment better, make healthcare affordable without ruining the quality and so on.  I know it takes actual work but it can be done.

  • "72 sales were blocked, because the would-be buyer, was conviced of, or charged, with a serious crime…"

    Wait, wait, wait!  Covincted of, or CHARGED.  So now the next question is, how many were "charged"?  That's an important distinction, because "charged" is meaningless.

  • Recently In colorado almost everyone who boycotted the AR 15 BAN became a Felon or at risk of becoming on due to whinny ass liberals like yourself YO PEOPLE LIKE YOU FUCKED UP TENS OF THOUSANDS OF LIVES.

  • Americans and guns.what is wrong with a background check if you've nothing to hide.don't tell me it gos against your freedom.America is not free I'm from England and we've got more freedoms than you.For gods sake what is wrong with your country every other country looks at the states and can not believe how evil racist and corrupt the land of the free don't see all these terrible mass shootings in any other country on the same scale as America.And what's the solution gee whiz lets arm everybody even the fucking teachers.I'm British and our schools do not have metal detectors cops roaming the corridors .and I send my kids to school with out a bullet proof vest or having to worry that the teacher might have a breakdown and shoot the kids.your country is disgusting and corrupt the only people who enjoy America are the rich.

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