what is going on guys it is your boy
Yogge here and today I have a brand new Call of Duty video for you guys today so
just a lining of what we’re gonna be talking about cuz I want to make this
intro quick first off we’re gonna be talking about how dark the campaign of
World War two is there’s been some recent new that actually in Australia
the rating for the game has been 18 plus which is most likely never on any game
because it’s really hard to get them to sell to the younger audiences and stuff
like that that’s how most games already to em instead of you know what I think
is called a Plus which is a win you’re in when you need to be 18 or over is it
they’re called like adult games or whatever you want to call them oh yeah
we’re gonna beat em like that first and then second we’re gonna be talking about
a man who got charged with the felony because he started selling Call of Duty
World War two copies early and then last we’re gonna be talking about how the
beta actually went library later today and we got a lot of information from it
so if you guys are interested in that and stay tuned for the video but first
you all know we gotta roll that intro alright guys so to basically talk about
why it is 18 plus in Austria basically it’s because in the game it shows up
like actual stuff that happened in the war and one of the things that actually
happened in World War 2 was rape so there is a scene of sexual assault you
know I think it was a Nazi soldier assaulting a French French however you
say it I’m sorry if I messed it up a basically it’s a French woman and
basically he sexually assaulted her and here’s the dialogue if you want to look
at that as just little pieces of dialogue on weapons in the game this
actually shows that in world war ii we have options like we did a black ops 2
where you play the camp in Europe just to kill people save people and stuff
like that basically it’s gonna be in this game as well but yeah that is the
reason why this game gotta 18-plus because it was so real like the audio
files and everything was just so real that they were like you know this is
kind of more of an adult game so that’s why they gave it a 18 plus rating so
what they had to do was take out the audio files but still it’s rated 18 plus
so guys anyways that was the first thing I wanted to talk about moving on to the
second thing so today a man was charged with a misdemeanor which is theft and
felony for selling coke during World War two early but it wasn’t only that he
actually stole copies of cold during World War two from a Sony Factory and I
believe Indiana so this dude is wild that he stole so copies of World War two
and I got charged with a felony basically the Sony factory manufactures
DVDs blu-ray and you know CD based products which is video games obviously
as well and what he did was he actually stole copies of World War two from the
factory in early October and tried to sell them on eBay for $45 each now why
would he sell for $45 I know he got you know he’s in jealous stuff but still if
you hear World War 2 early why the hell would you sell for $45 people will buy
World War 2 early for over $100 like I remember black ops 3 that year people
getting it so early like people paying two hundred three hundred dollars just
to get the game early so this guy’s obviously tripping I don’t know why he
would try to sell the game for 45 basically so yeah this guy’s told World
War two also he stole Madden 18 as well really early and
October and try to sell those games on eBay he got caught and now he’s charging
not only with a felony but with the theft charge where guys don’t steal I
don’t know why he would steal and then sell them for $45 I was just super
stupid but anyways let’s talk about the last and most exciting thing today and
that’s how the world war 2 beta servers went live on ps4 for a little bit now
I’m not talking about PC coz PC was the latest where they had their beta I’m
tell my ps4 this beta ended back in August so nearly two months later two
months people have still had the bait on me I deleted mine right after the beta
ended but I guess some people kept in for some reason hopped on out of nowhere
and basically were able to play some new maps now I don’t know if they do have
gameplay of it or not or maybe all game play is taking down right now I’m not
sure but basically the world war 2 beta servers went on went back online and ps4
and I back off flying again it was only up for a couple of minutes it wasn’t
really that long but maybe this was an accident maybe they were working on
something they accidentally turned it back on or maybe they just did it on
purpose to get more you know attention or clout for the game I don’t know but
basically there was a new custom games option back in the beta you couldn’t do
custom games you would just do fine match and obviously had way more modes
in there so I’ll show you guys everything that was on you there was war
domination searching the story took a firm heart point football capture the
flag and grid iron and core so this was how you know the it says private beta
playlist obviously it’s not all fixed yet maybe it’s supposed to be a beta so
I don’t know why they would add more modes on the beta for somebody that
makes no sense either way this person got onto the game
I found more you know game modes and found a new custom game mode as well or
it’s not a game over basically obviously custom games where you play with other
you know friends like Michael Myers I should like that now also guys there was
also something else there was a person playing on a map called black tower
it was playable for some reason like I don’t know where these people are still
looking to be able to be playing it I don’t know where people were playing on
flag tower and apparently there’s a video on the internet I’m gonna try to
find it right now but I’m not sure if I can also alongside that there was other
maps in the game and when you go to custom games obviously you can look at
every map I’ll tell you guys all the names de maps are battleship
Wolf’s Lair and yeah those are the only ones I believe that were in the game at
the time today when it was up I mean obviously thing and I’m gonna put in
every map on a beta cuz that’s not safe but why would you put in any maps in a
beta at all but yeah guys I’m gonna try to go find a
video right now so guys it’s not a completely new map we’ve seen it before
it was I believe like a trailer or something like that
competitive people were playing it and yeah but some people actually were
playing it earlier today which is pretty pretty crazy but yeah anyways guys
that’s all the news for to save you guys enjoy my she has even like a DVD
aluminized alt you know yeah see you guys on the next one


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