21 thoughts on “CodeBreakers – Socialism – Part 1 – “The Past”

  • Marx and Engles were Hegelian, and studied Hegel who taught that the government was "god" and the source of all morality. The power of Socialism/Communism is in that idea. But without perfect people to give, perfect people who only take what they need, not want, and a perfect government to redistribute without any thought of its self interest or growth it can't work. As we all know people are imperfect, and we live in a hurting broken world. Also, eventually, the government runs out of rich people and ends up taking from all people, until it runs out of the people's money. It runs on envy, pride, deception, and lies. Like racism. The word was coined by Trostky to shame anti-communists who supported capitalism and mercantilism, i.e. class distinctions. See racialism.
    It is important to note that Hegel knew and hated both Martin Luther and Christianity. That hatred is incorporated in both Marxism and anti-communist socialism, like the democratic socialism tried by the Nazis and Fascists.
    I hope this enlightens others the way it did me. I trust and love Jesus/God/The Holy Spirit, and distrust people; people will disappoint you every time.

  • God had me write my first book titled Connected by Angels. its written under my pen name Copper Shy. God told me how to illustrated the cover of my book and it fits the Woman in the Sky prophecy your father prophesied. I believe your father was calling me in the name of Jesus to rise up. I am making my stand right here right now.

  • I am this Ester your father spoke about. I have been anointed since 9/30/18 when something very profound happened to me. I would like to share my story. God is moving!
    I am also the key to bring peace between USA and Iran.

  • I really wish HoD was not a 501(c)3. I would love to be able to help you financially. It is really hard to find a ministry that speaks and promotes God’s truth these days. So many teachings you post hit the nail for me. I just can’t fund into the Baal system of the 501(c)3.

  • Ironically, President Trump mentions socialism in his state of the union address on February 5, 2019…..

  • I have to say i was turned on to your dad by Trey Smith God in a nutshell an I've turned some of my friends to your dad. I glad your doing this an wish y'all the best ma Yahweh watch over you an Yoshua bless all

  • Esther !! We welcome you beautiuos women. Praise Jesus Thank you father God🙏 There is no history without God. Hallelujah !! Future proves past. Socialism is the death of the human spirit.

  • Socialism will NEVER work. Learn from US! The Czechoslovakia used to be one of the richest country in Europe before th war and before we elected Communists leadership.

  • The earth is sick, running out of resources, natural disasters and maybe made made disasters , nuclear war, will cause the nations create a 1 world economic system and because of shortage of resources such as food resources will be alloted out evenly, except government employees will have more than every one else.
    This talk makes since until there is massive drought that causes food shortages.

  • No Fear decisive, new source of energy, medical break through,
    A women strong in faith virtuous with big beautiful round eyes. Oil of gladness, she shall pour out the Oil on this nation. They did hate her , but then will love her, sounds like "Ivanka Trump 2 ", No more bitterness , division and anger.
    Socialism breeds communism only 2 classes wealthy government and everyone else.
    Why didn't USA wage war against Cuba ? Why did USA allow such a small communist nation to survive so close to USA ?
    Communism everyone is miserable but the government employees
    In Capitaliam many more people have the opportunity to be happy.
    It works until there is national property on a large scale then capitalism does not work.

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