Col. Vern Pike: What People Will Do for Freedom

I’ve seen what people will do to be free to see 77 year old women hanging off the bed sheets from the seventh floor apartment in the Bernauer Strasse in Berlin to become free and dropping into a fire net fireman’s net That that really really impacts you and we in this country take that for granted And it’s not free you’ve got to fight for it. And I think that’s what we in the uniformed services. That’s one of our missions is to make sure that we always keep this country free But we’ve got to make sure that our people understand that there’s a price to be paid for that When we had a draft most American men got drafted or eligible for the draft they found out very quickly and I wish we could have some form of national service for our young people not necessarily the military, but Kind of a give back for a couple of years We’ve we we have so much in this country we take for granted

1 thought on “Col. Vern Pike: What People Will Do for Freedom

  • So important yet, no one is even seeing this.
    History nor respect or appreciation is even taught in our public schools in America anymore.
    Its truly a complete systemic meltdown that is growing in acceptance.
    Its beyond comprehension to me.
    What is wrong with you people?
    BE Americans. There's no sin in doing so.
    Let us ALL help rebuild our pride in this great country.
    Doesnt matter who we are or where we came from.

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