you know what is the guys welcome to another YouTube video so today's video what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go up to college students and make them listen to the Quran the Holy Quran and let's see what the respond is because I'm so curious to know what they think about the Quran and how it makes them feel and what now so today I'm gonna show you guys how college students felt when they heard the Quran see you guys on the next shop which is the reaction Allah make you listen to okay and you listen and you can read that you could see it sometimes you know yes what shanty was huh huh what new peaceful one lady that young China was you wanna yes pretty good what bismillah walking what shunned team of Ohana will marry eager what either general one lady what some you wanna well we wanna wanna see so but you have huh or the ass what was the harbor man does cuz there but the Moodle ball one – former the body now but the law was required because the my friend being for someone well this meal of your mama ha ha aha what the song was hold up before the moon don't want one almighty one lady there young China was some you wanna only one behind one Fc muffled oh hi what a bore or the Ashland can work on the farm and the sand can the moon be Mara – former the ball 11 Heena button lon I just asked you some questions so as you know recently that reminded me of like Mike's Scripture have their chances so what you heard is it's basically about workaholic one disappears Bible yep so it's you're saying it's like a bug for I'm like no was was the best way to live life you know I like it talks about man prophets so how did how do you make you feel you not really one way or the other it's just beautiful it's good to listen to they make you feel like yeah there's a very mellow peaceful type of vibe so it would be like something that you anyway yeah it's very much so how did it make you feel if you feel calm so what do you think so basically yeah so basically Istanbul people basically the only because this book is a so clear that it shows you the life best like how to live so basically yeah so what do you think a song possibly a song pounds that is close well % and this book gives us like you know how to live life in a perfect the best way some animal you'll feel happy we'll be following so how did Javier make if you did you feel bad you soon so I thought you liked cause something that I'm doing here melody all right so as you see the video yeah so what are your thoughts about the video like what do you think it is what I think it is well I see I'm a little ignorant to Islam obviously so you know but the main you heard yeah I know what it is like roughly like I know it was someone singing Scripture right yeah yeah so I know that and I know that like I know is the same concept that Ibrahim invades yeah it's just a different interpretation of the events that occurred the same the three fates agree on what occurred is that there's a different I guess interpretation of Islam and like I said I thought well I don't know if I thought that it was pretty beautiful because I've heard some of that I always liked that kind of music and I found the way he was describing things very metaphorical so I kept you calm yeah it was very soft you know like five minutes is beautiful yes that's I wouldn't it would like it'd be really good if I was anxious we were also being good if I'm gonna cook because they were just example I think that that's some good music it's just your signal because I guess I mean assuming that I'm just going to see what the nature of this social experiment is I feel like that that's a perfect example it's like you know when people are practicing the making songs about me there's nothing but like most peaceful attention to me and the harmony of the song creates peace I feel like that's that's what I always get out of things like I definitely have to brush up on Quran as I haven't read it thank you so much earlier chair you

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