College Survival Guide: Making Friends & Meeting New People!

okay girl hey and welcome back to Kristi's Declassified college Survival Guide Jessie so this is going to be the second installment in my college advice series I am going to be telling you how to make friends which in college it's a very different dynamic than high school and it's a bunch of people who don't know each other from different places around the world coming together and scrambling to find the people they want to spend time with in the beginning so I'm gonna kind of guide you through it and help you out with some tips on making friends in finding the right people now the usual disclaimer obviously every school is different every person's different this is just my advice that I've cultivated from my personal experience the first thing in a good place to start is to meet as many people as you can that live on your Hall I was really lucky and I had some really cool people on my Hall and there's some of my best friends people that lived in my Hall obviously not every hole is gonna be like that but you could find that if you like try and make an effort to get to know people that live near you and you know just actually it goes and introduce yourself and just make sure that they know who you are it's awkward if you don't know someone mayor hall I'll tell you the story there was this one girl who lived at the very end of the hall and she had to walk back and forth in front of me and my roommates around to get her room obviously and me my roommate constantly has awkward encounters with her and neither of us knew her and I wish like I had know like gotten to know we're really because like this is near the end of the year where she would always see us do really weird things like out of context like there was one morning where my roommate was at the gym and it was kind of early I was like behind probably and I woke up to go to class and my dorm the door went directly to the outside so I opened the door to check the weather to see like what I should wear and I stepped outside and I was like singing to myself it was literally so early in the morning there's no one out there I was like humming or whatever and so I step outside and I just like I'm just like looking because I'm trying to feel the weather so my hands like floating in the air and I'm just like no no no I like doing my thing and I look in the girls walking the street towards me and I was like hey I didn't know what to say and that was just like it was such an awkward conversation I've never talked to her before she was like hi like I just roll out of bed no just I can see my room but I hoped I'd never see her again but of course we both had more awkward encounters with her anyway so this could have been avoided if I didn't know her better and see obviously I have some regrets about this – I didn't make as many friends as I wish I would have but in the beginning of the year especially just make an effort to go and people in your Hall and go to like those cheesy Holliman senior RA puts on and just get to know people will ever know like when you're going to you know just need someone that lives close by you like talk to you or something you know it's just a good thing to have a sense of community in your Hall and just be friends with them don't be too bummed if this doesn't happen though obviously it's just the luck of the draw how like the people in your ball are gonna be I know one of my best friends she lived on the other side of the hall so she wasn't in our Hall technically with our RA but she was on our floor and she was basically like she was basically an honorary member of our Hall like our RA included her and stuff and she was always hanging on our side and she didn't know anyone on her side so that might be the case – my big my sorority was I kept – she was like best friends al is different halls it didn't she didn't know anyone at her so it could like be adopted into another hollow but honestly told me to worried if this isn't like the your place or whatever but at the same time it could be so just give me a chance in the beginning I think it's a really good opportunity to go to those cheesy like school sponsored you know like university program Association events that they put on like oh come for free popcorn in the Union or something like that because those are the places that you're you we ran into someone that wouldn't have being your best friend and you never know when you're gonna be able to meet new people so I mean you do know because there's people everywhere but I'm saying if you go to those events you're gonna find other people that are trying to make funds to so you could it's a really good opportunity to go have free food just hang out have a good time okay everyone think it's really challenging that it's also very important is to try your best to remember people's names this is so hard because you're constantly in a flurry of meeting new people just like try your best to remembers people's names just like stare them down when they're not looking okay this is creepy but just like I don't know it whatever you have to do for yourself create little name games it's you met a Sally from San Francisco and they both Cervantes so the helps you remember something stupid like that it's just really important because people's names if you remember someone's name they're gonna feel like they were important to you and then they're gonna want to be your friend because they're gonna think that you care I mean nothing don't care but you know what I mean you know when you meet someone and then you meet them again and you don't and they don't remember your name that kind of makes you feel bad even though you're like okay I understand but like even though you understand it still kind of hurts and you just don't want to do that to people if you can avoid it so just try your best remember people's names when they know that you remember you then they'll be like oh wow like this person actually wants to be friendly it's a little small gesture but it can go a long way so definitely just try your best remember good things and I think a good thing to do is when you're meeting new people is to ask them different questions that are making about themself that they haven't been asked because you once you get to college you're gonna know that every single person is going to ask people they need what's your name what's your major and where are you from you are going to hear those questions and answer those questions so much you are going to want to slap the next person to ask you so if you meet someone be different and ask them something else because they're probably sick and tired of saying their major and where they're from and all that so if you ask them something else is differently then they'll remember you is the person that didn't ask that your major and your hometown because it's different and it's a two so I'm not saying do what to be remembered but do it because it's it breaks the monotony of conversation and chances are if that person becomes your friend you'll eventually learn that a major in their hometown and one way to make friends and college that is probably pretty obvious I put it towards the end is to get involved on campus whether you join a club of something you're interested in like if you get a job on campus or off-campus and there's always an opportunity to make friends with co-workers and other students who are working there maybe you sign up for a volunteer opportunity where a group is going to help out you know at a shelter or something like that my school has this website called org sync or something I think it's called where you can go on and just look through all the organizations and sign up on the login' I didn't find out the information about them so it's so easy and things you find things it's silly that you think you might be interested in and then you go and you meet people with similar interests and you bond over that so it's a really good place to make crimes if you don't have that online there's always some sort of like student involvement there towards the beginning of the year that you check out your on to try different things you know go to a closet you probably wouldn't enjoy the year ago but give it a chance but another part of getting involved is joining Greek life this I'm not gonna preach about it too much because I'm gonna do a whole video about it like I said but it's just a really great opportunity to make friends you'll make some of your lifelong friends here and if you have to if you even if you just decide like okay I'm probably not gonna get sorry which you shouldn't you should be open-minded but you just go through recruitment because you might find out that you really bond with the sorority and you want to join after all even if you just go through recruitment and don't accept a bid or maybe just drop in the middle of it at least you had an opportunity to meet people in your row camera group or meet people in the sorority that you talk to very important but probably the most difficult part of making friends in college it's to reach out to people and get out of your comfort zone because to people that you wouldn't have normally or you know try something new but if you're in your comfort zone you're not going to grow and change so part of this is even just complimenting someone random UI investments of them or you know going to the club by yourself that's okay or going to the cafeteria by yourself it may be just like asking someone if you can stand with them I never did that that might be kind of weird but like in the beginning like everyone said yeah like friendly like you might lose your best friend so never give up an opportunity to meet new people because you never know how important it could be in your life so get out of your comfort zone you know don't be afraid to go to things alone because your might come out of it with some of your best friends I keep saying you might find a best friend like you never know so in college is the place where no one knows you are no one knows if you were the shy girl in high school or guy no one knows if you're scared to death but if you fake it until you make it you will be convincing so I just think you know B even if you don't feel confident ass comp but it'd be a Boeing reach out to people will introduce yourself if it's just a simple hello and always smile and just be the person that you want to meet because if you're outgoing and bubbly and happy people are going to be like attracted to you no look physically but you know what I mean just don't be afraid to reach out because everyone's in the same position everyone's scared to death even if they don't show it everyone wants to make friends and just don't be afraid let yourself go let it go let it go one thing is very good with the 21st century social media and I know that you have an opportunity to make friends even before you get to school now because chances are your school have a Facebook group for accepted students in your class and if you go on there and you like talk a lot or you reach out to people I met people on there lately I've been trying I had like one of the first people I met what I actually went to school message me on Facebook from the group it was like a like I see you're from da da da da my grandparents lived there um I'm visiting do you want to meet up unfortunately I was at campus I couldn't meet her but I ended up being present so later anyway there were people that I recognized at school because I had seen them comment so much in that Facebook group which is so weird and like people I know people would be like hey you're so that's all for Facebook right yeah I mean I wasn't like super it is captive in the Facebook group because that was a camp all over the room people were talking but you know use Facebook to your advantage you know read the comments get involved in the conversation don't be afraid to you know speak up a new Facebook group and maybe ask a question or something like that or you know if you are they I'm thinking about what I want to do to decorate my room anyone got any cool ideas people love that stuff and people will start a conversation with you so so that is my advice for making friends in college and all that jazz jazz hands alright this video is coming along I'm gonna try and edit it but I hope you guys really benefit from this and got some good advice out of it let me know what else do you want to see of my videos yeah just comment down below if you have any other advice to add to this and you can go through the comments and read other people's advice too because everyone has a different perspective so it's a great opportunity um I love you guys thank you so much for watching Errol's I'll see you my next video bye

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