Combatants for Peace – Help Us Bring Peace –

you I'm can alone as an officer in the Israeli Defense Forces it was my duty to defend my country I participated in the military occupation of Palestinian people I saw that what I was doing in the army was only giving rise to more violence and hate my name is Elam al-khatib as a Palestinian fighter I was part of the armed resistance against the Israeli occupation I came to understand that my actions only brought more valence I knew I could no longer be a part of it we put our fear and mistrust aside and came together to form combatants for peace we are a bi-national Israeli Palestinian movement dedicated to non-violence we are the only movement in the world in which combatants in an ongoing conflict have laid down their weapons and are working together for peace our goal is to promote an end to the occupation and the creation of a Palestinian state to have to be burns living side-by-side in peace and dignity together our Israeli and Palestinian members use art theater and other creative activities to demonstrate to people on both sides that we can rise above fear and hatred that formal enemies can become partners in this and that together we can create a better future for both liberals the media only shows us images of violence and hate driving us further apart we engage in activities that embody a different reality these are the images that bring people together your support will help us fund a media campaign and allow us to expand our unique brand of creative activism with your support we can reach a much wider audience help us make a statement that our leaders can't ignore another unit seems ALDC la no visual of him a huge circle maybe a hug top left no she'll nakama villa suka lrm till the snow and with our own survey a massive Solano Amana Colonies ago Napoleon will appear but Serrano Alaba dancer alison [Applause] please show your support by joining combatants for peace in supporting this campaign in any way you can please donate and share this message with everyone you know your voice is critical now more than ever

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