Come check out the new and improved Fukuoka Tower!

hi everyone my name is Kay and I hail from the United States and today I am here outside of Swiss aerobic power the cosmic power is one of the most famous symbols of the city of Fukuoka and standing at 234 meters tall it is actually the tallest seaside power in all of Japan and in fact it underwent a complete renovation project in February of 2019 so I have a lot of new things in store for us so today we’re gonna go check out see what’s new and improved and move this little fan power ready to pick it out let’s go Fukuoka Tower is located in the seaside mochi neighborhood of Fukuoka in addition to the tower itself the neighborhood is also home to a number of the city’s other famous landmarks the tower is easily accessible by either bus or subway ticket counter staff is available to help you in the English Korean and Chinese languages okay so we’ve gone from that seaside ocean-themed lobby down under the sea stark and blue thank you wow it’s all see-through so you can see all through the elevator up to the sky in just 70 seconds you will arrive at the 123 meter high top floor you can see the whole city from here [Music] Fukuoka Tower is also a great place to come at night you can enjoy the fantastic nighttime views of the city as well as the view of the beautifully illuminated tower itself seeing the tower lit up at night is something you can enjoy year-round with its unique seasonal illumination themes which change throughout the year take a virtual walk through the city skies with Fukuoka towers skywalk virtual reality binoculars [Music] enjoy the bird’s-eye images of 13 different points throughout the city in this unique virtual reality experience it’s really cool because you get to see all different parts of the city as if you’re like walking through the sky that’s what’s called sky walk you can also complete fukuoka towers stamp rally from the observation deck take a stamp card and find the six different landmarks indicated on the card stamping each one you find okay so first we’re looking for the hilton fukuoka see oh there it is right in front of ours that was easy stamp it all right one down and five to go here yeah off there is looks like no konasana islands collect all six stamps and bring your completed stamp card to the cafe on the second floor to get a special discount off your cafe purchase enjoy spectacular views of the city from each and every seat in the towers own restaurant sky cafe and dining refuge oh how cute it’s really like a little replica of the Koga tower it’s so cute mmm-hmm like a cake with fruit on the top of the tower mm-hmm Oh what’s this Wow that’s pretty realistic lovers sanctuary I’ll have cute little heart marks nuclear pinball nor to average or better luck my worries and problems will be solved all of a sudden and then everything will go where I wanted to important type of good added average or better luck if it’s not to best look at that that’s a big that’s Augusta Machine it’s bigger than me and it came up let’s see what we get it looks like these are all the different figures that can come out so we got one of these for all different famous objects and places in future let’s open it up oh it looks like we got the train to do the u3 no Morty Express train all right so that’s just about concludes our tour of the fukuoka tower how was it I really enjoyed the great views of the city and the views overlooking the water as well as the new and improved modern facilities and the added number of attractions that they have available now so there’s a little something for everyone so definitely if you get the chance come check out Foucault of the tower you won’t be disappointed all right this was Kay and I’ll see you next time bye [Music]

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