Come programmare il telecomando universale Freedom 1 in 1 – 2 in 1 – 4 in 1

Hello, we are going to see how to program the remote control Freedom micro usb 1in1, 2in1, 4in1 via PC First let’s download the program. We have to go to the site and click on “remote controls software”, here we must pay attention to download the program for micro usb remote controls, the one with the icon with the cable click on “download” button So we open the setup file Superior USB. A window will open and we click on “yes”. The installation program will open we click “forward” until the program is installed We connect the small end of the USB cable to the remote control and the other end to a pc USB port Therefore we open the Superior software. The update message will appear, click on it so you have the latest version of the database The interface is divided in three areas In the first on the left we select the memory bank that we want to program one two or four depending on the model. They can be: TV, decoder as DTT , Sky or Mediaset Premium A dvd or blu ray player, any other electronic device such as sound bar, system hi fi, amplification system and even fans. The writing on the left, TV, SAT, etc … They are purely indicative, this means that any device can be freely programmed on all memories For example: we can decide to install the DVD remote on the first or fourth memory Once the memory bank has been decided we select the brand and the device that interest us, we can type it or looking for it directly on the drop down menu. For example select “Samsung” We select the model. If we do not know it, we can find it on the back, in the lower right corner of our device In the very rare case where we do not find the code in the database We will send an email to [email protected] Every day the support team adds new codes to the database, and usually replies to requests within 24 hours At this point we double click on the model The code will be added to the selected memory bank. Click “install” A summary table will appear stating “remote control correctly programmed” An additional summary table will appear stating “remote control correctly programmed” that confirms the successful installation of the remote For almost all models, Superior Electronics offers a pdf card that explains how to use all functions of the original remote control Every day new tabs are added to the database by the Superior team In case any programming error occurs, do not worry! A screen will appear with the type of error and possible solutions Often it is enough to read those suggestions to solve the problem and complete the installation Each type of error has a code visible in the upper right corner In case you need further assistance, you should mark this code on a piece of paper. If the problem persists we have two options. We click on the “troubleshooting” button We will land on a page of the website where we find a table with three columns. The column on the left shows all the error codes We look for the line corresponding to the codes we have taken note of. In order to read the cause, in the central column, and its solution in the right column By clicking on the button “contact us”, we can send an e-mail to the support team To be helped the best of the ways, it is important to specify in the e-mail the error code

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