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greetings it's the New York thrifter Here I am back from my vacation my husband took me on a great Caribbean trip and as soon as I got back I of course visited my local goodwill you can't keep me away from thrifting so here is just a shot of the goodwill and I thought today that I would take you shopping with me I know when I show my videos a lot of times people in the comments will say how much they liked when I went through individual pieces saying why or why not I purchased something for resale on eBay so I thought that I would do that today so here I am going through the racks as you can see there's not a ton of great things even you know at one of my favorite Goodwill's very close to New York City you're not always gonna have winners you're gonna have things from Walmart and Kmart and all those things that aren't gonna sell but as you'll notice I go or I try to go through every single item identify in which each of them are I throw everything in my cart and by the end of it I usually have a giant cart full it's usually overflowing and I go through the pieces one at a time yeah I don't recognize brand I look that up I always do comparisons or comps on eBay to make sure that I'm gonna be able to sell the pieces and then of course I look for any stains or holes or damages to the pieces if there are damages a lot of times I will not pick them up but every once in a while something is so good that I can't say no to it so next up I'm going to be taking you through each of the pieces that I had in my cart and into my decision making process so this first piece is a strapless dress with gorgeous stripes on it and it's got some really fun folds there on the bodice this is a Corey Lynn Coulter dress and I'll show you that tag right there and this is an anthropology brand and that's why I looked at it as I was looking at it I did find a few little flaws with it and so I wasn't sure quite what to do I needed to look that one up online next up we have a Mary McFadden collection and this is a silk dress in a large size and it just hits right at the knee sheath dress very easy to wear Mary McFadden is a very well-known designer so that's why I picked that one up and lastly I haven't aisel izl dress and I really thought that the the pattern on this was really great it also had a turtleneck and long sleeves and I thought hey we're coming up to winter so let's see if this might be a good sale so now I'm going to show you how I look up comps on eBay obviously I don't have my desktop at the store so I do this on my phone in the mobile app but it is a very similar process so that first dress we looked at was a coral and culture dress so then I go down I make sure that I put in that it is used and then I also make sure that I am looking at comparisons for what's sold so here is the sold listings I'm going to click on that and sure enough in the last few months there's 155 results for these dresses that sold they do have anthropology in the title but even with anthropology we're looking at $14.99 1199 this one went for 30 1650 $29.99 $2.99 now this was a bid I don't particularly like auctions for this exact reason it only got one bid free shipping $2.99 this dress cost the person probably as much or more to ship than they actually were paid and so that's why I like the buy it now in particular so just so you're seeing some of these prices that's $8.50 this one went for one bid at $0.99 you you will see a few of these did did well like this one for $54 a strapless but on average I would say this is not a very high selling brand in particular for anthropology so I did decide to pass on this especially considering that there was a little bit of wear on the inside bodice so I did not get that dress next up was the aisle now when I first typed in the name for the person that designed the dress I actually saw a couple of interesting things here is a 749 this is not this is what is listed right now this is not what is sold these are up for sale right now and so up for sale this one is 41 dollars or best offer this one's $49.99 or best offer $34 or best offer so there are some really high prices on this for this designer however when I looked at soles let me go over to here I see that soles are very low $9.99 $12.99 19:47 that's not horrible but you really have to think about how much you're purchasing your pieces for dresses at this particular goodwill just increase the price for $9.99 so it all the dresses are $10 unless you get a sale color now none of the dresses I'm looking up right now have been we're on sale at the goodwill when I was there so if I spend $10 on a dress and sell it for 1947 that leaves me with a very very small return on my and so I decided not to get this dress either now with the Mary McFadden I think this is a really interesting case I want to go here to show you the vintage fashion guild that's at vintage fashion guild org and they have a label resource now the reason I love this label resource is it goes into vintage labels to show you about the year piece was made depending on what the label looks like because designers will change their labels depending on you know different years different collections and so for this Mary McFadden what I did is I went to M scroll down Mary Mary McFadden is right here when I click on her it gives a little bit of information about her what was interesting is she did she started out selling hand-painted silk dresses in 1975 and then she created a new pleating technique that was made from polyester which plating was permanent and so this became her trademark she became very famous for it later on she kind of did a little bit more mass produce in the 1990s she did a collection for QVC on television and then went out of business in 2003 and so if you follow along here you will see the different labels for the different periods and time that she was designing so this labels from a 1980s gown this is a Mary McFadden couture from 1980s this is a studio suits from the 80s so as you're going down what you really need to do is you need to find which most closely resembles the label in your item of apparel and that will help you date the piece now for what we were looking at I actually have a Mary McFadden collection which means it was probably from the early 2000s so that is not gonna be considered vintage and so if you go on to eBay and you look up Mary McFadden collection so these are not vintage these are the sold listings we have one for $18.00 one for $8.99 and this actually looks very similar to the piece that I have only in red this one a best offer was accepted for $21 this one did a little bit better at $29 it has a very interesting print on it a best offer was accepted below $15.99 free shipping this is a $3 free shipping so as you can see the Mary McFadden Collection made in the 2000s is not it does not have a great return on investment but I went over to Etsy where I looked at the vintage pieces for Mary McFadden and this is where you're gonna see some really really great pricing here is a vintage dress for $68 $46 $85 here's one for over $600 and so here's one for $99 so if you have one of those older pieces this really does look like it would be worth your time and investment to get here is a Mary McFadden couture which is selling for almost $1000 now that's not to say that they're gonna get $1000 for it but it really shows you the difference between vintage with the designer and not vintage now for the next three dresses that I saw when I was in the goodwill here is a very light purple kind of cocktail dress it looks like something a bridesmaid would wear and I grabbed it because it was new with tags and when I looked at it this is Alexia Ardmore and I had never heard of that before I looked at the tag and it was priced at over $200 so I thought hey I should look this up find out how much it goes for only to find out it didn't seem to be a really a popular brand I'll show you that in a minute here's a Badgley Mischka dress silk dress very popular designers their partnership is having problems getting into the tag but oh there it is little Badgley Mischka but as I was looking it over I found it had a lot of flaws on it so you can see kind of a hole there and then when I looked at the neckline there was a lot of different folding and and problems with that so here is probably my favorite find of the day this is an Eliza J halter dress in a very bright print it has a cinch right around the waist that's the halter neckline and it has the chain around the neckline now that is the Eliza J tag okay so for this first dress we're looking at the Alexia Ardmore dress and I put in new with tags sold listings and I found 21 results so this yellow one sole for 1697 just a few days ago and then earlier in July we had one that went for $5.99 now here's one that did a little better $38 and that was again kind of that a little past the first week of July $6.99 so this is kind of your classic all over the place here is $9.99 that was sold twice they had two pieces and this goes all the way back to June so what this is telling me is this is not necessarily a really popular brand and probably a boutique item and just because the price tag says that it sells for over $200 doesn't mean that's going to be your return when you sell it online so the next piece that I showed you was a Badgley Mischka dress now I didn't pick it up because it had some flaws on it did want to show you that this is a really great brand to grab here are some recent solds 159 dollars sixty six dollars $69 oh here again $7.99 with one bid ouch that is not a great price to sell it at 54 89 159 just to show you that this really is a great brand and if you find it it can certainly be worth your investment and the third one that I just showed you was Eliza J I typed in used sold listings and I did type in a maxi halter dress because this is a very specific type of dress the halter is very popular as well as the very long length so for the used pieces that have sold this one went for 109 dollars and that was just a few days ago earlier in the month we had 35 38 49 and so this to me seemed like it was a pretty good deal if I bought it at $10 and I was able to turn around and list it for maybe around 49 or $59 I could definitely get a good return on investment now there are only five results for this so that in itself tells me that it might sit for a little bit before I sell it however I did type in something very specific I did put in maxi halter dress and so this Eliza J will sell but this particular style takes a little bit longer or there's just a fewer of them listed on eBay but I did decide to get this so out of everything that I've showed you so far this is the first piece that I actually purchased ok back to the racks this is a j.crew collection silk dress when you see that term collection on a j.crew tag you can you should know that it's actually worth a lot more than just the regular j.crew so this would have been a really great fight except for the fact that there was some makeup on the inner neck line and it kind of went out to the outer neckline so you could see it from the outside so I passed on this dress here is a theory dress I really like the brand theory instead of selling on eBay I actually usually take this over to Poshmark I find that it does a little bit better on that outlet but on closer inspection there was some holes and some problems and staining right here so I did end up leaving this theory dress behind and this is a really interesting dress it's called the Addison story and this is sold at Anthropologie and so I was really looking very carefully at it but decided because of what it's priced at and because of the wrinkled state that I wouldn't get it I'd have to go through dry-cleaning and it just didn't seem worth it for the price what you're looking at right now is a Calvin Klein shirt and it's got a great little tie around the waist I loved the print on it but Calvin Klein is oversaturated so I didn't get it this is a Samuel dong and the reason I grabbed it are these sleeves which are amazing they're called peasant sleeves they're not quite bell sleeves but I just didn't think it was enough to justify a six dollar price tag on the shirt this is a Wilfred silk sheer top but looking at the buttonholes they were just a little used so I put that one back here is eight Chico's metallic shirt it was half off so I could have gotten it for three dollars I decided not to in the end just because I've got enough stuff to list it's considered pretty bread-and-butter so I put it back this is a vintage Mickey Mouse silk shirt and I'm having a very hard time finding information about this shirt online it's M mouse collection so I'm going to do some more looking on that and this last piece is another vintage shirt this time it's a houndstooth and it's in a really pretty kind of turquoise light color I checked all the buttons everything was there and for $3 I thought it would make a great piece I wanted to show you a little bit about how I priced my vintage or I decide on whether or not to get a vintage piece so for the Mickey Mouse shirt like I said I'm gonna be doing a lot more research but I did want to show you the difference in prices with a couple different outlets selling outlets online so this first one is a Mickey Mouse silk shirt like I have this looks to be more possibly a men's shirt and mine I believe as a woman's blouse but it is silk so it is the same material the person listed this on Etsy for $20 at sea being for handmade and vintage goods I think that they could probably get a little bit more than this but maybe they're looking for a fast flip another piece that I was able to find on Etsy is this one this is a 90s Mickey Mouse shirt and then they also call it a t-shirt 80s blouse not great keywords it doesn't necessarily tell you what you need to know for instance there's no Disney in the title and I would think that that would be very important they did list this woman's blouse at $34 which i think is probably a lot closer to what I would list mine at so Etsy for vintage pieces often times you can ask for a little bit more money for your pieces but there tends to be a little bit longer waiting time for somebody to purchase it so this is about the closest I could find to my piece for the other dress or the other shirt that I purchased the vintage belie blouse I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing that correctly it's listed on sorry it's listed on Etsy there's a lot for you know $17 $19 $20 so that's a very common price for a piece like this now mine is houndstooth which is a very popular print so I think it being that print of loan will put it into the higher pricing I did only spend three dollars on it so you know a $20 or $25 return would be great now if I was to list the same shirt on ebay you can see here this is the same company made it this is a vintage long-sleeve shirt and they sold it for four dollars and so this would definitely be something that you would think about taking more towards Etsy rather than eBay back to my finds at the goodwill this is an Eileen Fisher which is a thrift errs best friend very plain black long-sleeve shirt that I will have no problem getting maybe 30 to 35 dollars next up is torrid one of my favorite plus-size brands I actually did not end up getting this even though I really liked it it was a large a size it had the animal print on it long sleeve but at the end of the day at 6 dollars it was just too rich for my blood here is an Alison Olivia this is a designer silk top it was half off believe it or not so it had been left a few times before it was in really great shape again I shouldn't have a problem getting 30 or 35 dollars from it and I spent three here is a J Jill smocked top I paid three dollars for it so I did get this one J Jill is one of those brands that sells pretty consistently for between eighteen and twenty dollars a piece so I grabbed that this top is an element is not sell very well online however I recently sent in a cardigan to thread up and they purchased it for quite a bit of money so I decided to get this $3 top to send into them the terrific free people usually I will look at it I will decide whether or not I think it's in good enough shape to resell this one had some threads coming out and so for six dollars I left free people blouse behind this next piece is an anthropology it's called AK Mayan Kim very cute tunic length a summer top and I really couldn't decide whether to get this or not there was a little bit of wear to it it was three dollars in hindsight I probably should have picked it up but I did end up putting that back after looking at that anthropology piece I thought it was a good time to stop to show you how I find comps or comparisons on Poshmark now Poshmark tends to be a outlet that some of the younger brands so on it it has a very young audience that use it on their mobile phone and so anthropology because it is kind of that boho chic look can sometimes do better on Poshmark so whenever you want to find out if you want to be selling a piece here you go onto Poshmark you type in the name of the piece this is an act Mayan Kim and then you go down and here in on the left side you're gonna see availability you can choose all available or sold so I'm going to click on that sold and these are all the pieces that have recently sold in this brand so when you're looking at it we have twelve twenty five nine ten dollars twenty four eight twenty five twenty two so it really is up and down price wise it looks like you can probably get anything from around eight dollars to maybe around twenty twenty-five dollars for a piece from this anthropology brand so once I know that the next thing I want to ask myself is how often does this sell on Poshmark when you're working on eBay you've got literally hundreds of millions of customers that are all looking to buy things on eBay here on Poshmark your audience is much much smaller than that so what I like to do is I like to go up for these Souls and I like to count a dozen in so you've got four you've got eight you've got twelve and I click on that twelfth piece and I find out when it was last updated so this was less updated at the end of June so it's been over a month to sell twelve pieces of this brand on Poshmark that's not exactly what I would call a a really healthy sell-through rate so that's why in the end even though the Anthropology piece was quite inexpensive I decided I didn't want to hold on to it it is a summer piece and it might just take too long to sell to make it worth my while and we're back at the goodwill this time I'm showing you a made well top with stripes on it I love made well it is a sister brand to j.crew but it generally sells for a little bit more than j.crew and this one happened to be new with tags so I would say that is absolutely worth the $6 that I paid for it I grabbed that this next one is another j.crew this one's a j.crew collection like we saw before normally collection would be worth more but since this is only a tank top it was not worth the $6 investment so I left that behind this is a ploy Oni brand and I got this for myself I really like the stripes I liked the length it had little zippers on the bottom I have plenty of from that brand and really liked it this is a Brooks Brothers cardigan made out of silk and cashmere which is just a really pretty piece a mint colored has all of its buttons no flaws I grabbed that for six dollars this is a j.crew silk piece and as I was looking around I really liked it but it turned out that it had a few little stains on the bottom I wasn't sure whether or not it would help to go to the dry cleaner so I decided at the end to leave it behind some more j.crew this time a pair of pants these are pixie pants in size eight really nice size they were a little bit wrinkly and they had some Ickes on the bottom but I know I can throw them in the wash machine and have them looking as good as new I can probably turn those around for 30 or 35 dollars so I grabbed them for five this next pair of pants are from trip NYC their goth company that does a lot of skater and Gotha things I decided to leave these behind the return just wasn't there but if you find trip dresses it can be worth it these are seven for all mankind jeans I looked at him there was a bit of wear I always like to see if I have to disclose anything there on the ends again a little bit of fraying however when I looked inside I found out these were dojo jeans which do incredibly well online for $5.00 I grabbed these dojos and I'm not gonna look back because they're gonna probably get me about $35 these are katana pants and they are embroidered catania is a anthropology brand I got those for 250 half-up these are a pair of men's Brooks Brothers pants new with tags I thought they were a great deal till I looked on the front and found a hole so I of course left those behind next up I found some exercise pants I love workout wear it sells really well for me these pants are from Emily hasu which I did not recognize but I really liked the design and the fabric felt like quality I am really struggling to find that tag for you there it is and these do really well online so for $5.00 I grab them this is a pair of Lululemon joggers I couldn't find the RIP tag on the inside but sure enough I recognize the material and then on the outside you can see the logo there $5.00 I grabbed those next up these are some Under Armour pants I didn't grab these and the reason why is I can never tell whether they're men's and women's it gives me a really hard time listing I usually pass it by these are for me they're zeef Rosella joggers grabbed those necks up or some skirts this first one is a jade ill new with tags pencil skirt in the color tomato Jade Jill is one of those bread-and-butter brands so I definitely got that for five dollars after I got done looking at that I went to a j.crew piece this is a beautiful linen skirt but it was very wrinkled a little bit worn and a size zero zero which can be a hard sell it's a very small size this is $129 Club Monaco a career skirt I did end up getting this because it was in perfect condition beautiful five dollars I can certainly make my money back on this Club Monaco got a few more shirts to look at here the first one up is an ASOS the brand doesn't do great I grabbed it because it was really pretty it had an interesting design and cut but at the end I did leave it behind because there's just not a lot of money for reselling this brand here is a pure Jill which is J Jill it was a little too worn and I saw some stains on it white a lot of the time is just bad news to resellers here is a meadow Roo which is anthropology there was some stains on the underarms and then when I looked where they put the price tag through at Goodwill I saw a hole there always check for holes because that's something you would definitely have to disclose this is a standard James purse which does well but I left behind because it was not in very good condition a cloth and stone really interesting tunic top in linen but it did have a stain right there on the collar so even though it was super cute I had to leave it behind this is another Eileen Fisher I decided to leave this one behind it was made out of linen and it was very open knit on the sweater and there were snags on it and so I couldn't get a really great resale price for that let's talk a little bit about lularoe used to be very very popular really waning in popularity this was addressed for $10 that I decided to leave behind however this next piece I'm going to show you is a perfect tee and it is new with tags with a black and white stripe I did pay six dollars for this and I feel like it was a good pick because of the easy to identify pattern and it being new with tags this is a fun – fun I didn't recognize the brand but I do recognize that stitch fix label stitch fix usually does well but this was just a small see-through tank so in the end not worth 6 dollars to buy it I put that back this is a Lila P new with tags when I first looked at the tag it was it sold for around $95 but when I looked it up it just doesn't have a great resale value even the new with tags it would have been great for winter but alas it just didn't have a great resale value so I left it behind here is a Chico's top it has a very high turtleneck neckline silky material for three dollars it was half off so I decided to get that a very very easy piece to list she goes generally does well here is Lucky Brand 1x plus-sized Lucky Brand does very well got this for half off at $3 and I think it's going to go very well online for probably about 18 or 20 dollars this is a Rachel Rachel Roy blouse it's got some lace there on it it was new with tags and this is one of those brands it does pretty well in the stores at Macy's it was around $89 but the resale value it's very hard to resell it so I left it behind and here is Mountain Hardwear a great brand especially for winter for active people who are skiing and hiking but there was some stains on this white shirt so I did leave it behind even though it was half price and this last piece is gorgeous it's a Patagonia women's extra small jacket I picked it up for ten dollars and I don't mind paying up for it because this is a piece where I can get $50 plus maybe even into the 80s going into winter it's absolutely perfect to list so very happy with Patagonia couldn't leave this one behind took one last look around the store before I left and to my cart not quite full but I feel like I did pretty well it turned out to be two bags from the goodwill here's the receipt from my trip I spent about a hundred and twelve dollars after a little bit of a discount that I get because I purchased so much at the goodwill thanks for joining me today I hope you got a lot out of this and I will see you soon with another haul but bye

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