11 thoughts on “COMMAND & CONQUER: TIBERIAN series AMV – The Brotherhood

  • It's funny how everyone considers Nod and Scrin to be the coolest when GDI is the one that wins every time (even when kane is trying to beat them. He changed his plans for the third War to account for GDI being so badass).

  • I soooo miss Tiberian Sun-style cutscenes. Even though C&C3 and Red Alert 3 cinematics have better picture quality, movies from classic games have far more better directing, atmosphere and overall imaginativeness. I always loved the whole sequence with Oxanna saving Slavik at the beginng of Tiberian Sun campaign.

  • This is Best that i hear recently!!!! My great thanks and now i will be your fan, this song sunk into my soul !) All songs have a good and deep atmosphere. Hope you will continue to do beautiful things, like this))) / Это лучшее, что я слышал в последнее время !!!! Мои величезные благодарности и теперь я буду вашим фанатом, эта песня запала в мою душу!) Все песни имеют хорошую и глубокую атмосферу. Надеюсь, что вы будете продолжать делать красивые вещи, как эти)))

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