Communalism in politics, Group Discussion points (PSU, NITIE, MBA, Campus placement)

okay so let's go for communalism in politics as I told you whenever you are to talk about some topic gdb you need to dissect or understand the meaning of the words communalism politics communalism to avoid any class that is from community communities in the class or community could be music community can be regional community can be caste community can be religion so tcp-based by community Josephus's may almost charge community the most oh yeah the community you have also upper caste community remember from Hindus ya Musa Muslims oh boy big community a community cup pressure politics may Padma is called communism in politics now this is a very important topic for our country because hemara country body diverse country hearths a communities made but aware darme can amp a region religion north south north east some caste upper caste lower caste so our country's total divided into many communities now see as we say Joe American tariqa sorry kisara allah glog communities made division and that is a good thing diversity is a good thing for our country like in tubby a bad without diversity tomatoes italia communities up as men learn a start curtain so that will not be good otherwise that is about beauty diversity is beauty but there has to be unity in diversity not basically difference in diversity so communalism in politics basically contribute debate curtain tomcat starting line Busan keep politics you have a polity government rule administration Houska a application politics whose Co basically politics galassini politics is the application of the basically academic knowledge of quality job government castle Aggie rule cassavan that is politics communalism means job up is practice cooker tofu you only talk about particular community kami rules are around garnish a lot to make community giveth Karen let's say I'm talking only about Hindus here Christians the Muslims here upper caste a lower caste a Adams here jars Jame a gay community ki favor Karuna usko communalism in politics bowling gay now in my opinion just starting APNIC are not open a second I can marry opinion my communalism nahi wanna G not good for the country but yes there are certain exceptions so option for isaku larocco Chiara producer point will be born a kiss your no boleto you should be inclusion to agree with them I may escape favor make a cheesy bumiputra it helps certain minority groups which minority groups as I had just go obviously earth survived cunningly pressure to banana Prager this is supposed may a community say bloemker town Anglo Indian communities let us say yeah maybe long curtain Jain community ever belong kirtan Buddhism say Jim Brown Curtin let's say Muslims in some place yes sick to a minority group a abyss minority group government couple pressure manically APNIC community Kiba to karna padega easly a a breach is named community Jaffna put survive Garnica knee up now quick a technical Ichabod Cartier obviously pressure good Pacific um curtain ke Baras Apogee farmers kiss or touch any or at the farmers a community mentality or Phil Gordon Cooper pressure legate it serves their purpose to burry botany to some level that is good bad may am Java communism name unity that is what we are saying to keep contributing editor type who say but a community about karaage to countrywide Wooga it serves purpose of political parties subsidy bottom tip political parties communalism car pool use Kirti upon a purpose or chemically KOCO political party sei Cusco the others say vote milega Arabs and Muslims about me Leggett ah who seeketh Craigie kisi community particular ger suppose Scheduled Caste to sale or so-called lower caste a benefit hoorah politics mythos giveth Craigie kisi KO charts give at Craigie to political parties in a communism coup as a to lose pia heavy contributor near locally Bethenny making political parties a purposeful correctly used car thing it is an T nation that we have already discussed not a mature democracy of care difference in DMA or America main India is the largest democracy but not a mature democracy us me or India be a difference a kavaja PLO clearly deathly thank a political party to both curio rational a cannon a proper skill about Tony carried you home need a quadrant Tommy they decide car making a job at correct okay Miraval Fergie but career vodka liquor that is the meaning of it against a certain group obviously a couch group kegger favor ki baat Corrado Jews Rubik against me I remove a muslima I'm the most limited balcony to make Hindu ki baat Nicaragua in do tomorrow Muslim Skutnik immediate OKC community against kisi community cafe vermin you don't know but the apnic are the last-minute conclusion karna hai toh apne sorry but sunni arab nebula keep we conclude that communism in politics isn't necessary evil cavalry scheduled party necessary evil darn apartheid communities give a stoker knee up new moon co who could well be colonel other men leader but no butum apnic a politically but obviously licking it should not be there yet is Kenichi cookie a largely country if i were key Bhatnagar tea to philly remove gas yogi just as a country which your voltage a homologue educated voltage eyeing a – hello basically community believe commuted I'm a pariah Indian sahaja yoga I'm a Pan Am cook Punjabi American have cocktail Mooney some yoga Indian some yoga we happen have put Giardia Deveney some yoga Indian some yoga Hindu Muslim knees from nuuma Indian summing up automatically communism come Hosea so as the country diverse this particular thing will be over fine so let's go for this

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