25 thoughts on “Communism and Capitalism

  • How many people have died to capitalism? 1.7 billion people. How many to communist? 200 million. Those are alot of people, but compare them.

  • Actually USA is not that too violent but still violent and a big killer. 10 million babies were aborted in the USA more than the 6 million by adolf hitler.

  • 1. There's no such thing as free.
    2. You're making stuff up. Please show me which years Russia outmatched the U.S. and how (test scores, pupil performance, etc)
    3. Both systems are doing it wrong. A vouchers system will prove that private education puts public education to shame in terms of cost and quality.

  • 1:03 – That version of the anthem is very nice! Where did you get it?
    1:51 – What is this songs name?
    3:48 – Same as above Song name please….

    I'm sorry. I love the USSR a lot & I like to get as much music as possible.

  • Growing up I would have never thought that I would of wanted to grow up anywhere else but america. But now that I am in my early 30's and have nothing and never had a girlfriend because I didn't have money. And with our joke of a president that we have today I really have lost a lot respect for this country. Things could have been a lot different for me to if I would have grew up anywhere else than dearborn MI.

  • I think this has already been decided. The Soviet Union collapsed remember? I lived in both countries. The Soviet Union was a horribly repressive goverment with a failed economic model. I found many of the people, however, wonderful.

  • Our food is nothing more then variants of European cuisine, our technology is Japanese (except for weapons which are mostly advancements on what the Nazis came up with) and culturally we're Anglo-Saxon (English) with Oriental/Indian influences. In shore we stole everything, stuck a 'Made in the USA' label on it and pretend we're the best thing to ever exist as our 'glorious civilization' implodes around us.

  • Education wise the Soviets were much better. They spent on average 10% of their budget on education. The US spends 3-4% of their budget on education. The soviet children got a better education FOR FREE.

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