Communist Skeppy rages over Hypixel

hey you guys welcome back to a new video and today I got I playing some of the hypixel dredge minigame it's very simple you probably know what it is but flows who knows it's basically there are two islands there's a bridge in the trees and you have to score a goal of the other player and cross the bridge you can i'm coming like a communist the main reason for that is because the main reason for that is because while Skippy server invaded lands I was calmly invaded invaded by a few other people I can now currently evading invaded land on another minecraft window and turning it communist okay so I have no idea what forget me I'll make a video on it but yeah I'm littering on my laptop right next to me I'm just a elevated one just yes okay this is kind of my techniques found all along okay give us okay I'm not the greatest at this game but I'm also not too bad I think I might even be better at this I am at bat wars I have no idea well oh yes yes no no this is a very hard game to like commentate especially yeah it's so action-packed oh my gosh this is like so hard just panic but promise people do commentaries videos this person suitors I'm not gonna win this buzz and then let's try it what no no no don't mind UN's no I can move on it okay here we go okay okay so yeah um King Stach who you might know mr. hosted Ramallah he hosted a Monday minecraft tournament with like loads of huge introverts with Minecraft and spotlight and I think people might miss the beat now ninja was fair minecraft youtubers like those kind of people but it was so cool like there are so many key events so much I might make a video highlight it but there are just too many events and I was only watching a few of the people's lives so I don't know no I am so bad at this game I follow it's good how come I'm always okay until I start recording no one go please let me have one goal oh oh I kill them yay we might have a chance yes oh nevermind nevermind let's get a cheesy wedding okay I was watching scary scream of it so in the event Cathy killed ninja and then he it's a lot of money yes what if you might hear my mouth that's a jig just looking like crazy okay here yeah let's go let's do it let's do this epic epic subscribe for more quality content business quality content quality content quality content everyone this is quality content quality content of the four years of making quality farming PvP videos GG may know I hope you don't subscribe that boo me mix cafe will come to your house and eat your cookies okay it's a deal subscribe so I have all of you guys enjoy

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