Communists and SJWs at Ben Shapiro UC Berkeley

what's going on Jeremy here we're UC Berkeley we just got done driving an hour from Sacramento we're here in the middle of uh Fincher peels talk write Ziegler hall or whatever it's called I'm not sure but as you can see all around we've got cops here right to my left we've got some black lives matter speakers talking over there over here to my right we've got some chants going on there's a big crowd over there with probably I would say at least a hundred cops so we're gonna kind of walk around we're gonna talk to some of these guys here see if we can get some discussions going let's see what they see what they're chanting over there let's go figure it out let's go what's her name damn dan nice to meet you brother all right what do you got here a sign all right why is he nestled I think that more than that he is a fascist and a racist and a trans folk and in my opinion someone who was all three of those things as an asshole how was he start with let's go down the line real quick how's he a fascist fascism as a political ideology wants to silence the voice of the minority it wants to put power with the state it wants to militarize all of life it wants to attack the arts it wants to expound on sexist ideologies okay it's been doing that I think that Ben is doing some of those things yes do you know what he's talking about tonight he's titled it fighting campus thuggery okay so do you think it's okay that we can just kind of like try to shut down speakers who come to campuses like this are you trying to shut him down I would love to just let whoever wants to talk talk so I don't understand your question well we've got a group over there who's saying the same thing that they want they want Ben out I saw your sign it looks like you don't agree with Ben I'd say I do not agree with Ben I think he's an asshole okay well do you think he should be able to speak though I have no opinion about that we got some demonstrators up on the staircase up there they got a sign that says fuck BPD UCPD while they're hiding behind the protection of like 30 cops which a little ironic I guess they hate capitalism but this guy's making a bunch of money off you like I'm in a traveling circus what's up man what you got going on here what is this leading white communist so you guys are you guys like you're trying to get communism going in America or what uh you can go to the website and find out l you oh I'm just sure to have a discussion man I want to learn right now you know you're not a very good salesman man you gotta help sell me on the idea here what's the idea behind communism that you're trying to do a world without oppression all right I mean this is a communism get rid of oppression that seems like when it's been tried before I kind of get more oppression the failures of socialism and communism are better than the success of capitalism I mean the death counts are pretty telling for all the times communism has been tried I mean how many millions of Mao kills again again what since when what about you like are you comparing the death counts because pretty sure yeah Stalin versus Hitler like or even even if you did include that's pretty good fight communist leadership we can you give me an example of when communism is work can you again well I'm still behind on the other question which is the whole thing about you saying that there's all this blood from communism what about Hitler he's capitalist he's fascist that's not communism so he was he was a fascist he was a fascist but he was a socialist uh he was imperialist socialist so no he wasn't a socialist we have different definitions of what he wasn't equal world with everybody he was trying to kill a bunch of people who by their race he's trying to kill people he was trying to steal a bunch of wealth and then share it within his own country that's social imperialism that's not socialism so no your definitions before you talk to me and look up the definitions of our website do you know what Nazi stands for no why are you actually you go to my website and look up the definitions of things Nazi stands for National Socialist Party yeah I understand the term and I just explained to you what socialism actually means so go and understand that what about research and please stop Venezuela's got socialism right now how's that working out can you stop talking to me are you just gonna I just want one example of where socialism or communism is work and socialism communism failures are better than success of capitalism I've no nothing else to say okay we're at the empathy den I don't know exactly what that means but I guess if if you feel like your feelings got hurt come over here look at this guy right here this dude is capitalism at its finest he's wearing a room with a venmo taking cash for water just do genius keep it up brother I will ask them tough but I'm a libertarian I'm up for open fruit speech that's that's not that's on the right way free speech is on the right first of all what's your name my name No why not I'm not gonna give you alright so we have a nameless gentleman here he's got a sign that says no platform to this transphobic piece of shit alright brother huge platform what's your what's your take of this situation well I'm I'm pretty upset and I'm standing here I'm here now in place of my trans friends who physically cannot be here because they feel unsafe because the guy inside has said that being trans is a mental illness and he's being protected by the University and 500 or 600 thousand dollars and an army of police officers in riot gear and that makes me feel upset and I'm makes me feel for heartbroken for my friends who already undergo a systemic oppression on a daily basis who now can't come out even in their own City on their own streets because they don't feel safe in their bodies it seems to me like most of this crowd would support your ideas though everyone here I mean they got loudspeakers saying that Ben Shapiro is terrible there's more people here from what I can see saying Ben's terrible I mean but like you also have an army of cops and you get like you have a speaker inside inside of the cops bad what with really toxic ideas do you think we should be able to spread toxic ideas absolutely not what what can what who decides what a toxic idea is that's a good question not people who are upholding a white supremacist structure of power who get to determine what free speech is now I mean it's problematic because you can bend laws to the will of the powerful and as long as this country has been around they've been bent to the will of the like powerful white people who are interested only in upholding white supremacy do you think Ben Shapiro is a white supremacist I think aspects of his speech could certainly be called white supremacy absolutely I'm gonna give me an example yeah I mean he's I couldn't think I mean there are a number of things he said about black lives I mean okay like oh that's a pretty sweet sign they got Donald Trump make sure you get this sign right here he's got oil on his hands for some reason there's North Korea on the map nobody knows why I tried to ask the guy about it but you didn't seem very talkative can I ask you about your sign sure all right what are we got going on here this asshole got elected president and this is a sign I made for the inaugural parade as a protester along the inaugural you were there at the inauguration yes I was oh wow so this is my protest time for that day and I love Bill Moyers a profoundly disturbed ignoramus a bow breaker a bully in debt to the Russian mob Wow not my president because he is and then all these things and then this was for the Women's parade and this is my idea I just I wondered the angriest pussycat I could think of and so I Siberian tiger before shots were photos and I picked up Wow did you draw that yourself wow that's really good the dirtiest jacket I can find into shit his pants you're missing the mask and then you're good yeah everyone here's got a mask in their pockets all right so we got they got the loudspeaker hook up to a telephone from the people inside and they're saying they're trapped in and they're peaceful and the cops aren't letting them out so that's the latest we got here we can't see him anymore from the windows where there's a heavy police presence up on the bridge there now we're gonna start chanting now let them through apparently they're trapped inside that's probably not what's actually going on but we'll find out imagine imagine how do you manizer how how how oppressive it would feel to go through life and consistently be misgender by people who don't who don't care to address you by the correct pronouns to address you by the correct name what happened to sticks and stones may break my bones but words never hurt me okay now you're getting into the like Oh get a thicker skin fuck that fuck that privileged shit don't ever say that to anyone as a white man especially who is oppressed don't ever say that I mean I could call names every day when I was a kid I don't care I got beat up I was I oppressed No so how was it different because you and I live in and everyone else does in a white supremacist state that is looking out for the interests of you is California's California weight supremacist oh yeah you're what I know is your privilege I know I am absolute you doing here the enemy of these people I'm I like your white mailman you're the enemy yeah I'm a white you know thank you for such thing as a white Jews I'm I'm a Jew quote okay so that's part of it I met you I choose that white okay Aryan I could tell so what's your name amber Cummings alright and what is your sign say here stand against antique LGBTQ I'm trying to get it hey Jason I'm trying to get him to stand against up there trying to grab our people up and they're trying to marginalize our people say they're trying to protect our people and this is a violent group they're a Marxist group and I'm really against the idea of my group being hijacked by a bunch of terrorists trying to say they're here for our protection I've seen what they do this is not a group we want to be associated with it seems like you know as a minority group you automatically get lumped in with these people yeah and there's there's there's a few transgender individuals and they seem to be able to speak for the whole community yeah they try to speak from the loudest one yeah they try to be allowed Nate day everybody called me traitors it was on the news they were screaming out there doing vulgar things to me so just because you have a different opinion than them for an opinion you've seen okay they won't violence every time somebody has a different opinion than them their answer is violence that's pretty much what they they degrade down to I haven't been attacked here or been attacked in the past by auntie yeah really bye auntie just because you're holding that signer I had I just had a sign at a park that said trans women for Trump and I got attacked for that sign trans women for Trump God you attacked told you the ground by you battle o'clock was right over me that little terrorist ketover the neighbors in the picture look it up on the internet the teacher a teacher she's a school teacher here and she's a she's a head of BAM this was by any means necessary oh yeah yeah yeah if you look her up you'll see a picture of me at Samberg wind coming so you look at me so she's standing right over me while her group's got me shoved to the ground calling me a traitor these are violent terrorists and they need to be soft terrorists that's all we are yeah well that further reinforces the idea that they're just completely close-minded to anyone who is a different opinion than them so we in America we need to be able to speak and say hey they they should be allowed to say their opinion without violence I should be allowed to say mark all right what's going on here with the paint exercising I write for the First Amendment right on are you guys like pro ben shapiro anti ben shapiro what's new neutral we're just free speech each Pro free speech right on dude that's what we're here for to keep on rockin have you got any flack for sporting the colors yeah they're angry that were patriotic which is interesting I mean we did in the first place to see if anyone I've take exception to the fact I was ending a nation in which everyone lives so isn't it wacky there was a guy over there trying to sell communism do it isn't that wacky there's probably Gideon I know hello federal government we're not supposed to have this wide of a government working exactly dude it's smaller government yeah right on dude angry that we're proud to live here but I mean they're paying to go to a college inside America so isn't that ironic I'm here to support a bench Bureau is a First Amendment to speak oh yeah we compete if there was a crazy communist speaker would you guys support him too I would I would I wouldn't support him but I'd support his right to speak a lot of speaking all right right on dude I know that I have proximity to whiteness cuz I'm white and I passed his white but I also know that I met you and that's some fucking insecure shit and then it's my responsibility every single day of my life to work against white supremacy with all these people in the streets because my liberation is bound up with their liberation and it has not bound up with white supremacy and you're right that I'm at you you're at you I'm a Jew you know I get personally get sick of hearing about your Holocaust because I think because you don't ever mention but since you've been talking you don't ever mention anything about Native Americans I do I'm not mean you personally let me finish who did you me with you all we hear about is Holocaust markings we never hear about that we're on the land you're standing we you've got such the media crippled out at all we gave us a home well but the thing is the Jewish controlled media buddy I'm so sad that you just like like is it weird that people have different opinions that don't all fit into one group no but he just like what like went into a class against I sometimes have to hear about the Holocaust and I've never heard anything about Native American Holocaust here this is 99% Jewish or cos why is that so what you've just witnessed is the left eating themselves as the different minority classes start to feud now you notice the guy on the right he had a different opinion than the guy on the left so now they're starting a feud it's classic infighting when they find out that there are differing opinions that's it funny what's going on man oh then I spoke earlier I spoke what's her name no II know a Godinho and you were one of the speakers yeah I was one of the speakers right on man what's your message my message is to come together bro at the end of the day man people want to want to speak they've used this to free speech everywhere everywhere we go we read the fibers free speech our safe space every day we're in the safe space so it has to be some type of freedom speech right didn't that chick on the mock are just say that milk car is only for you guys I don't know but I spoke before day and I did say that Hermey I think is this day is most Republicans have talking points for liberals because liberals actually could say this shit but liberals can't have no talking points against Republicans because Republicans can't ever say this because we always try to stop it here trying to stop Republicans from saying stuff that's what it seems like how can they ever say a point of view how can you clear debate if you can have two people stay there for you what seems to me is like you know if it's a different opinion it automatically gets shut down is this to me growing up in a hood bro in the streets and the hood people don't do that we don't accept that right if you if somebody got a point of view and they could back it up they could say who's talking about how any kind of any right winger point of views automatically gets shut down you know if you don't share the same opinions as these people who are talking they don't even want to hear you opinion they say goes straight to an emotional argument they want to shut you down they don't want you to talk so it's really refreshing to hear someone like that who was actually on the on the microphone here you know say that admit anyway he actually admitted that the left is out to shut any arguments down that they don't agree with so refreshing baling darkus students when they're deporting our immigrant sisters and brothers 400 of them every day terrorizing families if you are neutral when white supremacists are marching in the street with the sanction from the White House you're not really neutral that sister is right cannot be neutral if you're neutral you're an enemy all right this escalated it one step further now originally they claimed there was violence that was occurring on the inside now it's upgraded to terrorism I don't think any of them were hurt but according to them as an act of terrorism it was you know in the end eventually for their safety but there were two arrests there were two women that were arrested one woman was arrested with life because she was carrying a sign she was carrying a sign from a bookstore over to the Bancroft and Telegraph okay so she was just holding a sign she was carrying a sign it was a sign like about I don't know maybe four feet by three feet or something I'm not exactly sure the dimensions the cops just swiped her he was carrying it like this and they stopped her and they arrested her for carrying the sign african-american and Latino community we got some action over here hey thanks for talking to us alright here we go something just happened while I was interviewing this gentleman yeah so while we were in the middle of an interview some happen we're not really sure I don't think it's anything I think someone just was someone tripped and fell or something maybe my friend Celeste paradise had a pro Shapiro sign she was standing up on the corner of the Walgreens there yeah and so she's waving it you know we're heckling the people over here these jerks with a no shirt on and a bandana ran up and grabbed it out of her hand so unfortunately she tried to jump down after her sign and she got knocked over unfortunately you know she has three slipped discs so she should have done that but you know she was fake basically physically assault that he knocked up guys so someone tried to steal her sign basically and then she fell over okay well that's unfortunate rather hopefully I hope she's saying carrot man we see the narrative political affiliation yeah middle libertarian straight up Rock hate you guys worse they think we're all right now they don't even think that you're alright they think that you're Nazis and white supremacist no is the free speech is all of a sudden a Nazi value apparently apparently right I mean I had to go I ran up to like when they started moving and they were calling Ben a white supremacist and venture here I was a Jew and I had to make known to them that that the white supremacist and the Nazis want to kill him right there it is that's what we were waiting all night to hear no Trump no KKK no fascist USA whoo finally we get to hear it it's a little late but well I mean reasonable people sometimes forget that they KKK is bad reason we people sometimes forget you know that these things are bad we need reminders you know I see got we got a pretty productive discussion going on here you got a gentleman here with a Superman communism flag and then right in the middle of all that it's just now dispersing it was two people basically yelling face to face for about 10 minutes straight they're just yelling at each other so it's 9:45 it's been pretty pretty docile so far we've had a couple incidents we've heard reports of two women getting arrested by the police for carrying signs I'm not sure how credible that is and we had one lady who had a ben shapiro sign in support of Ben Shapiro someone tried to steal the sign from her and she fell trying to get it back and the medical people had to carry her away so it doesn't seem like there's any incidents of violence other than that and then definitely nothing and right on left the rhetoric from the left it's been pretty borderline violent all night and luckily the crowds kind of died down here I think it's going to be pretty much dispersed pretty quickly here so

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  • The stupidity displayed by all these people is the reason the rest of the world hates us. They do not exercise freedom of speech, they incite violence and acts of treason. They are themselves by definition traitors and should all be rounded up and prosecuted and sentenced accordingly. Gay dude, I would kick the living shit out of you popping off to me like that you scrawny bent bird neck fuckwad! Teach you to respect others you piece of shit, I'll tell you whatever the fuck you don't want to hear and you'll stand there shut your mouth and listen or walk away or open your mouth like you did and have your ass handed to you in that stupid hat on your empty fucking head! Ain't having choices great?

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    So he believes the murder of over 100 million people (many of them innocent of any crimes) is better than the system we currently have in the US today.

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