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Around the world, people’s online
activities are being censored, surveilled, threatened, and blocked more than ever
before. By being denied a free and open Internet, they’re denied their basic
human rights to freely express themselves, communicate privately, and
access information freely. For over seven years, the Open Technology Fund has been
empowering world citizens with unrestricted secure access to modern
communication channels. Whether it’s better privacy from repressive
surveillance or circumventing Internet shutdowns and blocking, we believe the
best technological solutions are those born from the needs of the communities.
That’s why we’re launching the Community Prototype Fund. From activists and
journalists fighting on the frontlines for Internet freedom, to technologists
and developers working on groundbreaking technologies, the Community Prototype
Fund is here to foster good ideas from this community, supporting implementation
efforts up to 6,000 US dollars and up to 12 weeks. Prioritizing projects
coming from individuals or organizations who are new to the Internet freedom
community, you can choose to implement the idea yourself or we can share the
idea with our community of implementers to take on the challenge of bringing it
to life. Submitted ideas will be reviewed by our community of former and current
projects as well as the OTF team and Advisory Council. Do you have an idea for the Community
Prototype Fund? Submit it today at

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