16 thoughts on “Conflict and Reconciliation

  • They say humans are closest to the chimpanzees and bonobos. I'm also one that wants to understand why we humans struggle to have peace, so I came here to see Conflict with chimpanzees. I just don't think we are going to ever suppress our Genes long enough to hardwire them to end World conflict with a Kiss and Mutual Grooming, at least anytime soon. However there's an old saying Never give up on hope, right?

  • Thank you for breaking that down w/the explanations. Very subtle gestures that mean so much. It's very good they can get through these problems & then reconcile.

  • I came across this lady who owns a male chimpanzee named bow she posted a video trying to say he was just vocalizing that it meant nothing when he screamed and jumped back and forth at the dog whom was in front of his cage that the dog and him were friends! She’s sitting in the chimps cage while all of this is happening oh in her home at that…she’s a doctor how can she be so irresponsible and stupid. She’s going to end up very hurt and it’ll be all Bows fault when it’s 100% hers

  • Hello,


    I was wondering, when you prepare a party inside of the green house, you bring huge metal bowls. And then you put a little bit of food here, and there. (I'm aware that you would never do that), but let's say that you don't touch anything, LIKE FOR BUFFET, do you think that Jamie for instance wouldn't share at all?

    Other question :

    When you serve their meals, you give individualy their food. If you wouldn't, is it possible that certain chimps in the hierarchy WOULD NEVER EAT (in the front rooms, or in the play room)?
    I'm asking this question, because I watched a video where an orangutan was sharing his treats with pleasure with several chimps. (Their cages were strangely pretty closed). And to a more selfish behavior, a silver back gorilla ate 80% of the food for his 1-year-old baby boy anniversary ; ( And it was definitively pretty OBVIOUS that none other member of this troup in this zoo, would DARE even TRY to eat a tiny salad leave, before he gave the signal, :"Ok, you can have some:". Help yoursel, and enjoy your meal.

    Thank you for your answer.

  • These creatures should be productively utilized in research laboratories. They serve no purpose in preserves. Furthermore, all preserves need be privately funded. No taxpayer money should be allocated to the establishment or maintenance of such facilities. Conversely, the medical and technological advances attained via vivisection absolutely justify the commitment of tax dollars to animal research projects and the laboratories in which said research is conducted. Period.

  • I've gotten so I can tell when they're ready to fight. They stand up, swing their arms, hackle up their hair, jump up and down, and bark or scream rhythmically.. Chimp communications are very standardized. Really interesting.

  • I really love how you walked through the whole conflict and resolution!  We need more videos of chimps acting like chimps so we don't forget that the are not "adorable" or "cute" — they are complex intelligent individuals

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