Congress of Racial Equality leader: Trump gossip is ‘disgusting’

65 thoughts on “Congress of Racial Equality leader: Trump gossip is ‘disgusting’

  • Let us not forget Hillary Clinton books…..
    Hillary attempted to sell more copies by throwing her awkward but immensely more likeable running mate Senator Tim Kaine on the cover.
    No such luck, of course. Here’s more bad news:
    According to New York Times’ projections, Hillary will likely sell 9,000 copies in total! A book’s first week’s sales number typically accounts for a third of the total books sold.

    Clinton’s book about her stunning loss in 2016 to Donald Trump sold more than 300,000 copies in the combined formats of hardcover, e-book and …

  • "I was wrong about the 'quiet resistance' inside the Trump administration. Unelected bureaucrats and cabinet appointees were never going to steer Donald Trump the right direction in the long run, or refine his malignant management style. He is who he is." -excerpt from "A Warning" by Anonymous

  • Praying for justice and for wisdom for Pres Trump. Listening from nz. You all feel like my brothers and sisters in the war against evil!

  • Trump is an indecent racist bigoted lying serial adulterer and rapist.
    Trump is an abomination unto God man and the presidency.
    Abominable ungodly lawless administration and staff.
    Proverbs 6.12-19
    Trump is a Belial a lawless worthless unprofitable perverted wicked demon.

  • They are not worried about losing their jobs, they are worried about losing access to the corrupt money that flows their way.


  • You just heard from CORE, certainly one of the most important civil rights activist organizations and he's solidly with Trump. The enemies have no chance. WWG1WGA MAGA KAG BEST

  • Why don't you at Fox and other independent websites connect the dots that a child could do in a Highlights puzzle? All these godless pricks in the media and government receive their marching orders from unelected satanists, plain and simple!
    Hillary Clinton is on video thanking the Council on Foreign Relations for telling our government what to do! Joe Biden, when bragging about blackmailing Ukraine's president to back off the prosecution of his son, his words were spoken at a CFR conference! And they all chuckled like the satan worshipers they are.
    They will all burn in "the lake of fire" and "shall be as though they had never been." They must "perish" in order for "the righteous" to live "for ever and ever, Amen." The prophecy of Malachi 4:1-3 will be fulfilled: "The wicked shall be ashes under the soles of your feet."
    And just know that NONE of the churches obey the words and counsel of Jesus Christ. The Bible is only a mascot to these hypocrites who worship pagan traditions above the GOD they claim to serve. It all comes out in the wash. Just don't be one of the stains.

  • Zutsuters/// lowriders. /// latinos. // chicanos. // mehecanos. !!!!!!!!!!!!! Love lllllvvvvv. Usa. Potus. Mr. Trump. !!!! Aalll / everybody. Else. !!!!! Has a massive problema. !!!!!!!

  • It's "TREASON" period! I find it extremely disgusting. And Personally see nothing about it funny nor humorous… As a Veteran of This Country's Military it is an insult.

  • The hammer and sickle party. Union of ghetto builders will be slaughtered. Plese get involved ed with your state and local elections especially. That's where the kid crimes are happening schools. DE program your kids after school !

  • Anyone else thinking that the non whistleblower Eric C. Is the same person behind the Anonymous NYT article & book. The editors and publishers are fighting the DOJ tooth and nail to keep the authors identity hidden just as the democrats are even though a majority of Americans already know his name. I wouldn't be surprised if it is. Go back and read the article from NYT again. It matches his position within NSC and foreign policy view points.

  • Wait…..the Congress of racial equality?? Supporting our president……but how can that be?? All I keep hearing from dumbocrats and Hollywood buffoons is that he is a bigot that he is a racist. Could it be that is just the rantings of the ignorant and misinformed????? You bet your arse it is.

  • Congratulations President Trump, 3 years ago today you shocked the world and became the 45th President of the United States. En route to your historic, spectacular victory you first dispatched 16 opponents in the Republican primary, then soundly defeated and humiliated crooked Hillary. In the process you also defeated the Fake News media, Hollywood, the Deep State and the Establishment. Hillary’s supporters were ecstatic to begin the day, but as nighttime came and their defeat was imminent the democrats cried like babies, and the more they wept the more I LMAO. It's been 3 great years of winning, and the next 5 should be even better.

  • What do you do if your a DEM Go straight to GETMO and collect the hatred from the American People ! And pay us back with all your ill gotten gains ! Enough said !

  • Dear racist dems and fems:

    Please leave our country, I think they’re taking migrants in Sweden still… go live with Greta and f$ck off

  • The problem is the President Trump don't listen to those bureaucrats and they hate that now they're out to get him if so you should have everybody the day you so used to being in control of every president and calling the shots they just assumed that President Trump should do the same cuz that's the way the country's been big control bodies bureaucrats for a long time that's why it's such bad shape cuz cuz of the presidents in the past have been just given to these bureaucrats let him run the country just as long as I get to be president president puppets but not Donald Trump that's why they want to get rid of him

  • Schiff is NOT above the law and he's NOT the US president. Schiff must testify under oath in impeachment probe before the Congress.

  • Schiff is NOT above the law and NOT the US president. Schiff must testify under oath in impeachment probe before the Congress.

  • Donald Trump has nothing to fear !! 🇺🇸Because God has chosen President Donald J Trump, to set his people FREE.all Republicans love President Trump and we love our FREEDOM 😊 Our God😇!! We do not need more government in our lives.

  • To headline a $2m lawsuit defeat of the Trump Foundation. Brilliant. FOX spins the lakey left social dems into "sharing" the diplomatic duress. Our First Family donates additional $2m charitable contribution. Trump family win! The story is greater than the headline. Trump Strong 2020. Thanks for sharing.

  • But they are "honorable people"… Like asking a cult member to criticize the cult. Turn these clowns off folks.

  • It shows you they are all not nearly as bright as they think they are. They cant tie their own shoes. They look dumber and dumber!!! You cant fix stupid. Gotta get these poor stupid people out of government. Thank God and Jesus For President Trump. Our country needed a break from immoral morons!!!

  • One of President Trump's greatest achievements has been the exposure of the American leftist mainstream media as tools for political propaganda and fake news

  • These people loved Pres.Trump when he was in their group,now he has become the Pres.they fear him.He is an outsider to the Washington Elites,how dare he upset their Apple Cart ,their crooked lifeline, their control of we the people.

  • Hell Fraud Squad needs to be. brought in front of house and charged with political fraud Imagration fraud tax FRAUD
    They need to zip there lips and worry about lawyering up

  • Many Books and Media are corrupt, untruthful, lies, false, incitement, provocative and ENEMIES of people. These fraud kept printing their own books with their own ink's and names other's(false witness) for their own book printing. These fraud are responsible for their own book's and printing them.

  • Just put on the hat's and play and blame other's. And lawyer's work for the frauds. And those putting hat's their inside their tissue's also shamelessly practice malpractice insurance with the hat bearer's and lawyer communities.

    So now how many lawyer's losing their license for involved with player's tissue contact's and book printing business.

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