The world is full of good news. The following
are just a few … The Swedish government calls on the European
Commission to act in protecting the rights of the Roma community through measures to
provide housing, education and jobs. With the assistance of the organization USAID,
members of the Ogaden clan from both sides of the Kenya-Somalia border are putting years
of discord behind them in their joint construction and management of a maternity wing at the
local health clinic. US-based Sherpa Pet Group teams up with airlines
in a program designed to ensure that human caregivers of small animals meet airline requirements
so that their companions can easily travel with them onboard the flight.
Head of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, Alfonso Cano, proposes peace talks
with Colombian president-elect Juan Manuel Santos to resolve previous longstanding conflict
through diplomatic dialog. Governor Jack Markell of Delaware, USA signs
a new law for the state’s animal shelters, considered to be among the first and most
comprehensive in providing standards of operation to help ensure that abandoned or neglected
animals receive proper care with a goal of eliminating euthanization.
Officials in Sichuan province, China announce a 44% increase in the minimum wage to benefit
people’s lives. Cambodian Aki Ra, who was forced to set landmines
when he was a boy, now leads the Cambodian Self Help Demining team to assist in clearing
the munitions from rural villages. In Gaza Strip, Palestine, 6200 Palestinian
children fly kites simultaneously, setting a new world record.
When six-year-old Will Murphey-Helms of Florida, USA learned of the plight of marine animals
due to the oil spill off the US coast, he organized a donation drive from fellow church
members for a sea turtle rescue organization with the assistance of his mother, Laura.
To further this worthy and caring mission, Supreme Master Ching Hai is pledging US$5,000
toward the turtles’ rescue. Serbian media groups are welcoming a recent
court decision that disallows excessive penalties and upholds the freedom of the press.

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