Contentment Challenge: Creating an office nook for FREE

hey guys welcome to today's video I am Angela also known as deck hick and mom and today I'm coming at you with another contentment challenge okay so where I am sitting right now um with this lovely mess behind me is actually a little corner in my bedroom it's supposed to be kind of like a desk area an office area but it's never been used for that it's generally just used as a bit of a catch-all um and I've never taken the time to like set up any computer here or really organize much of anything I do have some filing cabinets right here where like I will organize paperwork and stuff like that but this desk here does not get used anytime that I am like on the computer or working for debt kicking mom or paying bills or anything like that I usually am on either my laptop like sitting in my bed or I am on our desktop computer which is like a family computer that we have downstairs so I never use this back area here however as Det kick and mom has been growing I have been really really wanting to have a dedicated space as like an office space as a space where I can organize all the projects that I have going on for decking and mom a place that is just for me and my side has soul you know all the behind the scenes work for debt kicking mom literally happens like when I'm in my PJs laying in bed or sitting on the couch after the kids have gone to bed or when I wake up early in the morning and after I finished my devotional time I never sit down at a desk and actually get stuff done that way sometimes I feel like I would be so much more productive if I treated it more like work not like a job or something like work in a negative sense but just like this is my passion work and this is a serious thing that I really believe in and that I love doing so I think having a dead in workspace is going to help me to just be more productive and Kiki mom and I have a lot of goals you know I have a lot of goals and dreams for helping people in a bigger capacity or you know creating content that is meaningful to you guys but the thing about you know having goals like that if you don't make a plan to actually like sit down and do the work and be productive and you don't kind of cultivate a routine around being productive none of that is going to get done so if you don't know already maybe you're new to my channel but I am a full time teacher and mom of four debt Kagan mom has grown into something that has that produces and come through my youtube channel and you know the demand is there for more content and more resources that I know that I have the ability to create so my day job as a teacher takes up the majority of my time but the great thing about being a teacher is that you get summers off so it is may where mid-may right now and I only have three weeks left in the school year and by the time you're seeing this video I probably am almost done with the school year that means that we're moving into summer which means that a huge chunk of my time during the day is going to be freed up for me to start working on some projects and kind of pouring into debt kicking mom so as we get closer to that summer break and as I start thinking about you know the projects that I want to work on for that kick and Mom I started to put some to be completely honest I started to get a little bit nervous about that I started to think like you know it's like one thing to say yes I want to create a cookbook that would be amazing and then it's another thing to think about all the work that is involved in that and I started to put kind of some limiting beliefs on that and I just started to think like am I really cut out for that and Who am I to think that I can write a cookbook and you know all that kind of stuff so I have some fear I have some nervousness about putting myself out there I question whether or not I can really do it but I know that I can do anything that I put my mind to and I know that I am capable of figuring it out and I know that if I structure my life and set up my life in a way that's going to increase my productivity I can accomplish anything I want so as I'm thinking about what I might need to help me in my projects for debt Kiki mom discontentment started to creep in so I started to think about like my technology I don't have the right office but setup I don't have the right equipment so I just started to feel discontent with the setup that I have the resources that I have the technology that I have like do I really have what it takes to be able to create these things and work on these projects and then I started to realize you know I have the space I have this office space here it's trash it's a mess if I clean that up and if I'm intentional about it I can create a little corner in my room that motivates me and inspires me and can help to kind of create that space for me to work on those projects that I have for jet taken mom that I'm so passionate about so I want to take you guys along today as I pour into this little corner I'm going to be nurturing it taking care of it and by the way if you haven't seen one of my contentment challenges before I take an area of my life that I'm discontent in and instead of going out and spending money to somehow fill that void of discontentment I tried to nurture whatever it is that I have already so I focus on what I do have so right now I'm filling discontent in the fact that I don't really have a dedicated space to work on debt kickin mom so instead of you know wishing that I had an extra room in our house that could be an office or instead of you know I'm wanting to go out and buy you know new equipment should I'm going out and buying anything what I'm going to do is I'm going to focus on what I do have this desk that I do have this space that I do have and I'm going to attempt to create an awesome little office space without spending any money so let's do this alright so it's only fair to give you a good before picture of this space there's literally no organization it's just me dumping things that I know I want to keep anything that I do use for YouTube or debt chicken mom I do keep in this area and I have like some calendars actually here this is all calendars and notebooks that I do use for YouTube so I kind of have that's like it guys that's how this YouTube channel happens that little book box right there so really what I need to do is just clean it up and organize it probably file some things away and start creating my office space so one thing that I'm going to do as I'm organizing this space and setting it up to be in office area is I'm going to keep a list of some like organization solutions that I might want or some things like you know maybe some like paper filing systems or some baskets or storage or something like that I'm gonna be keeping a list of that and then I'm going to be like hunting down things at thrift stores and stuff like that I see like office supplies all the time at their stores like little like paper organizers the Dollar Tree is a great spot to buy stuff so I know that I can get a lot of organizations stuff for really cheap or frugal but I want to keep a list of exactly what I need like as I'm going as I'm plating this I'm realizing that I would like to I want like a whiteboard and a corkboard I'm sitting here thinking if there's anywhere in my house where I have an extra cork board or whiteboard and I don't think I do so I'm gonna write that down on a list of things I want to look out for at the goodwill I see cork boards and white boards quite a bit at the goodwill um so I'm gonna write that down and hopefully be able to hunt those down so I am using my orange peel cleaner I have a tutorial on how I make this I'll link it for you guys but I add some essential oils to it and it smells so good and it works really great as like a general cleaner so so this collage frame is one of my absolute favorites oh my goodness I put this together with the ultrasounds of all four of my kids [Applause] cool okay so I've just discovered something so I have this try that's been sitting on this table forever and I just discovered something really neat it actually works as a whiteboard so as I was cleaning that I was like wait a second that feels like a white double surface so I tested it with a whiteboard marker dry erase marker and it erases beautifully so I don't need to buy whiteboard now I'm just trying to think oh this was originally a good will purchase by the way I can see my tags still on it originally from Ikea but I got it for three bucks at the goodwill and I've never thought to use a nice whiteboard before until this moment but it's funny how when you need something your brain gets resourceful so I know I needed a whiteboard in this area so this will work it looks like this will work great so I'm trying to decide if I want to figure out a way to hang it or if I kind of just want like a desktop whiteboard like wouldn't that be easy to just kind of be able to write your to-do lists like right here on the table I mean that's actually kind of cool that might work for me so I think I'm gonna go run around my house and see if I can collect anything that I might want to use in this office space so I'll be right back okay guys here are some things that I collected I don't know if I'm gonna use all of them in the space but I thought I'd show you I have this dream catcher this was hanging you've seen this in my video it's been in the background of a lot of my videos in my bedroom I made this dream catcher with a friend of mine I think I want that in there dreams I love dream catchers so I think I want that in there I wanted a corkboard but I don't have one but I did find this old frame that I actually had in a pile to take to Goodwill it's an old frame but I had just covered with burlap and have glued these clips on when the clips a lot but I think I might be able to peel that hot glue off or just cover it up and then I have these little clips and some twine so I think I'm gonna try to make to kind of hold me over until I get a cork board I think I'm gonna try to make a little board where I can hang some papers that I want to hang on that and then I found this mirror I need to put something in there that's going to brighten it up and mirrors a lot of times can do that accessory since I have the big window that you're seeing in the reflection there I have that big window behind my office space and then I thought this pillow was perfect for my chair it's beautiful and then I did find this this was in a kid's room ice it's super kids but I love that it says dream I'm wondering if I paint the frame white that might be something but I don't know I think it's too little kiddush I did like how the colors looks nice with this pillow but I think that this will be a pop of color enough so I might expat and go ahead and donate that to Goodwill but anyways now I'm going to work on this and see if I can get that looking kind of cool all right you guys I am done with my office area I really love the way that it turned out and I didn't spend a dime I love when I can do that I love when I can just use what I have nurture what I have and then feel happy and satisfied with a space you know it's more beautiful it's organized and you don't have to spend money to do that you can make things look so much nicer by just investing your time so I'm gonna go ahead and show you the after like I said keep in mind that I haven't spent anything today to make this space look the way that it looks right now and be usable and functional so although it might not be like my dream office and you know and everything about it might not be perfect the idea is that you don't have to spend money to cultivate something that is practical and something that brings you joy and I love that I already have enough and anything that I want is just more but I have enough as it is so I'm gonna show you the after it's my hope that in this little space that I've created a place for my computer a chair for me to sit in it's clean it's organized it's my hope that I can get to work creating some awesome content for you guys here's where it will happen in this office space that I created it's been so much fun bringing you guys along and just kind of showing you the process and I hope that you are inspired to go find an area in your home where maybe you're feeling discontent maybe it's just or unorganized maybe there's just clutter and maybe you just need to take a little bit of time to just clean it up put things away that can be so freeing mentally to just kind of organize your stuff and it really does help with contentment and just being thankful for what you have because you're spending time taking care of what you have usually when you're decluttering you're realizing that it's not more stuff that you need to bring you happy it's actually less stuff and more intentional ISM that you need so thank you guys so much for watching this video and I will see you in the next one bye filming the contentment challenge for you today this morning and then after I finished filming that contentment challenge I filmed a second video that I'm gonna get up for you guys and then I was done filming the video done during my contentment challenge the very first thing that I wanted to do was come and sit at my desk and usually after I film videos guys I get so exhausted filming those videos it takes more energy than you think like to come up with words as you're doing things and to talk on a video so I just thought it was pretty amazing that the first thing that I wanted to do was come and sit at my computer and actually get some work done my husband's gone with the kids and he's I probably have about 30 minutes usually because I'd have to get my computer out and get all gather up on my cords I wouldn't want to go through all the trouble of like getting my computer out in the cords and all that if I only have thirty minutes because I knew my kids would be home and my family would be home and I don't like to leave like my computer stuff out but here this is where it is and I can leave it like I can I can pause when I'm working go take care of my kids go take care of my family and use those little 30-minute windows like that's going to help with productivity so I just kind of want to point that out so I'm loving it like I went downstairs made a quick cup of coffee and I'm gonna plug my iPhone in and start putting the videos on my computer maybe start doing some editing and then when my family comes home I don't have to put anything away I'll just go and transition into family mode but yeah I love you my new little desk area so for free you guys for free find contentment by nurturing what you have and taking care of it and it's amazing what it will do for your mental state like it's just amazing so I just kind of wanted to share how excited I am about this space alright guys see you later bye

29 thoughts on “Contentment Challenge: Creating an office nook for FREE

  • This is the video I needed to see today. I'm going to challenge myself to try and update my bedroom with a contentment minset and use things / linens I already have. 💛

  • I love how you managed to refurbish what you had already around your home.
    Greetings from South Africa

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    3 months into being a designer for KEEP Collective Jewelry, I quickly realized I need a office space to be able to sit down & do work .

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