Contentment given by Bobby Roberson

well I appreciate that song last week I had a problem you fellas never had a problem but I can't remember what it wasn't how about but I was I kind of bought down a little bit and you know what to do and all at once the Lord seemed to speak to me and he said there's never been a little sparrow and all these woods around here this failed what I didn't know about it boy I got to thinking I got a God like that no leave me word he'll take care of that thing and he did I think it's been two or three weeks ago in any way you took care of that and I'm not looking for more but I'll have it no one will say it's a joy to be here and I appreciate brother Clarence he's my dear free and I'm not seeing it because he said it to me but I say this all the time the one reason I get to carpets of the Lord and then Emily I look like her daddy and make us me and that gets me here every year and I appreciate that now you watch this thing if everyone ever leaves him or if she dies I probably get to come back so I appreciate Clarence Sexton he's my buddy and I thank God for him I'll admit by the way turn to Philippians chapter 4 I had the privilege of speaking when he was in Paterson New Jersey and we was on our way back to the airport and he said I want to share something with you now and I want you to talk to God about don't you talk to everybody else about it and he said I feel the Lord maybe leading me to this place how many years is that being brother Kline 26 years might have time fly it really dies and God has had his hand upon it and I praise the Lord I used to hear brother Lester roll-off say I want to see God do something so great that me and I'd have to say God done that man couldn't do it and how true that is we ought to give God all the glory brother see brother Raymond over here this old man here from Texas god bless his heart you know Raymond barbers my daddy has bendy seventy years about tell him I was 12 when he died my daddy was a preacher and brother Raymond I didn't know each other for many many many years and his dad evidently and my dad were good friends that was I think three preachers conducted his field and his dad was one other and my dad's didn't heaven now my dad died at 39 years old with a heart attack he worked in there in the printed apartment in the bank there in winston-salem pastored and long as I remembered he was a pastor Church run about 250 preached on Sunday he had a bad heart condition about all his life and was at work and dropped dead the next morning about 10:30 Lema Clark he's in heaven but I think about that I remember the first time I'm gonna preach after a while I remember the first time that I was ever over to dad's Church brother Roloff was over there and we took a busload from gospel lighted when that was in the old building over there and well then the Lord good it's one thing about it the older you get you got a whole lot more to think of you young uns have you see and you remember that and I thank the Lord for it I really do I thought about this let me say this and I will preach long but I thought how we've got in these early services I had the joy being moderator of the South white Baptist Fellowship when it was at Northside Baptist sin in the Charlotte years ago and dr. Jack Hudson was a moderator dr. Robertson was preaching I was sitting on the flat platform with brother Hudson and dr. Robertson got up and he said I don't understand this I don't understand it he said these churches having these early afternoon Sunday preaching sermons I don't understand 40 years in six months I believe my right he said we had service 7:30 7:30 Holland Park he said I understand he said only I preached one and his 5 o'clock 5 o'clock can you imagine the Sunday night service fine he said all the countries 6 I didn't know that dr. Hudson just changed the week before and his to see and now like Rob's I don't lose I said hey man I know spots and dr. Robertson said up I asked the fellow how can he do this he said well he said folks need to get their kids said it even get them in bed you know to go to school on Monday morning and Shawn and Doc trumps I didn't know that do be that early same party he says and he said this he said a few weeks ago I speaking while he's early service isn't I asked that preacher and he told me that after service he said let's go down here just rest in a few minutes give him some my teen he said went down there he said they did go home go to bed that place is full of in members he said I wouldn't if it's just good to get out and I said amen and I was thinking about it but we didn't do it but we went liberal about a year ago and the weight of 6:30 now on Sunday night 6:30 my wife has the hardest time we've been 7:30 for 50 some years and now 6:30 and was always 7/3 everything now we're seven o'clock during the week and that's hard my wife says now what time to service tonight Danny what's Isis honey get this of mine sent in in the rest of the week and good to see brother Tom over here tonight I'm glad his brother that's who I'm talking about we had a minute we're in a meeting last week and he did entire church up I'm thanking God for that even he never had a good service no we had actually one of the best revivals we've had several years and Tom and Nancy we had a good time and I praise the Lord it you know I I appreciate that let me say this and I'm going to read but I appreciate a man who loves people folks were getting into too much mechanical business in the ministry prison preacher you're not there for a job you are there for a ministry you remember I Jeremiah said over and over when the Lord brought troubles destruction to his no man had his heart in it we need to keep our heart in the work of the Lord somebody says well I just can't my heart's not there we'll get your treasure there and your heart to get there because he'll follow it every time and and so I'm just saying I think God from men who who loves people who loves preachers and the preachers have problems and so on and let me say this and I'm gonna read it after this sure I started to say a while ago there's a fellow named John he'll who pastors just out of Thomasville North Carolina John's been there over 20 years good man he come down with some Pancras problems he's been in the hospital in winston-salem since a few days before Thanksgiving last fall and most of the time intensive care and out of it now I try to be as T about once a week myself and I got an email from his wife Friday and his children said brother Bobby please ask your people to pray please ask him to pray said the doctors said John needs one more real seer surgery if you don't have it he may not live long and this we believe this surgery would be the means of him coming out of this problem and it could be the means of his death and we've got to make a decision would y'all please pray that God give us wisdom to know the right decision and I told him gospel like this morning about it and I said I'm only mentioned up up at crown tonight and you think about that man he's probably I'd say 60 years old love's a long old-fashioned preacher and and got a good church and also that's John Hill as it means somebody may know it and you you pray for well I think I read several verses I want to talk to you from verse 11 but notice how Paul starts off of Lipton's chapter 4 therefore my brethren loaded notice you know at Philippians 4 where'd I say turn to I did see it okay I didn't know people started turning it's in the New Testament if you I heard that girls wouldn't I say if you don't have it now I just stopped Macau like I heard for hours things still fighting either Paul's letter to the church at philippi notice what he said therefore my brethren notice do you see when Paul's right in his love do you notice that notice what he said dearly beloved and longed for my joy and Crown you know Paul found this church to go back in the in an accident out when he was in Vail and so on and found his church now he says stand fast in the Lord my dearly beloved notice and then there was two people two ladies in that church that didn't get along with each other and he's pleading for it he said I besieged the artists and besieged Sinicki that they build the same mind in the Lord and I treated the also true yolk fella hep those women which labored with me in the gospel with Clement also with other my fellow laborers whose names are in the book of life you know I was reading coming up the road my son-in-law driving the car and I was reading this over and over and when I thought about this if you ever noticed when Paul wrote a letter he's always would you salute this some salute that until this one hello tell him I'm thinking about him telling me you notice that in all of his ministry and and and here he's doing the same thing and you know we all need to be encouraged we need to be helped really do I was in Kentucky a few years ago preaching and he couldn't even be here now forgot his name but it's a pastor that came I think he said 7500 miles just to see me and he said this and I'm not Pat myself on the basis came to me but he said this he said brother Bobby my wife and there were lowest point some years ago and we visited your church and that night I asked you on Wednesday night if you could spend a few minutes in talking with me and you said sure and we went in your office and he said you will never know how you helped me that night he said our Lord and he said I found out it was your birthday and your family was waiting at your house with a big birthday thing for you and he said I deal never and that man's old wife or God seemed like a hundred miles from wherever he pastored then just to tell me that and I didn't remember it until he might he reminded me of it we never know who's hurting I was younger and I'm just saying I see that in Paul's letters he's urging these people to get along get along and then he said don't forget to tell this but in that one that I'm thinking about it and then he said you go ahead and rejoice in the Lord he always rejoicing him you know now let's get on down here there's some good good sermons long there notice what he said let your moderation be known unto all men the Lord is at hand he said let your gentleness be known to all me and don't be one of them hateful smart alecks you know we independent Baptists sometimes we think we got to be mean to be independent Baptists you know we're kind of like one fellow said we're so independent termites in our church went into winter mice another church you know I mean that's not yet he told you what an Independent Baptist was and he said right here he said be camp but in everything come on let's go here now in everything but in verse six be careful for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with Thanksgiving let your requests for they own the God and then this will be the results of it right here in verse seven the peace of God now when we're saved would make peace with God when we obey and we enjoy the peace of God alright notice which passes all understand we'll keep our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus he said some great thing now he's coming he said finally he used that word again brethren whatever things are true and things that are honest and just and pure and lovely whatever things are a good report if there be any virtue and if they're being appraised him keep your mind on these things that's what he's saying think on these now some of you gonna have to get rid of your Facebook things if you do that I don't have one I you know I'm holding and I don't even have a computer if that's right they got him all over the church and school but I hear them talking about Facebook so I don't really know but I thought about that this said did you see I saw this on Facebook Facebook well now he said don't you think and talk about them bad things you think on the good things that's what he's saying that's what he said now let's get on here verse 9 he said those things which he have both learned and received and heard and seen in me do and then a God of peace shall be with you boy how we need to let our light shine you notice what Paul said he said those things you've seen in me and the things I've done go ahead and do it go ahead and do them he said now in verse number 10 but I rejoiced in the Lord greatly that now at the last you'll care of me has flourished again worrying you were also careful but you lacked opportunity for I but not that I speak in respect of wound I'm not wanting you money thank you that you're you're supporting me again and I know the reason that you've had to quit that you liked the opportunity now right there's a good thought how many times we yeah yeah I know you didn't do it Paul didn't have that attitude folks we've got to watch at a latitude about us you see he said I know you lacked opportunity or you didn't now right here's my it's my text not that I speak in respectable for have learned notice I have learned in whatsoever state I am therewith to be content now notice I have learned you know when you read your Bible you find Jesus talking so many things about learning learning remember what he said coming to me all you that labor and have a late and I'll give you rest he said take upon you he said and be yoked up with me and learn of me learn to me that's what he says I mixed up on that verse but he's talking about learning and so much in the Bible it's learning and listen I found out now I've been trying to preach 63 years I started when I was five so but 63 years will be 64 in September but listen I have realized more than I ever have in all my ministry and I'm not trying to be nice and trying to be honest that I need to learn more about God's Way than I ever did in my life when I look back as a young preacher now I guess I thought it was pretty smart but not now it's a constant thing in life of learning and Paul said I've learned this how did he learn it through his troubles and trials that wherever whatever happens to be content now I got me a sermon right there with about five different points learning things we ought to learn as Christians that will help us number one I put it to be contended now how I'm gonna learn to be content if we love the Lord we're going to have to believe his word Romans 8:28 and we know that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose my friend if you and I won't get through with this but if you and I can learn to be satisfied with what God has in our life we will not go through life frustrated all the time now Paul learned this I mean in storms in prison I mean here's a man you know about the Philippian jailer and here is a man in Acts chapter 16 and he's in jail now listen he could have set their net jail and said to Silas else I don't understand thing we're trying to do right was out there preach and trying to get people saved and I don't you know troubles will make us better or better one of the other but here's a man that was there no doubt his back of hurting and all of that were been beaten but what do you do he was contend he believed he was exactly where God warned him and what we can accept what God has for us we won't go through life always frustrated and it will be so hard to find God's will if we do that you see he said I'm I'm continued here and he's saying and praise God at midnight and all through his life there in the storms there in acts 27 when he was going through that storm and all those sailors and looked like there wasn't going to make it he got alone and talked with God and he come up he knew Dinah he told him is gonna have the jury that there was they'd be better they weren't going to go into trouble if it listened but you wouldn't but he was still content because he knew God was like I'm just saying I am learning by the grace of God to be content and if I'm content I'll not go around grumbling all the time and it won't go around pleading so I always with something all the time and I won't say this again folks listen listen we need to be careful to seek and follow God's will for our life God has a will for us and you young preachers God has a will for you and and listen it may be God's will that you go by trying to heal somewhere and pastor will there's 25 or 30 people and where there's no town and where you can't reach a hardly a person and to be satisfied that God's placed you there and do your best for Christ that could be God's will don't get big things on your mind get God's will be content for whatever God has for you that's very important I was preaching in California a few years ago and I don't remember the man's name good man no doubt he walked up to me and he said brother Bobby he said I pastor have been pastor and I think he said in Maryland and he said I've been out here just place in three three months he said I was pastoring a good church out there but he said different ones mentioned to me how this weather wasn't in the out here in California and now we have snow and all up there and then I heard of a church and this is what the man said please pray for me I'm pastored a good church but I'm out of the will of God I said what he said I'm out of the will of God i pastored a good church at home here but I'm out of the will of God what happened he got discontinued he got to thinking boy I'll do better over there and he got out of the will of God I'll get worse swarming nice and and all that you know on and on and he got out of the will of God if we don't learn and I keep saying enough about that but if we don't learn to be content we'll never be happy in our life will never be happy too right I think about yesterday I visited the hospital we have a lady dying with tension and she knows and she was a bus worker and anyway she said brother Bobby God submitted to me she said you know I believe him just were thought to be she said I've been telling him about Jesus here and she said some of these nurses come in and they're saved and lord ziun is very words and i'm encouraged them hiddenness wonderful now unless that woman accepted contentment she wouldn't be the other way i think of Claude Hoffman you weren't doing what a Christian clogs were the Lord now but he stayed happy all the time he wasn't able to get around much but he believed that God knew where he was and he was contented I would old hospital to see him before he died and he had him didn't want everybody come in and see my son he's passed him to win their nurse he's working around there hello Claude said he had him really he said praise God there's my preacher that's it and the lady was trying to come and I said how you doing cause Oh bless god I'm doing all right preacher he said you know what he called his wife's name she know he went she went about six seven years ago I sure do miss her and he said it was 12 must youngins and he said what I'm looked like that was gonna get saved and said we got him say three years 49 and all he said glory to God I believe him going up he said and I said just calm down they gonna run me out of here you can make that Man 1 anytime you see you come to gospel light here and sit in a wheelchair most of the time but once the why do you say those people I said he will hurt she can't get out of that chair I love to see people satisfied don't you and I'm saying Paul learned that you followers ministry here's something else like quick here that that I want to mention I got into some C's we need to learn to be content and we need to learn to expect conflicts in life now I don't want to get you other juniper-tree but you're either going through a battle or you just got through one or you about to go into one and you don't have to look for it and you got to learn to expect that you see we're wrong territory here we're not at home and we got the world the flesh and the devil and that's gonna be constant you look at your posture Paul hey here's a man on this road to Damascus you know he got saved and straightway he began to preach Christ and you know he had some inner conflicts down there they had to put that little fella in the basket and get him out of there before they killed him he gets back up read Jerusalem that crowds afraid of him and Barnabas said he's all right now he's got saved you see that folks life is full of conflicts and this if you are looking for some work where you won't have conflicts just quit looking and quit and just be quiet and stop trying to serve Lord because you're gonna have conflicts all of us gonna have and and we need to learn not to try to make but to learn to expect conflicts you see a Paul we can say much about his life there in 2nd Corinthians chapter 11 boy talks about the times he was beaten and all those things because he stood for the Lord you see we got a conflict between the spirit and the flesh the old flesh is pulling us all the time trying to get us or go to the wrong way all the time you see we've got there and I'm just saying that there's going to be conflicts always in our life and and we need to just expect them don't run from them if you're if you're a preacher here tonight and you're trying they used to ask me brother Bobby do you know where they're looking I've had just said to me pretty but not a you know where a good church is where they want to do something and I I don't try to be smart but I tell them now I really don't know one and I don't I don't know people's human I don't know what a church don't look for a church you young boys it's gonna be out yonder pat don't look for a good Church look for the will of God you see that's what I'm trying to say there's conflicts every way that you turn and so we might as well accept that what the Lord saved Matthew chapter 5 he said blessing he said blessed are you who shall bless our give when ye shall be revived all men shall speak they'll do what they'll divide you they'll have conflict when you stand for the Lord you're going to do it you see the old fossil Paul in Acts chapter 20 he called their fees and elders together and he said remember how the space of three years I've ceased not to warn you night and day with tears and I've kept back nothing profitable taught you knocked on doors went from house to house and I'm leaving you now going up to Jerusalem don't know what I'm facing save the Holy Ghost says there's bonds and afflictions waiting up there but none of those things move me he wasn't wondering what kind of motel they had here's what got a prison in yeah oh let me tell you we're we're in a soft age today I was thinking brother Clarence yesterday back when when I started gospel light we lived in a little five room house and our kid it was alright we are the inside of the restroom one lady asked my wife one day how in the world of y'all just have one inside I said you want to tell her we use the path for years that's the first time we've ever had an inside tortilla but I can remember dr. cycler we used to have been revived and we'd get the kids out of the back bedroom and pile him up on a quilt and let doctor in he's preached weeks and and he lived in that little back in there all the time that little room and I can remember listen you fellas who are out there and evangelism now you don't know what these some of these old gentlemen went through with you that's what I'm saying and I'm just saying this learn to be content learn learn to go on through you can you're a conflict in life and then let me say thirdly quickly have some Bible convictions have some Bible convictions find out what the Bible says about 30 years ago probably our we have a Christian school that's 40 41 years old some will say thirty years ago the state of North Carolina was going to make us accept not just ours all the Christian school to accept a licensed by the state to run our spirit well we can do that it wasn't right so Raleigh now of course that's the chapter I don't know the trips I made the Raleigh and and we head up that the schools hired a heart a lawyer and I never few person look north and they will forget that and he trained us now he said they'll put you on the stand and he said if the judge says how do you feel about this thing of accepting a license and you say if you say well I really rather not – he said you forget it you don't lost it he said it that'll Jay and he was a Catholic he said if you don't have convictions about it he said forget you've lost it he said if you get up or understand you say well I'd appreciate if you could and you tell it we have convictions based on the Bible and we just can't do it and he's sitting win your trip when you win your case and we did and this is what I'm trying to say folks we need not convictions because of somebody but convictions based on the Bible to maybe other CELAC one fella he said what do you believe he's not believe what what preacher said he said what you preach me he said he please what I believe he said what Beaufighter you please he said we'd be the same thing yeah listen I love this man right here but by the grace of God if he goes away from the book I'm not gonna follow him by the grace of God I'm gonna follow what this books I hear son the older men I've heard this a few times well I'm too old and changed now that's not it it's the world of God if I'm 21 don't change the Word of God don't try it you stand for old-time religion I don't care how much the world will tracks you out there I don't care about the clouds over yonder or whatever you stand true to this book like here this is God's Word that's what I'm saying have convictions on the Word of God it's a lab for our feet it's a light to our pathway then ice coming up the road sitting in the backseat and I was learning reading and I told the boys in the front I said glory to God then got me another sermon there's no book that you can read and read over and over and find something fresh and like the Bible it's God's Word and it don't need to be brother roll off you say it don't need to be read written it needs to be reread hey man don't fool around these all these translations and you don't have to try to prove the King James Bible this doesn't prove that sale that's why just preach it and stand for it and stand for it I'm talking about it preach it it talks about going to church it talks about tithing it talks about you all to look like a Christian you're to talk like a Christian you're the war play it tells you how all these things that's what I'm trying to say my friend and get settle down on your convictions on what the Bible says and stand true to it you know when I talk about Roloffs and all the greens some of these young me and don't know if you've heard of them we had the joy of having those me in our church let me tell you this right quick I did were forgetting brother roll-off he came maybe three or four times a year and one day he was so excited he said brother Bobby and he'd come in about 15 minutes for sever start he flew that liar plane you knowing we'd go get him there was and he said brother Bobby I'm so excited he said you know he loved that work in Corpus and and he said to businessmen wealthy businessmen have come to me and said and I think it's been three months we're gonna give you a half million dollars peace but the work down there of million dollar he was like a little boy of a new wagon or something to me he sit there in my office he said brother Bible do this and do that boy he didn't ever what dogs don't do down there when he got that million dollars he came back maybe six months later he come in and I said how you doing brother along got let down worst ever got let down my life that's we talked and you know he spent some time in jail because when accept a license and I thought he's that's probably it and I said what what lets you down brother roll off he said you remember I get this he said you remember me telling you about them two businessmen gonna give the work half me in peace I said yeah he's the brother Bobby they come to me later I didn't ask him what it was he was too hard on but they said brother all we've talked over this thing you don't have to lighten up on some things and and we just can't give you this money unless you do and this is exactly what he said I told him I'm sorry I'm not for sale we need some rolls today folks that's what I'm talking I'm not for sale what do you mean give him two convictions in 1966 we had all the green than three night revival you know we're just 200 miles from from he lived in Greenville South Carolina he drove up that Monday afternoon he preached Monday night Tuesday night when we can hold the crowds and a whole building down there he got up on Monday night and he said folks pray for me I'm going 125 radio stations daily and he said I try to answer a male I answered male until this morning until time to drive up here and he told us my pulpit and he said I got a letter from a station I'm owned in California and it said brother green we appreciate you being on our station practically the same words at all but it said you're gonna have to lighten up on some things and we want you to be thinking about this you just think about it and you can let us know and this is what he said I answered that before left home he just opened it that morning he said I told them if they could put that put that station in that ocean in California for whatever compromise with and took off to preach it that's I don't mean to be mean but we can listen Jesus said be harmless of them but yet be wise as a serpent preacher friends you don't have to throw in the towel you don't have to go charismatic you don't have to go contemporary mess you stick to the right kind of music like we have God don't have two ways he don't have a way for the young people to worship and then come along for another if Jesus don't come back before long our churches Sunday will there be nobody to respect them come as you are you ought to look decent when you come in the house of God and we have a bus minister who had 147 years and we bring in son some don't look like D but they are and we want to help them that's what I'm trying to say but this year old stuff of just doing that away don't do that stand true have some Bible convictions if I had time to preach an hour I'd show you something that would tell you how they want to act and you get the Bible down now listen learn convictions learn conflicts is coming learn to be content and then learn to be compassionate to be compassion you know what Jude says it makes a difference it makes it there compassion makes a difference I love that Galatians 6:1 brethren if a man be overtaken in a fault ye which are spiritual do all you can to bury know he which are spiritual if you got a news letter put it on iron blare it out and tell piano he which are spiritual restore such a one in the spirit of meekness considering thyself lest thou also be tempted God knows how we need it not to give you splinters Jesus and so looking there when Jesus came and Lazarus he raised him and they weapon Jesus wealth and they said behold how it loved him more how we need the practices thing of compassion long-suffering Oh dr. van a medical doctor he's in heaven now one day I walked in here doctor till he's about 90 he said preacher you know what compassion is I said what is it he said it's love in action that's pretty good too in it I'm saying we don't need this old sarcastic way well bless God if you have saved you too you wouldn't have done it if you better look out you better look down there's people need and and we need to be coming listen the jesus said for man so what mom he said just belong to with him that's what do you say and that's the kind of things we ought to have my friend and bless it are not the troublemakers but blessed are the peacemakers I found out this and I want to say it too and I love my church I got I pastor one of the best churches in the world amen go ahead and say men right hey man that's right that's right some good old-fashioned people this morning I read to two little notes where somebody had been sick and they wrote to the church and said I'm so glad I could be in a church full of people and I thank God for that I really do I think God for it but now listen the hardest thing in my ministry is getting people get along with each other that's the truth is getting along I mean you got this crowd if you got a Christian school you got this crowd it loves it to death and the bus ministry this summer this crowd couldn't care for the school and some of the them couldn't care for the bus and you try to preach to all that crowd one time with an old conflict in I mean you know I mean I got some preacher how come we can't do this and then wouldn't fit me the other night and said what would do that I think when he just works don't you you just leave that away face away you do just weep over and love them all I'm just saying we need we need compassion oh I don't know how Jesus said one time somebody comes to G and he said if my brother trespasses gives me I said seven times that I said he said seventy times seven go ahead and forgive you he's old grudges my friend let me tell you one thing there's people that go through things like I wouldn't I do but let me tell you and they may be wrong and I may be wrong but I can still left I can still love them I ought to be a Christian we got a lot of saved people but afraid we don't have any Christian these days and let's be a person of compassion that's what I'm trying to say I've chaired and rescuing and helping them back yonder fifty-two years ago I was 29 I think it's been 51 52 years ago and I had a heart attack on a Sunday morning they took me to the hospital and I stayed in hospital 21 days one time they didn't think doesn't make it God's but you ever looking at a man God's been too good to your looking one right now and don't you ever pat me on the back I know my fingers but I know what he is well let me tell you this I was so low my church had rode from 150 I'm the second pastor of it the other man had a good ministries are seven years and we were running regularly no bus ministry regular five to six-hundred when I got sick and when I came back the church was in a mess split this crowd didn't like that crowd and I had I don't like his old business being slaughtered and I wasn't even able to go to church and back then when you had a heart attack you couldn't raise your hand you couldn't walk up steps and they told me up the steps and I called a special business meeting if I'd had done over 1/2 dining that's where you jump in things too quick these God's wisdom not yours I sit there that day and tried to pull that two crowds together and it's split about 5 miles down the road what part in my Sunday school went down I had a nervous breakdown there's a man named les not listed a little bit a man named Harold Siler came to me and I talked to him everybody needs somebody to talk to I said dr. sale I guess it's over with I didn't want to preach I could I couldn't stand the pulpit made me sick to think I had to go in that pulpit again that deep force and he isn't Bobby God's grace is sufficient and I see but but he said but nothing you listen to me I said we've had people saved I said all I hear now is how that crowds getting a little down the road that split out he said you stand still God's grace is sufficient you're not gonna die and man he gave me a talking he said were you have anybody saved or not you just stand true and if you come to gospel light now at our last building we built twenty two or three years ago and downstairs we have a we have a little auditorium seats to 250 and it's called the heralding cycling auditorium and I named it after him God use that man to put time in me to keep a young preacher going that's what I'm talking about compassion God knows we needed and and I'm just saying let's let's let's learn that all the time let's try to help people all the time I got a friend he's going into the contemporary thing I wouldn't take his name tonight but as soon as I can I'm gonna get to him and sit down I'm not gonna talk to his name any word I'm gonna sit down and say what happened to you he's been going through some trouble maybe I can get him restored you see now I got to close Paul said I've learned I've learned to be content and let's learn to expect conflict but don't run from them learn to have convictions based on the word learn to have compassion and then keep learning to have conversions be a soul winner you know what James and I've got to close because you've got to go down to the restroom I guess and I'm gonna let you go at me but you remember what he said in James chapter 5 this is last verse he said let him know that he which converts the center from the airway of save a soul from death and how to bow to seeing in all of this let's watch for souls let's do our very best to reach people don't leave that out he that winneth Souls is wise and so on and be a soul winner God will help you I was talking to someone yesterday back in my early ministry we were used to be out in the country now the town's moved out but when I first came there and I became full-time pastor and did a couple hundred people didn't have a lot to do and I'd go down him little roads you know and and then wherever I got to that day farmers I'd stopped and did not go back the next day and keep going God give me some of them precious Souls down in there I remember when I'm knocked on brother Herman Smith slower and OU attend the farmer made you could throw cat through the holes in that house just about the old fella come to the door and and he said and you know I told him I said I just bitch did something to Sherry they called it it was a terrible name what they called it you know it was submitted bootleggers there in that area and it had that name anyway I talked to him and he said he said mister I can't read and write I said you'll have to rewrite gets a now lead him to Christ I went over there and it was about 15 miles from our church one little church around there and it's an old building an old little store building close and I got to think about that thing and I found out the man next door owned it and I stole my some preachers my pet walker ten and I said what would you rent that and I could like to come down on Sunday afternoon have a little service there he said he wasn't even saved he said well I get to you and he said if you stay there at wintertime he said I'll put you a stove in there and buy you all for it and I used to go down there about 3:30 4 o'clock on Sunday afternoon taking their trio quartet and got them gotten get him all drunks got to getting saved and we've got preachers that come out of that that man I'm talking about old Herman's and glory and last week Tom the fellas stood up and said praise God that pretty trees been in his church about 13 here he said praise God I got a gospel like 53 years ago that was one of his boys soul-winning is the greatest thing in all the world that's what I'm talking about soul winning and let me say I can't say enough about that but let's watch God will give us opportunities and be ready to try to reach everybody you can take these five things home will you William I'm learning I'm learning not much message but it's the truth listen I'm learning to be content be content I'm learning to expect conflicts and not try to run from him God gives grace I'm learning to have convictions based on the Word of God and I'm learning to have compassion and care and I'm learning to try to have always have converts let's pray dear Lord hope I've been a blessing honor your precious word speak to our hearts tonight help me to practice what I preached tonight Lord if there's somebody here tonight not saved I pray the Holy Spirit of God will convict them and show them they need to be saved they're sinners we're all sinners and going to hell without Christ and he paid the debt on the cross if they might not have to go to hell and I pray tonight as they give the invitation they'll come forward and meet our folks and say I want Christ as my personal Savior I'm glad he's the way the truth and the life and then lord I pray that you'll help us increases there may be some some Christian here tonight he'll let some bitter things get into their heart and they need to get them out I pray he'll be honest not blaming somebody but be honest and maybe some Christian that used to stand and have some convictions have let them go may they renew those to the glory of God tonight and maybe somebody's backed up because of conflicts may they look to the grace of God to keep on keeping on you bless now bless this conference Lord I believe if if I put these five things in my life I can have a victory and all of us can and you bless now in Jesus name I'm going to turn it over to brother Clarence let him go ahead thanks for letting me speak tonight

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