Controversial Fake News Law, Shane Dawson, Ace Family Backlash, Harvard’s Huge Ruling, & More

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let’s just jump into it. And the first thing we’re going to talk about today is Harvard. A college, that of course, was
made popular by Daniel Conn, which is a reference
maybe four of you get. Not speaking to the
right crowd on that one, but we are actually talking about Harvard. As you might remember, we’ve
covered it on the show. There’s this lawsuit that says that Harvard discriminated
against Asian-American applicants We actually did a deep dive
on this back in December, if you wanna watch the full details, I’ll link to it down below. But to give you a quick summary, this lawsuit was brought
in 2014 by a group called Students for Fair Admissions. And it claimed that Harvard
was unfairly weighing race, when it came to the
university’s admissions process. By basically saying that they had used racial
balancing techniques to set a quota for different minorities. With the SFFA then alleging that Asian-American
applicants were being forced to meet higher standards. And that because they argued
that Asian-American students were consistently performing
better academically than other minority races. But when they looked at
the racial breakdowns between Harvard’s freshmen
classes for different years, they claimed that the percentage of admitted students from
different racial groups was about the same each year. That being around 20% Asian-American, 15% African-American, 12% Latino and the other rough half
of students being white. They also accused Harvard of
stereotyping Asian students in the university’s
personal rating system, which includes aspects like
the applicant’s background and their character. They claimed admissions officer’s had used stereotypical language
describing them as quiet, bland, or not exciting. And so ultimately they were asking Harvard to stop looking at race in
the admission’s process. Now on the other side of this, you had Harvard defending itself, saying that while it
took race into account, it was only one of
about 200 other factors. Some of those including
class year, gender, SAT, ACT scores, GPA, also intended career and whether or not your parents went to an ivy league school. And with all of that said
you had people saying that this could be a landmark case because the SFFA was essentially calling for an end to affirmative action. And so, the reason we’re
talking about this today is that a judge has now rejected
the SFFA’s claim, saying, the Court finds no persuasive
documentary evidence of any racial animus or conscious prejudice
against Asian-Americans. The judge also saying that the university shows commitment to recruiting who are, quote, exceptional across multiple dimensions and concluded the Court will not dismantle a very fine admissions program that passes constitutional muster solely because it could do better. With judge Allison Burroughs then saying that the university only ever
used race as a plus factor. Alright, so essentially
saying it only considered race to help students, not hurt them. You also had Burroughs
throwing out the claims of stereotyping in the
personal ratings section. Saying that she found no evidence that the admissions officer’s had looked at asian students
differently than other races. Adding that students from
multiple races had been referred to as quiet, shy, or understated. So all of that now means
that Harvard can continue to consider race to build diverse classes. But, of course, while Burroughs did note that Harvard’s admission
process isn’t perfect, perhaps the biggest conclusion that Burroughs reached was that race-neutral alternatives
are not sufficient. And in fact she says that race-conscious
admissions are actually needed to ensure diversity at Harvard. She rejected ideas, like Harvard admitting every
applicant with a perfect GPA, saying that the university would have to expand it’s freshmen
class by 400% each year, and reject every student
without a perfect GPA, regardless of athletic, extracurricular, or other academic achievements,
or life experiences. She was also skeptical
of other ideas like, looking at socioeconomic
status instead of race. Saying she feared such a process really wouldn’t be race-neutral. But yeah, that’s the story. It’s done, but of course, not done. The SFFA is expected
to appeal this ruling, which would send it to the
first court of appeals. With SFFA president, Edward Blum saying that he would appeal this
to the Supreme Court, if necessary. Which I will say is in no
way surprising, alright. This is kind of the, the expected path with things like this. Alright, because yes, this
case was about Asian-Americans, but you know, the entire topic concerns
affirmative action overall. Its been a massively
divisive topic for decades, but also, actually, to backtrack a moment, we’ve actually seen Harvard
make some changes since the SFFA brought the lawsuit. In the admissions process for
this year’s freshmen class, Harvard directed it’s
admissions officer’s to, quote, not take an applicant’s race or ethnicity into account in making
any of the ratings other than the overall rating. It also changes personal rating criteria, with officer’s now being asked to consider qualities of character. This including things
like courage in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, leadership, maturity,
genuineness, selflessness, humility, resiliency,
judgment, citizenship, and spirit and camaraderie with peers. And so with those changes, with the ruling that we’re now seeing,
it’ll be interesting to see what Harvard and, even also, what other schools do from here. But of course, with all of that said, I’d love to know your
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really, anything at all, links is always in the
description down below. Then, of course, briefly
I said we’d talk about it when it was released. Shane Dawson released the first episode of his new docu-series. Right in the beautiful
world of Jeffree Star, which actually, both follows Jeffree Star, as well as Shane Dawson. And there’s really not much
to say from this episode. It seems like its kind of
a, an establishment episode. Though, there were moments that appear to kind of tease kind of the same thing that the trailer teased. That there would be some sort of mention of the James Charles scandal. – [Jeffree Star] So,
you know, usually me and James Charles, Jaclyn
Hill, whoever’s free. – Yeah (inaudible dialog),
that’s who we like then? – [Jeffree Star] Yes. – Okay. – [Jeffree Star] Today. (laughter) – Got it. – Got it. – Right. – And kind of the most notable thing, I mean regarding news, is that the end of this video when they
tease the next episode, it appears that they’re going to go into the business of the beauty world. Which I would’ve personally
find fascinating. There appears to be at least a tease or talks about real margins on products. And if Jeffree does share real margins, I mean that could completely shake up the cosmetics industry,
which obviously is huge. That notable, not only
for creator to consumer, but even with the split, it would be between Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson on a project together. And I’m really fascinated in that because, kind of this mixture of personal relationships
with business proposals and business ventures, how
does that work together? It appears to be a world
just filled with accusations, so kind of any transparency
or insider look, I think would be amazing, but we’ll see. Shane and his shooter-editor, Andrew uh, they’re like masters of the tease. But yeah, I guess ultimately
we’ll have to wait and see and to those who actually watched the first episode, what are your thoughts? But, and it is another quickie, there was some YouTube backlash today. This time involving the
semi-frequent contestants that is the Ace family,
specially Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz. And if I’m mispronouncing
that, I do not care. But there’s this now viral video of them that has been spread
around, I’ll let you see it. – Guys, we are literally
working right now. – Guys, we are literally
working right now. At a restaurant. – Yes we are. – Like, Austin has been
making food for the past hour and I’ve been taking orders. Do you understand how cool that is? – The main tweet of this video that went viral had the caption, LMFAO I fucking hate
millionaires, are you kidding me? People like Michael J Murphy tweeting, Ace family is the worst man. Drew Gooden tweeting: Imagine being so disconnected from reality that you get this excited about pretending to work in a restaurant for two hours. Even, a person I consider to be like the nicest person on YouTube, Simply Nailogical, Cristine tweeting, Wow what a challenge, working
a traditional job like 99% of your subscribers or their parents have! And here’s what I’ll say
based off what I’ve seen, cause they also ended up posting a much longer YouTube video around this. I understand that it’ll
probably get more views, some love for you, you bash
on someone that-that’s large. I, personally don’t think it’s that deep. Like I mean if the criticism is hate, look at these multimillionaires who, every video that I’ve ever
seen of theirs is kind of like look at our crazy
expensive, dope shit. That their disconnected
from the everyday person and their experience, yeah. Them experiencing a normal
person’s life is like if you went to one of
those old timey places and their like, we’re going
to churn butter today. You’re like, what! Other
people used to do this? But, out of all the things
to shots at them for, this is-this is arguably
one of the weaker ones. And well, yes they did
make this video for content and because they are who they are, they’re not gonna actually understand what it is to live this life everyday. I personally believe, and this kinda now less about their video and kinda more, just random advice, I know some young people watch me. Everyone at some point
should work a server job or kind of just a-a food
dealing with the public job. It taught me how to interact
with other human beings, it taught me how to
deal with irate people, how to get people to like
me more, read body language. Also, just the experience in general of serving someone else,
it kind of grounds you. I’m personally thankful that I had those experiences in my life. And then, lets talk about
this really interesting story coming out of Singapore. So today, a controversial
bill widely known as the Fake News law officially
went into effect in Singapore. Now the law, which is officially called The Protection from Online
Falsehoods and Manipulation Act was passed by Singapore’s
parliament back in May. And according to reports, it will now be illegal to spread what they call an false
statements of fact, that could potentially pose a
threat to public tranquility, and the friendly relations of Singapore with other countries. Right, so the idea sounds
pretty straight forward, but- and it is a big but, what makes the law
extremely controversial is the fact that it gives the
sole power to determine what is and is not fake news
to government ministers. And the threshold for determining what is fake news is rather low. And according to Channel News Asia, a minister simply needs to decide if something is a falsehood, which is defined as a statement of fact that is false or misleading. Then if that minister says
it is in the public interest to take action against the falsehood, they can order whatever
content they decide is fake news to be taken down or have a correction put up next to it. Government ministers can also
force tech companies like Facebook and Google to block accounts or websites that they say are
spreading false information. And well the government has said that anyone impacted by
the law can file an appeal and that appeals process
will be quick and cheap. The consequences of being found guilty of posting false information
are extremely high. Under the law, companies
that are found guilty of spreading fake news can face fines up to 1 million in Singapore dollars, which comes to around
$722,000 in US dollars. And for individuals who are found guilty, you can face up to 10 years in prison. With Singapore’s prime minister saying that the law is necessary, to quote, hold online news sources
and platforms accountable if they proliferate
deliberate online falsehoods. Adding, if we do not protect ourselves, hostile parties will
find it a simple matter to turn different groups
against one another and cause disorder in our society. But with this, critics
of the law have said that this is a clear attempt to stifle free speech and descent. With many arguing that it
gives way to much power and authority to the government
without providing oversight for government abuse and to that point, opponents appointed to
Singapore’s mixed record on protecting press freedoms
and political descent. For example, in the 2019
World Press Freedom Index, reporters without borders
ranked Singapore 151st out of 180 countries for press freedoms. Right, meaning Singapore was ranked in one of the worse positions for a country that considers itself a democracy. And notable, it placed
them below countries that are well known for censoring any kind of political opposition
like Russia and Myanmar. And so, the activist, experts, and rights groups who have
openly criticized this law worry that it will be used as a
political tool for censorship. Speaking to CNN, human-rights
watch Asia deputy director, Phil Robertson said that
the bill will be used for political purposes. Also noting the timing, that it’s coming right
before elections are set to happen in just few months and adding, The Singapore government
has a long history of calling everything they
disagree with as false and misleading. We also had the International
Commission of Jurists, a group of judges and
lawyers hitting on this and a statement before
the law was passed arguing that it would create a real risk that the law will be misused
to clamp down on opinions or information critical of the government. They even had members of
parliament speaking out against the bill, arguing that it was an
overextension of government power. With one opposition law maker saying, To introduce such a bill is
not what the government claims to defend democracy and public interest, it is more like the actions
of a dictatorial government that will resort to any means
to on to absolute power. You also have others arguing that it will give Singapore too much power over big tech firms that have a large presence in Singapore. I mean, places like Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Which all have their Asian
headquarters in the city state. And to that point, Amnesty International regional director for east and southeast
Asia said in a statement: This law would give Singapore
overwhelming leverage over the likes of Facebook and
Twitter to remove whatever the government determines is misleading. This is an alarming scenario. While tech firms must take all steps to make digital spaces safe for everyone, this does not provide
governments an excuse to interfere with freedom of expression or rule over the news feed. Which is why its also not surprising that Google and Facebook
have both opposed this law. Although, a thing to note here is that one of the most concerning parts of this law, to some, is that it doesn’t appear to just apply to post made publicly
on Facebook or Twitter, but rather it could actually be applied to closed private messaging apps and chat groups like WhatsApp, which is extremely popular in Singapore. Alright, so there’s
concern that not only will the government read
citizens private messages, but they could also potentially jail them for up to ten years for what they say. Ultimately, that is where
we are with this now and I wanted to share this story because, yes I know that 99.7%
of people watching this video they’re not from Singapore, but I think it’s incredibly
helpful to look outward, especially at a time where
people are constantly talking about the threat of fake news. We-we’ve seen the impact, there’s a constant conversation and well how do you crack down on it, while not cracking down on free speech. Alright, whose deciding
what is real or not? Is this situation going to be manipulated so governments can control their people and stifle free speech? I personally believe that is
what we are seeing in Singapore but ultimately that’s where
we are with this story. Now we’ll have to wait
to see what happens, but of course I’d love to
know your thoughts on this. And that’s where I’m
going to end today’s show. And hey, if you liked today’s
video, hit that like button. Also if you’re new here, you
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click or tap right there to watch either of those. But, with that said of course, as always, my name’s Philip DeFranco,
you’ve just been filled in. I love yo faces and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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