Good morning, guys. How we all doing? I cannot believe we survived yesterday. Pretty intense Very indulgent, but we're not indulging. I think we've only just begun. Right. We are in Cork. It's known as the second city of Ireland. But when it comes to food , it is number one We're surrounded by very productive farmland and coasts, and it all kind of comes together here in Cork So we're meeting up with Alice Coyle from Fab Food Trails She's going to give us an introduction to the Cork food scene. Thank god we skipped breakfast. Let's roll. Nice to meet you. You too. How's it going? Good. Welcome to Cork. Nice to meet you Where's the first stop? I can't tell you that. It's a secret. All right. We're just going to follow you, then. You're going to come with me, and you're going to eat and drink and meet some fantastic people. Sounds great Boom So we're just starting to explore the city, and we went by a farmer's market and want to give you a bit more of the backround here. I mean Cork is really a food capital today because it was built on agriculture from the surrounding areas. it was made really rich by butter, specifically, it has the biggest butter trade in the world in the 19th century. and so, this is nothing new, but I think what we're going to find today is that there has been some sort of revival in the food scene, and we're going to find some people here who are making that happen. Well, I guess it turns out that we are not skipping breakfast after all. We're here at Fenn's Quay which is one of the better restaurants in town, right? Yes, absolutuely Well, if you come to Ireland, and you think that pudding is going to be dessert, you'd be mistaken.. It is blood sausage, and it's for breakfast. Um. That is good. All right. So we've just had a quick little bite for breakfast, but first we need coffee. We need caffeine. So we're going to go to a cool little coffee shop just around the corner Hasta luego Hasta luego Right. Well, we are properly caffeinated. Coffeenated? Yes, I guess that's a word. Caffienated, and now we're on our way to the English Market Well, we've just arrived at the English Markets. What's so special about this place? So the English Market is one of the largest covered markets in Europe. it was built in 1788 when Ireland was a colony of Great Britain, and this city supplied the British Navy with salted cod and spiced beef, or as we call it corned beef. But things have changed a lot lately, They not really exporting as much. It's actually for the local people to come here and meet the producers who are making their food. So we're going to meet with a guy named Pat O'Connell who has the longest fish counter in Ireland. And it's right behind us. Let's do it. We're really lucky in Cork because we've got two major fishing ports here in Union Hall and Castletown which is within kind of 120 kilometers so we can put on practically every morning or every evening and get fresh fish which is one of the reasons they say Cork is the food capital of Ireland. Hi guys We've got some halibut great fish, super expensive back home in California. soft, healthy, and delicious. You see I'm clearly not over the oysters, I'm still doin' it one day later And in Cork, we guarantee that 11 out of every 12 work. Think about it. Watch out. Wild animal on the loose OK guys, so we've just got to Farm Gate Cafe, which is the restaurant on the second story. It's right above the English Market. It's a pretty cool idea. So all the food, all the ingredients, the raw ingredients have been sourced from the market below. And it's a really good place to just kind of "post up" and have a nice meal and just sort of absorb the vibe of the market. So that's exactly what we're going to do Could you tell us about the philosophy of what you are trying to do here? So the idea is, the market is our garden And we go down in the morning the chefs go down. They look at what's good, and they talk to the stall holders and then that comes up for lunch and , you know, it goes to the table. Bon appetite. Bon appetite Absolutely delectible Just need a pint with that. Already had one. So it's very traditional, tripe and drisheen. And they used to produce so much of this that Cork was called the slaughter house of Ireland. I'm going to just pretend that it's macaroni and cheese. Well it might not be easy for everyone to stomach, but the white onion sauce parsley is pretty good. It looks like it came out of my booger nose when I'm sick. I'm not going to look at it anymore; I'm not even going to think about it,I'm just going to eat it. Here we go 3-2 Oh my god No. Did not dig that at all So, do you like tripe, yourself? I love tripe. I absolutely adore tripe. It's a traditional Cork dish. That is a lie! Well, chances are if you know Irish whiskey, you've probably heard the name Jameson. Starts with a "J" ends with an "-ameson" Most of you have maybe done the Jameson experience in Dublin, but you might not know that it's actually brewed, actually distilled here in Cork. So we are in the town of Middleton. This is where the distillery has been operating since 1825 until 1975 where they built a more modern distillery right next door, but we're going to go on a tour now and find out how they've been making this legendary spirit. We have four ingredients that we use: we use barley; we use malt, or malted barley; we use corn or maize, and we use a good supply of water. And in this area here going back to 1825, this is where the farmers would have come with their horse carts and would have dropped off the grain here I'm pretty sure I've seen people walking around in these in Shoreditch This factory was huge, even by old standards. But it's interesting. Kind of feels like a castle. This is impressive This is the largest pot-still in the world, which is essentially like a whiskey cauldron where they mix it all together. Take a look. Let's put things into perspective. It goes underground too, no? It has the capacity of 33,000 gallons or 144,000 liters Imagine the size of the angels' share The angels get a big share here. Gigantic share. Funny little historical note. We've just found out that it's believed the art of distillation actually arrived in Ireland via Spain from Catholic monks. So if you like whiskey and you like beer, You've got to thank God for it! You are pretty much surrounded by whiskey This is the smallest of 45 store rooms. They're 33,000 casks in each of the storage rooms. This one only has 1,000 and each of these has between 500-700 bottles worth of whiskey in them. So that's a lot of booze. You've got to love whiskey But you know what goes well with whiskey? What? Beer, craft beer. Back in Cork. Let's roll We've just arrived into downtown Cork, and we are on our way to Rising Sons Craft Brewery Dublin Is Guinness, and here in Cork, there's Murphy's and Beamish. Those are the traditional stouts But Rising Sons is kind of shaking up this, along with a few other breweries, so we're going to go see what the modern take is on the classic Irish stouts and beers. Lovely For example, in Ireland, 200 years ago only 200 breweries. By 1960, we had 12. So we really feel, for us, the Rising Sons we're bringing manufacturing straight back into the city, and part of manufacturing is brewing. San Diego boys, born and breed. IPA is our bread and butter. This is the litmus test. It's good. It's light on the hops for an IPA, in my opinion Probably more along the lines of a pale ale But you've got to consider you're in Ireland this is true. So you want your beer to be palatable, as well and you don't want to frighten people off with aggressively hopped beer… Yargh!!! West Coast IPA. yeah, that's what we like to hear. So we've got the Belgium wheat beer style just won a Gold Medal at the international "beard" competition. beer competition This is only bronze. Very nice. I don't know, dude. I'm so stuffed right now. I'm so stuffed and I'm slightly "vibeing" right now. We actually might get gout from so much. I think we're going to get gout. The month has been the most indulgent of my life. That being said, it's been really good. Today's been a great introduction to the Cork food scene. So we've been here in the city today. Tomorrow is going to begin two days of actually going out to the people who are producing this food in the country side So we're going to Kinsale tomorrow. We're going to go fishing, and then we're going to cook the fish that we catch. Guys, if you enjoyed this video, make sure you give it a thumbs-up, share it with your friends, and subscribe to Vagabrothers for new travel videos every Tuesday. And in the meantime stay curious, keep exploring, and we'll see you guys on the road. Peace.


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