Cosmetic Dentists of Houston Offers Free Services and Goods in the Spirit of Freedom Day USA

Hi I want to talk a little bit about something that’s really special in our office…and that is Freedom Day USA. Freedom Day USA is a day that’s literally committed to our military, veterans, active duty and their families. And it’s a way for businesses not just dentists but for all types of businesses to give thanks. And really the presence of understanding that…we say thank you a lot of times just with our mouths. But what are we really doing to thank them. You know this is the greatest country in the world…only because of the fact that we’ve had people that are willing to defend it….are we able to have our freedom. So I feel very strongly that it’s the absolute minimum that we can do…is to at least give something back. We offer free services, free goods and free items to say thank you. We’ve now done this…this is our third annual Freedom Day. It will be on September 10th this year it’s the second Thursday of every September. You can go on to sign up as a business that is willing to contribute. And it can be anything…it can be a doughnut shop offering free doughnut holes, cleaners, a car wash. Anything that you would be willing to give up. But the more people and the more businesses that we get out there… the more that these amazing human beings that have given their lives and their families will understand that you know what we really are grateful. And that’s what our society needs, that’s what our country needs is to… to really be grateful because we wouldn’t be here without them.

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