Cougar Panzer EVO RGB Black ATX Full Tower RGB LED Gaming Case with Remote

Cougar Panzer EVO RGB Black ATX Full Tower
RGB LED Gaming Case. PANZER EVO RGB is the perfect combination
of four massive tempered glass covers and four powerful RGB fans in an exceptional case.
With the included fan controller, you will be able to control all the power of each fan’s
18 LEDs and enjoy more than 100 different dynamic RGB lighting effects in one of the
most beautiful cases ever created. Chromatic Overflow!
Four VORTEX RGB fans + COUGAR Core Box. PANZER EVO RGB supports connection to compatible
motherboards to achieve system-wide RGB lighting synchronization. Convenient Upgrades!
The 4 included VORTEX RGB 120 fans can by themselves create a truly magical atmosphere,
but some users want even more. Fear not! The COUGAR Core Box supports up to 8 RGB fans,
and 4 RGB LED strips, enough to make your PC overflow with light. Front Panel Control Center!
To provide easy access and connectivity for all your devices, PANZER EVO RGB’s front
panel sports a plethora of connectors. A 3.1 USB Type C connector for the newest devices,
two USB 3.0 for high-speed connections and one USB 2.0 for compatibility other usage
fulfill all your data transfer needs; the conveniently placed audio in/out allows you
to make good use of your headsets, and the integrated fan controller gives you the ability
to adjust on the fly the case fans’ behavior. Future-Proof!
Support for five different motherboard form factors, up to four double slot 390mm graphics
cards and loads of space for storage and media drives give you the freedom you want to design
your build and to expand it. 4K, Virtual Reality, ridiculously high frame rates and more; everything
is possible with PANZER EVO RGB. Superior Cooling!
PANZER EVO RGB allows you to create impressive cooling solutions: Up to eight fans and four
water cooling radiators to dissipate heat and an intelligent cable management system
behind the motherboard tray to help the air flow and keep everything tidy. Airflow Guide for Storage!
Part of the front fans’ airflow is redirected towards the back of the motherboard tray. Fan Speed Control Switch!
Adjust fan speed easily.

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