Counter-Proliferation Investigations

(Music) When U.S. soldiers in Iraq stumbled upon an unexploded roadside bomb. And they looked inside and it was an American chip inside the IED. So what I can say is that they’re finding that on a regular basis. That theres U.S. components inside of IEDs in Iraq and Afghanistan. Well Marty Federal Agents say if these devices had gotten into the wrong hands it could have been quote “catastrophic” for the U.S. A California man is scheduled to be sentenced in a Delaware courtroom for trying to sell sensitive defensive technology to other countries. 36 year old Mark Knapp was convicted of trying to sell a fighter jet and other items to Iran and Russia back in 2009. Matthew King – Deputy Director: HSI Counter Proliferations Investigations is an ICE priority and vital component of U.S. and National Security. Every day HSI Agents work to stem the illegal export of WMD technology, munitions and dual use technology and conventional weapons to countries of concern criminals and terrorists. Every year HSI initiates over 1,200 industry outreach presentations in an effort to enhance National Security by increasing public awareness of U.S. export laws and establishing close relationships within the private sector. The fundamental goal of Counter Proliferation Investigations is to prevent the illegal export of our most sensitive technologies, ensuring the national security of the United States. The mission of the Counter-Proliferation Investigations Program is to protect the American public from the introduction of WMD and other instruments of terror into the United States. Prevent the illegal export of United States-origin munitions and sensitive technologies. Prevent proliferant countries, terrorists, and trans-national criminal organizations from obtaining strategic materials, funds and support. (Music)

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