Counting Cars: Ultimate Champions Customized Poker Bike (Season 8, Episode 10) | History

DANNY: A few months back, we
were approached by the World Series of Poker folks. They wanted us to build a
custom chop that captures the vibe of being a champion. We were given 100%
complete freedom on this build to do what we want to do. So this thing is gonna be cool. But it ain’t gonna
be a billboard. And Ryan, he’s got
a wicked paint job that he’s wrapping around the
whole concept of a cool gas tank that Shannon found Poke Jack is back in the shop
here today to see his bike. What’s happening, Jack? Man, I am so
excited about today. And I can’t wait for
him to check it out. I know he’s going to dig it. So Jack, tell me about
the purpose for this bike. We wanted the person riding
this bike to feel like a World Series of Poker champion. You jump on, and ride
off into the sunset. MAN: I guarantee you
something here, man. You’re not going to want
to give this thing away. No.
No, you’re not. Well, I might just
have to keep it. [laughter] I’m having a hard time
handing it over right now. Jack, you ready
to see this bike? Oh, I’m excited. Let’s see it. Shannon, come on, brother,
roll that beautiful bike out. [engine sounds] Oh, listen to it. Oh, my goodness. [laughs] Whoa! Unbelievable. DANNY: To build the
ultimate champion’s chop, Shannon started with a six-down
and three-out frame paired with a 21-over
Sugar Bear front end to make sure this baby
handles like a dream. 125-cubic-inch motor,
beautiful diamond gas tank, and custom-fitted pipes has her
looking and sounding mean when she’s cruising down the road. But this baby doesn’t
only ride great, she also looks like
nothing you’ve ever seen. Ryan took this paint
job to the next level. He started off with sleek
black face highlighted with a bright red pin stripe and
added amazing poker-inspired 3D graphics to that rear fender. And no champion’s bike is
complete without the World Series of Poker chips subtly
hidden underneath the seat. Man, this bike is so beautiful. I’m already jealous
of whoever wins it. Man, this bike looks amazing. I mean, I want to put
my hands all over it. Like, this thing– this thing
just looks unbelievable– the raised diamonds on
the gas tank, the WSOP. Look at this. Look at the bracelet. This is the champion’s bike. Nice. Shannon, walk Jack through the
mechanical side of this bike. Well, the frame is
a six down, three up. What that means is the way
the frame is, it’s taller. So those down tubes have been
stretched six inches longer. And when he says three
out, a backbone is stretched three inches forward. So that makes the bike
taller and longer, puts that old frame
out there, which allows for that beautiful front end. The gas tank, it’s
a one of a kind. It’s not just the paint. It’s raised so you
can kind of feel. Oh, yeah, that is slick. This thing is
practically carved. We started with the gas tank. That was the first one
that we’ve come across. And it’s got, you know,
all the raised diamonds. And transitioning
that to the fender– oh, I can’t just make a
fender look like that. Once all the primer
was down and all the graphics were
laid out in primer, then I had everything
Cosmichromed. Wow. So the whole bike,
the tank and the fender and the oil tank,
all were chrome before I even started painting. All of these things,
I mean, they’ve literally been sculpted. SHANNON: All the old designs
wanted to be like jewelry. So everything was very subtle. This is a masterpiece. SHANNON: Thank you. That’s the [inaudible]. Try it on.
Try it on. See how it fits. Oh. I thought you would never ask. [laughter] Yeah. You can even ride
it with a suit on. A suit? You know, I might be an
executive during the day. But when it comes to
riding a motorcycle, nobody needs a jacket, right? I mean, you know, who
needs a jacket when you’re gonna ride something like this? Now try it out. [engine sounds] There you go. I don’t know if we’re
gonna be able to keep Jack away from this bike
long enough for them to give this baby away. She just came out gorgeous, man. We were dealt a challenge. We stepped up. We went all in. As far as I’m concerned,
we hit the jackpot. Whoever wins that
bike, they really are going to feel
like a champion riding that thing around–
– Oh, yeah. –no doubt.

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