County Report This Week Episode 320 June 10, 2016

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Coming up in the next half hour, john kerry discusses the importance of protecting our ocean at montgomery blair high school. The founder of the beach boys visits veterans in silver spring. The only public high school in montgomery county where the graduation ceremony is on the home turf. We begin with metro state track. They are beginning to assist commuters during the year-long effort to improve the safety and reliability of the metrorail system. The department of transportation director says the county will be promoting telework and transportation alternatives for red line commuters.>>we have been working very closely with our regional partners, the state of maryland dot, to come up with a mitigating plan to mitigate some of the impacts of this said track. Everybody will be affected. You do not have to be a metro user to be affected by this work plan. There will be much more traffic on the roads. There’ s going to be a lot more people on the buses in the metro. We have already seen the nasty ways that people are getting late to work. The solution is three-pronged. Traffic management, which we are going to be monitoring the signals. We are monitoring the parking restrictions on those primary roads. The other thing, which is the most effective, is the transportation demand management. People need to start flex hours. My message to employers is to consider teleworking, consider flex hours. We’ re going to put free shuttle buses in the affected metro stations. We are actually putting it for half 4.5 hours in the morning and 4.5 hours in the evening. Let the people who want to come much earlier than they usually do come and leave early or come later and leave later. The other thing in montgomery county is that our first surge is going to happen August 1. It will give us a time to monitor what other jurisdictions and the effects of some of the mitigation plans they have put in place. We will see how that does affect. We will adjust our plan accordingly. Traffic demand management is the main key. We are not going to solve this issue with putting more buses. We’ re putting 10 minutes headway into affected station, but it takes a lot more than that. We need everybody’ s participation to get through this. Sonya: you can find more information about montgomery county’ s plan for safe track on the county website. U.S. Secretary of state john kerry recently discussed the importance of protecting our oceans with students at montgomery blair high school. Mcp stb has the story.>>please join me and around of applause for the U.S. Secretary of state, Mr. John kerry.>>is a great pleasure for me to be with all of you this morning.>>science students at my memory blair high school have the honor of hosting of a distinguished guest in their classroom — U.S. Secretary of state john kerry. He came to speak to students on the topic of a growing worldwide concern — the need to protect our oceans. Sonya:>>>>the fact is that the oceans are essential to your life because half the oxygen that we get, that we breathe is produced through the oceans.>>to have somebody who was that big of a name and that big of a face and politics talking about an issue that affects the world and affects everybody like the ocean I think really helps the students understand how important of an issue it is. Being that he is the secretary of the state, it is really a global initiative.>>I didn’ t expect anything. I didn’ t expect a high up member of the government to sit in my freshman year physics classroom. And it does emphasize the importance of caring about the ocean and trying to do something. It’ s a huge issue.>>global climate change is having a profound negative impact on our oceans.>>I had known the general ideas of how bad things were but not some of the very specific numbers he was giving that are really quite frightening.>>there are now over 400 dead zones on a global basis and they have gone up every single decade for the last decade. What does that tell you?>>secretary carries visit marked the start of an educational outreach effort leading into the third global our ocean conference. The department of state will host in September. Joni secretary kerry on his visit was the under secretary of economic growth, energy, and the environment as well as Dr. Marcia mcnutt, a marine geophysicist and President Elect of the national academy of sciences.>>students right now are starting to make decisions about who they are, the choices they make in life, where they live, what they do, how they vote — all those things are going to affect the health of the ocean.>>it’ s really important to get younger people interested because in the end, the consumers are going to decide what is going to happen in the future. For students to be able to start looking at these choices and integrate them into their life is very important. sonya: secretary carry will host the third global conference in washington, D.C. It focus on increasing international awareness and commitment to protecting the ocean. Local jurisdictions have come together in an effort to raise awareness about the importance of water quality in the chesapeake bay. This week on the county spanish-language radio show, to montgomery county officials took to the airwaves to talk about the importance of environmental protection. Lorna brings us more. Lorna: there are 1500 streams and lb to the potomac river and eventually chesapeake bay. The council government designated this week to focus on the success of local governments in reducing pollutants entering the bay and improving water quality. Craig rice chairs the metropolitan washington council government.>>how important the day is and the things that they do daily — whether it is throwing which trash, making sure they are treating stormwater management and runoff, helping to clean up in their areas and neighborhoods. All those things contribute to the healthiness of our bay. Lorna: efforts have resulted in significant reductions in excess of phosphorus and nitrogen sent to the base. Improvement to water quality serves an important role in the ecosystem of the bay.>>to deal with the restoration of the chesapeake bay so you can have a swellable, fishable, livable bay, you need to deal with not only your local water bodies but the potomac river should. Lorna: the environment is taking place during chesapeake bay week. Trash in the local streams impact the price that we will pay.>>as of the bay is healthier, prices go down when it comes to the cost of seafood. Whether it’ s our blue crabs or many of the other fish that we get out of our bay. Sonya: it was an emotional day for over two dozen U.S. Citizens who were welcomed at a naturalization ceremony at the gaithersburg library this month. These residents came from all over the world.>>iran, japan.>>as their countries are called out, 30 four new U.S. Citizens from 27 different countries are welcomed at a naturalization ceremony at the gaithersburg library.>>most of the world people have never moved from the countries of birth. Often they do not realize how much courage, how much energy, and how much initiative it takes to do what you have done. You deserve the admiration of all of us.>>it is a dream because when I was living in my country, one day past in front of the american embassy, and I saw the flag, and I said, one day I will be there.>>very emotional. a lot of people taking interest in recognizing adventure to get here and our path to get here. It was very emotional, very exciting. It’ s a great experience.>>this naturalization ceremony included a videotaped message from President Obama. Local officials showed their support and advice as well.>>we sit in one of the most diverse counties in the united states and no place exemplifies that more than the city of gaithersburg c .>>montgomery county is a special place it is today precisely because of her welcoming attitudes toward new americans.>>I’ m looking forward to what they contribute, what the new citizens contribute to our community. It is all our responsibilities to make our community stay the greatest city and the greatest county in the world. I want to see what they add to it.>>the sky’ s the limit for us. Real excited.>>I am happy and God bless this country. America is amazing. Sonya: it was a night of good vibrations as a founding member of the beach boys met with local veterans in silver spring at an event hosted by the montgomery county commission on veterans affairs. Maureen reports.>>he is known as the founding member of the beach boys, and on this day, mike love met with veteran fighters in silver spring to show his support, share his love of music, and talk about a method of healing that has worked for him for decades.>>I practiced transcendental meditation and it has been very beneficial to me and somebody people, and particular people who have been in special situations such as war.>>transcendental meditation for me is an opportunity for me to take 20 minutes a day, twice a day, just to chill out. I have learned a mantra. I say that to myself. And it just gives me an opportunity to get away from reality really.>>veterans have found the time to learn and practice transcendental meditation said the technique has had a positive effect on their lives.>>I’ m here to share that transcendental meditation works for my post-traumatic stress disorder and it helps me come to a calm state and it takes away all the bad memories and helps me make it through the day a little easier, .>>for these veterans, support of the music icon also means a lot.>>something about the beach boys being her tonight. I grew up in that era and that sound.>>it reminds us of going back to the states. For him being here and being friendly gives you more moral support for somebody else that does the meditation.>>music in a lot a severe cases gets beyond the surface level of stress and negativity and reaches the core of the person. We see it all the time and it’ s really so simple. Taking a photo, giving an autograph, singing a song, but it really lifts people spirits.>>in silver spring, I maureen for “county report this week.” sonya: coming up, the class of 2016 graduates on their home turf at damascus high school. And we will introduce you to a montgomery county teen who is making a a difference at her high school c . Stay with us.>>history comes alive during heritage days weekends. Discover montana county’ s historical treasures during this free countywide event. The two day festival allows opportunities to simple — sample numerous sites. Join us from June 25 new into four clock P.M. All over my memory county. — 4:00 P.M. All over montgomery county. Go to heritage montgomery.Org.>>my new debt teaches me all caps of stuff. He also does decision-making and is even teaching how to drive.>>that is why cars of bumpers.>>you do not have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. dozens of kids in foster care will take you just as you are. Sonya: welcome back to “county report this week.” I am sonya burke. It is graduation season and did you know that the the mask is high school is the only month and a public school where the graduation ceremony takes place on the football field?>>rain did not put a damper on tradition at the damascus high school graduation ceremony as 300 students walked across the stage on their own home turf — literally. They are the only ones to host it on the football field and the tradition means a lot.>>is a wonderful experience to graduate at the high school. The students have someone he memories of time we spent outside on the athletic field for various sporting events or school events. Tacoma nate there for years outside on the football field is a really nice experience.>>it is kind of nice. I went to high school here and we did the same thing and it’ s buried nostalgic.>>it’ s nice to be back at the high school and I’ m proud of these kids.>>this community is just, for montgomery county, this remains so tightknit and so taking care of each other that it just makes sense to us that everything would be done here. It’ s like we are damascus.>>it’ s really special, like a huge tradition. Whenever we have for plug-ins, we know we are going to graduate there. It is such a big tradition. It makes the football season even more special and it makes the season more special.>>we have been here for a good four years, basically in the town for most my life. It’ s nice to see it one last time.>>is a huge tradition in damascus and we are the only school in the county that the sites to stay here and graduate. Just being able to see my last steps on the field that I performed on for four years could not mean anything more. Sonya: each year, but best of magazine chooses a group of the counties test and brightest young people for its extraordinary teen awards. These 12 teenagers are chosen from with in 100 nominations and each is responsible for amazing a accomplishments. Susan kenedy caught up with one of the winners.>>maybe, but it’ s a counterpoint.>>myla stirling knows a thing or two about the ruthless art of prioritizing. She made it her mission to see what she could get her school newspaper into the black. The tatler is the montgomery county’ s longest running school newspaper and maia stirling is the biggest manager.>>this is the November edition of the paper. This ad here was for a tutoring company in the area.>>she decided the school need to go for broke in order to keep the paper running. She organized berries the vents that the year like bake sales and selling ads to local businesses and paper subscriptions to parents. And her formula added up to success.>>you had all these $2500 subscriptions. We had donations and we had big events. Together with that we were able to start publishing longer additions. It has steadily been about 16 pages, maybe 20. Now we are consistently 24, 28, or 32 page additions. Now we can publish up to eight pages of color.>>english teacher and newspaper advisor was one of the bcc staff members who nominated her for the outstanding teen award.>>she never settles. She’ s always interested in the community first. I rarely ever see her worried about what’ s in it for her. She is motivated by making a better product, making a better community.>>the senior made it her mission to see that her school cut up its game with the annual pennies for patients fundraiser.>>that event really got me started in big fundraising and big organizing.>>maia took on the task of the pennies for patients fundraiser with the same tenacity that she used with the tatler.>>we have a four-page ad.>>we had a month-long fundraising and in February 2015, the school raised $14,600, which is the most we have ever raised ever.>>her talent does not end at fundraising. She is fluent in spanish.>>this is an article I wrote in spanish.>>was instrumental in crating a newsmagazine show for an cps television — an cps television. Two years ago, she led the way at creating an annual music festival. What does she think about being named an extraordinary teen?>>it’ s been really exciting to be in the magazine and people congratulate me, sometimes complete strangers. And has been really fun.>>I’ m susan kenedy for “county report this week.” sonya: coming up, we will tell you about a new partnership between the library of congress and montgomery college. And in the city of rockville , you will find more than fruits and vegetables at the local farmers market. Do not go away. “county report this week” is coming right back.>>physique of virus prevention tip from the maryland department of agriculture — mosquitoes can exploit the tiniest pools of standing water in your yard and ruin your summer fun. Check your guard every week and dump water out of any containers that you see — buckets, cans, bottles, birdbath, even wheelbarrows and saucers under flowerpots. Store items upside down when not in use or better yet inside. Learn more at mda. Maryland.Gov/the zika. Sonya: welcome back to “county report this week.” have you ever done any research at the library of congress? Thanks to a new partnership, montgomery college students have explore the resources of one of the largest libraries in the world. We have the details.>>the montgomery college fellows is part of a program that bears the letter and congress with montgomery college — pairs the library of congress of mchenry college with montgomery college.>>the person we go through a program one time and it’ s a year-long program. What is quite wonderful about it is that we actually release a faculty member or librarian from worktime and reassign their time to this program. Was that allows us to do is really invest their time to really develop assignments and projects. They will implement them going forward. At the completion of the year, they still go on to use these projects into the future.>>during the fall 2015 and sprinkling 16 semesters, the fellow spent their time between working at the college and going to the library of congress. It was going on behind the scene to us.>>we had a team of six chosen through a competitive process and we selected for faculty and to librarians.>>the first faculty is from the discipline of dance, and women and gender studies.>>students learned about the history of dancers and about dance companies and about choreography. Based on that information, they came back here and designed dances. They choreograph their own pieces and perform them.>>librarians had a different perspective.>>are librarians were learning how to ready the students how to go to the library and also developing materials, training for faculty, and also training for students.>>check the montgomery college library website to learn more about the materials and online tutorials for this program. Montgomery college fellows at the library of congress will be back in the spring of 2017. In rockville, I’ m danielle. Sonya: the rockville farmers market is back for the growing season. Kathy dantzler shows us this farmers market has much more than fresh fruits and vegetables.>>rockville farmers market is open for business.>>I like the location. It’ s convenient. It is not congested. You have got a lot of room to roam. You can run around a little bit.>>I love it. I love the fresh vegetables. I love the organic farmer. We are here every saturday for the season.>>the fresh baby lettuce is all summer, the tomatoes of course.>>the greens are great. Tomatoes, the produce, the plants, everything is great. It’ s all good. You should get nice fresh produce just picked.>>coffee, some of the meat from the amish market over there, greens, apples.>>it is nice having some of the local restaurants from downtown rockville. There’ s one place in particular we had ri on but have not gone they there yet.>>we’ re going to take of a tomato plant.>>it is really healthy for the body as it boosts the immune system. We try to convey that and all of our products. My son used to go to richard montgomery and we knew the area very well. We love it because it is so friendly for people to walk around. it is close to the cinema so you have people doing the daily shopping. It’ s just very friendly and a wonderful — all the people here are just great.>>why not grow green? Bring your onerous likable on resectable back. — own recyclable bag. The farmers market is open from 9:00 A.M. To one cup him at the corner of munro street. I’ m kathy dantzler. Sonya: the quicken loans national is operated by the tiger woods foundation, which provides predevelopment and scholarship support for area youth. The director performed volunteer opportunities.>>the support that we have seen year-over-year continues to grow. When we look at the tenement and the planning, it starts with the experience. Is starts with the expense from the players inside the ropes. It starts with the experience outside the ropes from spectators, media, volunteers, corporate partners. We try to ask ourselves how can we provide you to person — each person who comes as part of the quicken close national the best possible expense? Experience? We have people as young as 12 walk inside the ropes updating a player score. We have committees inside the ropes like whole marshals. We have committees outside the ropes like our hospitality greeters and transportation volunteers and spectator services volunteers. You need not even know how to play golf or be involved with golf to volunteer. We actually find that many of our volunteers use their week being outside md montgomery county son — and the montgomery county son is to help volunteer and spend time with their friends and family and to really have a unique and fun experience that does not come around too often. Sonya: the quicken loans national golf tour takes place June 20 through 26. If you are interested in volunteering, go take ul national.Com. We will preview montgomery heritage annual celebration and then meet the pet of the week. Stay with us. Salad on saturday fruit on friday>>60 minutes of physical activity a day and eating well can help get your child healthy. Keep them active and eating well every day. Get ideas, get involved, get going at let’ s move.Gov. Sonya: welcome back to “county report this week.” you will want to mark your calendars for the last weekend of June for heritage montgomery’ s annual celebration. This countywide festival engines when he fifth and 26 provides visitors the opportunity to discover venues from silver spring to poolesville and everywhere in between. During a recent visit, heritage montgomery’ s executive director told us what visitors can expect.>>we have a map of all the sites for heritage day. One weekend a year for the last 19 years, we have all of our sites and museums and parks open for special events for kids and families. As I’ ve said, there are over 40 of them. We have different themed areas. We have a transportation thing. We have african-american history. We have reserve. We have heritage gems. Heritage days is open free for the weekend of June 25 and June 26. Sonya: you can find out much more about heritage days weekends on its website. Are you ready for some live music? The downtown silver spring summer concerts series kicks off this month. Joining us with a concert preview is the partner of department of recreation director.>>the summer concerts series starts in June and ends in July. We have all different kinds of music from rock to funk and r&b. These concerts are free, held from 7:00 to 9:00 P.M. We encourage families to have a great time and enjoy many of the wonderful restaurants located in downtown silver spring. Sonya: thank you. Here’ s a look at the lineup that runs from June 16 August 4. Now it’ s time to meet our pet of the week. Foster and rescue coordinator joanne heller joins us from the montgomery county animal services with more.>>hi, my name is joann heller. And the foster coordinator here and this is our little. We want to have people care for animals in their homes temporarily until they are ready to come back for their permanent adoption. If you are interested in fostering animals or kittens, let’ s go to the website at www. Montgomery county md.Gov/animal services. Apply online and I look forward to receiving your application. Sonya: with that, we close this edition of “county report this week.” remember to like us on facebook and to join us again at this time every week for a look at what is going on inside montgomery county. We’ ve lead you from the proof is possible U.S. Tour, which included a weeklong stock p into come where residents could explore the tiny house on wheels. I’ m sonya burke. Thanks for watching. window.NREUM||(NREUM={});{“beacon”:””,”licenseKey”:”2fdd6b8d1a”,”applicationID”:”2651201″,”transactionName”:”YwdbYEZTVxYHABALW1pNbEZdHUkECAYXTVdYC0lXVUJNDAkNF0xEXBI=”,”queueTime”:0,”applicationTime”:57,”atts”:”T0BYFg5JRBg=”,”errorBeacon”:””,”agent”:””}

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