County Report This Week Episode 323 July 1, 2016

>>welcome to county report. Thank you for joining us. Coming up, the police department announces it will expand its body worn cameras. Thousands of fans attended the quicken loans golf tournament here in the county. Later, a new craze among seniors in the city of rockville. We begin with a proposal to park school buses at two controversial sites which has been rejected. The decision comes after discussion and hearings on the proposals. Susan kenedy has the story. Susan: the county wanted to park 100 buses here and 100 on an empty lot. It is part of a plan to make way for new development. Residents actively campaigned against both sites, claiming the buses would be too disruptive.>>it is so close to residential homes. If you stood on the parking lot, where the buses are proposed to be parked, there are townhouses next to the park. In westmore, the property itself, it is an industrial property. You could not access it through 355 or goody drive. You had to drive through the residential neighborhood of lincoln park, where the streets are narrow. This would be over 100 buses. Susan: last week, the council received a letter that leaves out the two sites from the relocation plan and the council agreed with that.>>we don’ t want money spent on — . Susan: the county will leave the buses at the current site. There are more than 400 buses currently stored on that property. Two developers have been chosen to buy the site and other adjacent properties for mixed used development. There is no word on where the buses will end up.>>this is not a good situation we have gotten ourselves into. We have to continue to work together to come up with a better solution. There are many things we could have done a better job on and hopefully we have turned that corner and will do the other job in the future.>>nearly 700 police officers are wearing body cameras according to police department officials. The department is planning to distribute an additional 200 body cameras to officers from now and into 2017. Luther reynolds discussed the expanding body camera program at a silver spring event.>>there were volunteer officers that where the camera for almost a year. — that wear the camera for almost a year. It was all volunteer. They did a great job testing the policy. They asked a lot of good questions, helped us to refine what we do and how we do it. This is going to be evolving. It is important we talk about managing expectations. This technology is not perfect. It is not going to show us exactly what we wanted to, but it is a positive step in the right direction. The program will be a benefit to montgomery county, our officers come our community. It is a big program that takes a lot of work and time. It is an ongoing process. It is in fall in development of policy, which entails a lot of research and communication with other agencies who have been doing this program in other areas of the world. It includes canada, the U.K., other countries around the united states. Development of a policy, training selection, technology that works well, to include how long the batteries work, things like the buffering of the body camera, how it is activated, things like the back end, how the videos are tagged, retrieved, stored. There are a lot of technical challenges. How we can actually select a camera. There is a lot like those in the program. The main thing is it works when it is supposed to work consistently. We want to continue to build the relationship we have with our citizens. We have a great community. We believe we have a good level of trust with our community. We need to build on that and make it>>the montgomery county police department met with the local lgbt community. The chief and police officers addressed safety concerns and discussed resources availabduring an active assailant incident.>>this is the first of what we hope to be many meetings. I have attended many community meetings that were focused on the lgbtq community. I have gone as an invited guest. This was a police department meeting. This is our effort to build partnerships with different organizations and with the og bt — lgbtq community. My hope is future meetings will be as well attended and as lively.>>it me hope for the future. It was good to see the faith community here. It was good to see it was trans-specific. A lot of it does come down to training and education. I am mean you’ re to be part of that trans community connection and have more training and ongoing communication with the police. The willingness shown by everyone who spoke, to listen to the community and to work with the community to improve services and relations with the community was an excellent program to nine>>we spoke with an officer who gave us an update on the 2016 graduating class of the police cadet program.>>the program is to they will stand the program for up to two years.>>12 of the graduating cadets will be selected to participate in a police academy program. Coming up, we will tell you how our streets are looking greener.>>we will go to the congressional country club. County report this week is coming right back.>>mc 311 is the telephone information system. Need information? Have a problem or complain? Call 311. The website is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.>>we have a goal to reduce waste and recycle 70% of all ways to by 2020. We save natural resources and make our community better. Recycle at home. Keep recycling going. Visit the website .>>keep it going.>>recycle more now.>>welcome back. The eyes of the golf world were on montgomery county this week. Sonia burke reports. Sonia: he is a hometown hero and a pga tour winner.>>it is a dream come true to win and to win at the event that honors our military. It is unbelievable for me.>>he grew up across the river in virginia, served as an officer. it is his focus on his golf game that has fans talking. The tiger woods foundation hosts this tournament. Local golf fans love it.>>it exposes them to our beautiful club.>>what is your favorite thing?>>the excitement everyone has. Everyone is a big fan and a lover of golf. It is great.>>we are very fortunate he made the cut. Very fortunate to get a chance to see him. I would like to look at the local boy, billy. Loudoun county high school, go raiders. Some of the older guys being able to hang with them, it has been a great term and so far.>>rickie fowler helps kick off the event shop for heroes. He talks about what it takes to win on this course.>>you have to hit quality golf shots.>>the tournament is about honoring the nation’ s armed forces.>>I am looking forward to seeing the tournament and walking around seeing the holes.>>some veterans served as starters and announcers.>>please think sam saunders and david hearn.>>there was a tribute wall where golfers and fans could leave messages of support for our nation’ s veterans.>>what do you think of this course and this setting?>>it is beautiful. We have had great weather. It has been wonderful the whole week.>>it will be back next year, but played at a different course. It will be back here at congressional’ s in two years.>>the department of environmental protection has been renovating local streets around the cou>>the montgomery county greene street’ s program helps slow down and clean polluted water that enters our streams and rivers as rains. To do this, greene street’ s retrofits neighborhoods with buy a retention cells, ring guards, tree boxes, curb extensions, permeable papers.>>it is a department of environmental protection initiative to capture and filter runo many older neighborhoods were developed before stormwater management. It is important to be able to capture the water. Throughout these areas, there are a lot of areas that are uncontrolled.>>it is an effective program. There is a lot of neighborhood in hilly areas that benefit from this, where they used to have stormwater rushing down steep hills, across front yard to the creek. The ep has come in and set up different strategies to capture the rainwater.>>we have looked at over 900 neighborhoods and prioritized those areas. The water flows down the street, into the cell. It enters the facility and the plants here have been selected based on the site conditions for ththey provide a — it is able to soak into the soil. They are designed to drain within 48 hours. It takes between five to 10 days for a mosquito to lay eggs and emerge as an adult. The water leads to an under drain connected to the storm drain system, which leads to sligo creek. It is treated and filtered and helps to improve stream health of sligo creek.>>for more information, go to the website. To learn how you can help with stormwater management, go to rain scapes — rainscapes.Org.>>residents can file complaints with the office it electronically. It is available 24 hours a day. The office of consumer protection investigates and hope the resolve disputes regarding most consumer transactions. The case management system offers an efficient way for consumers to report problems and seek assistance regarding auto repair and sales, home improvement, new home worn tease, home services, and more. For more information, you can call 311. Coming up, fast internet is coming to montgomery county. We take you to a briefing at county council. Mcps says goodbye to its interim superintendent while gearing up to welcome the new one. Don’ t go away. County report is coming back.>>these eco-virus prevention tip. Mosquitoes can exploit the tiniest pool of standing water in your yard. Check your yard every week and dump water out of any containers you see. Store items upside down when not in use or inside. Learn more.>>I am kind of name here. I have noticed a trend. My human goes around and get all of my toys and hides them in the basket by the door. Hello, this is where you put it last time. You are the worst at height and seek. — hide and go seek.>>welcome back. Montgomery county will have access to ultrafast internet thanks to a cyber network project. Officials updated the county council of the initiative this week.>>businesses will have access to ultrafast broadband internet. The council received an update on the project.>>we are announcing there are three routes that will provide high-speed fiber connections many the potomac river connecting montgomery county to the ashburn data centers. Ashburn is where 90% of the traffic, some people call it the heart of the internet.>>it provides high-speed internet service that local leaders say is important for economic growth.>>customers need and desire the services. It benefits us as a commercial entity that wants to come in and make a wise investment and get a return on the capital.>>it is about choice and trying to improve performance of the applications and what they need business. We have the infrastructure to support them. That is why it is exciting we will have a greater presence in the county.>>the businesses in montgomery county will have access to the data centers, where their communications are in the cloud. More and more, every company relies on the cloud for their communications. They have to have internet that is always on.>>planning for high-speed internet is going to become as every day as planning for roads, water, sewer, power. It is a basic infrastructure issue.>>there is a leadership transition underway at montgomery cou h jack smith joins mcps as the new superintendent. Mcps tv has more.>>larry bowers retired June 30. He started his career with mcps in 1978. He eventually worked his way into the mcps budget office. His knowledge and successful management of operations assisted in guiding many.>>what I will remember most is the people I have worked with. I have fond memories of people over the 38 years. People are committed to the work , to each other. Committed to doing what needs to be done in order to help our students be successful.>>don’ t have a high school diploma? It is not too late to get one. Montgomery county public libraries is offering the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and career certificate. Once enrolled, in pairs each student with an academic coach. Students have 18 month s to complete the program. Students May complete the program in as little as six monthsmore than 60,000 adults lack a high school the three in montgomery county . For more information, visit the website. A 2016 montgomery county college graduate received a surprise that could be life-changing. Joseph thompson cover the story.>>when lewis met with his peers, he had no idea he was going to get the surprise of a lifeti>>I am the bearer of some news. I am happy to let you know you are our scholarship winner this year.>>he is the latest recipient of the undergraduate transfer scholarship, awarded to college students with financial needs.>>and means a lot. I don’ t think it has hit me yet. I am so excited and honored and humbled to have been selected for this year — for this award.>>he plans to complete a bachelor’ s degree in business. This will provide a great benefit for him, his family, and his future.>>I did not think I was going to go to college. It means I have the capability to lay the path for my family by being the first generation, and then get back to my community.>>peers and family say he is perfect for the award.>>he is the consummate college student. It will play a big role in his future success.>>he is very deserving and he presents himself professionally.>>he is humble and has done great work and has inspired me.>>he is considering the university of maryland, the univer of virginia and georgetown university to pursue a bachelor’ s degree. Congratulations. Coming up, check out this sport keeping seniors active. Stay with us. We will be back.>>looking for a way to get around downtown silver spring? Hop on the route 28 van gogh free circulator provides rides from them:00 A.M. Until midnight monday through friday. There is no better way to get around downtown. To find out more, visit us online, or dial 311.>>welcome back. There is a new sport that is in the park called pickle ball. Why are seniors taking to this new sport craze?>>it is fun. I enjoy it.>>a combination like badminton and tennis. There is not as much running, people who are seniors, people not in the best shape. You can play with two people however, you can play with four.>>buying a home can be complicated. The asian american home counseling group offers services to navigate the pr buying and keeping a home. Crystal takes a look at what this organization is offering.>>we started out in March 2000 10. We establish this with a particular reason. all of the foreclosure and’ s started. The economy went down. We hear a lot of foreclosure. We did not have any asian, bilingual, or housing counseling.>>it is helpful to have an organization that can assist and explain the complexity of getting a mortgage, getting financing in the language of the applic>>we help with the mortgage modifications. Part of our work is — . Class settings and workshops and we also do one on ones. We focus on individual cases. We provide english and korean .>>I had no idea there were three major credit agencies. I have no idea how any of it works. I figured I should see how and join their credit mailing circle. The knowledge I have gained is powerful. I have told my roommates about it and hope my providing them with information will spark their interest in participating.>>we hear clients that have worked with the banks for so many months and did not get any s area when they come here, we hand carry them through whatever results we can get.>>we close this edition of county report. Like us on facebook and join us again at this time every week for a look at what is going on inside montgomery county. We leave you today at the park in north bethesda. Reverend henson was a former slave whose biography inspired uncle tom’ s cabin. window.NREUM||(NREUM={});{“beacon”:””,”licenseKey”:”2fdd6b8d1a”,”applicationID”:”2651201″,”transactionName”:”YwdbYEZTVxYHABALW1pNbEZdHUkECAYXTVdYC0lXVUJNDAkNF0xEXBI=”,”queueTime”:0,”applicationTime”:50,”atts”:”T0BYFg5JRBg=”,”errorBeacon”:””,”agent”:””}

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