Couple gets married at Detroit Free Press/Chemical Bank Marathon

thousands of runners braved the cold this morning for the annual Detroit Free Press marathon you know it really has turned into a massive event downtown Larry spool was there at the starting line as runners made history there was twenty five thousand three hundred and twenty four runners registered and competed in the marathon this weekend multiple races invaded downtown as they kadhi race director Barbara Bennett we have a full marathon which is 26.2 we have two half marathons one that goes Internet snow that’s thirteen point one and a us only half marathon and then we have a high person relay team that’s various distances the route went through downtown Detroit into Canada and back there were runners from multiple states and even countries I think it’s around 139 andreas our heart flew in from Germany to participate she asked me why I want to participate but actually she was asking me to render medicine and I said I think that’s too much but to have noticed on this cofactor so we are here at the halfway point of one of the marathons as you can see thousands of people are hitting the pavement participating in this marathon but one special couple stopped to get married ladies and gentlemen we are gathered here today to celebrate one of life’s greatest moments the joining of two hearts do you Steven Edward Phillips take this woman to be your wedded wife I do cool you do you Whitney Lee black take this man to be your wedded husband all right by the power of your love and commitment and by the power vested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss your bride avoiding in downtown Detroit Larry spruill local 4

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