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– Hey guys!
– Hey! – We are Engjell
– And Kaleigh We’re from When In Rome Travels We sold everything about seven months ago, we’re originally from Montana We owned a house, we bought a house three years ago and we owned two restaurants They’re… Just the overload of work that we were doing over a hundred hours a week owning two restaurants between the two of us trying
to manage the staff of 15 plus people it just got to us, and one day I just
pitched the idea to Kaleigh, I told her: – “We’re going to sell everything..”
– I said “No way!” He wanted to travel around in a motor home and I
said no way it’s a horrible idea It doesn’t sound great at all! But the more
we researched, the more we looked around we found other vloggers who were doing
something similar it looked pretty good! – Yeah! Downsizing, getting rid of all the
junk that we accumulated for the last 8 years we’ve been together,
well, 11 years at the time we’ve been together but in the same spot we’ve been for
seven years since we opened the restaurant and we just keep dragging
things all over the country and just accumulating more stuff that we didn’t
need. We sold everything our house, our three or four cars we had
and decide to buy an RV and hit the road and that’s what we did! – We left our home in Montana in September with our motorhome it’s a 38 foot Class A, nice
and spacious which is what we thought we needed, but seven months later we felt like
we could go even smaller but we started in Montana we went all the way down the
west coast, had a few side tracks we broke down a couple of times, but we ended
up getting all the way to California we went all the way through the south
across Texas, Louisiana down to the tip of Florida and then we started back up
the East Coast and so we are currently in the Washington DC area kind of
exploring the area around DC Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay beautiful where
we are now we’re right on the beach at the Chesapeake Bay with our kids,
we have three kids Fiona, Hugo and Remy.
Their ages eleven six and three That’s why it’s such a big RV So we’re heading up the East Coast now
all the way to Maine and then we had just about two months left in our trip
before we start getting all the way back to Montana to plan for our next trip! For our next trip, around the world, we’re leaving end of July hopefully and we’re
going to travel first in Europe we’re going to Asia after that and then South
America and maybe New Zealand Australia if we have money and time left! That’s our plan! Originally wanted to do this in Airbnb
style but we decided that it’s cheaper to just rent a van so we’re going to go
from a Class A into a Sprinter van to have a Class B type deal Motorhome
where we can park anywhere and go anywhere – Yeah, we’re looking to either buy one here or buy one when we get over to Europe Engjell is an European citizen so that cuts some of the hecticness out of it for us so we’re going to buy a Sprinter van
maybe it’ll already be remodeled maybe not, then we might do it ourselves, and then…
It’ll be kind of wild with three kids but we’re going to travel around Europe for
three to four months in the van trying to see as much as we possibly can see. We really want to not just see the touristy things we really want to get involved in
the culture which is part of why we’re doing this trip because Engjell’s a chef
and I’m a sommelier, and the big impetus for this trip – other than spending time
with our kids and getting out of the 100 hour workweek – was for us to explore and..
explore new avenues to learn about food and wine, to go to the places, to eat at great
restaurants to go to wineries all over the world and I think the ultimate goal
is to be able to publish some sort of cookbook at the end it’s kind of an
amalgamation of all the cultures and the recipes and the people we’ve met That’s kind of the final goal! – What is your favorite place we’ve visited so far?
– I like Orlando, and… – I like Disney World!
– And San Fransico – I really liked being and in the
white sands in New Mexico that was lots of fun – Yeah!
– What did you do there? – Uh, we slid down the dunes with
sleds that we rented – How is that different from when you lived in your house and we were at the restaurant all the time? – We never got to see mom and dad and
they were always gone just always gone Well now we see them all the time and
we’re always in the same room We used get up early in the morning we would get our kids off to school, preschool all kinds of things like that and then we
would get to get to work maybe 10:30 in the morning we had two restaurants, 30
employees, we would spend all day working We usually had a full-time nanny we would get
home alone yeah we get home 11 in the class midnight, go to sleep see our kid
the next morning for a few minutes to go back to work. We did that straight for
seven years and about six years into it we decided enough was enough we weren’t
spending time with our kids So we decided that it was time to
downsize and to do something else that let us spend time with our kids The lifestyle is really exceptional we get to go where we want, when we want, see the
things that I think we’ve been wanting to see for a long time – we just went to
Washington DC yesterday It’s really great and we get to
introduce the kids to American history and they get to see it firsthand really
experience it – you can read about Virginia in a book and the American Revolution or
you can go to the american revolution revolutionary museum in virginia and I
think it really puts it all in place for them and give them good perspective and
the next years we go around the world You know you can read about India or, you
know, Thailand but to be there’s you know really changes everything for you.
So that’s part of it for us about food and wine and then taking the
kids around the world to really give them first-hand experience and what
other people live like It’s becoming more common in the younger generation to do this lifestyle traveling around in an RV is mostly when you’ve done everything and you retired so.. – In the United States anyway – Yeah, in the States, so we’ve been lucky enough that we worked hard and it were able to save money and be able to do this lifestyle at such an early….we’re, both of us, 33 – Well I’m 33 and she’s 32
– I’m almost 33 – And we have three kids, so we started life… At 21 we had our first kid Fiona and we started a little bit young – So a little bit ahead of the game
– But we were working so much we just… We were very successful, the restaurants
were really successful, we were making a lot of money and it didn’t feel
like it was didn’t feel like it was the right path for us, we were, you know
buying more things we had more debt and we were accumulating more stress more than
anything and I just didn’t feel like that’s what we were meant to be doing
because when we met we met in Italy we met in Rome he was working in
restaurants and I was a student and we had nothing we just had each other and
life and all those experiences threw at us, and somehow we got this massive stressful way to make money – Yeah it was was definitely the road to like, a secure lifestyle and retirement we could see, but we were like: “Is this it?” We could take that yearly trip that we were,
we went to Greece, a couple of years after we opened the restaurant, for two weeks, but we didn’t bring the kids There’s this pressure to
be successful and I think success is often defined for you in particularly
United States by having money having security having material possessions
and not just us but there is a culture of people who are stepping away from
that and really looking for experiences to fill the voids rather than material
things and I think we found just in a short time in seven months that we made
the right choice I don’t I don’t regret anything we sold, I don’t regret the
loss of possessions, or the house or the cars I don’t miss any of it in fact
I can’t remember most of what we sold After we sold it was like a big
revelation, it was like we had been missing part of our life, now we wake up in the
morning at a regular time and we get to make breakfast for the kids
and after that Kaleigh starts – homeschooling with them
– So we’ll do lots of book works math things like that, we will do Italian will
do Greek mythology, we will do you know computer things typing stuff
like that and then we’ll stagger that with museums and parks and beach and all
of the kind of counts and its interests led we let them sort of pick and choose
what they’re really interested in right now they’re really interested in
astronomy they’ve learned a lot of things about constellations and moons
and stars and planets so they’re really into that they’re into rocks they’ve got
a monstrous rock collection so it’s been really fun for us and I think it’s been
fun for them I think the only hard part for them is maybe that they miss their
friends What is one of your favorite things
about traveling full time? – Being able to see new good places! – Do you guys like tasting new food? What are some new things you’ve tried? – I like pesce!
– Pesce, in italian, which is what in English? – Fish!
– Any types of fish that you tried that you really enjoy? – Um, oysters! – Should every kid travel full-time in an RV?
– Yeah! – But you have to be able to like your family a lot – Do you like living in the RV?
– Yes! – Remi, what’s your favorite color?
– Red and blue – What’s your favorite food?
– I forgot! – Red… Red and blue and green! The best thing about traveling full time for us has been the you know the proximity of each other and sometimes we drive each other crazy and being in such a… going from like a 3600 square feet home to an RV which is 250, has
been you know, but the whole point about this is spending time outside and seeing
things and there have been straight weeks or rainy days and stuff would be
the worst part about it maybe just not having your own private space
and you’re on time to be on your own because I think everyone you just you
know and hour here and there just to sort of relax. But even the house the kids
will find you! Everything was thrown at us to like the restaurants
and everything and now we give all that up for something different and who knows
what our next step is going to be What how we learn, both
through books and by actually seeing and doing! The world is our school, the world
is our oyster! So join us as we discover the sights sounds and beauties of the
world around us Bye!!

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