Covenant Community 101: Discovering Your Identity – Part 10

all right so today we're going to continue in discovering your identity which is now part 10 of the covenant community 101 series now the covenant community 101 series is going to include other things other than just discovering your identity we had an introduction we had how the journey begins and now we're talking about identity here it's going to include things like the Shabbat teaching the feasts keeping teaching is imodium teaching all these things are going to be included in this series called covenant community 101 but we are winding down to the end of this discovering your identity and we are now going to recap from last week and we are completely have come through the full circle as we now come back to the New Testament we started out in the Brit hadashah in the New Testament we looked at all these verses that made you go hmm what was that all about you know when he said things like I've not come except for the lost sheep of the house of Israel other sheep I have that are not of this fold and blah blah blah and these things that were like mean what's all going on here and then we went to the Tanakh the Old Testament and we went to the promises starting with Abram and to Abrahamson to Isaac and to Jacob and then we saw eventually with King David and then with Shlomo with Solomon how the kingdom got split and that obviously this split is of million we're seeing how this is all playing together and so last last time as we were finishing up we were looking through the end of Isaiah 11 okay the end of Isaiah 11 where we explored well Yahweh meant by a fry am not in being Yehuda so as we were wrapping up the Old Testament to go through the prophets because remember we saw the the foundation with the forefathers and then we saw how the prophets understood everything right we looked at at verses in the different books of the prophets and so when Isaiah 11 we really understood and explored I hopefully a lot more clearly what it meant we got–we men anyway by a Frye am not envying Yehuda and hooda not troubling a Frey am we also got into and explored the prodigal son parable as a representation one of the prophecies about the restoration of the two houses we also explored what quote unquote abolishing the emnity was all about in Ephesians chapter 2 and so we covered that and we also got into this idea of the highway or paths that would be there for the remnant of his people as it was for yes royale in the exodus out of mature I am out of Egypt so this is we got a lot done last time in terms of these things so now let's go to Romans chapter 11 and what I want to start covering here will entitle this the Apostles knew about and understood the prophecies the restoration I want to show you shall rule saying it I want to show you that keep our Peter understood it that James understood it I want to show you that the different apostles all understood and quoted things about the restoration of the two houses so let's begin in Romans chapter 11 and we're going to start in verse 1 I'm going to read pretty much a good chunk of the chapter here just to get the context so Romans 11 verse 1 I say then has Elohim rejected his people let it not be fry also AM an Israelite of the seed of Abraham of the tribe of Benjamin Benjamin eloheem has not rejected his people whom he knew beforehand or do you not know what the scripture says of eliyahu how he pleads with Elohim against Israel saying Yahweh they have killed your prophets in overthrowing your altars and I alone and left and they seek my life but what does the answer of Elohim say to him I have left for myself seven thousand men who have not bowed the knee to Baal hmm okay so we we see that shole understands that Yahweh has not rejected his people because that's a big part of this whole teaching about identity is that there's a lot of replacement theology out there a lot of idea that well they blew it and now it's our turn type of stuff and so even here so will the hero of mainstream Christianity saying oh no no he has not rejected his people he has not rejected his people hold your place here she may want to put a little mark romans 11 because we going to jump around a little bit and keep coming back let's go to psalm 94 to helium psalm 94 and we're going to begin in verse 5 just for context so we're psalm 94 and in verse 5 he says they crush your people o Yahweh and they afflict your inheritance so here just for context the writer is saying look your people are being crushed they're afflicting your inheritance the people of Israel are his inheritance now drop down to verse 12 and it says blessed is the man you discipline oh yea and instruct out of your Torah to give him rest from the days of evil until the pit is dug for the wrong for Yahweh does not leave his people nor does he forsake his inheritance for right ruling returns man to righteousness and all the upright in heart follow it so so here we saying yes they're being afflicted because they've not been doing this but at some point they're going to be doing this they're going to be instructed out of Torah because of the discipline he says blessed a man who you discipline why would he discipline you for not obeying and then what would you do you'd be instructed out of the Torah and so then you get rest from the days of evil because Yahweh does not leave his people nor does he forsake his inheritance see so shall will understood all of these things and he's referring to this kind of thing you know there's other places we've read where it says if my you know covenant with the Sun and the moon there was no Sun in the moon then will I forget about my people and we know the Sun and the moon are still out there okay let's go down to back to Romans 11 Romans 11 verse 5 so therefore also at this present time a remnant according to the choice of favor has come today and if my favorite is no longer of works otherwise favor is no longer favor and if it is of works it is no longer favor otherwise work is no longer work okay that was clear that's the kind of stuff you go hey Joel really that's that's how you really wanted to put that now let's understand what's going on here keep in mind that whole sort of messy section there verse six and let's hold your place there go to Deuteronomy chapter nine Deuteronomy chapter nine see Yahweh expects this to be a hero little Vera little line upon line he doesn't expect it all to be in one place he wants you to have to work at it and seek it and search it out so devarim Deuteronomy chapter 9 and verse 1 listen now hear o Israel you are passing over the Arden today they're going to dispossessed nations greater and stronger than yourself cities great and walled up to the heavens a people great and tall the descendants of the an Hakeem who you know and of whom you heard it said who does stand before the descendants of anak and you shall know today the Yahweh our Elohim is he who is passing over before you as a consuming fire he does destroy them and subdue them before you sow you shall dispossessed them and destroy them quickly as Yahweh is said to you now listen now this is the setup there this is the point do not think in your heart after Yahweh your Elohim has driven them out before you saying because of my righteousness Yahweh has brought me in to possess this land but it is because of the wrong of these nations that Yahweh is driving them out from before you it is not because of your righteousness or the uprightness of your heart that you go in to possess their land but because of the wrong of these nations the Yahweh well he drives them out from before you now listen in order to establish the word which Yahweh swore to your father's Tov ROM to you talk and Diaco and you shall know that Yahweh your Elohim is not giving you this good land to me to possess because of your righteousness for you are a stiff-necked people remember do not forget how you provoked to wrath Yahweh your Elohim in the wilderness from the day that you came out of the land of a tribe and tilted until you came to this place you have been rebellious against Yahweh so now hold that thought and go back to Roman's 11 he says if by favor it is no longer works otherwise favors no longer favor and if it is my works is no longer favor otherwise work is no longer work see now it's clear right what he's saying is this he did this because of the works of Abraham Yitzhak and Yakov not because of their works so you're receiving favor because they merited the promise so yes there is favor here and it is merited favor but you're receiving it in an unmerited way because it's not about your work that's a Deuteronomy saying it's the same thing Deuteronomy saying look don't think this is because of your right to that somehow you earn something you didn't earn anything this is because the nations in their I already promised I would kick them out and because they made promises to Abram Isaac and Jacob and they merited that because of what they did and so I made them promises he's saying because of what they did so now again from verse five says so therefore also at this prevalent present time a remnant according to the choice of favour what favour the favor a promise Abraham Isaac and Jacob has come to be because he promised it would always be that remnant that would eventually lead to like the sand in the sea the stars in the heaven etc the promises of restoration so hopefully that now helps understand that verse six he's trying to say look you guys have not done anything personally to bring this all about it was already laid out because of what others did before you you are now a part of the fulfillment of what they were promised okay so if I favorites no longer works in other words you're receiving this not because your works Deuteronomy ninety says it's not because your works Israel that you're being given this land is because of the evil of the people in there and my promises based on the works of Abraham Isaac and Jacob my promises to them you're now the recipient though but it's not because you're so special he's simply trying to say don't think you're somebody and so special because I'm doing this like somehow it's you and then you see them go oh well it's our generation because the other guys were so bad but we're great you're saying no you guys have been rebellious since you came out of Egypt I think we're still that way I don't anything's changed a whole lot he said however I promised your forefathers and I keep my word and so this in Romans and Paul is explaining shoulders explaining is a part of fulfilling that promise the promise that there would be a light to the goyim a light to the Gentiles to the nation's and that eventually Avram would be the father of many goyim or nations so it's continuing Romans let's go back okay continuing in verse verse seven what then yes real has not obtained what it seeks but the chosen did obtain it and the rest were hardened so in other words saying so that Israel not get what they were supposed to get he's going back to like in Deuteronomy they went into the land so what happened well they hardened their hearts and they were rebellious and they didn't get to have what they were supposed to have he says it's been written yahweh has given them a spirit of deep sleep eyes not to see and ears not to hear on to this day so we're still happening all the way up until Scholz time and I hate to say it but it's still happening now he said that we'd also said that King David amela says also let their table become for a snare and for a trap and for a stumbling block and a recompense to them let their eyes be darkened and not to see and bow down their back where their back always you know it's interesting says let their table become a snare hmm do I want to say this or not I'll say it anyway there is there is a book that they hold in extra incredibly to Jewish part of the community holds incredibly high regard called the Shahana rule okay which has to do with the table Johanna's table so it could be that there I listed out there he let their table become a snare a snare and that they think that that's all the answer they need not that it's a bad book I want to sell that thought out there we can come out thinking that we've got all the answers if we just find the right teacher with the right insight with the right fist and the right side or whatever it is well the right right group with the right traditions and he says no no that can be a snare a trap to make you feel like you've arrived and be careful that you don't feel that way so am i attacking the shul on a rock no I have incredibly high respect for that book in that writing I'm just saying is that anything can become a snare if it becomes a basis beyond what the Scriptures gives you in other words if you start holding out all of your authority in an extra-biblical authority like the Talmud or like the Kabbalah or like some writings of some of the early church fathers or like just keep filling in the blank or things like anak and and Jubilees and yeah sure all these books that are not in your book I'm not saying they're bad none of them are bad per se but keep them in right balance oh they could become a snare just a thought that hit me when I hear I mean very interesting he said let their table become for a snare why do our table all of a sudden in there and so hmm well Han is table interesting okay now he says let a let their eyes be darkened not to see him bow down their back always I say then have they stumbled that they should fall or fall let it not be but their fall by their fall deliverance has come to the Gentiles to provoke them to jealousy so what do we see going on here judo was allowed to fall because he's talking about Judah here specifically because even though he mentions Israelite at the beginning he's specifically talking about Benjamin in the visible Israel which is the Judah at this time he said look there fall meaning where they were put off the side where I would put his hand out and said I'm going to separate from you for a period of time opened up the door to the Gentiles okay and he says they look and so there by their fall deliverance has come to the Gentiles to provoke who them Judah to jealousy okay them to jealousy look it happened just earlier today I'll give you an example what that looks like I picked up little Zander and I put them up in my arms and then another little child is used to being picked up by me looked at me like whoa whoa whoa wait a minute why are you picking him up see what I'm saying so he Robbins picking up gentiles and judas live a well we're the chosen people what are you doing it goes back to the prodigal son story okay so follow this through what he says and if there fall is riches for the world and their failure riches for the Gentiles how much more their completeness in other words how much more when they get the message and teshuva and coming to the fullness he says for I speak to you the Gentiles and as much as I am an emissary to the Gentiles I esteem my service if somehow I might provoke to jealousy those who are my flesh and save some of them well just because you're born Jewish doesn't mean you keep or do anything it just means you're born Jewish I mean it doesn't avail anything if you do nothing with it I grew up in a community full of Jews they kept nothing I don't judge them I'm just saying it just because they're Jewish doesn't automatically mean they do anything you know my wife was actually shocked to find that out because he just assumed that all Jews keep Torah not true okay go to Israel go to some of these communities go to Tel Aviv huh you don't see a lot of Torah going on in those places okay now he says for if they're casting away is the restoration to favor of the world what is their acceptance but life from the dead now if the first fruit is set apart the lump is also and if the root is set apart so are the branches so now we're starting to get into this idea of branching starting to like flow into now a new point so he's saying look the Jews had their opportunity but they're not cut off he didn't forsake them as remember we got that back in the verse – he's not rejected them what he's done is he's caused them to go through a disciplining and while they're being disciplined he's now opened the door to the nation's to the goyim to the Gentiles and he said however since they're casting away is a restoration to favor the world in other words it opens up an opportunity for the world to be restored to favour doesn't automatically do it the world if it keeps acting like the world is not restored to any kind of favor but it opens up that opportunity now where he started to open up eyes and ears of other than Israelites and he said but those now if first fruit is set apart that would be the Israelites then the lump is also and if the root is set apart so what the branch is saying look if we can have a set apart rude and understand that we're all grafting into that rule part of that root what's the root Yeshua the Torah I mean that's the root of it all now we're going to get into this thing dealing with branches so he says if some of the branches were broken off or 17 and you being a wild olive tree have been grafted in among them and came to share the root and fatness of the olive tree do not boast against the branches and if you boast remember you do not bear the roof of the root bears you you shall say then the branches were broken off that I might be grafted in good by unbelief they were broken off and you stand by belief do not be arrogant but fear this is the problem okay now they were broken off because they were called as a genetic people in other words the children of Yaakov were called but when they didn't do what they were supposed to do they were also broken off those that were broken off and he's saying look just because now you can graft in to the root what's the root because that ball way back to Abraham Isaac and Jacob it goes back to the Torah goes back to that root okay Genesis it says that Abraham kept my laws my right rulings my Torah now he says here don't be arrogant don't boast you know don't be all full of yourself thinking oh you know they they did all these things listen now he says look he says it's good it's good that the branches were broken off that you can be grafted that's a good thing you could be happy yes it allowed for you to be grafted in but now listen he says however my unbelief they were broken off so you stand by belief now realize that also means that if you turn into an unbelief you're going to get broken off also so don't think you know what it says that verse you know don't be thinking out how you stand less you would fall be awful hey look at me I'm standing I'm strong up whoops there you go okay so much for that okay so he's saying be careful don't be arrogant okay do not be our again but fear you know the beginning of wisdom beginning of knowledge the beginning of understandings begins with the fear of Yahweh we have a teaching somewhere on that probably about seven to ten parts right all right for a fellow heme did not spare listen the natural branches whose that the children of Yaakov the children of yesterday al if you did not spare them he will not see he says he might not spare you either I don't think the word might actually belongs in there and I don't think it's proposing saying look he's not going to spare you either because he disciplines those children whom he loves because he wants you to get to that place where you're doing what's well pleasing in his sight he says I lost my place here so give me a second okay so in verse twenty two see then the kindness and sharpness of Elohim on those who fell sharpness but towards you kindness if you continue in his kindness otherwise you shall be cut off and so this is important otherwise you shall be cut up and they also if they do not continue when unbelief shall be graffed it back in four Elohim is able to graft them in again for a view were cut out of the olive tree which is wild by nature and we're grafted contrary to nature into a good olive tree how much more shall these who are the natural branches be grafted into their own olive fee so first of all he's saying stop being all full of yourself in cocky thinking they blew it it's now our turn blah blah blah but also realize it's their olive tree you're grafting into their tree so be respectful of that sure they've messed it up a little bit and they've gotten broken off and they can be broke put they could be grafted back in but this is their tree you're coming from a wild tree where in the world you were kind of running wild he says but this is their tree but once you're grafted into it it's also your tree because there's one law one right ruling one people once you're grafting in you're no longer what you were before we've talked about that quite a bit in this series right so now hold on to this thought here so we have this understanding of this Allah tree and these branches that were dealing with so let's go to when we're going to leave Romans now go to Jeremiah chapter 11 Jeremiah chapter 11 he's talking a lot about an olive tree so it's with other any verses talking about this olive tree in the Tanakh and we'll see this in Jeremiah 11 verse 16 Yahweh has named you green olive tree fair and of goodly fruit with the noise of a great sound he has set it on fire and his branches shall be broken hmm wonder what he's talking about Israel would not know what Sheol is talking about here is this is where Romans 11 is the fulfillment of what he's talking about here in Jeremiah 11 Oh Dibble chapter Elevens how convenient verse 17 and yahweh of hosts who planted you has spoken evil against you for the evil of the house of israel and of the house of Yehuda which they have done against themselves to provoke me by burning incense to baal and yahweh made it known to me and i know it then you shall then you showed me their deeds so what is he saying it says what they did their deeds is what determined them being broken off see what you do matters and I'm sure wool is understanding all this because he's using the green olive tree metaphor from Jeremiah and it talks about the breaking off of those branches in verse 16 you know what your shoe understood this – I know that's shocking but your shoe understood this – lets go to John 15 Jochen on John 15 and in verse 1 I am The True Vine and my father is the gardener every branch there's that word right every branch in me ah he is the root okay every branch in me he is the good olive tree root that bears no fruit he takes away and every branch that bears fruit he prunes that's the disciplining the ones that he loved every son I love I will discipline he prunes so that it bears more fruit I mean think about it if you're walking along and you're doing okay and nothing ever happens to stir the pot you're not going to go any further you're just going to keep doing what you're doing but if all of a sudden he prunes you you realize whoa whoa I'm only this far along there's more to go I need to do the know come kind of take two steps back to take ten steps forward you know okay he says you are already clean because of the word which I've spoken to you this is those who bear more fruit to stay in me and I stay in you as the branch is unable to bear fruit of itself unless it stays in the root in the vine so neither you unless you stay in me I am the vine you are the branches he who stays in me and I in him he bears much fruit because without me you are able to do nothing now let's stop there for a second so what he's saying is look stay in me what is me I am the truth I am the way I am the life he just said that in the previous chapter which is in the same conversation this is all happening in the same night I mean this whole conversation is one long conversation okay he didn't like stop at the end of chapter 14 and wait a couple of days later this is all happening well at the same time and I've read in the previous chapter 14 of our 60s and I am the way the truth of the life he's saying stay in me stay in truth stay on the path I am the way I am the Torah the Torah is the way to life we see this in Deuteronomy in other places Moses explains us and other things he says and I am life if you stay in me you stay in life but listen what happens in verse 6 if anyone doesn't stay in me he is thrown away as a branch and dries up and they gather them and throw them into the fire and they are burned now I had a problem one time talking to a senior Baptist pastor I was over in Hilton Head Island and I asked him about John 15 and I said so let me understand this you're a once saved always saved kind of guy said absolutely I said so please explain John 15 he says why would he say stay in me unless you could leave why would he say every branch that doesn't stay in me see when he says he says stay in me so if you already in him are you not a saved person according to your once saved always saved he said absolutely I said so what is this and if you don't stay in me you get thrown in the fire he had no answer he just told me that I was spiritually blind and I couldn't see it tell me I was going to hell and it was all over okay actually the funny thing was I took this scriptures it was a ninety-eight scriptures I handed it to him to explain it to me he acted like I was handing him like a bomb like he wouldn't touch it so I said he goes I don't know that translation yeah like it reads so different in another translation this is not one of those places where translations differ I said I said to the guy whose place it was that we were standing in hell that I said do you have the King James available this year I pulled the King James off the shelf I said well explain it out of that one reads the same why would he keep saying if you stay in me there's no if if you're saved and it's a once saved always saved you're in you're not what do you call a person that doesn't stay he goes we call them a backslider I said what if they die while there's still backsliding do they still get any goes of course they do it what's the point then what's the point you know what they don't realize how absurd if they actually walk it all through what they believe is I'm not picking on I'm not trying to attack I'm not mocking I'm saying if you sometimes take what you always taught and actually analyze it by application you realize it makes no sense okay makes no sense now he says this though for all of you that are worried about being tortured forever he said in verse six it's like a branch who's thrown in the fire and it's burned up when you throw a branch a dry branch okay in a fire does it last real long is it tortured it's just done okay that's scriptural okay that's before Dante wrote the inferno that's before the Catholic Church embraced all of the you know all these levels of hell and all those other things that are not scriptural okay he says anyone doesn't stay in me is thrown away as a branch and dries up and they gather them and throw them into the fire and burned he didn't say they're going to be burning in Berlin look the miracle was the burning bush okay so we're not all going to be miracles with sinners burning like a burning bush forever okay miracle is the bush burning but it didn't burn he's saying oh no this is like a dried branch and it's thrown away and it's burned burned right up verse seven if you stay in me however and my words stay in Utah that's how you know whether or not you're staying in him because his words stay in you you shall ask whatever you wish and it shall be done for you and this my father's esteem that you bear much fruit and you shall be my hot ones so now he's using discipleship language they look if you stay in me and what I taught you my words stay in you then truly you are my my Talmud you know my a one of my tongue would deem you're one of my students okay this is your going to be Talmud you're going to be a student he says this is how you are a disciple my words stay in you and they bear fruit it says in this my father's esteem that you bear much fruit and you shall be my disciples my taught ones as the father has loved me I also loved you stay in my love story saying all of this is love oh no those burdensome awful commandments blah blah blah that tohru's you don't want to do that stuff he says no no it's love my words are teaching you what love is how to love me and how to love each other it's love if you guard my commands and by the way we did a teaching called love and Torah which we'll have to redo I'm sure it's one of the oldest teachings that I've got you can't probably go anywhere in the Bible read about love and either in the same verse or next verse or previous verse is connected to the commandment keeping it just is he just said stay in my love and if you guard my commands you shall stay in my love there it is guarding the commandments keeps you in his love even as I guarded my father's commands and stay in his love if you do was pleasing in their sight you stay in their love if these words I've spoken to you so that my joy might be in you and your joy might be complete that's kind of a money versus because you know that's the same wording as in Matthew where it says that I didn't come to destroy but to complete so you can forget about joy it's been completed no more joy I mean if you're going to use that definition from Matthew 5:17 okay that it means I think it's a 17 that might you know Mike you know I didn't come to destroy but to complete well that's the exact same wording it says right here I came so that your joy might be complete so you have complete joy it's done forget no more joy it's been done away with apply things equally everywhere you can't just apply it one way in one place and a different way in a different place this is my command that you love one another as I have loved you okay so this is what is going on here so notice that this is all talking to the branches to the branches and it's related now to what sholde is talking about in Romans 11 you say look branches who didn't stay in the word who didn't stay in his love got broken off but they can make to chuva they can repent and they can come back and be grafted back in it's called restoration to favor and so let's understand that we have that going on here as well alright let's go to ephesians chapter 3 we're gonna have to hurry this up Ephesians chapter 3 and get the guy with the mic to just speed up a little bit alright if he's in chapter 3 and verse 1 because of this I shall I'm a prisoner of Yeshua Messiah on behalf of you Gentiles if indeed you have heard of the administration of the favor of Elohim that was given to me for you that by revelation was made known to me the secret as I wrote before briefly in reading this then you are able to understand my insight into the secret of Messiah which was made no assuming which was not made known to the sons of men in other generations as it has now been revealed by the Ruach to set apart emissaries and prophets the Gentiles to be co-heirs united in the same body and partakers together in the promise in Messiah through the good news of which I became a servant according to the gift of favor of elohim given to me according to the working of his power hmm so you see what's going on here he's saying look there was a secret there was something that people didn't fully understand even though was said over and over again and by the way you may say well it does say in the Old Testament plenty of times about the Gentiles and the nations of the glowing like this because it was said doesn't mean it was revealed what do I mean by this how many times did you should tell his disciples they're going to were going to Jerusalem they're going to arrest me then go and discourage me they're going to kill me did they believe him the day was it revealed to them that that really was going to happen no but he said it to them over and over and over and still they just saw idea went in one ear and out the other they didn't process the reality well guess what Paul's trying to say look up until this point people have not really processed the reality because it hadn't happened now it's happening and so now we can actually connect it and say look this is it the Gentiles are to become co-heirs not errors co-heirs in other words they don't get to now be the heirs and the other ones are now replaced they're co-heirs with the original body with the Israelites they're grafted into the olive tree into the root important to me the very least of all the center part ones this favor was given verse 8 so to all of you Christians out there who is still Christian if you still are pause the least stop holding up up like he's the number one Paul knew he was the least okay I'm not insulting him this is what he said to me the very least of all the son of our ones this favor was given to bring the good news of the unsearchable riches of Messiah among Gentiles now look the good news is not simply that Messiah came was killed and was resurrected it has to do with the co-heirs as do with the restoration of the two houses the two house message is the good news would understood correctly when understood correctly not the way everybody else out there necessarily is teaching it to 57 other flavors of it okay when understood correctly that's the good news the promises made to Abraham how that was going to play out that someday you'd be the father of many nations and how that all played out – this journey that we've taken now for ten parts right he said look in verse nine he continues he goes and to make all see how this secret is administered which for ages past has been hidden in Elohim who created all through Messiah so it's not just that it was a secret it wasn't a secret it was information that was available but it's seeing how the secret was going to come about how it was administered how the Gentiles would come to be co-heirs see that was the part that nobody understood what that was going to look like they just knew it was going to happen somehow so that now through the assembly the many-sided wisdom listen to that now the many-sided wisdom of Elohim oh we got to get rid of that Greek mindset it's very linear mindset of like it's just a a a a not a and BMC indeed has many sides to this you know linear is a or B it's either this or it's that it's not both he say no no there's many sides to Elohim zw– is 'dom in his wisdom he did the things he did with Israel and then with Judah then with the Northern Kingdom of the ten tribes and all these things were part of his many sided wisdom all to bring about the promise he made to one man named Abram before he had his name changed Abraham the many-sided with value might be known to the principalities and authorities in the heavenlies according to the everlasting purpose which he made in issue our Messiah our master in whom we have boldness and access with Alliance through belief in him okay so that's hopefully if you see how it's all going on Paul understood these things let's go to Galatians and I'm not going to explain everything in this chapter but I wanted to hit on one or two things real quickly in Galatians chapter 3 I think we're going to make it okay Galatians chapter 3 in verse 16 but the promises were spoken to Abraham and to his seed he doesn't say and to seeds as many but as one and to your seed who is Messiah so he's talking about promises being made to those going through Abraham pointing to one Messiah but then remember Abram was also told that it would be father of many Asians many goyim and those people not directly related to him now hold that thought there and I'll jump down to verse 26 okay that's sort of the lead-in is in verse 16 I know there's a lot more going on to chapter 3 that needs to be explained we're not going to get it done today but just hold that thought and go to verse 26 he says for you are all sons of Elohim through belief in Messiah Yeshua for as many of you were immersed into Messiah have put on Messiah now understand what that means to be immersed in Messiah what are you being immersed in the truth the life the way that's you're being immersed in the fullness of who and what he is the Torah all of what he is he said if you've put him on if you put Messiah on you and you've gone some of you were just putting him on different phrase okay you just see just putting him on now you're just putting me on no no you literally have to put him on in other words wear him good step into his skin so to speak be him think like him let this mind be in you otherwise you're just putting him on instead of actually putting Messiah on you alright I'll probably end up being it in focus or something all right now continuing so he says here in verse 27 he looks to as many of you have immersed into Messiah to put on Messiah there is not of you who died nor a Greek there is not slave nor free there's not male nor female for you are all one in Messiah Yeshua and if you are Messiah then you are the seed of Abraham and heirs according to the promise verse 16 right he says look the promises were made to Abraham and his seed so he's saying look if you are put on Messiah how do you put on the side you get immersed into Messiah it doesn't mean he's got wet in his name you immersed yourself into the fullness of who and what he is that's how you put him on you he says then you're no longer Jew or Greek you're not slave or free and I'm Ellen it doesn't matter now you are all one in Messiah Yeshua and you are now you are the seed of Abraham heirs according to the promise that's your co-heirs okay and understand as we're going through this and you're seeing this that verse 28 is very important we have a lot of trouble relating to it because we don't understand what it's like in America anyway to live in a true caste system okay but there are some countries that have a caste system but they were living in a caste system in other words it whatever you were that's what you were you couldn't ever elevate yourself out of that okay if you are considered a lower of a lower class you would never there's no way to elevate to an upper class it was a very rare occasion someone the upper had to bring you up into it and that kind of thing and he's saying there's no more caste system here there's no Jew a Greek no slave or free no male/female because even male-female was a caste system you see there's still a lot of countries where women have no rights women have no say women of property etc he says you were all heirs so to them this was a huge thing in Galatians that Paul is talking about here by saying to throw the caste system out in Messiah there's none of that doesn't matter how wealthy or poor doesn't matter what your with your bloodline if you're in Messiah are all equal this was a huge huge thing for him to be saying huge okay let's go to first Peter first keep a chapter one okay first Peter chapter 1 I want sure they keep understood these things Peter understood these things chapter 1 in verse 1 keepa an emissary of Yeshua Messiah the chosen strangers of the dispersion in Pontius in Galatia Cappadocia Asia and Bithynia so what is he saying to those who have been dispersed who's he talking about the lost Israelites he wrote his letter based on understanding the two houses and understanding the scattering of Israel and the regather ring of Israel this letter he wrote to those and he called them chosen but they're strangers in the dispersion but yet they still are the lost chosen Israel was never disowned in like a and rejected permanently in any kind of basis and they are the chosen in dispersion so keep understood this go to chapter 2 we'll stay here in Peter in 1st Peter in chapter 2 and verse 1 he says having put aside then all evil and all seed and hypocrisy and envyings and all evil words as newborn babes desire the unadulterated milk of the word in order that you grow by it if indeed you have tasted that the master is good now understand he's writing to the scattered Israelites this isn't writing to believers from Jerusalem or what appalls congregation it is a general letter to go out to the outer reaches of the world he's saying look you need to now to come back you need to put aside all of that stuff you've been doing in the world you need to tissue by you need to get back on the path he said if you've indeed have tasted of the master no that's good and what have you tasted of the master that is the truth that he's the way that his life have you tasted of that drawing near to him a living stone rejected indeed by men but chosen by Elohim and precious you also allows living stones are being built up a spiritual house a set apart priesthood to offer up spiritual slaughtering offerings acceptable to Elohim through Yeshua Messiah because it is contained in the scripture now he's going to tell you where this comes from because it's containing the script to see I lay in Zion a chief Cornerstone chosen precious and he'll believes on him shall by no means be put to shame this precious is then is for you who believe but to those who are disobedient the stone which the builders rejected has become the chief Cornerstone and a stone of stumbling and a rock that makes for falling who stumbled because they are disobedient to the Torah to the word to which they were also appointed they were appointed to this so let's break that down for a second here as we're going through this in in the chapter okay so verse 6 when he says see I lay in Zion a chief Cornerstone this comes from Isaiah 28:16 we're not going to turn there but you can write it down isaiah 28:16 and then in verse 7 when he says the stone which the builders rejected has become the chief Cornerstone this is from psalm 118 verse 22 psalm 118 verse 22 and again we're not going to turn there then in verse 8 he says a stone of stumbling and a rock that makes for falling this is when Isaiah chapter 8 verse 14 Isaiah 8 and verse 14 so he's look he's quoting all throughout the Old Testament and the prophets saying look this has this is now being fulfilled here what was talked about there now in verse 9 he says but you listen now he says but you are a chosen race a royal priesthood a set apart nation of people for a possession that you should proclaim the praises of him who called you out of the darkness into the marvelous light so let's stop there he's making it very clear right now he's not talking to Gentiles he says you are a chosen race a royal priesthood a set apart nation of people for a possession what is he quoting from scorn from Exodus 19 from the actual covenant he says if you obey my voice I will take you as my people and you shall be a kingdom of priests Exodus 19 verses five and six we're not going to turn there to save time so here he's quoting that so he's talking about the Israel here not the goyim of course the glowin can come and graft into this and then there co-heirs but this is a letter to go out and seek that which was lost what was lost to Lost Tribes they say look don't forget who you are and who you were you were supposed to be this but now he reminds them what happened he quotes from Hosea chapter two when the next verse he says you were once he says who were once not a people but now the people of Elohim who had not obtained compassion but now obtained compassion that's from Hosea chapter 2 verse 16 to 23 remember lo-ruhamah low army no mercy not my people he's telling them look remember that stuff in Hosea well it happened that's why you're out there all scattered he said but also in that same place it said that you will be called the children of the Living Elohim time to come home time to return time to make teshuva it's beautiful this is this is what Paul was talking about – how much more if they were to be grafted back in and so here Keith Keith is writing this letter in full understanding you cannot understand this letter Peter's writing less you understand it's absolutely 1000% all about the restoration of the two houses absolutely there's no doubt about it you see this all the way through to into verse 10 verse 11 beloved ones I appeal to you then as sojourners and pilgrims to a stain abstain from lust Lee assuming fleshly lust which battle against life having your behavior among the Gentiles good so that when they speak against you as evildoers let them by observing your good works your tore observance esteem Elohim in a day of visitation so who's he talking to Gentiles no he says look I appeal to you as sojourners among the Gentiles let them see your tour observance and I appeal to all of you even though you started out as Gentiles most of you let them see your good works as to esteem Elohim in the day of visitation don't worry about if they knock you and attack you better than them plot an appraising what applauding you because you're doing all this fleshly love stuff and do all the stuff they're doing you know Yaakov James chapter 1 James Yaakov chapter 1 and in verse 1 Yaakov a servant of Elohim and of the master Yeshua Messiah to who to the 12 tribes who are in the dispersion greetings see it wasn't just the 10 that went into dispersion over time the other two went – they didn't just all stay in Israel and in the southern kingdom in Judah lots of them women got scattered all over the place over the centuries so he's writing – to the 12 tribes in the punishment in the dispersion interesting Acts chapter 15 see we are going to finish today how exciting Acts chapter 15 and we're not going to get into all of the issues of Acts 15 but I want to just point out some of the quotes that go on here acts 15 and verse 9 13 and after they were silent Yaakov answered saying men brothers listen to me Shimon keifa has declared how Elohim first visited the Gentiles to take out of them a people for his name and the words of the Prophet agree with this as it has been read after this I shall return and rebuild the booth of dahveed which has fallen down and I shall rebuild its ruins and I shall set it up so that the remnant of mankind shall seek Yahweh even all the Gentiles on which on whom my name has been called says Yahweh who is doing all this who has made this known from a bold therefore I judge that we should not trouble those from among the Gentiles who are turning to Elohim I'm not going to go into the rest of it he says but he's quoting from Amos chapter 9 verse 11 and 12 you see to be a disciple you've got to know the Foundation which is the scripture from Genesis to 2nd chronicles or Genesis to Malachi depending on your translation the Old Testament the Tomas because you would have to know when he says well it's been said of old well where it was in the way to say that his audience knew those who were sitting there with him in Jerusalem when he's saying this in acts 15 they knew what he was quoting they knew his quoting Amos because all of them are looking forward to that time he's saying that time is now and you guys are trying to fight against it because you don't like it well it was what was prophesied stop fighting it let's go to Matthew chapter 10 in verse 5 Matthew chapter 10 and verse 5 yahushua sent those twelve out having command them saying do not go into the way the gentiles and do not enter the cities of shomer night but rather go to the lost sheep of the house of israel and as you go proclaim saying the reign of the heavens has drawn near hmm so he says what go after the lost sheep of the house of Israel so he was declaring it's time the good news is to go out let's go to chapter let's go to verse 23 we'll say in chapter 10 verse 23 says and when they persecute you in this city flee to another for truly I say to you you shall by no means have gone through all the cities of Israel before the son of Adam comes so Yeshua hasn't them yet and so I guess what the good news has not gone through all the cities of Israel so how do we define a city of Israel anywhere Israel got scattered well it's been a little while it's been over you know 20-something hundred years okay so well over 2,000 years of scattering guess what they're probably everywhere by now because of ease of travel you know ease of you know moving between places and he's saying look this message has to go everywhere now that's not to say that the knowledge of your shoe hasn't gone everywhere they've got a false one that's been you know traveled most of the world that we know about and there's been all kinds of other understandings but no the fullness of the good news of the Suva to embrace truth life in the way which is Torah that has not gone out not to everywhere and that's all of Israel he said we'll go after the Israelites he says that's where I want you to go Acts chapter 1 and verse 6 if you will remind them of the same thing at the beginning of Acts so this is earlier on in chapter 10 of Matthew and then we get to acts in chapter 1 okay and in verse 6 and he says so then so when they had come together they asked him Yeshua saying master would you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel and he said to them it is not for you to know times or seasons which the father has put in his own authority but you shall receive power when the center part spirit has come upon you and you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all yahuda and Chaumont unto the end of the earth hmm so they're saying are you going away this time restore the kingdom to whom yes Ryan so where the Gentiles in all this there is no Gentile kingdom there is no Gentile gate to get into the New Jerusalem the Gentiles have to graft in once they grafted in though they're no longer Gentiles he's already made it clear through his other writings here like through Paul and other people that there's no class system you're not any less if you started out Gentile than if you started out Israel if anything if you started out Israel and turn to become Gentile then you're even less the reversal you know may apply but not the other way around everybody that comes in is treated equally anybody in the leaves if you should have stayed and you should have known better he's going to look at you a little tough for saying hey you were born into this and you left interesting let's go to Revelation chapter 11 well we are going to get this done I'm excited alright so this is the last part Revelation chapter 11 and verse 3 Revelation chapter 11 verse 3 and I shall give on to my two witnesses and they shall prophesy 1260 days clad in sackcloth these are the two olive trees and the two lampstands that are standing before the elohim of the earth and if anyone wishes to harm them fire comes out of their mouth and consumes their enemies and if anyone wishes to harm them he has to be killed in that way hmm so here we are reading about these two witnesses and we're told they are the two olive trees and the two lampstands go to zechariah chapter 4 because thankfully he tells us what that means so we don't have to wonder and speculate he actually gives it to us in Zechariah chapter 4 he tells us exactly what he's talking about here well I shouldn't say exactly because it's going to give us a good general idea here Zechariah chapter 4 verse 2 and he said to me what do you see so I said I have looked and see a lamp stand all of gold and a bowl on top of it and on the stand seven lamps and seven spouts of the seven lamps and two olive trees are buying it one at the right of the ballin and the other at its left hmm then I responded in speak to the messenger who was speaking to me saying what are these my master and the messenger was speaking to me answered and said to me do you not know what these are and i said no master i don't so then let's drop down to verse 14 he says and he said to me these are the two anointed ones who stand beside the master of all of the earth so we've got two lampstands and we've got two witnesses we've got two anointed ones we've got two houses we've got see there's a lot of two's that go on in Scripture and so it's my speculation that revelation is talking about some representative from each of the two houses being the two witness is being the two representatives of the two lampstands do you know in Scripture there are two houses we're told that all over scripture we're talking to until there's two nations that's the way they refer to it two families two branches there's the two sticks of Ezekiel 37 two lampstands we just read about that you know there's two loaves that are waves you got the two trumpets the two silver trumpets in this to Cara beam on the mercy seat well I wonder why all the twos got to beat an avenue but from the end in the beginning that there would be a two house situation and that everything should be the symbol symbology to let us know that that was going to be the case and that it was – coming back to the gather of one you know you get husband and wife also that's two who become one bride and groom – that become one right so all the symbology is that there are all these twos but they all serve one purpose it's in a hotness about them so let's understand as we wrap this up that the desire that I have for all of you is that you seek and ask in search and knock to see and understand and to grasp who you are and who you're supposed to be because they may not match at the moment who you are and who you're supposed to be may not match if you're still very Gentile that's not who you're supposed to be that's just who you are but I want you to go over this study over and over again I want you to really dig in and and grasp his plan for the whole world he says in other verses that we've read over time things like it is my desire possible as you always are possible all men could be saved well here's a plan to make that possible you know what isn't going to happen because people will make bad choices but this is how we made it possible this is how we made that promise to offer I'm saying you will someday be the father of many going in many nations is how he said your children your descendants will be like the sand of the sea like the stars of the heaven so this is important that we start and say okay so where am I in all of this look for yourself in this and to see oh this is who I'm supposed to be because then when people ask you why you keeping all that stuff you say because that stuff is for me okay oh you don't need to do all that yes I do it was made for me he gave that to me it's my inheritance is my heritage so that I can be his inheritance because I graphed it in I've changed my citizenship I'm Israel now well you know the law was done away with no no no no that's my inheritance that's it this is for me he gave that to me because once I became Israel that became something where was part of my inheritance that was something I can partake of fully knowing that it leads to the fulfillment of promises made to those who he gave it to originally now just because you didn't give it to me and I wasn't part of that group originally doesn't make it any less for me once they make a choice and that's the key is that you have that power to make the choice because citizenship is by choice so being Israel is by choice it's not by blood line alone yes it is by bloodline for some because let's face it some people were actually born of that bloodline but does it avail them anything unless they choose to walk the walk to do what's pleasing in their father's sight to actually take he says what do you say if you stay in me the expectation is that you bear fruit there are those walking around they claim they're in him and are bearing no fruit so what does it say those who say they know women do not keep the commandments or liars in other words you say you're in him but you're not bearing any fruit so you're lying you don't understand says if you love me keep my Commandments do do the walk the walk do the talk don't just think that oh because I know who who he is see see having information doesn't avail anything if you do nothing with it yes you know there's a God and you know there's a son and you know their relationship and you know what you're supposed to have a relationship with them that knowledge is useless if that's all it is is knowledge useless it's potential awesomeness I mean what it can do for your life and your future is beyond description but only if you do something with it if you do nothing with it it was not a point it was completely useless and so I want to encourage all of you to really look and say ABBA show me who I am and who I'm supposed to be Who I am right now and who I'm so sook as some of you may think your your Israelite senior not because you've not made the commitments this is why when we do the mikveh and I wish I had the paper here with me but it's okay I kind of remember the Inc declarations of ice done it enough times that's why when we talk about the eight declarations the declarations say things like I am my own free will and renouncing all citizenship in all other associations and kingdoms etc I'm giving up sovereignty over myself I'm completely renouncing all alliances so that I can come completely under the authority of just I love Elohim okay so you're changing your citizenship and then you also make a commitment of your own free will to take on all the responsibilities of what it means to now be a citizen and you commit to walk out the rest of your life in such a way is to bring the name of Yahweh in issue of glory and honor and not shame because you're doing what they expect you to do it right in their eyes and that's what it's not like a short version of the mid-foot declaration I mean I only covered a couple of them but it's about saying I am committing now to be a citizen and take on all those responsibilities and so now walk that talk it's not just information anymore it's Who I am see this has to be we I think we said it early on in the study but if you ask a Jew and observant Jew why they keep the commandments they'll look at you like it's like asking a fish white swims it's like they don't even understand the question what do you mean why do I keep the commandments they were made for me this is what I do I'm a Jew ask an observant Jew and they're going to look at you probably funny what do you mean why do I keep the commandments that's what I was created to do that's what we were all created to do you just didn't know it and now hopefully you know it because you know it now you can take that information and make it more than just information you can put it to action and now we can absolutely affect your destiny because remember we talked about this in the heart of the amount of teaching that information when it goes into your head eventually comes down into your heart and emotions can get attached to it and then the emotions help to generate your motivation to take action and then actions on a repeated basis create habits and then habits over repeated bases create a destiny and that destiny if you're doing it this way by putting on Messiah lead you to the destiny of forever in the kingdom and that's my desire and Ava's desire through scripture for all of us let's pray a veena mokkania our Father King father we come before you and we have sat at your table and we have eaten we are satisfied and we are just so excited about understanding the potential in the future that you have for us help us to take this information and to put it into action help us they really choose fully citizenship in your kingdom and to embrace all of that the expectations of what that means in terms of obedience and submission to your word your authority in your Torah to embrace your shoe as our Messiah and as an assumed coming king and you as our Father father help us because we are still a flesh we still have our weaknesses we still have to deal with the most insidious of all things and no it's not asset on its ourselves that self sovereignty is the hardest thing that we'll ever struggle against to overcome self help us to truly fight that fight knowing that the reward at the end is so worth it to truly hear the words well done you good and trustworthy servant enter into the rest of your master father help us to discover who we are to make the necessary changes so that we could become what we're supposed to be so father we thank you we praise you as we conclude this study and may bear much fruit as we come to understand it and walk in it share it and teach it may Ben glory and honor to your name in the name above all names is Shu Ouma seek a new main the main you

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  • I await for more teaching. I feel very led to you. Not only through this teaching,but many others you have taught . And as you said "there is more"….

  • 1-10 has been an amazing study. I totally understand it as a Ger and I am currently a member of a Messianic Synagogue. However, I don't understand gentile and the lost because from the beginning of the study it came to me to look back to Noah.
    When Noah landed, there was only Noah, his wife, the three sons and their wives. So where did the Gentiles come from? From over there?
    I am thinking all from the same family but from Noah to Abraham as population grew many dispersed and became lost from the Father. Since we needed to have the sins of Adam cleansed and forgiven by a blood sacrifice, Yashua did that and then went out to bring back the lost from the time of Noah to Abraham.
    Am I on track?
    I have loved this study and have previously been lead to look at the bible. Torah, from a Hebrewic perspective which ultimately lead me to the Messianic Synagogue. This has opened up the OLD Testament to a whole new understanding and you have greatly enhanced that. I will continue to study from you online for currently I am forced to be here in Florida. A portion of my tithes will come to your group.
    I thank you and may Adonia bless you and your sheep greatly.

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