Covenant Day of Settlement | 1st Service | 23rd June, 2019

yes in a road to go he marry one y'all got to remit email or we were at whoa ever been a road there's an affinity with oh cool naughty kid good night we remember they're back we're here Oh I couldn't Oh / can be right over Oh I know jump jump jump jump jump winner jump like a winner like a winner shout hallelujah please you may be seated on behalf of Jesus Christ they own all the church and our Father the resident pastor Living Faith Church local buma I like to gladly welcome you to this first service on our covenant day of settlement tell your neighbor I am settled already our call to worship this morning is taken from psalm 46 please carry your Bible open to the Psalms of the 46 which are read verse one to tell responsively I take less one you join me of this two if you're there say glory God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble judge verse two thought the waters thereof roar and be troubled through the mountains though the mountains shake with the swelling thereof this fall God is in the midst of her she shall not be moved God shall help her and that right Ellie the seeks the Lord of Hosts is with us the God of Jacob is our refuge this it he maketh Wars to cease on to the end of the earth he breaketh the bow and coated the spear is Sunda he Bernhard the chariot in the fire let's take rest and to get I want to go beastie I know that I am God I will be exalted among the healing I will be exalted in the earth there is no situation that came here with you today there require settlement that God will not say to you therefore in your seated position will you hand to God appreciate him and thank him for our settlement already in Jesus mighty name we have prayed therefore once again you are welcome I have the vineyard in this covenant deal settlement it is local gamma announcement I'm the prophetic focus for the month of June is wisdom from above in Thrones remember our covenant our daily covenant our prayer house Monday to Saturday and the time is 6 to 7 a.m. the special healing service halls today immediately after the thought service in these auditorium midweek service host this Wednesday 26th of June 2019 we shall be waiting on the Lord in a fast and break with the communion the time is 6 p.m. witness table fellowship our house-to-house relishable host this Saturday there is a witness satellite fellowship close to a neighborhood look at one am i part of it the time is 5 to 6 p.m. believers foundation class for new convert and faith Thomas takes place immediately after each service today please members are encouraged to be patient wait if the award or convert are attending the believers foundation school good news today 1671 out of the 2000 Rula church is selected for the phase 2 in the ongoing rural church planting project have been planted we expect that within the next three Sundays their balance shall be fully in place to go along be all the glory the annual international ministers conference which is a forum for church leaders from around the wall hosted by the Apostles Commission Bishop David available shall be holding at Canal and from this Tuesday 20 feet to friday 28th of June 2019 the theme of this year is next levels the phase two and three for the enlistment as missionary evangelist is still ongoing all interested applicants are to visit the enlistment pota where listed graduate the bcc LCC an LDC student today in the taught service there shall be special water baptism next in the next three Sundays no Saturdays please take note next three Sundays all those who are yet to be baptized I encourage to make themselves available that time is for peer okay immediately after taught service praise God so in the next Sunday's we are going to be having water baptism so if you are coming to Todd just come prepared with a change of remain for what about if you are not being baptized so immediately after service you shall be baptized and your story will change in the name of Jesus the FCT you alive fellowship present June 2019 Edition monthly worship program taught wonders of worship Wow it holds today Sunday 23rd June 2019 at lympha Church trade mo airport rude looking the time is 4:00 p.m. prompt another good news the you dollar Fellowship present business empowerment summit team city business gate featuring how to start a business resident capital and multiple streams of income it holds this Saturday 29th June 2019 the time is 9 a.m. the value is Living Faith Church local gamma another good news for the youth the unilevel ship also presents meteor praise this is a harvest of praise in celebration of operation come and see it holds sunday 30th June 2019 immediately after the thought service at the main auditorium courtesy youth alive fellowship also the Dickens assembly monthly meeting holes today today Sunday 22 June 2019 at the church basement the time is 5 p.m. all the kings thicknesses are stewards I expected to be in attendance sales of home sales of forms for admission into Landmark University for the 2019 2020 academic session is ongoing please visit or others of various categories job vacancies exist in this commission for accountants and auditors of various categories to apply visit job dot LLC valve ensuring they attend believers function schools winners ala fellowship and world of faith bubble institute and church services to the point of the establishment in the faith and in the choice you shall not miss your reward in the name of Jesus praise the Lord next Sunday logic over come this Sunday total of June 2019 and liberal fetchers Luke Obama it's a covenant day of exemption service it also doubles as our end of mountains given and child education service we are expected to follow up on a convert and new members of the insurance they are in charge on Sunday Salvage ado is 6:30 a.m. 8:00 a.m. and 10:30 you are blessed Jesus is law I have dominion it is testimony time let's put on Scrubs jesus has welcomed the following to testify of God's faithfulness in their life Josefin ah da Ali joseon-era Ali and you see Moosa used to Moosa while they're on the way coming let's tip this documented in testimony god of winners have settled me I joined this Great Commission in July 2 12 2015 through a brother who had always been inviting me but I will give excuses for not coming that the church is too far and that I cannot wake up early in the morning a way I was jobless on a particular Sunday this same brother invited me to covenant deal of settlement assuring me that the service is for me and that God will do his miracle in my life I was in doubt that how possible will this just be in a day but I finally came because of my numerous challenges behold I found a new home the first water heart was only proves that proof immediately my vid came alive after Bishop Aida preached I've heard touched that he prophesized that this week you will get a miracle job immediately after the service I got a call from an unknown number invited me for an interview the next day I was amazed within one year of coming to this church God has indeed said to me in all areas found a new home I turned the Almighty God for blessing me with Bishop David very poor indeed impossible piece cause speciality the testifier is Tobi or going to be put your hands forever Jesus please come up to click your name must reach to the point what the Lord has done for you my name is I've come from all the glory to God of this commission for making me understand encoding it so out of 18 local governments I ask the Lord to make me understand in passing and he confirmed his words in the last week washing I when I was washing my feet that was a tie as I said make me understand in present that people come to me for solution and then I kept reading the words and Genesis chapter 49 basis it I kept using my name VA as in there people who praise me and God confirm his words I worked with which was like a competition among local government and I was with in the midst where medical doctors and directors but God made me understanding that my local government became false out of the 18 and they kept asking me how I made it so I've come to return all the glory to God what a mighty God without this money God will also answer your own prayer in the name of Jesus quickly come up your name and what the laura's don't I joined this Commission November 25th 2018 and since I don't use Commission the librarian Minister Monday it has been answering for me Alleluia is upon that I study a Greek and I have passion for famiiy i decided i internet this year to go into famine but the big question is outward great allah one morning I was praying after my prayer the road I used to take to my walk to the place I teach I defer that follow another route when I flow another way I went to a point I saw a man farming I had a voice again talk to this money was going to give you a fun I spoke with him he told me lies you don't have we families walking for somebody but it's going to connect me to somebody that will give me the farm and that is how we opened the Lord after a week I see that I saw the law my mother called me how to of a big lands in the place on stage she gave me to farm those it stone true prays alone what God I'm not giving you man cannot give you praise the Lord hallelujah and this morning again is a calendar of Testament says settlement to heaven give God thanks for this that's for us and you are next on the line for your own testimony I have dominion shortly we are going to rise up to pray Matthew chapter 6 verse 6 is a window but thou when thou prayest enter into the closet and when thou hast shut thy door pray to thy father which is in secret and thy father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly we are going to pray like this one with stand up father in the name of Jesus let the inputs of every member of this church in advancing your kingdom since they began resorting open rewards of testimony I know you are ready to pray the prayer can be enough it and begin to pray father in the name of Jesus let the input of every member of this church in advance in your kingdom since the year began results in Opel rewards of settlements in the name of Jesus father Lord every member of the church that has impeded the has prayed that has fast had not spread in any way in advance in the kingdom of God father let the Opel was calm sweetly in the name of Jesus let the Opera was confidently in the name of Jesus show in their life of these words that they serve you in the name of Jesus reward them openly let those who do not know you see the reward of service and begin to advance the kingdom in the name of Jesus for any name of Jesus let the input of every member of the church in advance in your kingdom since they began resorting or poor Awards of settlements in the name of Jesus or mockery caliber Oh ah every member of the church father for the reward them for the inputs in advance in the kingdom in the name of Jesus for the reward them for the early inputs in advancing the kingdom in the name of Jesus every secret engagement every secret engagement every distribution of fliers of player at night everyone praying in any way anyone advancing in the kingdom in any way father stepping Jesus Larrabee Apple Awards Larrabee Apple Awards Larrabee opal rewards in the name of Jesus showing you their life that they are serving you showing their life father that they are serving you advertise your hand walk in the Elisha lon let the people know the difference between do rosário and those who do not serve you in the name of Jesus father let the input of every member of the church in advancing your kingdom since the I began resort elope or wall or cataract a diversity mas ANCA Dora Volvo Rita Akira Bali Maharaja cattle Abba Rican Deborah Velma Risa Cochise Alan Breck Emily la popa Rica see Alta miss can tiempo para Kalama Rick are available e Rosanna Katie mesentery Michael a Volvo Risa parque de belem a father in the name of Jesus every input of every member of this church in advance your kingdom since the year began Larry results in opal rewards or settlements in the name of Jesus father we thank you because no one who has laid your hand to 70 kingdom we go home without anything further their rewards comes wearily we thank you for the reward begin to thank him because everyone will reach again receive their reward in the name of Jesus everyone will receive the reward of settlements in the name of Jesus father we thank you let your name alone take the glory because everyone has earned in advancing the kingdom will receive their awards speedily take all the glory father take all the praise in Jesus mighty name we have pray you just agree for Jesus and comfortably have a seat it is over time please package your offering this morning your tides and all that is you have brought to tow this money to worship the Lord the scripture speaking in John chapter 12 verse 24 it's a very liberal I say unto you except a corn of wheat fall to the ground and die it abides alone what if we died it brings forth much fruit whatever you are given this morning we bring much fruit for you in the mighty name of Jesus if you have done that when I was done about your fee this money which are offering and what about our broadest money and speak to that offering your hand let that offer your hand become a message are of supernatural a turn around for you this money speak to that offering that is offering we bring you much favor this week it will bring you much breakthroughs much open doors motor neuron law ladies often bring about my divine favor this week are you acting often I would thank you bless her be a holy name in Jesus precious name we are prayed for I would thank you this morning we thank you for the privilege to so again ladies see in our hand bring about much supernatural return around this week in a mansion a mob Jesus please be seated as a castle of our qualifier it's a new season it's flooring my do you believe that's like do you believe that tonight it's a series and now and prosperity yet some girls me too [Applause] day slowly moment and prosperity the devil stammers up no longer can he bother me coz the Creator loved the University and to you exploring and prosperity the new millennial pretension you arising in no time for us to make the choice and take a stand all that was told and is returned to you I hope or fold the fire already come on gold today say all that was truly less return to your home folder but trying in the fire okay so you're coming on too much time I was told in this return to you my home phone charlie the fire but you coming out God we tuitions yes to every promise you see it's flown in my way prosperity [Applause] volatile say one word call it to recall me to here we club better than that somebody's entering a new season as someone is entering a new season I said so on his answer a new season your season or breakthrough your city no turn around your season of lifting lift your voice and glorify Him is the god of all season it said a soul shall no more give you light neither the moon shall be alive but of all my teams I shall become your lives are your days of mourning shall be ended Isaiah 60 verse 19 and 20 as a 16 almost 19 or 20 and the soul shall no more be realized by day for the brightness Shalit will give light on today but the Lord shall be unto thee an everlasting light and thy glory then he went ahead in verse 20 is it on your days of mourning shall be ended everything that looks once fully its ended in the levels over here you know why go we said to you I said in this service go is said to you let's worship Him and glorify Him this morning hallelujah but not God somebody was you let's sing a little the King of Kings the Lord of lords the mighty God the everlasting father is worthy to receive praise is worthy to receive glory is worthy to receive harder is worthy to receive our precision is worried for we give Him glory lift your voice and watch a man cast your car before him glorify that move flash your glory no flesh should glory in his presence no flesh should glory in his presence for what is a man lift your voice and wash away as fresh yourself to him this morning only only only horny glorify him Wow thank you Jesus you are worthy you are faithful you are truth your lights your life we glorify you this morning take your praise in the life of every destiny here take your glory in this services for name blessed be a holy name in Jesus mighty name away a pray father as we've got it to you this day shoot yourself in the life of everyone take over every mug in issue in the life of every destiny here sir – every destiny in this service today as you receive your word let a prevailing power of your world give testimony to every destiny so shall we be able to live – right tell em I have dominion welcome one more person before you take your seat I have Dominion glory to God is somebody excited to be in the house of God this morning [Applause] you are in the house of the president of the universe the king of King is its name the mighty God the God of all flesh the one that would not refer your case you're excited this one input of hands together for him glory to God you are those testimonies this morning it's a first among so many there are more qualified out of 18 of them I don't know who you are you may not have a bearing right now but go we showcase you as a go we showcase you not just why I said I'd never learn to farm and the Holy Ghost said go to that cross em and then one day they gave it land it got another whatever game for I don't know who you are as you are living this service your food shall be lightly or that I say your food shall be rightly ordered you're welcome to this covenant day of settlement and I'm glad to announce to you that when we call it community of villany Hills common and the abreu that's very true so it has been called covenant day of settlement in this of it that thing I will bring your settlement we answer for you first so the second Kings chapter 4 chapter 4 verse 1 second king 4 and verse 1 this was a separate case that requires divine settlement and now they cried a certain woman of a wife of a son of the prophets on to Elisha saying thy servant my husband is dead and thou knowest that is that thy servant did fear the Lord and they creditors is come to take on to him by two children to be born this woman the husband left her with depth they inheritance the husband left was depth and had two children and only two kolitar she had the creditor were coming to take it and the cab encounter with a prophetic and someone who go said the verse 2 is a look you are crying why are you crying they say what do you have in your house I'm by that encounter instead of being destabilized she was settled I don't know who you are whether financially whether in your career or in the work of your head whatever area you desire settlement by this service go we said to you if you read on to verse 7 the Bible said I she was settled instead of giving our children she became a distributor in the miserable security I don't know who you are in the service God will change your name for a better testimony go we give your own testimony by every means in this covenant a of settlement go we said to you though settlements to make it come for every trouble net for every undulation for every con tension in your family in your finances in the work of your head go will give you calmness go will give you peace our run until for our Sunday services has been unveiling the reality of wisdom from above unveiling the realities of wisdom from above you can have the wisdom from above and not go above the wisdom from above takes you a bow above world above common sense the best common sense will give you is common results above demanding sense or Karthik for sales and chance rate divination every contention of wickedness and darkness is above it above number three above intellectual sense beyond what you read in school beyond what people in school can deliver wisdom from above delivers it wisdom from above puts you on top today I don't know where you are God is putting you on top I say God is putting on top the God I brought Joseph and put him on top in a strange land God is putting you on top wisdom from above is real and John job job daddy 38 from by seven to about 28 it says this wisdom turn at the mountain from the root this wisdom cannot be purchased by money this wisdom is beyond the eyes of the of the of the fowls of the air this wisdom in verse 28 is a isn't God so today as you embrace God I see the wisdom from above and so for you I'm not sure a heart very loudly like I said the wisdom from above is relative to your position in God in the wisdom from above is not static No is one progressive to is relative to your position in God as long as Sullivan walk with God wisdom from above was pouring for him is we drive from God we do the wisdom from him so your your your your closeness to God your relationship with God your demand for that wisdom from God determines the flow may I say here foolishness is very costly I tell you the truth the wise man will always pray for what wisdom the wise we always pray for more wisdom that's why James Phi James when I was five he say is there anyone that lack at wisdom let him ask and I'd like you to know you are not all sufficient only God is all sufficient you are not all sufficient only God is all sufficient you are not also that's what you will always need him to get wisdom just like a car no matter how good a guy is will always return back to get fuller at a filling station and you know we have Butterick a car using battery now they are coming now even if you have a car that uses battery my friend is C need to recharge for you to detach wisdom from above you need to talk from him today because of your presence in this house I see the wisdom from above and such a year there's a scenario here in job 39 and verse 13 to 17 it shows us a picture of the pain when wisdom is not in place he says give us down the goodly wind Anto the peacock is talking about the peacock or winds and fader on to the ostrich you see the ostrich now look how horrible it says which limit our eggs and warm atom in the dost and forget is that the food may crush them or that the way the white beast may break them it keeps them anywhere it says she she's had it against young ones as though they were not has her labor is in vain with hard work which I fear it wastes energy it was everything opportunity when wisdom is not in place why is it you love it it's a because God has deprived her of wisdom neither had he imparted to her understanding but listen to me for you wisdom is available for you you will not sweat again every struggle in your career and your family in your relationship in the work of your hand by the wisdom of God I said terminate and animal Jesus now what is this wisdom quickly what is this wisdom wisdom from above is over this divine wisdom is a manifestation of the wisdom of God in the life of an individual is the manifestation of the wisdom of God in the life of an individual I like you to be reminded that God is all-wise God Jude 25 it said the only wise God so he has wisdom he has wisdom and this wisdom is manifested in his children as I 11 Alice 1 2 3 talking about the spirit that was a Christ among several of them seven of them he said the spirit I was shall be upon him shall be the spirit of wisdom so God has the speed of wisdom and for every child of God is distributed to you to manifest the same the speed of wisdom as his speaking in your life in the name of Jesus we sow a good example two examples this morning there's a man called basil II in scriptures exodus Chatwin was won 2-6 when the man Moses was going to make the tabernacle if if you look at the design of the tabernacle is intricate there were no architects but God said look this desire given you there is someone that can handle it listen to me God gives you wisdom two sub-problems God give you wisdom this wisdom so that you can execute this plan on this earth so gospel to him in that Exodus 31 was 106 it is a look I expect emergency I have called worm embezzling that is his name in said in verse 3 I have put I have filled him with the Spirit of God in wisdom and understanding and knowledge and all manner of workmanship all manner and Luca rebuked and enlisted they say to devise corny walks to walk in gold in silver in brass business and or honor and in coating of stones and to send them in and encourage of timber to walk in all manner of workmanship whatever discipline you are involving receivers of this morning I'm not sure everywhere have you know seen solar read physics read aeronautical engineering he has never constructed anything here you see one small boy it was no even know how to it does not know what physics is he has made a plane that can fly if not senator and wisdom deposited I don't know what I'm talking about today receive the wisdom that will make you announce the world another example is Joseph Joseph had the wisdom of God to solve problem this basically had the wisdom of creativity creative art if you bring school to him it can transfer to anything if you bring go to him he can't um go to anything if you breach him back to this man he can turn into anything but look at Joseph Joseph are similar wisdom in him manifested that any problem you have advocated any problem you had you had a dream Joseph can do it yourself entered the prison and look manual wisdom see problem and poke and and prefer solutions as soon as he was sent to the prison from the gate is soy problem and as he entered the first day so to me the problem I'm sure couldn't sleep at night say can I see the wardens say excuse me this place is the how I've been running this place say yes you see I have a lot of solutions for you that is why they give him the key Genesis 39 was nineteen to twenty for you to give a non-citizen a presidential convict a key of the prison you are looking for you are looking for the hip your head your let me go for it but they will stop this boy carries the warden could not stand it the prison could not stand it and they gave this verdict is a rule over the prisoners I don't know who you are this woman everywhere you enter from now you will be in charge I'm not sure Harry very loudly that's why when he got before Pharaoh look at what Pharaoh said in Genesis 41 and verse 38 it's a where can we find such a man in whom the Spirit of God is if you like a womb the spirit of wisdom is number three example is the man Stephen one day I was reading about Stephen in chapter Acts chapter 7 and I saw that Stephen summarized the whole Bible one chapter with her opening it I receive something today he summarized the whole Bible in one chapter we can open it this guy had wisdom what was the wisdom if you read Acts chapter 6 except the 6 verse 10 is about the wisdom of Stephen Mustaine actually 6 understand and and they were not able to resist the wisdom the wisdom and the spirit by which is Peck Stevie was speaking the Kaduri system I don't know who you are in this service then as preservation you will make they will give you a standing ovation you did not hear me at all at all the next proposal you make presentation for the nest market we go for they will follow you together products I am Not sure I had a very loudly many years ago import occurred there was the former chief your day is late now Graham door glass while Graham dr. glass was seated and Goss of ambition Riddick Oh was it just make a speech and Graham Douglas walked to him and said why did you get this kind of elected brain some years back gossip I was making among Chancellor's of University it was asked to make a opening remark 99 investor Commission everyone was there and when we finished the professor walk to him he said anyone that listens to you to your speech already have a diploma from today the wisdom of go is freakin alive wave your hand and receive the wisdom right now receive the wisdom in the name of Jesus what is the access to this wisdom we look at one of them this was in his first service determine 28:29 I was 29 the secret team belonged to God the revealed vain are for us and our children forever God reveals the secrets revealed idea reveals revelation so that we can take possession of wisdom so what is the assets the assets to divide wisdom in the service is meekness you make meekness meekness is one asset to wisdom in numbers 12 and was numbers favors one two three talking about Moses is a and Moses was the meekest of all men upon the face of the earth if you read exodus 11 verse 4 it's and Moses was a mighty marinated by meekness mozi God told him he said look I want to tell you how I made it up Moses wrote the book of Genesis God revealed things to the meek God resists the proud who is a week the meek is the one that will always give God glory is not looking for credit but looking for how God will be credit credited looking for how God we glorify maybe you are always I know when they don't call your name you rob yourself of wisdom the meek will always look for how God can be glorified that was what I saw in Daniel that's what I saw even in Joseph Joseph said his teachers have said in that Genesis 4116 he say it's not in me Pharaoh you may be hearing me telling you all the goddess said the answer is not me God we give Pharaoh an answer peace always referring back to God that is a weak not seeking credit not seeking applause they said people that clap for you today just watch what happened all day that's why Jesus said beware of men beware of men is where you are they are currents they are not there in fact you regret ever been there today I see the sphere of macness upon you in the name of Jesus we saw the same thing in Daniel Daniel 2 and 3 of a static than a two am a static Daniel demonstrated the spirit of meekness how when he revealed a dream then I said the secret is not revealed to me is knowledge is not it say but as for me this secret is not revealed to me for for for anyways of of am a wisdom that I have more than any of the living is know me but for there for the sake and that they shall make known the interpretation to the king and that they might know that thou might know and and I may know the thoughts of the hat now after this verse 46 the Bible say and the king the greatest King bow down and what you've done here well yeah I never say look don't worship me oh I'm not the one the man of meekness will always seek God's glory the man of meekness we always give God is credit today I see God receiving is credit in your life listen to me no matter how intelligent you may look like no matter how skillful you may look like please you are not all sufficient every time you see yourself as sufficient you become deficient second Chronicles second Corinthians second corinthians sell corinthians 3 and verse 5 is said we are no sufficient of ourselves to take anything of ourselves but our sufficiency serve me my sufficiency say one more time a sufficiency say Woma thomas sufficiency is of god i had an experience while i was in secondary school I love this cause so much and even my blood knows I love it I love taking control I love you too much that even when I close my eyes I know we have a name and everybody knows so just before they find our way you know you write mock and in the body school it was afternoon paper people are good at dining hall you know technically dress students you carry your TD board you carry your t-square and there are not too many so they are very special shuttle students so why we're going in today example guys I won't tell you my nickname they were just call him I say yeah yeah yeah worldwide I got into the exam hall for the first time I had to jump question then there are some questions that have twins and triplets a B and C you can answer a or b you can answer the other so well to cut the story short I was cancelling my Technodrome paper I had because I hardly raised anything I was racing I was canceling to the point that I was the last to finish in fire did not finish they came to collect paper for me where I live three hours paper so when I go back I went to my bedside all the people that were waving I did see them again so I went I said lord have mercy on me I give you your credit I gave you your horror well the sender's resort while were holiday now if I was to make the paper I would not get 25% but and we have a very stingy tank advantage' it will not give you people much anyhow when I saw the result I had it it when you give me means credit if we credit you today I see your credit in you anywhere you have been showing pomposity you have been showing Agusan today I see you Bobby for him first Corinthians 1 and verse 29 is it and no flesh should glory in his presence when they give you credit and clap for you say Lord thank you take your glory take your glory whether your Hannah 10 take your glory this is the assets for the grace of wisdom for the promotion of wisdom and for the flow of wisdom receive the flow is on this morning in this service god we said to you that person did not hear me very loudly as ago we saw to you in this service God we said to you is the god of all settlement if you accepted before a conceptually game is a God of all settlement so the men and women are good too many things in life that the camera will explain it that's why it's called the God of all flesh Jeremiah 32 and verse 17 and verse 27 is the God of all flesh and there is moving too hard for him today that God I will not repay okay your doctor can refer your case your bank account refer your case your parent can refer your case they won God is your final boss top of your settlement the God of all settlement we said to you this warrant [Applause] some years back I saw the scripture Ezekiel 36 and verse 11 he said Ezekiel 36 and I will multiply you upon you men and beasts and they shall increase you will increase I say your business will increase your profit will increase and bring fruit and bring fruit and I will set to you after your own estate that means after your original estate and I will do it how to better known to you than out your beginnings and the Yemen oh that i am the lord that settles people today i don't know what it was in january i don't know how you began to hear i don't know how it looks like right now it will be better right now by this service somebody you are changing position for better is i will do better i will do better because I'm the one that settles people God the settles man we sent to your business we said to your career we said to your academics we said to your finances if you believe the let me yell are as ever so God is committed to settle in you you have moved from pillar to post one of the cause I came upon upon Cain that is an Genesis 4 verse 9 and 10 God caused Cain is a kid listen to me there's a mark I put on you that everyone that see you will not help you they will help you even where your qualified they will help you and fire your sights will become repulsive to anyone and can cry to God is a god this is too much Allah say well let kill me I don't know what I'm talking about whatever I've been refusing your settlement the God of all flesh the God of all settlement we said to you today in the name of Jesus by this invitation now as we going on this waterhole egos that's what to do right what you want to be settled there also as we go right away to pack it and I would do what God said I should do now give them time give them time or if you have paper the oceans they'll give you people right that issue you won't settle today the God of all flesh we said to you I didn't know here your lot as a man it was said to you in your family it will said to you in your marriage it will settle you in your destiny it will set to you in your finances it will set to you indicate your career say we men said to me Oh Lord and we're not said to you like others it's a better than your beginning I like you to think of your beginning and we said to you better we have to be better God does not retain what he has always done in always progresses in doing whatever I was doing today the god of our flesh we said to you redemption is key to all our settlement when you are redeemed you are redeemed to be settled you are not born again to suffer again you are born again to radiate the glory of God is a year chosen generation you are royal priesthood you are holy people they are called out of darkness to show forth his marvelous light 1st Peter 2 verse 9 he has brought you out to showcase you when you look at a showroom in any place they workshop can be very dirty but the showroom is always well decorated go with decorative diseases in the name of Jesus now what does it mean to be settled to meseta means to bring an end to all contradiction and contention to bring an end to all contradiction and contention whatever is contained your glory contending with your health contending with your progress contending with your fruitfulness contending with your marriage go we said to you this time Isaiah came andrás at as I attained in verse 25 he said therefore the indignation shall cease except for yet available it's why the indignation shall cease and my hunger in their destruction whatever is contending with you is seasoned this morning it's coming to an end today number two what does it mean to be what does it mean to be settled it means to be established first Peter 5 immersed and first Peter 5 understand first Peter 5 and verse 10 he says but the God of all grace receive grace this morning woo call us on to his eternal glory you are no call to shame you are no chorus tek-nition you are not called to be a reproach on the by world you are not called to be sorrowful is it was colossal glory by Christ Jesus after ye have suffered why after you're going through your wilderness after you're going through the audience you have not meant to remainder a while is a moment after somebody while he says will make you perfect that is it will make you mature then is ahead establish you I don't know what the enemy tortillas thrown at you that we have for your elevation I don't know that positioning are aware he said I'll establish you strengthen you set you to be settlements to be established no more herbs and down no more walk about today I see God said to you in the name of Jesus how God said to his people by its governor how does he said to his people by its governor will look at some examples so now you can put your faith on the line from captivity to liberty that's what it is region of Israel they were in captivity for 430 years in bondage under the torture of Pharaoh but one day today will be all day one day was the day of their settlement Exodus 12 I was 4143 that same same day they came out the horse of Egypt the host of enjoy Univision came out of the land of Egypt today will be your only of settlement from Baroness to fruitfulness Genesis Genesis 30:1 amaz 22 from Baroness tall fruitfulness from Baroness to fruitfulness Genesis 21 and was 1 to 6 Genesis 21 verse 1 to 6 God said to Sarah from shame or balance and made her fruitful buys world by the world we're receiving this morning receive your testimony of fruitfulness it was said to you fruitfully from Korea stagnation to progress from Korea stagnation to progress somebody you are getting your job this week I said they will send for you this week that contra will be released for you this week that long-awaited blessing that has been held back we will list for you this week Genesis 30 in verse 27 to 43 Jacob was stagnated for twenty years he was aiming the same salary and he had eleven mouths to feed and his salary never change and it was the reason why the business was working and yet they never change salary but it's a god you're the Wonder setters and what he couldn't get for twenty years God gave me a one here I don't know why I'm talking about before the end of this year go is set to you from all your sweats in your career whatever profession you an artisan you are professional in any fear in any discipline God will say to you what long from business break down to business ritual you broke down your business you cannot find your investment everything is looking lost you don't even know where to turn they wanna step into the house of God we do it we step into your destiny hear what it says in Luke 5 verse 1 Thomas 8 Luke 1 Luke 5 1 to 8 is said to the man by the name Peter Peter fishing enterprises all investment fail but when Jesus a Pinterest board and give a command with his word everything changed today by this encounter the God that turn around the story of Peter who turn around the story of your career what more is settles you from reproach – it is from reproach to restoration is such as you by taking you from reproach and restoring you to dignity you see in fence somewhere 30 must want to eat what happened to Pete Oh – David David returned from battle and everything was taken and 400 men that were with him they were picking stone – it was told him under a crime for men to crime not just men soldiers that's a serious matter but if I was a head goes soul from the devil is a look you would go after them and recover all I don't know what you have lost before you will recover ha by this settlement you will recover by this settlement you will recover quickly how covenant the Covenant requirement for all run settlement if all this is what settlement is about what is the key what is the requirement for the settlement I record I desire number one seven of them very fast number one set to with God said to ago when you said to record everything settles with you when you said to regard everything set with you your return to God determines the return of good to use job 22 verse 21 and 22 Jul 22 2009 22 I've cleaned out I serve with him and be at peace is a thereby ghoul shall come unto thee receive I pray thee the law from his mouth he says I what we have entities and good shall follow thee is said and plenty we following the almighty will be of the fav you return to verse 21 your return determines your settlement perhaps you have put God at one side perhaps God does know how the center of the center of your life when you return to God God such as you number to locate the word of settlement someone 9 verse 9 th Saone I was 98 he said forever thy war so what when I was 98 that forever thy Ward is said to in heaven he said ow he said ow through the commandment has made me wiser than my enemy therefore there ever with me forever the war is settle in heaven so on I was 89 today I say go settle in you I told somebody's in an amen forever the award is settled where you said to with the world on any subject I another good news the Word of God covers every subject of your life help marriage relationship finances it settles it so when you said to what the world sit down with the world he had that word again get the amount of books and go through it what is God saying to me what does he want me to do when you set over the world God such a real number three locate your divine place of purpose locate your divine placement and pursue it there is a place design for you you are not designed for everywhere when you find your place you find your settlement the fish will only Excel water if you take the fish as acrobatic as they do fear may look like the movement is out of the water it becomes a void it becomes vulnerable so your your carrier place yours your your place of assignment is your place of settlement you are struggling in another presence place some time ago LG did one advert in this country and the mid one star dribbler I don't want to mention his name now you know him they made him to think is not a single is a football one of the one of the outstanding football triplets midfielder and he came to the stage I mean that but the they saw was not good is it energy so good so good that guy will have been tapping ball and do some Acrobat that will have been believe applause because that is not his place may you find your place this morning may you find your place this morning number four number four walk in obedience of scriptural instruction walk in obedience of scriptural instruction Leviticus 26 verse 3 Leviticus 23 22 six plus three and four is said if you walk in my status and keep my commandment and do them look at the next level then I will give you rain for settlement induces it and the land shall yield our English and the tree of the field shall yield food every dry season I ran your life is over this time so said to said to settle with the instruction of scriptures you are going through ordeal you are tighter law what are you saying I can't be tightened and good what are you saying go force control instruction what is gonna save and I see go show you in the name of Jesus number five seek divine guidance seek guidance in isaiah 40:8 and verse 21 he said they tested not when you lay them you can so far when it leads you they toss that nowhere they later in made a road to bring water for that you can suffer vanish when he leaves you he leaves you in the part of a bonus Elisha the path of peace Elisha the further progress he lives in the part of plenty when eligium social strife was leading Lord lead me I have led myself now lead me I've been on the wheel I hand over the wheel tree today over your career over your marriage over your business I seek your guidance guidance is the sure way to divine settlement one of the secret of the Living Faith Church is different guidance is divine guidance today I see you subscribe before his Guardians number six locate a place of worship locate a place of motion in second samuel 7 understand second Samwell seven of us 10 he said I will appoint a place for my people Israel and I will plant them and they that they may dwell in a place of the and move no more night now because enter please neither shall the children of the wicked have freed them anymore as a 4-time there is a place of appointment for you that makes you nourish that makes you established that makes you to make progress this is the place they anointed and the grace of breakthrough in this house answer in your life today every testimony of heart we had a testimony of that young the family every one of them process children they were having tuberculosis and they came into service 20 minutes into the service they were not coffee the husband told the wife it says like this coffin of tuberculosis is afraid of this place the sickness was diabolical II have been connected to them what happened from that day everything disappeared both for them and the children I don't know what affliction following here would have deprive others of their blessing today the grace in this house all suffer in the name of Jesus what more call upon God of settlement call upon God or settlement I will call worthy to be praised so shall I be safe from my blessed be my rock let a rock of my salvation be a sword and blessed be my rock letter rock my salvation Bierzo Mach 10 verse 46 to verse 52 mark 10:46 250 to blaine batty moscow and what was he calling thou son of David have mercy on me Missy we answer for you today this is not about what you did mrs. about what you cannot do lord have mercy on me I can't do it by myself show yourself and you can imagine the Bible said and Jesus to steal it was said that when Jesus is moving in wood in the midst of at least 3,000 people and Jesus to steer is a calling to come the sacrifice and all Mesa giving me way I don't know who you are this morning messy we answer for ya what was a mistake yesterday by this service Sabbath on to testimony for you with your hand and just talk to him for the desire settlement go ahead and talk to him for your desired settlement led today be my own day of settlement led today be my own day of settlement look at already stopped our property another was led today be my own day of settlement I told a person sprayed prayer with the whole of your heart let today be my Dell sentiment so messy so messy so messy show me your mister today look at the Korea letter for Aditya show me your master today live your voice and let alone hear you for I wish or messy a poem I wish so messy I will show compassion upon compassion show me a mister today said to me Oh Lord said to me Oh Lord go ahead and talk to him said to me Oh Lord show me a message today let alone here you show me a message today said to me Oh Lord Surya kotoba rondelli October omnia zuly indelible say italia oak Italia Italia Italia sorry of America he Couture Melia Sally and intolerable Sathya natural tato natural tato yellow ball cydia kobato lift your voice and let alone here this morning Lord said to me Lord said to me law said to me Lord said to me lift your voice and let him hear you lift your voice and let him hear you lift your voice and let the area is Ariana ball stays zeljana ball stays there level stays rubber and rubber and rubber rod blond blond low a court a Couture Couture Couture Couture Couture laravel Sabha concerning my marriage concern in my head concerning my wife cosine in my husband consigning my finance lift your voice and let me hear you concerning my employment Yakov Ostia Yukawa se ha hecho la da da da a common ratio faith lest your faith ricotta ricotta ricotta Tata your the next two minutes lift your voice Lord God of settlement like alia Kodama LED your mess approval for me today just like you gave blame Fatima's attention and I can take a take a naked take a tire naked take a take a little boy so let me are you here Cara Maria near Korea more almost let basta Yaya Yaya patrols to let him hear you this one in a lot in the area this morning let in the area this morning in the name of Jesus we pray by your prayer this morning receive divine settlement hey whatever God will not reveal it will not refer the case concise no bigger than him nobody cases bigger than him if he can orchestrate that you no reason to cover in one night when I get to have a one other thing I want to expose this is how you came out to me the miracle is 3 million or 3 thousand not 300,000 even your image images agency they can't do that they came up pregnant women all women your woman somebody's taking us run away someone's gonna run away one night they move on as women's look by divine settlement and Georgia by speed [Applause] what men cannot comprehend whoa what organization cannot comprehend be your mares and intellectuals on intelligence receive divine septum–ah wave your hand and glorify Him I wonder strip us put them in the basket I wonder serve us right here your cup Oliver of Austria as well rather please be seated be seated with your hand and glorify Him give him the praise give him the glory give him the praise give him the glory ourselves we call it those peepers please be seated now everyone in this service as you try to run on the service this morning you are here and you know that you need to give your life to Christ settlement begins by you acknowledging Jesus as your Lord and Savior because you cannot handle your life alone you are not all sufficient jesus said in John 10 understand I have come that you may have sufficiency I've come back may have life and have it more abundantly no one can promise you that nothing will appear it but he has from his abundance for you you are here this morning you are tired of your struggles you are tired of your wilderness experience in all ramification of your life you want to say Jesus I'm tired of religion I want to have a relationship with you I want to be as sure of eternity you can stroke on this ad and struggle hereafter you want to experience eternity heaven on earth with God even while you're here that man I died with my where you are allow me to pray with you please may you stamp your feet everyone in such category yours Jesus to become your Lord and Savior you are you don't want to return the way you came you want him to be your Lord and Savior now touch your feet that man and that woman where you are I love Jesus to be your Lord and Savior this morning today Jesus is to save it now pick your bags your Bible whoever you are making where I hear a fraud maker where I headed for this is your day this is a day maker where I enter for your cup alia robostir make aware ahead of for everyone say yes to Jesus everyone acknowledging Jesus as your Lord and Savior everyone making jesus is lord and savior archer rejoicing and celebrating somebody making a decision someone has chosen not to return the way came an impolite is a person that knows what is right and refuses it and pretends I'm grateful to you for a sincerity this morning every other person joining them make aware I hear don't afford to remain in the life of that struggle you want Jesus to be your Lord and Savior yes I know you are religious yes I know you go to church but you want Jesus to be your Lord and Savior what are we waiting for make aware I here is yet to save is yet to deliver everyone say yes to Jesus whoever you may be rich warning make aware right here let Jesus be your Lord and it'll serve you if you are coming up see waiting for you now everyone in front I'm going to lead you to with this prayer and as you pray this prayer confess into Jesus if we come into your heart and become your Lord and Savior now put your right hand on your chest and say this prayer with me because it comes into your heart serve me Lord Jesus say one more time Lord Jesus today I recognize you as my Lord and my Savior save me deliver me from the power of sin and Satan cleanse me from all unrighteousness from today I will serve you all the days of my life thank you Jesus for saving me in Jesus mighty name amen not even pray with your father the same grace that brought this precious soul source the same grace rest upon them every hold of the enemy over this destiny is this alright now receive the grace of the Son of God in Jesus might and I am ma seal me I'm a born again one more time some are born again the grace of God rest upon you today in Jesus mighty name now I'd like you to just turn this way Goldie's official god Bless You c'n Galatians go over these officials glory to God somebody you are returning with a memorable testimony now as your honorable service will like to recognize everyone worship with us for the first time on a Sunday morning the first time here in winners Chapel Oklahoma home of signs and wonders on a Sunday morning we would you please rise on your feet for recognition we like to recognize you this morning wherever you may be the first time on a Sunday morning pick your bags your Bible I'll make you aware right here to the front would like to recognize you we like to church I told you excited but bless that Ishida comment in the name of the Lord glory to God glory to God you are most welcome in Jesus mighty name I say you are most welcome in Jesus mighty name you will have a testimonial settlement this week I don't know how you came but God brought you should I can do something new your life expects new order of life for good in your life from 9 the name of Jesus we are happy to have you this morning would like you to make this place your place of worship you cannot be here and not experience the women lifestyle in 4 weeks not experienced in a winning lifestyle for coming this morning everything you are written in this place I'm gonna anoint them the hand of the law we speak in your life a special testimony the next time I see you you are returning with your testimony now because you're special to us after you turn this way and Google these officials god bless you this morning god bless you God bless you God bless you next Sunday's will declare covenant award exemption I'd like you to take note that we are entering the middle of the year ready I don't know what has happened from the beginning you will begin to experience better things that person is saying a very loud amen and that is racquel 36 is the prophetic scriptures insecure 36 and verse 11 it said I will do better unto you and I always said to you after your own estate your original estates originally you are meant to prosper originally you are meant to be married originally you are meant to be future originally you're meant to make progress originally you are meant to succeed originally you are a city set on a hill that cannot be here today all the original design consigning you from God I said answer before the end of this year so we'll jump your feet and glorify God give him praise the God of all settlements the God of all settlements the god of a settlement glory to God in Jesus mighty name while I was in Uganda this was my walk to me she was with the UN and she was about to retire and she said pastor she was in tears as a moment take it easy aged one it's a man all the assignment I've carried out for the UN has never failed it's a but this one is looking very difficult I said what is it man and she brought out a map of Africa and she began to show me he said this is where there's battle they are rebels in this place in some places between Congo and Uganda it's an the Challenger hub or the assignment I have is to make sure that they – president that is the President of Uganda and Congo Mousavi Mousavi knee and Kabila that he can become the clinical seat and talk about how to go about it is everybody else right and I'm about to retire I don't want to retire as a failure I say you know it as a failure he said if the challenge is they do it we'll pick there cause it's a both of them don't talk I said they will talk now and she brought them up and I mounted it as we are noted it barely one week after she came rolling on the ground he says God has done it he said Kabila picked him full of Museveni he picked the phone call and the early for a meeting I don't know what I'm talking about according to first Kings 19 and verse 14 he said and spread the letter in the presence of God and when it's read the letter in the presence of God what happened the Bible said I got in travail and how the God intervene go made an angel to go forth now as we unknowing this second king zora second Kings my team and verse 14 and izakaya received a letter of the hand of the messenger and spread it and as a car went up to the house of God I really have a goddess morning and sprayed it before God and God responded or that night now in 24 hours everything you are written here today experience settlement testimony i annoying this request today and they decree a turnaround testimony annoying this requester day and I say if it's not available let me create I know in this testimony today and I command Nations Organization to begin to move in your direction whatever has been said to be closed concluded and ended god of settlement 23 bad therefore in your marriage in your finances over your children over the work of your hand over your career by your date that your pro tuners receive satellite they would call for you I said they were called for you that's what a large also me maybe sad for you they're weightless send for Joseph from prison and everyone's wondering why are you going you see I'm going to the king you you're going to the king where are you going I'm going to the king and when it came out of the palace everyone was buying he went there as a prisoner it came back as a king that will be the kanima this week is your week of settlement be blasts everywhere only your substance holding your employment holding your approver holding your contracts holding your promotion they will sell for you this week one of us during this week run to me in the office and she was crying they sent her packing in a government parastatals 40 and how he s I knew I met her here after one covering our prayer SS as it is what happened to me I said they would sell for you he said if people are very weakened the president says you will never come back they call that this week they said Nana chose the place you won't individual start start a class that now they will sell for you go in peace return with testimony and Jesus might a lesser a goodness together I have Dominion and I take Dominion Fergalicious

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