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a lot of young people have been you run away and they were kicked out and some of the kids are what we call a throwaway young people meaning that they have been pushed out of their home to the point where they can now return I just leave on the bridges sometimes like when I had nowhere to go and I was too proud to eggs I feel terrified because I didn't know if somebody was just gonna grab me unless me beat up it's scary dangerous in the way in this we love didn't know he was gonna be the next day of it you don't know when your next knows gonna be and you don't know who you're gonna be sleeping next to or who might come up and touch you or her stuff like that you're always paranoid of what's gonna happen we're at the age of 18 19 and 20 they decide that they're not gonna go to school and they're not working and so if at this time parents don't know I have to take care of you and so use Lydia for style or the aging out of foster care my mom left me when I was strange and it's not cool I thought lonely whenever she left me without a mom you have nobody I haven't had an easy life you know as a normal kid I started working from age 11 I got basically I got exploited my stepfather was raping me my mom was abusing me and my family was bullying me everything that a young person newly is running for two reasons one is to run from something and the second one is to be running towards something and when I say running from something that might be running from abuse they might be running from you know family issues they might be running from a situation that might be a detriment to their health I'm Dow each team we are coming at house on the streets meaning that we bring services to young people that for whatever reason will not do not know about a covenant house or afraid to come in to a shelter so we bring the services out to them we take food clothing from and we sit down and listen to the young people we offer them referral services to places that maybe could best meet their needs once the young person is coming to the program they're signed up with the resident by the mid personal walk with them on their goals and aspirations or they see themselves born and why we have an on staff medical clinic with nurses and doctors from the Texas Medical Center make a whole concept of color house then it will get them out of crisis and to move them into this transition of independence since I came here you know my life has turned around oh but they can make a change if they want to and what I want every young person that have a house to take away is that again they can be whatever you wanna be and that we're here to encourage support them on that journey and that this is a journey and at some point they will fly the feathering house is a great place to be so it's same thing like a harmony at Covenant House we have the 30-day price to shelter one young person can stay and if they're not ready to leave after that amount of time but we also have the temporary are a long time program for them where they can stay additional 18 months sometimes it seems easier to stay where you're at but the reality is programs like coming in house can help you when I had my son and I had nowhere to go with him Covenant House took us probably saved his life and mine I'm actually happy I know I can make it here I learned a lot of important life skills here is where it like some page that I didn't learn from history so at my mama's house they taught me a pretty good deal and I love it I thank you carry me a long way if I just continue to use it properly and then all of them looking for somebody to love somebody to encourage them somebody to support them and somebody to say you can be whatever you want to be as long as you have some support you

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  • Brian I agree, I used to live there too when I was 18 in 2011, I stopped seing my family, I was kind of far away from home, having economical problems, wanting to become independent but wasn't easy, had no family in Houston, and covenant house was the ultimate solution for me, when I got there, it was one of the best days of my life, in other words a huge relief and I wish I could give something in return but unfortunately, I don't have much. Hopefully I will someday. I owe them a lot and I salute them with all the respect that they deserve. Thanks Ms. Ronda Robinson, thanks to all the staff, and thanks covenant house.

  • This is a great place. I was here when I was 20 in 2007. I had nothing. Now I have a beautiful family and living well. There is always hope!

  • Hello my name is christina (cano) castano I was at a youth camp when i was 14yrs oid and i have been looking for a lady names rhonda who use to work out at groveton camp as a counsler. please respond and let her know i am looking for her my email is as follow [email protected] thank you

  • You've inspired me…I've often thought of this program. I'll contact them and find out what I can do.

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