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see since having a whole pamphlet during their war against the UNSC the Covenant steamrolled humanity glassing world after world and especially dominating space combat in general due to the numerical and technological superiority of both the covenant empire and individual battle groups to put things bluntly the aliens usually kept things simple moving in smashing defenses rarely retreating the average covenant cruiser was multiple times more powerful than its UNSC counterpart while larger more advanced vessels were in order of magnitude stronger and they had more of them contributing to their blitzkrieg was advanced damage mitigation systems and ships were more than willing to attack enemies bluntly even if it meant taking damage or losing lives that being said there was still a method to the Covenant madness and their general strategy was often dictated by their technological superiority one major advantage was the sophistication of covenant slipspace drives which allowed for faster and more precise jumps including those with an atmosphere as seen during the Battle of Earth combined with far more advanced sensors and communication equipment the Covenant were able to easily perform feints sneak attacks or traps shielding also provided a serious advantage for covenant warships though because shields needed to be dropped to fire energy weapons also represented a weakness UNSC ships generally relied on overwhelming covenant shields with many munitions in response the Covenant would cycle main targets especially during macri charges nonetheless to sum things up generally unless the UNSC had an overwhelming numbers advantage typically when attacking a planet the Covenant fleet would simply move in remove any defending fleet land troops who would destroy any pockets of resistance on the ground and also recover artifacts or Intel after which Glasson would be started usually from orbit but sometimes rarely from an atmosphere during the war one of the only major threats to covenant capital ships were orbital defensive platforms Supermax the Covenant employed various tactics against max at the Battle of Earth troops boarded the platforms themselves and deployed bonds at other planets including reach the Covenant targeted ground-based generators and on other occasions specialized long-range ships were used to minimize losses however speaking of warding the Covenant were known to board capital ships as well during the events of installation oh four covenant ticks used the spots left by jettison escape pods to board the pillar of autumn in response to this tactic the UNSC developed the Col protocol which stated that any ships facing imminent capture must wipe their computers and self-destruct besides for boarding actions and covenant strike craft were typically launched from capital ships then given a high degree of Independence usually operated by elites looking for honor fighters would often disengage from the fleet and attack targets without support arguably this lack of cohesion is one of the major issues with covenant naval tactics however because of the factions overall power and the strength of their capital ships that wasn't often exploited although as I mentioned tactics were pretty straightforward covenant fleets also deployed in standard formations most commonly ships were positioned in a line formation with capital ships side-by-side often larger vessels would be massed in the center of the line while smaller ships provided support a specific example of the line formation is the golden path tactic which saw a CCS class Cruiser paired with two SDV Corvettes the ships would typically coordinate plasma lanes and torpedo fire for deadly efficiency as another example two CCS cruisers together was known as a penitent battle group in represented overwhelming firepower the Covenant also used oblique formations a defensive pattern where ships were offset and try formations where trios of small fast ships were often used as a wedge to break apart enemy formations on a macro level covenant ships were named based on their purpose and loadout while fleets were similarly named based on their role I'd be happy to go over covenant naming conventions and fleet composition on a different day if you guys are interested make sure you let me know down in the comments as well as what you thought about this video did I miss something about covenant naval tactics what do you think of their general strategy let me know all that and more down in the comments anyway thank you guys so much for watching as always this has been a carts letter thank you for the support and may the force be with you

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  • Covenant tactics
    1. send a force
    2. force gets its ass kicked
    3. Slip space the real invasion
    4. Send laser nukes
    5. Repeat

  • did u notice on the way they travel slip space why when they show a recording from halo reach it show covenant ships use slip space and arrive like star wars ships but when it show on this time clip 3:37 it show a portal and closing as soon as ship slowly arrive out of slip space why they different in speed.

  • It was cortana who actually developed the calculations and carried out the 1st recorded in atmosphere slip space jump in any human or covenant vessel when she used the hijacked covenant flagship ascendent justice to jump in the atmosphere of the gas giant threshold to escape a covenant fleet at installation 04s debris field


  • How big of a role do you guys think John 117 played in the war as a whole? Also, how did the UNSC utilize him?

  • I do want that. Also, remember Covenant had the option to not engage in MAC range, and certainty out of any other ship conventional load out and that's another reason they steamroll so easily: they also get the first salvo.

  • Covenant leaders were horribly inept at improvisation during the heat of battle, which was one major advantage their human counterparts had over them. An overly competent human captain could, given his munitions and positioning, take on multiple Covenant ships simultaneously and come out alive, if not necessarily destroy all of his enemies. See the Keyes Loop.
    It was this vast difference in intelligence which ultimately won Humanity the war. By the end, they had become technologically superior over the Covenant forces, with ships like the UNSC Infinity which were more powerful than any ship in the Covenant fleet. Humanity started the war on the back foot with the Covenant, but grew by leaps and bounds due to an enemy which brought out the best in its opponent.
    The SPARTAN Program, The UNSC Infinity….humanity's ability to adapt to the changing situation and the Covenant's utter lack of such is what really decided the war more than any technological differences.

  • There are covenant high ranking officials that donโ€™t employ standard covenant tactics such as velmada aka the abreter but over all a good video

  • I really like your 80s glitch type of intro, any chance you'll put out a tutorial on how you did it?
    (I know its outside your norm but it would be really cool)

  • can you do a video covering covenant losses during the human covenant war? Both lives and ship losses?

  • Cortana developer the ability to jump in atmosphere just before the events of halo 2.
    The covenant observed her do it and stole the technique
    Itโ€™s in โ€œhalo first strikeโ€ the book

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