Covenant tech after the Human-Covenant war – Halo Lore (2552-2559)

covenant Armada plus great journey equals death but also lots and lots of scraps and just like how my fucking cat ate scraps off the fucking town or god damn what let's the galaxy's trash cat who looked up all that delicious value bulk of the net weapons or even working warships we're gonna get into the scavengers after the human covenant war and who benefited from all that destroyed but still useful Covenant tech like pirates Oni flood and lagoa worms and so much more it's gonna be a following guys let's go ahead and get into it giddy free halo audio book or choose one of millions with audibles 30-day free trial don't miss out just click the link down in the description and sign up after the human covenant wars there was an abundance of alien technology spread out throughout the galaxy all at different places either destroyed or brand new being used by different factions or left for pretty much no one to utilize of course jewel madama in the covenant remnants made use of some of it in their forces as well as the banished but they only recovered a morsel of it we also have the sin Cillian other forces either renovating it to match the sort samson kill eos or are using it to help humanity once the elites had betrayed the covenants like in Haleyville 3 but what happened to all that tech laying around out there well the majority of it still sits out there waiting to be plundered in fact a lot of conflicts post war were over dwindling resources the Covenant have always been better at being imitative rather than innovative why they were able to successfully reverse-engineer foreign or tech to create weapons and vehicles they never really unlocked the full potential of the foreigner tech and really made it into something of their own you can see this practice take place a lot in Covenant tech mirroring weapons and vehicles of other factions for example the Covenant focus rifle was clearly a reverse engineered from the sentinel beam and repurposed as a long-range weapon for their marksman to use like a sniper rifle of sorts why doesn't Keeley were known to be adept at using foreign attack prior to them joining the Covenant many of their secrets their ancestors knew were lost after the majority of the least in the covenant days acted simply as soldiers whose primary purpose was to maintain the security of the Covenant with weapons supplied by their prophet overlords as the elites grew deeply into the Covenant culture many elites didn't really know how to manufacture their own weaponry or even their own food they had been so reliant on the infrastructure provided by the Covenant as a whole to the point that after the war they found themselves having to relearn all these basic things that an independent spacefaring civilization needs to know the Brutes found themselves in a similar predicament although it was much more serious there was actually several groups of brute forces that were stationed on various planets throughout the galaxy to defend the resources on those planets massive refineries were used to obtain and process dirt inium and try Tyrion and were used to basically power covenant plasma reactors unfortunately after the Covenant fell these brutes were left stranded defending these facilities that were way beyond their expertise without the proper equipment or knowledge and skills to take care of these refineries they surely went dark offline and now sacked cold ready for nature to take back the land that they occupied or for a willing and skilled workforce to reignite the dead cores now whatever remained of the sin Keeley and the bruise that were a part of the Covenant now divided factions they were killing each other but not only over bad blood of the Great Schism but also to grab hold of whatever resources weapons and ships that they could get their hands on one ship that was noteworthy here was the pious acquisitive a ccs class battle cruiser that traded many hands after the war it was first stolen by a radical group of elites that planned to use it in their battle against the arbiters forces but they foolishly decided to entrust it's temporary safekeeping to a group of jackal mercenaries jackals by the way are known for being greedy opportunist that were well they simply made off with the ship with the desire to sell it to the highest bidder eventually the ship was being seeked by multiple parties not just the elite radicals who stole ax in the first place but also Oni who wanted it for their own nefarious needs and also a jackal ship mistress who desired a fleet strong enough that the kid yar would not simply need to be pirate scavengers that may be they could be a force a civilization of their own it was purchased by the terrorists Staffan sencence key whose strong-armed the jackals and to selling it to him knowing that they wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible due to the costly nature of maintaining such a large vessel before schaffen could use it for his own revenge scheme it was destroyed by the jackal ship mistress who would rather see such a dangerous weapon destroyed than to be in human hands one of the most useful pieces of tech on covenant craft were something called luminaries originally they were foreigner in origin but the Covenant successfully managed to reverse-engineer and craft their own versions of these things and distribute them amongst their fleets these so-called luminaries were basically trackers that led the user to any foreigner tech nearby so the UNSC managed to get their hands on a covenant luminary at some point an even designed Spartan armor to work with them the vector class money er Armour featured a custom data port to let the wearer of the Spartan armor to communicate with these luminaries these suits that contain this tech were only known to be used during covert assessments of the remains of alpha halo much like smart a is that humanity used these luminaries were often ordered to be destroyed if the ship was in danger of being boarded or captured by human forces so very few were ever found in the skeletons of wrecked covenant ships these Covenant wreckages were filled with plenty of other tech ranging from weaponry you know basic kind of weapons who can hold and shoot an equipment all the way up to drop ships that had it flown the skies and Ages a lot of the tech that was recovered after the war more than likely ended up in the hands of salvagers both ex covenant and human alike being a professional salvager proved to be quite a fruitful career after the war with no shortage of wreckages full of weapons and supplies that could be sold off all around the galaxy with a bunch of old battles from the human covenant war and interestingly enough some of the salvagers were actually elite extremists who held on to the covenants beliefs and simply did not want the old covenant weapons or foreigner artifacts to end up in the hands of infidels like humanity the most dangerous and probably most highly valued covenant tech out there would probably have to be heid charity for more reasons than one when it was at its prime it was the largest known ship that the Covenant had built it was part city part command center part docking yard and it was also referred as the covenants home world or mothership measuring that over five hundred and five kilometers long it no doubt held enough weapons and ships that any scavenger could retire on just a puny bit a fraction of what was left inside if they could even access it or let alone even know that it still existed first off it fell into the floods hands right or tentacles and was presumed to be destroyed by the Master Chief after the events of halo 3 but of course that wasn't quite the case as we see that it was largely intact on the ark during the awakening the nightmare campaign in Halo Wars 2 now how it actually survived this might be for several reasons one the grey mind was able to somehow reduce the size of the blast which would explain how the grapevine survived to the reactors that chief blew to destroy High Charity were merely deep backup reactors since High Charity primarily used the foreigner dreadnought that powered the mothership whatever the case is high charity sits on the ark quarantined by a force field set up by the local sentinels for a brief moment the quarantine was broken by a group of a tree oxes brutes who were basically scavenging which is the topic of this video right they were looking for what been some resources for the ongoing fight outside high charity was of course still crawling with flood who had been sitting around congealing and mutating without a grave mine to give to properly guide them but of course we see how it backfires on the brutes that tried to open up this can of worms for a few weapons it didn't work out for them right the quarantine was set back into place by the Sentinels and brutes working together to contain it and hide charity still remains there brimming with flood biomass a completely off limit placed for any scale you're an unwilling but fitting monument to the covenants legacy still rested there giving no chance for any scavenger to take advantage of it and just as their leader ended up broken and filled with flood spores so does the city that once represented the might of a once unstoppable coalition of alien races yet ironically such a waste even to an average scavenger now there are some similar situations out there like the flood infecting High Charity but rather Legault low infesting covenant ships so let go low are probably the most underrated covenant species member out there at least in my opinion but they can take different forms such as you know hunter forms as we see in the Halo games but their base form is just like a warm base ically and as described in halos book smoke and shadows smugglers and pirates would venture to reclaim and sell off parts and pieces of abandoned weapons in lost ships to space and John forges daughter would become one of these salvagers who eventually would encounter a covenant destroyer that had been shot down by UNSC forces during the human covenant war but the cruiser wasn't completely destroyed the ship was left alone and wasn't scavenged because basically there was known to be a dangerous swarm of luck Golo infestations on the ship which if you don't know they're freaking dangerous to be around just watch halo nightfall so there's really nothing that could take over the Lego except for maybe the flood but even these worms are pretty involved in a way that's for a different video but anyway as the years passed after the human covenant war the worms slowly died off and eventually the ship was able to be looted it was also described in smoke and shadows that there was a jackal named Noir who ran an empire that was fueled by scavenging scraps from warlike weapons vehicles and even information this made sense I mean after all kick yar are like vultures and they've been known to be like the icons of space piracy as that was on par with their culture and it's what led them to being adopted into the covenant Armada in the first place basically here in the 21st century human kids hope to be astronauts when they grow up and in the 26th century kg arch children hope to be pirates when they grow up Oh cute too bad they're all fucking assholes though remember guys snag a free audiobook before you head out millions of books to choose from just sign up with audibles 30-day free trial linked down and a description so guys what did you think about all this what do you think happened to all that covenant tech after the war let me know your thoughts theories in opinions down the comments below and be sure to hit that subscribe button if you want to see more videos just like this one I'm always posting tons of halo lore and halo news and I'll be covering III 2019 of course when you do subscribe if you do hit that notification spell because the YouTube subscription system is a little bit wonky alright guys thank you so much for watching I'll see you in the next one peace you

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