Covenant Transport Solutions – Real Time Freight Visibility with Descartes MacroPoint

I'm Paul newborn I'm the chief operating officer at covenant transport solutions I'm George Yates on the director of brokerage operations my name is Brad Dotson I am a Account Manager covenant transport solutions my name is Heather Williams I'm the broker for covenant solutions covenant transport solutions is located in Chattanooga Tennessee which many consider to be the heart of freight Ally covenant transport is the second largest team expedited company in the United States and covenant transport solutions is the asset based 3pl broker arm of the Covenant transport we're an 89 million dollar company with an aggressive revenue target to grow to 175 million in the next four years the reason we chose micro point for shipment visibility was the drive from our customers to have increasingly more information about the status of their shipment where it is when it's going to be there and we lacked any in-house capability to provide that information in a uniform scalable basis on a typical day at covenant transport solutions I managed a team of 30 brokers and they are covering Freight they're accepting orders we are bidding on orders from our customers four years ago when we contracted with Macker point we were looking to provide visibility to our customers and macro point gives us the ability to make less check calls to touch the loads less because we have that visibility to where we don't have to do those manual tasks anymore the life of the load it lasts quite a while so you've got your pre-trip and then you've got the check in at the shipper you have in transit eks that you've got to provide and then you also have the arrival at the consign II so there's a lot of calls and touch points that we're not having to really mess with anymore because macro point provides us the ability to look at that data without actually having to call our drivers or carriers we know exactly where our driver is where their load is and we can keep them up to date we're no longer having to actually physically call the drivers and we know where they're at that we're not having to distract the drivers while they're driving we're able to literally just type in a load number and ping the truck right there you know and within minutes we're having a response to the customer on that exact location it frees up time of mine because of once I'm able to give that customer the location update you know then we get to step onto the next process hey you know I have this other load that I need to be covered can you start working on this one for me it took a lot of manual work out of our carry reps and brokers time and it gave us the ability to focus on bringing more revenue into the company instead of the cost of tracking and calling drivers while they're on the road macro point is part of our longer-term strategy to upgrade our technological capabilities so that we can stay ahead of our customers needs regarding access to critical information that they need to run our supply chains macro Point was a game changer for us at covenant transport solutions it it gave us the ability to have real-time data that we could provide to our customers and in the volatile industry that we're in right now and with the current market conditions data is king and macro point gives us the ability to provide that data there our customers it gives us the ability to track our carriers in a timely manner and it takes the manual processes out of our employees day-to-day operation as to where we can focus on growing our business

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