Creating a Culture of Accountability

Today we’re going to talk about
accountability and I continue to get asked an awful lot of questions about
accountability I don’t know if you have a culture of accountability in your
company or not most companies don’t from the public corporations to the medium
and small companies no one seems to really understand how to do
accountability from the top down so I’m going to give you a very short way to
really think about accountability one at the center of everything you want to do
needs to be gold clarity and role clarity everyone in your company needs
to know and have clarity about their daily weekly and monthly behaviors to
support their goals are they clear about the actual goals and hopefully they’re
in this act in the form of a SMART goal specific measurable attainable realistic
and time-bound are your people clear about their responsibilities are they
clear about the actions they need to take and are they clear about the
consequences of inaction I believe there needs to be a cadence of accountability
a weekly a biweekly maybe even a monthly meeting I think that’s too far apart but
preferably weekly or bi-weekly so the questions you need to ask yourself that
are in these coaching sessions where you’re talking about accountability
aside from the goals and the behaviors are am I giving enough support both
organizational supervisory my support and work team support – am i giving them
freedom freedom to direct the important aspects of their work 3 am I giving them
enough information do they have access to the relevant information needed to
perform their job and 4 do they have the resources do they have access to all the
resources they need to do their work it’s the answer to those
is yes weekly Bily weekly meetings around behaviors and goals will
completely strengthen your culture of accountability if you’d like to do a
deeper dive into this subject or any other topic please join me for an
upcoming event the link is below this is Len Petrancosta from The Leadership
Quest and that’s your leadership tip of the month

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