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Hey, what’s up my friends? Kris Krohn
here. And today, got a special treat for you. I want to introduce you to a couple
of our YouTube fans that have been getting in touch with me that have led
to doing some deals. And today, we have got our friends Chase and Jessica. So… Say
hi, you guys. -Hi everybody. -Where you guys from?
-Lafayette, Indiana. -Lafayette, Indiana? -Yep, right. Across the river
from Purdue University. -Awesome, you guys. And we met just online. You guys, just
kind of watch on Facebook. And what compels you to what were you searching
for in the first place? -Oh, reality I was sitting in the barn and working out. You
know, next thing you know I thought, “I’m done doing the normal. How can I make a
million dollars?” I typed into the Internet and pop to you. -And this mug
showed up. So, if you’ve been searching how to make a million dollars, that’s
what’s brought us together. And you know, it’s been it’s been really great. I’ve
got the opportunity from time to time to you know… So sometimes, YouTube channels
just about creating value for people and just answering the questions and helping
them take their next step in life. And then, well that’s why I get the rare
opportunity to work with people on a much deeper level. So, Chase, Jessica and I.
What we’ve done is we’ve entered into a real estate partnership. And we’re
actually going out into the hottest markets. We’re actually buying real
estate together. And the last couple weeks some exciting things have happened,
you guys want to tell them what’s been going down? -Well, almost…
What felt like almost overnight. You know, we’ve reached out and you got right back.
And then we had some deals. I mean, we have 2 deals right out the gate.
-2 deals. Well, on my side, I got a team of experts. -Yes. -We get them every single day
and I got super strict standards. But there’s some people out that are saying,
“Hey dude, I want to skip the learning curve. I want to go right to the top. I
want the best of the best.” And where I’ve been able to do nearly a billion dollars
worth of real estate. I kind of bring that track record piece. But I only
partner with individuals that I feel like just have great amazing hearts, have
great goals. You guys have a young family, 3 kids, right? -Yes, 3 kids. -3
kids. Anymore? -Wooh! -Are you sure you don’t have any big
announcements for YouTube and the rest world? -I said I could have said no at one.
I could have said no at 2. And I could say no at 3. But we’ll see. -How old
are your kids? -7, about to be 8. 4-years old and 5-months old. -Yeah.
-And we were having a party at my house the other day. Because we’re here at one of
the live events. And and we were having the semi-formal dress up at my place. I
had invited a dear friend of mine to sing some seeing a number of some songs.
And we walked out on to the deck and I got a chance to ask Chase and Jessica this
question with the rest of all my partners out there. I said, “What is the
real big driver motivation of what you’re really looking for your life?” And
and I thought it would be interesting for you to experience what other people
watching the channel are interested in what they’re like. Because I got 2
beautiful quality people here. They got young family, 3 little kids oldest
nearly eight. And I was really shocked by what was driving and motivating them. I
felt some emotion from them as they shared that. It’s wanted to give you both
a chance to actually share what that was for you. What came up what was your big
reason for really wanting to succeed in real estate in the first place. -For
myself, it was uh you know, “How can I be bigger than myself?”
And it’s never the drive is never to be better than anyone. It’s always to be
better for everyone. -And that shocked me. Because I’m like we’re talking about
doing real estate investment. We’re talking about making money. But I always
like to know the reason the why behind. And that just really that just told me a
lot about you as a human being. Because I think that inside of all of us, there is
this… There’s this desire to want to meet our potential and figure out, “Man, what
would it look like if I could live life as grand as I could, as amazing as they
could, as fulfilling as I could.” And I felt that was on your heart. And then
Jessica, you surprised me. What was the big motivation for you? -Really motivated
by helping people. And I feel like the big motivation for me would be to give
back as much as we possibly could. -Yeah. And I love that. My wife, she leads
our foundation and every month, we’ve got these big charitable things that we do.
And it’s like the most fulfilling honestly part of life. Because
at some point you got to ask. “How much is enough?” And so, I get it. You got a young
family. It’s like, ‘Hey, let’s take care of the needs. Let’s take care of security.
Let’s actually elevate ourselves to where we can afford our children. The
opportunities that we want for them. You know, parents want you… Want to customize
your education for our kids and them every advantage we can to have a
happy and successful life, right? -Yes. But then above and beyond that, what happens
when you have all this extra, extra wealth that you’re making. There’s only
so much of it you can consume. And for me, I love aligning myself with
individuals that feel that that there’s more to life. And and that there’s
something more important than just taking care of her own needs. As you guys
really impressed me with that. And… So now, we got these 2 deals that we got under
contract. So, you guys are having twins right out the gate. That’s a pretty
ambitious. And as you guys were at my house, we decided to have a little bit of
a fun experience. You know, Chase and Jessica. They’re under contract getting
ready to close. And and I look at the action that they just left out and took.
And so, you can see in this case that we have a watch. If you zoom in on that,
you’re going to see, that’s a broken watch. “Kris, do you get broken watches with your
friends?” That’s not my fault. I didn’t break it. We had with what I
call a watch-breaking-party. Which is you know, breaking a watch. For me, is a really
incredible symbol of freedom and it represents the start of a commitment
towards financial freedom. You know, the journey in real estate can have its
rocky moments. It can it’s going to have its brilliant as super exciting moments. But
what was on this watch for you, Chase when you swing that hammer and smash
that. -It was all of the limitations in my life as far as financially and
just anything that was hold me back. They have just crush it. -For you, Jessica?
What was that representation of? -I feel like the same. It was anything holding me
back from just being the best person that I could possibly be. -Wow, so… So
friends, I think it’s just so amazing. I mean, we spent so much time talking about
real estate. But behind every deal are people. And behind every partnership are
real people that are living real lives and… So I just want you guys know that I look
forward to our whole future together. You guys got an amazing mindset. One of the
things I do with my partners and I want to invite you to do is that if we get
serious with each other and if you’re serious about creating wealth, you had a
chance to actually come out to one of these events. And I want to ask. It’s only
day 1 for you guys. But I promise people this is a life-changing
experience. How’s it been for you so far? -Has been life-changing already if.
-Someone was actually like saying, “But I wanted to actually get serious about
making some serious money in real estate, would you recommend they
actually come out to one of these events? -Yes. -Yeah. So, for you what has been one of the
bigger takeaways? -I think even like just a little bit ago, I had to break a board
and I was so scared. -Now, you’re going to scare me like, “What the
heck kind of real-estate events ever is that?'” Yeah. We get a little bit crazy. Tell
them about it. -Yeah. I had to break a board in the first try. I didn’t make
it and then my whole teammates were really encouraging and I smashed that
board. -Wow! And what was on your board? What was that representation of? -It was just
representing all the limitations that I’ve been sticking on myself and on our
family. So, hayah! -Absolutely. You way to go,
dude. What a powerful upgrade. Well, the events are super exciting.
They’re super life-changing. And thanks for allowing everyone and myself to get
kind of a kind of a deeper look into the amazing people that you are. Really
looking forward to our partnership and what we’re going to be doing together. And for
the rest of you, thank you so much for joining. If you guys aren’t subscribers,
this is the place where people hang out that want to elevate their life to a
whole new level. We specialize in creating well through real estate
investment. And then all sorts of other success life hacks. If you’re not a
subscriber, take care of that. And also, go ahead and click the link below if you
want to actually learn about any of our upcoming events. Or if you want to learn
about partnering with me, we’ll get you all those details in the link below. You
guys take care. Thanks!

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