Credit Card Rankings and Tiers (Trash to Dope Cards Explained)

Aye! It’s Noble GANG! Shout out to the Gang man
Listen here guys… This is Noble Credit’s Credit Card Ranking
and Tier System You got me? So if it’s Noble Credit’s Ranking and Tier
System, that means it’s Noble Gang! And I’m putting this on the Gang (subscribers
:)! Gang! Shout out to the Gang man! Listen guys, we’re going to get started with
number 1 and we’re going from top— Or we’re going from bottom to top, alright? So we’re starting from the worst and then
the last will be the best So here we go! First on the list, on the credit card ranking
and tier system: TRASH TRASH cards such as your Credit Ones, whatever
card you keep getting mailers for every day. Those are your trash cards. These cards basically, they’ll make you pay
to keep them (or not), and they won’t offer you anything, anything even remotely close
to giving you positive expected value out of it. They’re a nuisance, and I don’t deal with
these types of cards, alright? This is Noble Gang. We’re only worried about the good cards, the
high-end cards. The cards that give you great rewards, great
benefits, all that. Like we don’t play with TRASH cards on this
channel. Ya dig? On to number 2. LOW KEY TRASH. Alright I know what you’re thinking. What’s LOW KEY TRASH, Noble? Well, listen Little Foot, I’m going to explain
it to you. LOW KEY TRASH cards are like—and this, this
is going to come with some criticism, the American Express Business Green card is a
LOW KEY TRASH card. Why do I say that? Unless this is the future, and they revamped
the card…Come on now. This is a LOW KEY TRASH card. This card is charging you $95 dollar annual
fee, as business card, and the only thing you’re getting 2x on is travel booked through
AMex. Come on now, it’s a 1x card basically. You gotta be kiddin’ me. There are no-annual fee cards with better–with
better travel bonuses than that. You gotta be kiddin’ me. Another example of a LOW KEY TRASH card—-so
LOW KEY TRASH meaning, it’s not complete trash because it offers something, but even if you
get pretty good use out of it, you’re going to come out on the losing end. Another example would be like the American
Express Plum card. Now this card is Trash. I use to have this card guys, I had to cancel
it. Why? Because it was a LOW KEY TRASH card. I didn’t know. I didn’t see that it was trash. It’s a $250 annual fee card, and it’s basically
a 1.5% back card. But you don’t even get the 1.5% back as membership
reward points. You get it back as—like 1.5% off. Come on now. I don’t need that. That’s a LOW KEY TRASH card. Another example of a LOW KEY TRASH card would
be the Citi Simplicity. OK I get what you’re saying, “This is a pretty
good—-Noble, this is a pretty good balance transfer card.” I get what you’re saying, but let’s look a
the competition. Something like the Discover card. These are good balance transfer cards. The Chase Slate: good balance transfer card
even though it’s kind of a low key trash card the Chase Slate is, but the Citi Simplicity
is a BONAFIDE balance transfer card that charges a balance transfer fee. Oh no, ohhh no, oh no you can’t do that. You cannot do that. Atleast the Chase Slate doesn’t charge you
a balance transfer fee. Come on now, you gotta get it together Citi. Atleast make the Citi Simplicity compete with
the Chase Slate. And the Chase Slate is a LOW KEY—it’s like
a LOW KEY TRASH card, but I won’t mention it with these three cards that I just mentioned
because you can upgrade it to a Sapphire Reserve, come on now. Come on now we gotta give it some credit for
that. Alright number 3: We got your Aite. These cards Aite. Capital One Venture card, it’s Aite. Bank of America Travel Rewards, Chase Sapphire
Preferred, they Aite. I know what you’re thinking, “Noble you just
said Chase Sapphire Preferred is an Aite card. I love that card.” If you’re a card that charges a $95 annual
fee, and you get 2x as your max category, you’re Aite. That’s it. i can’t give you anymore credit than that. I know you got some great protections. You got great protections with the Sapphire
Preferred, but as far as earning, you’re Aite. You not— It’s not special. Aite. Number 4—-And let me say something about
the Capital One Venture card. Capital One Venture card is a 2x card. Don’t give me nothing about, “oh you get 10x
on…” I don’t care about none of that. It is a 2x card that you pay $95 annual fee
for. Get outta here. I’m not with that. Alright, no priority pass, no n—come on
now, you can’t do that! Number 4, moving up the list. What’s that say? SLEPT ON. Okay, so we’re moving up in the world here. SLEPT ON would be your Wells Fargo Propel
card. Man… how SLEPT ON is that Wells Fargo Propel
card? I love that card. I want to get that card. You know what I say on this channel guys,
every card I talk about I end up getting. I want to get that card. The Citi Double Cash: SLEPT ON! Come on guys, you cannot ignore the Citi Double
Cash. That is a 2x back card, no annual fee. The Discover IT-Mmm, the Chase Ink Business
Cash: SLEPT ON! Come on now, people not talking about the
Chase Ink Business Cash. Absolute SLEPT ON. Let’s—Let’s keep going up this list. Number 5: ON POINT
What do I mean by ON POINT? I mean this—these cards do exactly—-EXACTLY
what you want your credit cards to do for you. You want them to go to work for you. You want them to earn for you. Man, you want them to go above an beyond for
you. Unfortunately, these cards don’t make the
last category. And the reason why the last category isn’t
going to have like the Centurion (Black) card is because that’s just ridiculous. We’re not about to have Centurion (Black)
cards on this list because they’re unattainable anyway for average normal everyday people
like me and you—-you and I, excuse me. Bad grammar. Noble Gang! ON POINT meaning AMEX Gold. Gold Gang! Blue Cash Preferred! Man, you see that revamp? That card is amazing now. It’s a $95 annual fee card but that card is
amazing. And AMEX Gold… Come on now that card is—that card is great. See something like the Wells Fargo Propel
card could be creeping up into this ON POINT category. It’s debatable. And now last but not least, number 6: DOPE/LIT/HARD
Now what do I mean by these words? DOPE meaning this is awesome. This card’s awesome. LIT: meaning this card is amazing. HARD: meaning this card is HARD. You know what I mean? You ever listen to J Cole? And you hear a verse from J Cole, the only
word that describe J Cole verses in songs is HARD. These cards are HARD. This is your AMEX Platinum. This is your Chase Sapphire Reserve. These are your cards that give you free stuff. This is your Citi Prestige. $250 travel credits, $300 travel credits,
$200 airline fee credits. Come on now Centurion Lounge access. These cards are DOPE! These cards are LIT! If I use any of those three words: HARD, LIT,
DOPE, I should add TOUGH in there. ‘Yeah that card’s TOUGH”. I’m just using it as an example. “Oh that card’s TOUGH”. So if I use any of these three or four words
to describe a card, that means that it’s the upper echelon. It’s the highest tier you can get. This is Noble Credit Noble GANG’s list of
credit card rankings man. You know how I’m rockin’. It’s Noble Gang! You know how many—-you know how many cards
we rockin’ with. You know we got hella Platinums. Where my other Platinums at man? Too many Platinums I can’t even take them
out the wallet. Alright, guys—guys you notice the American
Express Everyday Preferred. Aye let’s get this card a revamp, ya dig? Like that Blue Cash Everyday(Preferred). Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed the video,
I hope you enjoyed seeing the list of credit card tiers and rankings from Noble Gang. Guys we got 1: TRASH cards. 2: LOW KEY TRASH cards, these are your cards
that they could be TRASH but they actually pretend like they AITE. They pretend like they AITE. But they not. Then you got your AITE cards. These cards they stay in their lane. Number three, actually that Capital One Venture
card I mentioned as AITE, it doesn’t stay in it’s lane. It thinks it’s a great card but it’s really
not. It’s just a 2x card. The number 4: The SLEPT ON cards. These cards are doing more than they ought
to, but they’re still not getting the credit they deserve. 5: ON POINT. These cards are doing everything you need
a card to do and more. And then last but not least, number 6: DOPE/LIT/HARD
you can use any of those three words to describe these cards. It’s Noble Gang! Shout out to the GANG! Listen guys hit that subscribe button (and Bell Icon). Hit that Like button. Share the video. What would your credit card tier list look
like? I know you guys are going to come up with
something creative. You guys think you Noble. You think you’re going to come up with something
creative like Noble Gang. I get you. Alright guys. I’ll see you all in the next video. WE OUT!

7 thoughts on “Credit Card Rankings and Tiers (Trash to Dope Cards Explained)

  • Chase Sapphire preferred is a tier 3 card it earns points, miles, cash back and has an annual fee

    citi simplicity is tier 1 no rewards
    American Express small business green card 95.00 annual fee waved the first year I would call this a tier 3 business card.
    saves business money.

    American Express Gold is only tier 3 same as Blue cash preferred

    so for Capitol1 Venture1 not Venture but Venture1 what category would you put this in which tier?

    I have it in tier 2

    same with the Chase Sapphire it is not the regular it is not the reserve it's the basic sapphire 2x on dining 1 point on all other purchases no transfer partners a 3% foreign trans action fee and 0 annual fee what tier would you put this card in?

    like Venture1 I have it in tier 2

  • Happy owner of
    Amex plat
    Business plat
    Amex BBP
    Citi Prestige
    Amex Aspire
    Barclays arrival +
    Barclays red
    Amex delta reserve
    Capital one Savor

    All acquired since February

  • Please give credit where credit it due…The Credit Shifu was the one to create the credit card tier system. Now I know you revamped it but come on…at least tell your peeps this tier system is for the Noble Gang. I’m just keeping it real son.

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