Credit Cards for Fair Credit Explained

Fair credit is a FICO score between 620 and
660. Lets see what options you have with a fair credit.
Our recommended travel card is Barclaycard Arrival. With good income and no derogatory
events in your history, you can qualify. Arrival offers 2% on travel and 20000 miles as a sign
up bonus with no annual fee For rewards we advice to get a Barclay Rewards
card. No annual fee, 2x rewards on gas, groceries and utilities. If you like cash back, look at Capital One
Quicksilver One with 1.5% flat cash back an zero percent intro APR. Or, if your score
is in high 600’s, try Chase Freedom with its 5% cash back on selected categories. If you need a balance transfer, Chase Slate
has zero percent intro APR for 15 months and zero transfer fee. For students, we recommend Discover it 5%
cash back card, that offers double first year cash back.
And if you are a new business, try Capital One Spark Classic card for business – 1% flat
cash back and easy approval for fair credit.

2 thoughts on “Credit Cards for Fair Credit Explained

  • This starts out by saying if you have fair credit, credit as low as 620 and have nothing derogatory on your report????? There is a small chance you could do that but if your credit score is 620, the most likely reason is because you have something derogatory on your report.

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