Crews raise final beam at the Q

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hello everybody.welcome we’re going to get started just a quick second my name is Pat I started at a minute first I wanted to walk you through a wall power prints from the media that are here today covering this special occasion through exactly what’s going to happen lady paparazzi is to be our host and CEO and leaders in our organization we have some special guests that he’s related to introduce one stage they’re going to make some remarks and typical transformation style instead of a toast they can ordinarily have we’re going to do something a little bit different and when we get to that weight after the comments we’re going to be handing out these streamer poppers and everybody and so wait for those to get distributed after the remarks we’re going to you’re gonna want to end them straight up make sure make sure your door sprayed up so this toast comes with instructions and you’ll see a border on the side of it we do a countdown Lynne will give a countdown and be on the lookout for that after the remarks when Landon takes the stage again to the everybody set with that look around we’ll be going through the crowd and ease out so make sure you know pretty early so we’ll get started here [Music] [Applause] welcome our entire team here captain you get the number of our team members hi dear – you want to thank everybody for being here and our special guest the [Applause] [Applause] council vice-president productos so as we all know quite a journey to get here we could not have done it without the assistance and the partnership of many of you in this room so it’s really extra special to have you here for this event in and think about it just for me timing in or getting some questions about it just overall timing leave their mind by early October this will be done this will all be done so we talked about it forever right to get to this point so out of construction and now it’s a motoring right along and from beyond outside and this is really a credit to the mayor and County Executive one of the objectives was how this could be a showcase model relative to public-private partnerships for diversity and inclusion and community that benefits agreement how can this set the Newmark for other future projects so it’s a tall task we have a team working on this constantly Rock every day and that’s with subcontractors vendors tradesmen and women be part of this overall project and the great news about it is our team saw me embraced it but we’re exploding through it so we’re excited to say that you know we’re trending at head and every single Bowl and that’s looking at whether it be goals for County residents being a business enterprise workforce participation liquid residents and also the percentage of construction dollars awarded escolar for minority female the small business enterprise diversity so we take that seriously we got to finish strong but again trends are all going in a in a remarkable direction so thank you for all of our partners and special shoutouts our partnership they’re looking at every single day they’re working through that and it’s been a major major top priority with the entire team also you know you’ve probably been a chance to see some of the progress and what’s taking place and we all saw the picture it’s now it’s starting to look like the pictures so as you look at the glasses it’s making its way around remarkably by April this will be enclosed so that’ll read open so for anybody who says pretty exciting and there’s anybody seen the south facing Progressive Field anyone three people so by really in a matter of weeks we’re extremely excited about that too that’s another 7,500 square feet another neighborhood to the building and destination but something that will actually be able to engage and enjoy it here coming up with the season still underway at this point – so and the other part of it which is really exciting is we’re already noticing the Bison industry and as we sat down additionally talked to our our our political partners one thing we learned about lists of the queue is the largest driver of anything in this works economic activity of any venue in County and the exciting thing for us is working together with our partners is to be able to maintain that status and mint activity and new events such as the 2022 all-star game coming here as well the NC double-a women’s final 424 men’s and women’s first and second round coming up here as well and you know 20 as well so these are all the types of offenses we’re going to continue to be able to sustain the track for years to come so again so a special thanks again to the mayor and cutting executive to council precedence and also to the Gateway board who consultants here today many others to our partners and wedding turner all the workers tradesmen and women representing 24 local unions we have local union leadership here representing with us today and being part of this and many many other civic political and business leaders walk put their time energy and effort and help make this project a reality we don’t take that take that and on top of it all a special thanks to our cue and Cavs Quicken Loans Arena team members who are here today who helped make this and make this a great place to be every every single day so at this point I’d like to bring up the bigger [Applause] good afternoon and you’re not going to congratulate the Cavaliers organization mr. Gilbert in particular they can browse successful also congratulations to contractors subcontractors filled in trades made this project that is that is a property it is it’s been mentioned met all of those things that are important not only to come in but to the average citizens for us in the public sector through partnership that goes both ways and this is not just the development of the cube is what that means in terms of the economic engine that he is in and of itself is also how the government translated each a better quality of life participation not be involved in the leadership that made sure that this is a good project whether it’s renovation that allows stadium to maintain his competitive nature where other cities have been much much much more money it’s just if exceeded them the fact not mentioned by mr. Rossi but affected all of our great centers of all of our gymnasium this will be redone high school all of these are things that had occurred in his mr. Custance in his set the template is these congratulations to the Infantry’s [Applause] be ready in time for the playoffs this is this is very exciting today I I do appreciate it by the way and this is a little easier to do this this is a huge huge economic driver for us here in Cuyahoga County I don’t think anything does more for the economy in this region then the Quicken Loans Arena it’s not only the Cavs but it’s a couple hundred other events every year that are right here in this building and the people come and they come from outside of the area and they they spend money not only here but in our restaurants in our hotels in our shops and that makes a huge difference that puts a lot of people to work the Q transformation has done everything that was promised the union tradesmen that worked on this project the union trades women that worked on the project from 24 local unions I have put in over 170,000 hours of work so far that’s a lot of work it’s a lot of hours and a lot of payments and what’s really significant and norm you’ll love to hear this the the team has surpassed the diversity promises that were made and it’s still going on and that’s a big deal [Applause] so this is a huge investment for our community i it is paying dividends and pay demands for year seniors to come great I’ll be here to celebrate thank you [Applause] Thank You Armen good afternoon lately we are here on a glorious occasion first city and you trying to buy your heart if you want to thank my colleagues on Cleveland City Council those that did some of the political heavy lifting to make this a reality and as we stand to you today we’re not we’re sitting next to a beautiful arena but what it really is to be it is agreed it was built through a great public-private partnership with great membership with the partnership of the county with the partnership of the city and everybody coming together to make something great happen for all of us and as much again as for you we’ll all focus from the great gams games that will take place in here the concerts and all the things I think that we does to keep this building violent this building also represents a lot of when our other speakers have been attendant represents jobs for our people it represents the fact that this was an inclusive project playing speed appeared a night look out and look under the crowd I see my approach to the building trades I seem to remember some black Contractors Association I know that this is an inclusive project and we strive for that every construction project we do the difference is we didn’t really have to ask with with the camps this is not something that good for us this is a value that they hold and that’s why it was such a great partner in making this happen so in addition to the pd jobs and the mayor mentioned the fact that it was also result in the cab’s river refinishing the floors of all direction involve are all of our Sandusky high schools but they also guaranteed to pet and they also guaranteed that anytime that the the the admission tax to our general fund with a low debt service they would match that so in addition to all the great things are happening around this generates fun for the paper and police officers firefighters apart all of these into Montana fun this is I’ll say I’ve said this before and I’ll conclude with this of all the state of deals that I’m aware of been involved in this is the two so I wouldn’t care Cavaliers teammates enter town got focused with this this building and and what that means is it won’t you this was something downtown them touch the sky this is our bill so what that means is we tell me tonight heavy lifting the bonding out dollars and borrowing money from outside of this community and with those same dogs that eat back to a big hotel [Music] they go back exploding things that comes just mention it in the people gonna be surfing from the general funds about Calculon in the city of Cleveland this is 59% do we need benefit agree it’s not set of contracts linked to small businesses smokin not only smoke with minority business female everyone we did the lion’s share of this work same with the workforce so much that this building is a product of this community and we can say thank you everybody now we come to topping off coast transformation style so they were passing out the streamers we speak to everybody so we’re making their way around here sorta stood out pause for a second here but just for refreshing for everybody so so let this slide on this slide now it’s attached right do this okay right see that and and when we do we do that then you pull okay so if I pull straight up okay okay and we’re gonna count down we’re gonna say everybody together see now II right that’s good see how he can done we’re gonna we’re gonna ready ready ready here we go see [Music] so everybody we’re we’re almost almost done if I could ask everyone this games please join me we’re going to walk so we’re going to walk across the street to over the being designed to be the people be raised brother just let us get outside other drew welcome to step outside as well at that point in life the be made pop pop and rape yes yeah [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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