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hiring managers of Reddit what's the most strange or cringe-worthy thing a potential candidate has said or done during the interview I actually did this cause I was nervous is this a picture of your wife she is beautiful that is my 14 year old daughter nice nice when asked about strengths and weaknesses the candidate replied I crave KFC and often get myself a bargain bucket I just didn't know what to say next let alone whether they considered it a strength or a weakness not a hiring manager but at a place I worked at they were passing around an application of a guy who had to state that he had been convicted of a felony he explained that a drunk driver killed his son so he murdered the guy was out on parole I felt bad my first management job in it it was around 2001 or so hiring a general windows / solar assist admin one guy comes in with a huge backpack do the interview he's clearly on the spectrum but I like him okay pretty smart functional as he's leaving I casually ask what's in your bag he then explains that it's mostly oh really books that he brings to all his interviews so he can prove people wrong if he needs to after a pretty terrible interview for a level 1 help desk roll me is there anything you want to ask us or anything else you wish to say them well I know the director he said he'd look after me leans back and folds arms he didn't get the job and we advised the director of his comments me can you tell me about the gap in 2010 to 12 then I took time out to work on myself me okay so can you tell me why you left you last position them I was asked to leave and I have to disclose this i embezzled from them me so did you work on yourself in prison between 2010 to 2012 them I don't think that's important now I Google people every single time before I interview them I interviewed a leprechaun once he was a short somewhat overweight guy that was of Irish descent at red hair and a beard he chose to wear of all things a green suit to the interview it was hard to keep the straight face especially when my interviewing partner mentioned a rainbow table cryptography and said our code was gold standard and lamented the construction going on at the cloverleaf exit near the office asked to candidate about previous job experience working for a company that made unsold prosthetic limbs oh I was so passionate about it I just loved it so much that I wanted to run out in the street and cut people's arms and legs off just so they could experience our product we had a girl coming for an interview of a brought her boyfriend he didn't wait in the car he actually wanted to sit in on the interview with her when I explained that it wasn't protocol and he'd have to at least wait in the break room he actually got angry at me she wasn't a bad candidate but I didn't want to risk anything to do with her boyfriend bleeding into our office I've had some ridiculous interviews one older white woman said will I have to work with Middle Easterners and she pointed to a guy outside the meeting room the guys was of Indian heritage but was born here I said up Mike's not from the Middle East they're in a whisper you know what I mean brown people I work for a tech company another guy seems nice during introductions and then I asked my first question that's your first question you're not going to ask about the break in my experience me no I care about what whether you can do this job not what you've done the past year Tim but why wouldn't you ask that first me because I want to know about the work you did at this other company Tim well I wrote a novel you know and it got published did you google me and know that already me I googled you didn't see anything about a novel and that isn't pertinent here can you address the question Tim the movie rights were optioned I've just finished my second novel I'm looking for a publisher want to know what it's about me not right now maybe LA Tim it's this great story me I'm sorry you're going to have to leave if you can't tell me about your practical experience you're not sweeted for this role at my previous job I was interviewing candidates for a position within my team one of the applicants was internal so I knew of her and knew she had a few caps as pets so the day of the interview arrives in she comes and we start with the basics I then asked a few competency-based questions and she starts to give answers not based on her work experience she had trained overseas teams and had an impressive CV but relating the answers back to her cats for example I asked can you give me an example of your leadership skills why should you not her answer was along the lines of well I have two cats and around feeding time I need to make sure cat one gets fed first as cat two has a weight problem and will try to eat cat ones food I need to ensure I lead by making sure cat two is kept well away from cat one until he's finished his food she then showed me pictures of the cats in question don't get me wrong there were some mighty fine beasts cat two was a fat old and I have a pet cat that I was a bit surprised I did get some decent answers from her on occasion but it was a very surreal interview she didn't get the job he said he was going out back to smoke a bowl after we were done and asked if I'd like to join him I personally don't smoke and have no problem with people who do but until it's legalized in our state keep that to yourself during job interviews once a guy came for interview and his old class fellows were already working with me I heard his friends were calling him dildo and he was responding to it normally so the new guy walks into my office while I was about to leave me have a seat dildo I shall talk to you in a minute he was surprised and everyone in office had good laugh first thing he did was told me his name immediately he was hired I was once really nervous at the end of my job interview and for some reason decided to stroke one of the office plants as a hiring manager walked me to the exit then I laughed awkwardly and said in a surprise turn they're real he was not impressed and I did not get the job I only witnessed this because I'm not a hiring manager but this dude tried to take his mom in an interview with him obviously the guy said I would like to interview the applicant one-on-one place and this bitch threw a fit and stormed out with her son my favorite was when I had to interview this total bro so many cringe-worthy interview mess ups I had to hold myself in from laughing when asked about dealing with difficult customers he mentions how he hated dealing with shitty brown people with long ass last names all right it wasn't during an interview but a kid looking to get hired at my store came in and asked to speak to me I was out the day he came in so he asked Michael because the next day I would be there and planned to come back well two days later when I was back he came back with his grandmother now this didn't bother me at first because we have hired some kids who were too young to drive but had a good head on their shoulders what did bother me is when the kid stood by the door and the grandmother came to talk to me alone she started having the interview for him when I didn't even plan on giving the kid an interview yet she handed me a resume that I'm fairly sure she designed in paint and started spouting off all these really admirable trays about this kid meanwhile he stood by the door and looked straight down at his shoes she told me what a hard worker he was how quick of a learner he was and because this was a retail job she tried to tell me how personable he was I should you not this lady looked me dead in the eyes with her grandson standing 50 feet away and tried to tell me he was great with people and that he had no problems approaching anyone I was stunned I kindly told her that I would keep his resume on file the moment we were not looking for any new employees so she thanks me and shakes my hand and walks over to her grandson she whispers something in his ear and he walks over to me he doesn't say a word and just sticks his hand out at me I went to shake his hand but I'm not entirely sure he understood the concept of a handshake I was grabbing his hand and shaking while he just let his limp clammy hand sit in my grasp until it was over he then turned around and left obligatory not my job but my boss is a hiring manager and has a great one he received not a resume with like bullet points and things you've done in past positions but a first person narrative giving an account of the applicants viewing of the storming of the Bastille the entire thing used flowery extravagant language to describe the overthrowing of you know a 1700s French prison but then also then gave how that was very much like their proficiency at Word and Excel and their history of promptness this was for an entry-level assistants position recent college grads and the like there didn't get the gig there are a couple I remember guy showed up drunk for an Operations Manager interview short perfunctory interview followed by a don't call us we'll call you guy showed up in a tie and suit vest for a near minimum wage unskilled laborer job got the job turned out to be a pretty good worker interviewing for general manager while shaking my hand before the interview begins I'll have your job someday offered him a ROPS Supervisor position instead he took it didn't last long and the cardinal sin event he view behavior I've seen this too often to recall all of them interviewee bitches about previous employer being an idiot or bigot still makes me cringe every time I also vividly remember this one we were interviewing to fill a bunch of low-level positions forklift operators in the like in a warehouse one of the candidates shows up late rugged looking sweaty we had already filled the positions so my our manager meets with him to explain she comes into my office crying because it turns out this guy walked three hours to get here as he is and I mean completely burr when she turned him away he started crying nothing quite like seeing a grown man pushed to the limit finally break down and cry we felt really bad for him had a quick meeting to create a new position and when we went to tell him he'd left that one still haunts me I have a funny story about a guy we hired a couple of months ago this guy had been working from home for a couple years and had gained some weight he wore the suit he was married and for the interview with the senior guy here and bent over to pick up something and his pants split down the rear needless to say he got the job I was on an interview committee for a new position and I had shaggy long iShare at the time this kid comes in has a pretty terrible interview but he's confident the whole time when we asked him if he had any questions or comments he looked at me and said I came in and saw your hair and I can't believe they actually hire people like you he was probably nervous and I think his intention was to say that he's glad we don't just hire the typical professional looking type unfortunately for him it did not come off that way ok not a hiring manager but the most cringeworthy thing I did in a job interview yet was in an interview for a team leader position at Six Flags the hiring manager asked me where I see myself in ten years and I told her head of operations of Six Flags Astroworld at the time I just got back in the US after being in Europe for three years what I didn't know was a straw world as being closed and all the rides were sold off and moved to other parks she corrected me right away and that was the end of the interview I didn't get the job had a guy apply for a part-time sales position he put a few random sales jobs as his work history we called him in for an interview he sat in front of me and said I'm not here for the part-time position I applied for I'm here for the general manager position in that's all I'm taking okay we are done here Thanks number one we weren't hiring for a GM I joked with my GM about him secretly leaving and telling me number two you lied on your as you may enjoy BAP which means I'm not even going to look at your next apps that you put through if the spot were to be available again number three you don't come and demanding a spot from the other side of the table I was interviewing for a tech writing position at an engineering company the first part of the interview with the communications manager went really well and she brought me in to speak to the head of engineering he asked me lots of questions about organizing documentation and where what sections would go and why at one point he starts asking about cars he then wanted me to write a list of all the different parts of a car and after completion of my list separate them into sections something like safety use maintenance et Cie so I start listing parts and he keeps telling me to keep adding to it eventually I filled the whole page and he keeps telling me to continue I maybe know slightly more about cars than the average twenty-something woman but am by no means a car aficionado this job has nothing to do with cars I'm confused I have no idea what this list is missing eventually I tell him so he looks me dead in the eyes and explains that I forgot to list wheels my very extensive list of car parts has no wheels certain that I've bombed the interview for this very obvious and stupid oversight anyway I replied it's a hovercraft I got the job

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  • What was your previous job?
    I killed people he replied extremely calmly and coldly as if he'd say it was raining outside.
    After he left the manager freaked out, I told the manager to give them a chance if looks could kill I did that man. Then I told her look at the application it says Special Forces sniper Recon Marine and he's just been out to the civilian world this is his first job attempt outside of the military I knew this guy personally he's always been cold direct to the point all his life but you ask him or tell him to do a job and do it no questions So eventually got the manager convinced to put him on the same shift same time same days I worked considering he was my neighbor she never had an incident with him turned out to be one of her best employees a lot of people don't know how to take him what mean by that understand him socially but he's a good guy hard-working and recently he's met the love of his life. And anybody dare try to hurt that 4 foot 5 girl and he's six foot three don't worry about bringing a body bag it'll be more along the lines of what body did you order extra meat to go on your McDouble? Don't worry that extra meat is on the house! And Heather that's his woman she is also former military she's an army rat I say Army rat instead of brat, because she was born on one of the military bases and she was raised on her life on different military bases with her family until she's met the love of her life Jake whom I see like a brother and I'll gladly take a bullet for won't even think twice and I know he'll take one for me I failed Medical however tnsg Tennessee State guard took me and their wings I was a military police officer with the state garden for six and a half years I swear the same oath as any Soldier and I'm glad Leopold those rules and regulations to this day I fly a flag out in my yard everyday that I rent the land when I first put the flagpole up keep in mind this is scrap metal my landlord was not too pleased and this was a couple days before Memorial Day I also have solar lights on the very top when I explained to her and her husband and their youngest son who is the one having the problem with it mainly it was my flagpole all I had to get then with rope he still was not pleased I had to help their bad which is the landlord's husband go do something think it was pick up a part for the water heater so I went with him and we stopped by the sundry store to see if they had the same part we needed coincidentally they did and while I was there I seen a roll of rope for $2.60 which was on sale for half price I tossed in his buggy as I went to the back it caused an old lady asked me to pick something up for her I'm putting her buggy and I told the landlord husband I'll be right back he already Went out out to the car by the time I got back to where he was and I quickly went to the front desk and the rows and the cashier told me he had already went out front after making his purchase I thanked her kindly went outside and he is already in the vehicle when we got back to the Outpost I help them repair the water heater and I asked him that he get my rope? he said was it in the buggy? I said yes sir! He said if I did then it's in the backseat in the bag with a part with the water heater. And it was I think him and I reached in to my pocket and I give him the money and he said not to worry about it and would fix the water heater in the morning. I am mediately went to my flagpole which is actually standing on a metal fence post brought the flagpole off the fence post and went in my RV after laying flag pole down I have a dog collar leash that's been broken I saved the clip off of in fact there was two of them I'd say the Clips off of took those outside and wrapped piece of wire around the top of my flagpole wrapped it a couple of times after I loop through the base of my clip and tightened it up with a pair of pliers, then I took and remote rope through the clip and broke off the end so it cannot be Unleashed so now I've got an effective pulley at the top of my flagpole so I stood it back up then I tied another dog leash clip to the Rope then I went to my truck which I had another D-Link in it and I tried it to the Rope then I pulled my American flag out of the car which is still in his pack in the plastic I tied the two ends of my rope together to make a complete circle went inside and wash my hands opened up my American flag unfurled it clipped top link to the top bottom light to the bottom and raised it then I tied the bottom of the ropes which is now in a loop to the bottom of my flagpole took another piece of wire went in behind my rope and made another loop and another D-Link untied the Rope and ran through the D-Link open the D-Link and clipped it so now it is completely secure top and bottom and I leave my flag flying 24/7 I've had a few military guys get on to me about this until I explained about my Mobility problems with my legs and hands I have carpal tunnel and a disease called schwannomatosis it's tumors on my nerve endings between these two diseases I'm having a harder and harder time with balance walking and grip and I told them to me let the flag fly at night honors our soldiers who have fun at night and the fact that I have solar lights lighting up the flag at night honors the flag and the flag flying during the day allows everyone to see the flag clearly and who all honors the flag and what it means in the men and women who have died bring us our freedom can do as I do every morning when I first wake up and go outside I snapped to attention as best I can and I salute the flag as a former State guard military police officer in civilian dress even though I've caught hell from a few retired military personnel because I'm not in military dress I tell them to me I'm honoring the flag and saluting the men and women who have died and I don't need to be in no damn uniform to salute them and tell them thank you! I appreciate you! I love you! Thank you! For your sacrifice! Thank you for our freedom!
    I'm looking for another metal rod that I can slide inside of this rectangle piece of metal that was wide enough that I could literally slide over the metal fence post then take a pace of framework to a futon that was broken so I took the square piece / Pole and slid it inside of my other Pole to make it longer and taller and wired them together then I ran a few pieces of wood in there to help lock them in place more securely then I took a 4.5 foot piece of wood shave down the end with a knife and for starting to the top of the futon then I took the solar lights and tied them onto the top of that 4.5 ft stick watch only gives it about maybe 14 ft in the air Maybe from the top of the stick to the ground I would like to have it much higher high enough I could fly the Tennessee flag below it and below that the missing Soldier flag or a flag that honors all branches but being on disability living on less than 400 a month I'm doing everything I can do to survive. I don't like handouts when I ask for help when I ask for help I ask for hand Up's.
    right now my 1994 Ford F150 I got the transmission out I need a new seal to go inside it new transmission filter in a new torque converter then it's ready to go back in the truck I just don't know how I'm going to come up with the money to get these parts went to the dentist 2 days ago they want $1,000 to pull half my teeth and that's with insurance they don't hurt or anything but they want $1,000 to pull half my teeth also while I was in town I went to the eye doctor thankfully my insurance covered all this I had 300 to get new frames and lenses not counting the eye exam after picking out my frames what is T DOT approved safety glasses transition lenses $80.00 with night glare reducing whatever that means which is $50.00 more and scratch resistance $50.00 I still had $80.00 left that I could spend but there was nothing that I really wanted to add nothing more was needed so I left it with an $80 00 credit remaining in my insurance on vision my glasses they said should be ready on or about the 5th I asked the young lady could they be in by the 3rd that's when I'll be back in town she said it is highly possible watch if that's the case that will help me out tremendously I can't wait to be able to see again clearly it's been a little over two years and that's blow balling it extremely low balling it.
    next on my agenda is to have my hearing rechecked 2 years ago when it was checked I had 35% hearing loss my left ear and 10% loss in my right I hate saying huh what please repeat say again to people but with this insurance that I have now they will pay for a hearing aid Which to me is amazing Considering the insurance that I had before this And being on disability Did not cover any of this didn't cover vision Dental hearingThe insurance I have now is dual complete United Healthcare With Charlene Blevins She is awesome If you don't understand something she will go out of her way to help you understand look look her up if you need to tell her Josh told you about her.
    And thanks to her I'm getting better and ready for sugary on my left arm to remove a 9cm tumor –
    My spine is full as they run into my pelvis
    Sorry this was so long angles went off topic but I feel better now that's off my chest. Thank you all for reading.

  • Damn i remember in my taco bell interview, in one of the questions (don't remember what was asked) but i replied with "cause i like y'alls bean burritos." I dont know how i got the job

  • The last one probably got the job because she did what the guy said and admitted to when she didn't know something.

  • The really scary thing is it is becoming normal for young people to bring parents to interviews…not just waiting, but in the room.
    Many companies are allowing this now because if they want the new grads they have to include the parents. Some even have a “bring your parents to work” day! I shit you not.
    Of the 10+ 16-24 year olds I know, only two of them did the whole process of getting a job by themselves. For the other 8, the parents either handed out the resume/talked to the boss/booked an interview/went to the interview/regularly go to kids work to make sure they are being treated right…or worse yet, all of the above.
    Freakin terrifying!!

  • Felt bad for the leprechaun guy at first, because a short Irish guy with red hair must hear leprechaun jokes every single day. But then it got to the part about the green suit, and I realized there's no way he's not doing it on purpose.

  • That chicks boyfriend ruined her chances of getting that job. What an assahole

  • … that you quit because you were not willing to continue working for a bigot is a perfectly respectable response when asked about a previous job, though.

  • 6:44 That poor dude needs to get the fuck away from his nutty mom before she completely wrecks his life.

  • Interviewing people ties with letting people go as the least favorite aspects of my job. I'm totally fine with the demanding nature, long hours, constant travel, complex products and difficult clients but hire/fire/evaluations are the WORST. Luckily I rarely interview someone not already inside the company.

  • Wow…. Outright saying you're going to smoke pot right after the interview, in a state where it's not legal. Genius!!!

  • Sister told a story of am applicant to Coca-Cola
    Interviewer: So whats you're favorite Coke product?

    Applicant(clearly nervous): Pepsi!

  • You know you messed up big time in an interview when they say

    "We'll call you if we need any more information." That's code speak for "You're not getting this job."

  • "I just wanted to run out into the street and cut off people's arms and legs…"

    I dunno, I dunno, seems kinda crazy to me

  • 1st like and comment
    Keep in mind i dont give a fuck about this so im about to delete this just so i can piss someone off

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