Critical Condition – The War on Society & Femininity | Real Talk with Zuby

what's up ladies and gentlemen boys and girls around the world I would like to welcome you back to the real talk with zubi podcast on today's episode we've got on a political and social sort of commentator and a youtuber I don't know exactly how to describe her but she's a very interesting young lady she goes by the YouTube name critical condition aka CC CC I'd like to welcome you to the show how you doing thank you so much for having me I'm doing great awesome so that was probably one of my least six inked ways of introducing a guest ever so why don't you tell the people who don't know you a little bit more about who you are and what you do I think your intro was pretty good it was pretty spot-on I call myself a commentator and like a political commentator my my content has changed a lot over the course of the past year or so and it started off with me just being kind of confused as a liberal and kind of really starting to get attracted to the right-wing and to trump and Magga and that whole thing a couple years back and because I didn't really have any friends who were right-wing I've sort of reached out to the online community to find people of like mind and to sort of discuss these ideas that seemed a little too taboo to discuss in my more liberal and feminist circles so that's how that's where I started off and that evolved into the content that I now make which is a little bit more focused I like to talk about femininity and you know motherhood and family life I try to promote the things that I think are important and sometimes get left by the wayside in the right-wing community and with regard to when I talk about politics it's really just sort of news commentary I think as things kind of get a little more absurd out there it's easier to kind of you know poke fun at at what's happening and try and laugh because it's at this point it's either laugh or cry well you are talking to the British female deadlift and benchpress champion right now so don't let the beard confuse you stunning and brave young lady that tweet that tweet was actually the one that made me aware of you as soon as I saw that tweet I was just like this guy gets a follow brilliant it's really strange that um I've been joking that uh that that's the sign of female privilege that I'm up in plugging I've been plugging away at my music and everything I do for the past like ten years and then I identified as a woman for a couple of seconds and suddenly like you know all these millions of people saw me so this is the sort of world that we live in because I mean there there are lots of guys out there who are doing the same thing only they're not joking it's real life for them and this is this is the kind of world that female athletes are having to compete in it's so unfair it's so obvious I think to most athletes that there are some very characteristic differences between men and women and the gender ideology that has seeped into every aspect of life including athletics it colors it with this absurdity and that's why I think you know when people like you make these sort of jokes and this little poking at the obscure it gets such attention because it's kind of like a pressure valve people get to laugh people could just sort of feel that what what there's what they think and what they feel inside is finally validated in a way because most of the time in polite society we have to bite our tongue mm hmm yeah I get a lot of direct messages and emails on on every social media channel just kind of thank you thank you I can't do it you do like I need to be anonymous on here you know like people who they won't have a profile picture they won't have their real name but they're like look man I'm silently supporting you I work at this university or I work at this company or I'm doing this or that and I can't say what you're saying because I'll get lynched and yeah I think it's um it's interesting so what do you you know I've got I've got a whole bunch of questions I want to ask you well what so while we're on this topic I mean what do you think it is that has led to this we're talking about people being afraid to voice very basic opinions and even facts and you know there's this the censorship isn't coming from the government the censorship is kind of coming from from within right people are kind of silencing themselves and are worried about being I guess ostracized I guess that's maybe how you you even felt and where do you think this stems from why do you think in 2019 and in the past couple years it's really reached this point where in your words it's getting a little bit absurd I think it comes from a lot of different places but I think one of the main places where we see this this sort of this politically correct enforcement is it comes mostly from academia that's been my experience I didn't never exposed to these things these ideas until I went to university and I got my liberal arts degree and I sort of got my programming but the the sort of establishment the institution of academia I mean it has value in society normally this is this this is the institution that we look to for truth we give them a kind of elite position in the hierarchy you know because we assume that the people who are there who are running it are there because they're competent because they're the best of the best because they worked hard to get there and we can trust them you know we can trust that what they're saying is backed up by either science or immense study and unfortunately the academia has been kind of infiltrated with what I see as a kind of Marxism and that that sort of spills over into the social sciences the softer sciences and because these people are very loud I mean I think I think most people in general society like they don't actually they don't actually feel this way and it's not natural to to think that you know men and women have zero differences I think most people just they're aware that there are obviously differences but because there's these people that there a very loud minority and they hold positions of power that historically we've always looked to and trusted we we allow them we allow them to kind of bully us in a way and I think that the waves of censorship that we've seen on social media over the past few weeks especially with you know like Paul Joseph Watson and Laura Loomer those people and then more and just back up a little bit further Alex Jones and more people from the dissident right even back further from that that creates this atmosphere online where people know if they start saying things that aren't in alignment with the established accepted narrative they're gonna get either Doc's they're gonna lose their job they're going to be ostracized they're going to be called names they're going to be attacked maybe they'll lose their platform and so it creates this kind of this this sort of self-censorship I think in people which is really dangerous because I think speech and true speech is an integral part of a democratic society speaking is like thinking and if we're not able to really speak what we believe to be true and figure things out and be wrong I think that I think that does a great disservice to individuals in a free society you know yeah yeah it's it's very it's very bizarre I mean I graduated from University well about 11 years ago now and when I was in university so many things that are now a thing were not a thing yeah really like so many of these ideas that have sort of bubbled up in the past five years I mean I guess they were hiding away quietly in the shadows since maybe the the 60s or the 70s and they've kind of been slowly slowly gathering steam but it seems like it really it really came to a head I want to say it around I want to say like sort of 2013 2014 it seems like lots of these ideas not just one thing but a whole bunch of these ideologies suddenly popped up and I was like whoa what what are all these terms and words and phrases that I'm now hearing which were never a thing before you know what I mean and that's the thing that constantly confuses me because I'm often I often use the word day so I mean we've both been doing it you've been saying they they and I'm sorry and I don't even know who they are that's the thing I'm like I'm like woo I'm like whoo yeah I'm there with my like tinfoil hat on like like who is they who am I even who is who's propagating all this stuff like well I tend to think of when I when I say they is the people who benefit from this I think a lot of the people who are propagating these things are not are not really the Veii that we should be worried about I think the day that we should be worried about are the people who are the elite the people who own our political parties from behind the scenes and can influence them via lobbying and actually benefit from having a public which is divided against itself if that's divided on ideological lines great if that's divided on the lines of your sexual identification or maybe your race or your ethnicity or your religion there's an infinite a number of ways that people can be divided and pitted against each other and I mean it's it's a very common saying or divide and conquer if people are fighting amongst themselves the people who you know are cashing in on this sort of chaos in society can get away with it more easily yeah it does often seem to me I mean one of the things that annoys me most about lots of these ideas and the whole identity politics thing is that I feel it's just a it's like it's a huge distraction yeah and it's it's so smart because even people like myself and yourself who in a way sort of see it for what it is I think and kind of try to rise above it you still end up talking about it because it's still you know it's still there it's still like it's a distraction from I think where people's focus and attention really should be it's like whatever country you take or whatever community you take it's like if you really wanted to make things better you wouldn't be pushing these narratives that are splitting men against women women that are splitting black against white rich against poor I don't know I don't you know there like you said there's so many ways you can split that pie and it seems like in the I want to say in the 90s and the thousands and the early 2010s it seems like the Western world had reached a pretty sort of a happy happy medium where those lines had started people kind of you know weren't obsessing over these things again yeah that's why I kind of get crazy when people start getting obsessed with these concepts like um you know I don't know a white privilege or this thing or male supremacy or internalized misogyny or you know there's like hundreds of terms right there's just it's like a package it's like this little weird ideological secular religion and all these ideas come as a package and me as a black guy if I'm like no I think white privilege is a bunch of junk I don't believe in it then people start getting mad at me right I start getting like hateful messages like oh why don't why don't ya I'm like why would I why would I don't see evidence for it right I don't I live in the UK I don't see I've been to like 60 different cities in the UK like I'm a musician I travel around a lot I meet hundreds of thousands of people and I can does not say you know racism does not exist but I do not think the UK is a racist country right and then there's there's someone else who lives in the same place and they're they're like you know go this is that and I'm kind of like it's weird I feel like I live in some sort of parallel universe where I don't know or the same thing happens with them you touched on feminism earlier like mine I find a lot of those ideas also annoying because people are making it out I mean I keep in mind I grew up in Saudi Arabia so Wow yeah okay so so if someone wants to talk about you know females not being viewed equally in society and with a lot right I've actually lived in a place for where there are laws on the books that mean okay men can do this but women cannot do this right you can do that way and so when I'm here in the UK and you've got all these laws and complete equal law and you've got equal pay acts and everything like that and then these women are still running around screaming that you know they're sick of being oppressed and they want equality I'm like what do you mean what do you like what do you want but I've never understood it like I know I don't get it like they'll have marches and we're marching what are you watching for equality and I'm like what do you mean I don't know my brain just gets really confused because I don't I don't get it these women have been sold sold the sort of story that they are the victim right there's been kind of like a boogeyman the patriarchy that's been set up in opposition to them and all of their miss all the things that they have you know failed in in life or any hardship that they've ever experienced or anything that they may feel has been holding them back in life can be projected onto this boogeyman so it's a really easy way for people who aren't really interested in taking responsibility for their lives and furthers themselves to project onto the world what is ultimately their fault that's that's one of the most sinister things that I think bothers me about feminism is that it takes it takes women's agency away because when we are able to say you know this is my weakness I'm gonna identify it I'm gonna work on it I'm gonna overcome it and I'm gonna find redemption in it that's a extremely powerful experience that you rob people from when you set it up as this you know Vic victimized victimization kind of mentality I think it's I think it's despicable I think I think venom ism does a lot more to hurt women to be honest than it does to help them it's lovely to hear a woman say that I I got called all sorts of things when I said that was nice that was nice and clean I'm like okay cool I feel about I feel validated now I feel validated okay if I say that you know it's like oh you're part of the patriarchy of course so ya gotta what do they say male fragility that's the one right thing when I say I don't believe in like you know white privilege when I say that of course we're like oh look at this like you know Nazi girl with her dusty hair like you cares what she's saying she's a part of it you know like I get the same thing when we when we speak on behalf of the Soudan so do I so just know don't worry about those people and I've gotten it so many times at this point it's like water off a duck's back um it doesn't bother me anymore but it really I think it really does set up a dynamic between people of opposing views where once like you said you know maybe 30 40 years ago people would have had you know a kind of maybe lesser version of these views um but they could still talk they could still dialogue with one another we can't do that anymore and that's kind of the alarming thing about what's happened in society we've all become so polarized that discussion has become you know next to impossible yeah and the sad thing is I mean 30 to 40 years ago some of these issues were a lot more valid right they weren't there were more valid right if someone wants to talk about you know someone who lived through the I don't know the the 40s or the 50s or the 60s and you know they want to talk about sexism or homophobia or racism or something like that you know these things haven't haven't been entirely stamped out in society but compared to the past and compared to the majority of the world like whether you're in the UK the USA Canada like doing pretty well you know it's it's going pretty well like I don't know how much faster people want things to to go really and the the problem that one of the big problems you you kind of um touched on there is when you talked about feminism is to me I it's really disempowering yeah that's what that's the thing that I don't I don't get I often joke that I'm uh I often joke that I'm a better feminist than most feminists because I'm like all these things you're saying this is disempowering right if you believe that there is this thing called the patriarchy which supposedly I'm a member of I haven't been invited to any meetings but um what I'm like if there's this sort of invisible ghost that is just oppressing women silently and is just seeped into every aspect of culture right because if I if someone if I oftentimes I'll challenge someone with these these viewpoints and they'll say oh well it's because it's it's systemic or its structural or its institutional so you can't really see it but it's it's there and I'm just like well what are we supposed to what are we supposed to do with that well if you can be like okay that employer or that company or that person or whatever yeah or something yeah then it's like okay I'm like I'll be I'll be with you yeah but if you just say oh there's the British system is just structurally sexist or racist or whatnot I'm kind of like well like what do we do what do we do with that like that just makes you that just makes you angry and it makes it harder to you know take that personal responsibility and succeed in anything because if I genuinely believed that I lived in a society that just like despised me because of you know my immutable attributes I'm not gonna I'm not gonna succeed what I mean I'm not I'm not gonna go I'm not gonna do all the things I can because I'm always gonna be in my mind thinking well the whole game is rigged against me so why why why yeah why try right if you think the whole system is you know deeply deeply bigoted then I guess you know a tiny percentage of people it might make them go harder but I think the majority would just be like well you know there's not gonna bother if I'm playing a game and I know the game is you know the rules are contorted against me in the game I'm playing Monopoly and I've been dealt like two hundred dollars and everyone else was given two thousand dollars at the beginning of the game I'm not playing yeah this is the thing as well with feminism is that there is in my opinion men women aren't equal men on average are smarter they have a higher IQ than women is why you see more men in stem they're stronger you prove that you know in front of the whole world there is there is a biological advantage to being a man you have a longer fertility window you know men are fertile well into their 60s and 70s whereas women have a shorter fertility window um the the sort of that the part of being a woman where your body is designed for reproduction in the feminist viewpoint is something which is oppressive so there are these natural things you know in my opinion this is the way God made us this is the way God made the world we some what women have you know our advantages and men have their advantages and feminists have been sold the lie that the natural order of things is this is the subject of their oppression and they seek empowerment by trying to evade what is now is natural to them right so that's why you see women trying to compete with men on every single dimension and the women who are the exceptions you know a woman like Ronda Rousey being given like you know a star celebrity status because she can epitomize for many women well what we will never be able to because most women you know we don't we can't compete the same way that I Ronda Rousey can right so women that but that's part of the reason why I talk about the things that I talk about on my channel is that um you know we as women have these are our weaknesses these are our skills and if we learn to love and embrace our femininity and our biology instead of trying to imitate and mimic men we will be a lot more fulfilled in our lives we'll be able to succeed more we'll be a lot more content because I don't know if you're aware of this but women women have self-reported on numerous studies around the Western world as being less happy more depressed more on pharmaceutical drugs than any other decade of polling in history and I mean when you look like you said things are pretty good you know like we're living we're living in a high-tech society where comfort and enjoyment and luxury is around every single corner so what's causing women to be so unhappy and I think it's this personally yeah I I would I would agree with you I mean I often joke that we've moved forward in some ways and you know backwards in a lot of ways well it's not really a joke I think that's you know I think in terms of like certainly in terms of morality and fulfillment and perhaps maturity I think we are certainly you know the the modern Western world its its regressing in a way so yeah we we're healthier well now even healthier that's the thing I don't know what the medicine the medicine is better yes yes medicine is better i but we are actually less healthy we're less we're less fit so I think it's like yeah you know we've become wealthier that we have more access to cool stuff we have better technology mm-hmm but morally spiritually religiously you know we've regressed in a lot of ways like I think that if we were to go back to 1970 or 1980 the average person and average society you know just had higher standards you know both for men and women in terms of like okay like what should uh you know you've got in the same side you know you've got you you've talked about the feminine already I mean on the masculine side you've got this sort of boy crisis right this sort of masculinity crisis where guys in young men the sort of traditional roles and things that typically guys would have gone through that would make them a man and feel like a man for a whole bunch of reasons and some of them you know are kind of like fair enough it again it seems kind of like that's been stripped away a little bit and so you're getting you're getting all these young men who are sorry you cut out there for a second no no no worries yeah so yeah I mean I think it's also part of the reason why things like superhero movies and like video games and stuff are so popular are becoming even more popular because it's like okay well what's that it's like an escapism it is and I and it's also a way to UM it's like okay I can't be that hero in real life like maybe I would have been a couple decades ago like I can't be that warrior or that provider or whatever but I can be it in this game or I can watch somebody who's got some superpowers whose kind of do it and I can live vicariously through them that's kind of how I see it anyway absolutely and that's the other side of what has damaged society with regard to feminism's pervasiveness the things that inspired men to carry their burdens with honor it normally was a pretty girl you know a girl who would submit to his authority who would help him raise kids who would make the home happy and would you know be a partner in life as opposed to a competitor in life and we see this breakdown of you know people accepting what is traditionally our gender roles affecting every aspect of life why what mean what incentive do men have to step up to the plate if they're not going to end up having like a loving family at the end of the day you know and the the way that the dating scene has deteriorated with things like tinder and you know women being extremely promiscuous and not wanting to settle down and putting a ton of emphasis on their career putting their career before relationships all of those things Dee incentivize men from you know being masculine providers and now I'm not I always feel like I have to say this you know like just throw in a hashtag not all so that I don't upset anyone there will always be people who don't fit the mold right there will always be people who are exceptions to the rule and I don't believe that we should crush those people's spirits or that we should clip those wings sure there are going to be some women in stem and there'll be some men who want to be ballerinas you know knock yourself out but to sell this kind of ideology to kids now this is this is this is in this is in public school when kids are like six and seven and eight years old that your gender is nothing it can be anything you want there's nothing about your biology that's supposed to influence who your identity is it's just it's a it's a very very sinister lie because majority of people a vast majority like ninety-eight percent of people who are biologically female identify as female and main men male and that obvious I'd say it's a lot higher than 98% well it's on the rise this transgender thing it's on maybe maybe in the West I was gonna say on a global level I'd say like 19.99 easily easily yes yes on a global level absolutely but in the West it's something that because children being propagandized younger and younger and this is something this is something that really disturbs me something that really bothers me is is the targeting of children with this gender ideology you know kids are impression all oppression of all and they've been they've been sort of taught that you know if you are this way you're gonna get extra attention you're gonna get you know special special sort of props from everyone and everyone's gonna have to be nice to you because if they're not nice to you then they're gonna get suspended for being you know a trans folk it's literally incentivizing confusion in young children's mind and then when you get to the medical aspect of that where you're blocking puberty you're giving hormones I mean we're in uncharted territory with it and what is happening to the youth today is very very scary to me yeah it is it is it's disturbing like you said I mean I think whenever you cross that boundary into kids then that's where you know a line needs to be drawn like as far as I'm concerned with that whole issue I'm like look if an individual adult wants to do whatever they want to do I'm not gonna approve of everything but I don't need to approve it you don't need zoo bees horrible for everything right but if you want to do something you know if you want to go and tattoo a barcode on your forehead I don't recommend it I don't recommend you but if you if you want to you know you you can I don't think you should do it if um you know I I don't know I I don't think if you're a man I don't think you should remove your I think you should think really long and hard before you remove your genitals and you know do any start taking hormones and stuff like that if you if you fully thought of it and you've considered it you know if that's what makes you happy go ahead but with kids I'm like now leave the kids out of it like leave leave the kids out of it it's the same with them you know like drawing the line at this the sports thing right because that's that's like an invasion on you know female privacy and also just safety you know like I mean I'm I'm a big strong dude you know I'm I'm literally you know I'm literally four times five times as strong as a lot of women she killed the strongest woman like we serve bare hands if you wanted to so like you know if I'm gonna play rugby or American football or MMA or boxing or something like that and it's like how are people letting this slide you know what I mean it and it's it's gone to the stage where the ad ology has completely taken over people's mental faculties it's like the you can't even just think logically and clearly right there oh the only way they can process this is oh you don't want this because you're a bigot and it's just like what is wrong with you like this is not this is not some crazy rocket science here this is this is very basic biology it I don't know in in some some ways I think I think it might unfortunately need to get worse before it gets better I think it might need to get to a stage where it's just so you know the consequences are just becoming so disastrous that you know even those people need to be like maybe we maybe we need to reconsider this maybe some men need to start you know competing in the Olympics and smashing women physically and you know I don't want that to happen I don't want to I don't want to watch that but I kind of feel like look if you're gonna let it that is the you know that's the logical endpoint of this that's the logical endpoint someone's gonna get their bones broken someone's gonna get concussed someone's gonna get like seriously hurt in some of these sports and that might be what it takes for someone to go oh maybe we shouldn't let men identify as women and box against them you know what I mean but um I don't know anyway I what I wanted to do see see I meant to do this at the beginning but uh you know obviously we got straight into the topics but I want to talk a little bit more about your own personal journey I mean you started out as you started out as a liberal did you at one point am I right in saying you you were also a feminist uh okay so naughty not really I always was uncomfortable with feminism but because like I'm a woman and like a bit of a herd animal I didn't want to be ostracized girlfriends so I was like yeah you know I'm a feminist but I never would have like worn a feminist t-shirt or gone to a rally or something like that you know I did it because I wanted to be cool I wanted to be accepted you know so so talk us so talk us through that I mean well I actually I mean to be totally honest I started off I was raised in a you know in a conservative Christian household quite strict and I mean I was in church every Sunday did the whole thing and that was the beginning part of my life and I found I found that very kind of restrictive and there's something you've you often hear you know when young people are they grow up in a strict household they kind of rebel against it sometimes so I went off to university rejecting the old backwards ways of my Christian conservative family and I got indoctrinated by a bunch of Marxist professors with with feminist ideology and I used to take feminist courses because what did you study so I started off in journalism I didn't like journalism so then I switched to mass communication which is kind of a broader form of journalism which would encompass like TV radio journalism fashion media of all sorts and also film I'm smiling because it sounds like mass communication sounds like propaganda it is literally processor it is a youtuber really what it is I'm not I'm not I never hide that from people I always think it's so funny that I have a degree essentially in propaganda and I think that's probably why on some level I am now able to pick up on propaganda easily when I see especially when it comes from the left but so I went through my indoctrination years I didn't know a single I didn't know a single conservative the entire time that I was in university I didn't not a professor not a student not a friend no one it was and this is also in Canada right this is a major city in Canada so it would have been very liberal there anyways and I just sort of assumed the kind of very like low IQ perspective that conservative bad liberal good that was my basic worldview right conservative is full backwards liberal is like hip and cool and were the new kids and this is the new way we're gonna do things watch out old people here we come this kind of attitude right and I would come home from from University for from curse for Christmas that's uh my parent to a Marxist school like this is communism what's happened to our child I'll be like my dad for five years this went on for five years I never really questioned it and so I left I left University with that programming with these assumptions about the world you know that you know whiteness had an inherent evilness – it's that colonialism means that all white people are bad and you know white you know I'm curious because I hear a lot of stuff about what goes on in universities now these courses but I'd like because I'm a computer science graduate so you know there was no like there isn't even an option for any kind of programming and they're all apartment literal programming right um so did they literally like teach you that like did they literally have like parts of lectures saying like I'm curious like Blueboy likeness is a you know we were taught that whiteness is a social construct which signifies hegemony and power and that comes from the colonial era which people today still benefit from that all Western countries that engaged in colonialism only had their wealth because they stole it from other people that they offered nothing to the world from themselves that every everything that you know we know as being Western inventions or European of engines you know came off the backs of the people who they oppressed that that essentially was the kind of racial dynamic of the ideology and then the feminism was another layer on top of that well yeah we were talking about there was one professor I I mean I did gender studies courses as electives actually I had like a trans professor like eight years ago you know like this this has been in the university for a long time these sorts of ideas and they're they're just now gaining prominence in the public the public sort of awareness but yeah I mean I kind of I I mean I don't know I guess I even back then I was a little bit anti-establishment and I kind of felt a discomfort with feminism you know like I felt like there was something cringy about it even back then and I took those courses because they were easy I knew what to say it was literally formula you say the right thing you get your a and it was like easy but then when I got out of university I had a ton of experiences with feminists though not all feminists I know some feminists actually who are quite feminine and totally stable relationships they're great people but specifically when I was living in Ireland these really radical feminist girls who would kind of police my appearance um you know you shouldn't dress Lena I don't dress promiscuous II promiscuously like I'm a pretty modest person but if others one time I was wearing a very feminine like pink dress like a long dress and I had a friend saying you should be careful when you're sort of eliciting the male gaze you know and this this is a girl who is wearing like a button-down in baggy jeans and vague things right that's kind of feminist and feminists of the same sort sort kind of judging me and judge me by my appearance and by the fact that maybe I have like a feminine voice and I have feminine mannerisms you know femininity we see that a weakness because the whole thing about feminism is that you are able to compete with men on men's level right so if you're playing into what your your natural kind of inclination is as a feminine woman you get judged for that by feminists and I always hated that and then Trump came along and I was at the time working in a yoga studio with like tons of feminists and like vegans I was like in a vegan kitchen cooking and stuff you could imagine the sorts of garden piercings like Hannah the whole thing yeah hippie dippie girls no lovely lovely people not trying to be mean or anything but you know you agree with them yes yeah exactly we'd be in the kitchen talking as you do while you're cooking and stuff and it was just constant all of this stuff about how you know Trump is a Nazi Trump is a fascist even even there even people who are like PewDiePie is a fascist and like I haven't been watching YouTube for a really really long time and I knew that PewDiePie wasn't a Nazi so I'm just kind of like these people are wrong so I went and looked for myself and I found myself loving Trump Wow all the time you know especially that that Rosie O'Donnell comment oh yeah yeah that was like I mean for me because even back in my my liberal or days I was very anti-establishment the fact that Trump wasn't a career politician he appeared to be this edgy outsider I felt like I was hearing his real voice and that it wasn't a script that made me like him because I had felt so jaded by the Bush years you know the Bush years were just so depressing but I just tuned out Obama you know I was just like I'm I don't even I don't even care about American politics anymore but this new fresh energy that Trump thought to the table really made me interested in conservatism and then I went down the pipeline Dave Rubin you know Sam Harris Jordan Peterson all of those big guys you know those were the next step and then I started money because those guys aren't even conservatives no they're not they're not roles they're liberals but what do you think about the Overton Window is that head heads it has shifted so far in the favor of the extreme leftists that now classic liberals were were kind of conservative seeming you know and that was and that was kind of the first thing that I really started being exposed to Jordan Peterson was a big part of it for me because at the time I was also not in a very happy place in my life I was kind of dead-end job not a lot of direction in an unhappy relationship not looking after myself and so for me the kind of what I feel like is a little crazy now pick yourself up by your bootstraps kind of rhetoric of Goran Peterson you know the good dad kind of rhetoric you cleaned your room I clean my room and I did the self authoring program and I made a little a little plan for my life and you know I've been following it ever since and two years now down the line sharing the things that I've sort of achieved and the things that I'm thinking about and the development of my ideas it's just it's just gotten better and better it's been it's been a wild ride but I think one of the the biggest things that Jim Peterson gainy that whatever I feel at him now will never stop me being grateful to him for is how powerful telling the truth is not just others but to yourself you can't you can't fix your life you can't get better and grow as an individual if you aren't able to be honest with yourself about the state that you are in and what you've done to put it like put yourself there basically so yeah that's kind of it that's that's the origin story so one of the videos I watched on your channel I think it's the most popular one on there is I lost all my friends in the culture war yes yeah that was those are very don't even know that word it's just a that was a fascinating listen yeah yeah oh just very honest and heartfelt and I mean is that still the way is that still the way you feel really it's nothing has changed as a result you know I I made that I made that video in a bit of desperation because I had literally been experiencing a kind of battle of ideas with my best friends from University you know a friend who was like a Women's Studies major you know what I mean so like feminism was a very foundational part of her identity and she found my social media start sort of saw me criticizing and making fun of social media saw me using words that she believed to be politically incorrect no not nice words and you know being a troll you know that's my sense of humor sorry I've got four brothers like that's the way I am you know and she ghosted me she ghosted me and ironically she decided to have her her boyfriend or her husband now talk to me for her so I was in this really weird back-and-forth of like trying to salvage a friendship and not being able to because I couldn't talk to her because she wouldn't dialogue with me she just shut me out and I couldn't take it anymore then I was like look I need to choose me in this you know and this is this is something that a lot of people who have moved more right or you know kept kept their position firm as classical liberals as the left has become more extreme have dealt with is the brave dint of their family relationships their friendships you know even work relationships people have lost jobs people people have had their lives very affected by the culture war you know that that that's been going on ever since Trump really and my my my purpose with making that video was really not to encourage people to just cut ties because of political differences that's not at all what I wanted to say but if people are going to ghost you disavow you you know and and only see you through the not as you know a human being what are you supposed to do in that situation you're gonna just prostrate yourself and in Danny and you know you know be like this worm that's just like begging for acceptance no like you can't do that you have to I think you have to choose yourself at the end of the day and I think it's also a very natural thing politics or not that sometimes we outgrow friendships you know sometimes we need to let relationships that are toxic go I'm always open to them coming back into my life I will always have a very soft spot in my heart for them I don't care that they're liberals like that doesn't actually bother me and that I'm not yeah I mean what what is it that I mean what is it that has led to this situation where people are literally ending relationships getting divorced losing friendships over politics I mean that that didn't used to be the case you know people would disagree and it was like okay we can disagree I mean I've got so many friends I disagree with stuff on write love Kafka a lot of my friends lean more lean more left and I do lots of us have different ideas of some of the things we were talking about earlier like the level of racism in society and how it affects things and how it should be addressed you know like I'm very anti I'm very anti affirmative action but lots of friends who think like no affirmative action is a good idea because of X why is that and they're all super smart people and they're all very good people so you know we can listen to each other's opinions and we can talk and we can converse and it there's no there's no assumption of malice on either side yeah I don't I don't think my friend thinks that because he's evil he doesn't think I think you know we know each other so it's not like he's just like some evil radical radical guy you know it's like no he's just looking at it from this perspective I'm looking at they are it's really it's it's really empathy isn't it yeah it's really empathy that that's all it is and that seems to be that seems to be missing I don't know if it's because of the pipe that was caused by a trump and by brexit in the UK I don't know if it's social media which is just making everything that much worse it might be all these factors but I don't know it's sad when I hear these stories of people losing especially long-term friendships or romantic relationships or anything like that because of political differences I mean if you're both on super extreme ends of either spectrum then okay that might not that might not work to begin with but you know I do I do believe that 90% of the population is like fairly fairly centered yeah I think so but I think you know the thing that kind of makes it tricky for people like people who live in the UK or people who live in Canada is that we have very strict hate speech laws and if you are accused of hate speech in either of these countries you can you can get some pretty serious punishments for that and you know people because there is this climate of self-censorship and wanting to protect oneself and insulate one's life away from people who could be deemed people espousing hate speech there there is this need to just eliminate the person as an act of self-preservation and I think that's what happened with my friends they saw what I was saying that was no anti feminism you know speaking out against feminism and saying no I think this is actually not helping women for these reasons or saying you know mass immigration aren't like unending mass immigration is not good for for the nation as a whole you know um saying things like that or what was the other one well I guess even promoting Christianity you know these are people who are very secular and see Christianity is being extremely morally oppressive to people so all of these things to them is it's not just a difference in opinion it's literal hate speech it's something which in their mind leads to violence against people who are you know different than them and from that perspective I can understand why they wanted to distance themselves for me I don't agree with them I don't think I you could you I would challenge anyone to find me espousing violence or encouraging violence towards anyone for any reason on any platform but to them what I was saying not only was seen as something which is hurting others but I think because they were so identified with you know the label feminists and the ideology of liberalism they couldn't they couldn't see my criticism of these things as anything other than a an attack on them as individuals when they saw me criticizing feminism my feminist friend felt that I was attacking her no so I I understand it I guess yeah I mean it's weird because it's like the people who have become say or the people who are secular liberals or leftists I find them to be a lot more religiously intolerant than actual yes religious conservative people like it's really weird it's like there's been this inversion like I remember um you know I remember in the 90s when it it was generally like right-wing Christians who were really really like stuffy and intolerant and were we're clamping down on free speech in fact right so whether it was music or especially hip-hop and metal video games movies right they were the ones who had to pit the picket signs and were boycott people I remember when mmm when Eminem blew up is a rapper and they were trying to get his music band off they're like this was this was generally like you know Christian right-leaning groups and parties and organizations and individuals and it's really strange how the whole thing has just its flipped on its head now now that Cannell conservatism is the counterculture right this the dissidents are all conservatives and the libertarians who are like oh no no there are two genders right that's now that those are now the dissidents and it's really strange to me right it's like on this side you've been talking about tolerance for so long you've been talking about tolerance and tolerance and not being bigoted and not and then it's like the hypocrisy ever on a daily basis it just it just kind of amazes me yes you know yeah I think that that point and being aware of that point and sort of seeing the sort of inversion aspect of it is something that should remind us that at the end of the day like yes having political conviction convictions is important you know as individuals in a democracy we need to be politically aware of what's going on we should have our positions we should be informed so we can make informed vote and stuff but at the end of the day it's just politics it's a game kind of in and of itself do you know do you know the philosopher named Alan Watts possibly I do I'm not familiar with my work but I know the name know him yes so he has a really great quote and he says politics is like sleeping first you sleep on your left and then you sleep on your right and then you sleep on your back and it's thus that the world goes round right and it that's just it you know I I try and I that this is why I'm kind of in my content I'm trying to shift towards promoting what I think is good which is family and femininity and you know being being of strong moral character and you know religion and these sorts of things because there is this kind of poisoning of your heart and your soul if you're just obsessing about these things all day long you know and it can it can just feel kind of depressing I mean you look over the world and you see there's just constant battling and you know like you said friends friends are being you know friendships are being destroyed and everything if you're only focusing on the negative and this routine sport axle-back politics you lose sight of what's really important that's very true that's Rea true I mean if you spend all day fighting demons whether on Twitter or in real life you eventually become one right if he's not trying to fight if you start trying to fight SJW stuff all the time you end up becoming like your own kind of SJW exactly of that you know I'm sure that I have been a right-wing social across numerous occasions it might get her in my Twitter lifetime you can always find some stupid tweet a stupid article or a stupid blog post or dumb opinion which you can just spend all day just finding those and criticizing them and it's true and that's something that you seem a lot of on Twitter and I find this very interesting right-wing Twitter is more filled with images of like look at this leftist thing lul like laughing at it like look at this crazy leftist thing or all like we're like exposing our self to things which make us react yeah that's what gets the likes in the tweets there isn't like you don't see like this is my manifesto for nationalism and we're gonna solve society's problems from the perspective of conservative you know see that stuff because that doesn't get like so retweets now and that's kind of the sinister part of social media is that it's not solution oriented no it's about point-scoring yes what's going yeah yeah I I get caught in it sometimes I can't I can't lie you know yeah exactly cuz what always happens with me though is I'll put something out and I mean I've got a big following especially on Twitter now by it's like I'll put something out and then four or five day like a week later sometimes a month later I'm still receiving responses to something that I've wrote literally like a week ago and like my brain and my life is just kind of move on and people are still like just going and going and I'm just like yeah I often mute I like also like I wipe my Twitter clean okay every every month or so because the thing is when you're when you're the kind of person who is like me and probably like yourself too and you know you're a little bit of a troll you know you say things which are edgy and that's your sense of humor that can be easily taken out of context it can be easily reported and then all that you've built on your platform can be gone like that and so I just wipe it clean marry it make sense I make I purposefully do not delete my tweets that's bring when I when I when I run for Paulette when I run in like political sphere in like 10 or 15 years I want them to do I want them to dig them all out so I cannot apologize oh do be you said um 2018 said feminism is cancer upon society what do you what do you mean by that I mean this yes we'll see how that strategy works out for me I don't I don't think I've ever written anything that is like so beyond the pale that you know it's just uh it's just it's just my opinions but my thought on it is like look the extremists unlike the other side who were pushing some of these absolutely bananas ideas of you know men getting pregnant and men and females having penises and all they like they're they're not shutting up so I'm like oh you need a purse back yeah it's like exactly there has to be someone else they have to be other people who are like you know that in a tweet a couple weeks ago about something because there there are tons of these people on like literally blue checkmark people on Twitter who are like I hate white people white people under and like there are whole camp accounts that are dedicated to getting screenshots of this and like compiling up their thousands of them and I said this like in one one tweet a few weeks of those like you know I respect that this is your opinion I believe you have a right to say it I disagree with you but I just can't let you get away with it that's that's my that's my perspective on it so you know if we are engaged in a cultural war it is a war of ideas and we while we shouldn't you know let the politics and the political side of things be you know the priority in our lives we we can't let this sort of madness this liberal madness dominate our societies because you know the way that it will affect future generations will be so damaging our our countries will won't be recognizable in a hundred years no that's true it's true so let's talk about someone a little uh a little happier I saw that you recently got engaged congratulations thank you very much I appreciate that that's awesome you talked you touched on femininity now I've had a lot of guys from the sort of masculine sphere new Twitter featured on the podcast but we haven't really talked much about femininity and I know that's uh I can't think of a better candidate to talk about it so how do you define femininity and what do you think are its virtues what do you think people are missing you know like I don't even know what the question exactly there is but I guess yeah um I think one of the easiest ways that you know I tend to think about describing femininity is and where is in relation to its counterpart masculine and there is a saying I think I saw I think it was a limit Abul man said it and I thought it was a very beautiful way of putting it that you know men men are made masculinity is something which is a creative process whereas femininity is something that's preserved I think femininity is something that is the natural state of most women now of course the way that you express your feminine II will be it will be charmed by your biology you know like hormones are a huge part of the way that we express our femininity and masculinity as people but femininity is defined by in its real practical terms you know chastity modesty gentleness kindness but then you know in motherhood there's there can be a kind of fierceness to it as well you know I'm making a list I'm gonna put these into it sweet people I trigger um you know I think so you know they're the yin yang kind of element of of like energy you know femininity is the it's the yin you know it's the softer it's the more fluid and I think women can embody this in like a variety of different ways this was something that I was talking about on my my Twitter not that long ago was someone from the the red pill man Twitter was like feminine women don't do masculine hobbies and I and I just really didn't like that that didn't sit well with me because you know I like I said before I grew up with four brothers so you know I like being outside and hiking and like I actually weight-lift like I do deadlifts and just like my fiancee you know and that has made my like the weightlifting which is traditionally and technically kind of a more masculine activity the way that I do it because I target the parts of my body that I want to look more feminine has made me more feminine right so it's like and same with like shooting like I like to shoot guns um and I bet I could outshoot the guy who made that tweet and heels you know it's not about the Hobby itself it's not necessarily about what it is that you're doing it's how you do it no it's it's kind of it's like a metaphysical thing femininity and I think it can be expressed in a variety of different ways it's one of those things it's hard to Peck down but you know what when you see it yeah I mean I think it's um you know some people have probably tried to take this out of context but it's a lot more passive immunity exactly masculinity is very very active right you can be a woman and you can just walk out of your house and walk around and you know look look pretty and you know things things will happen right you know like like you know but you know what I mean like people right if you're a guy like nothing happens like you do you go out if you don't make something happen as a guy nothing happens like no no one nothing nothing like comes to you you know what I mean yes like nothing comes to you like as a woman like this if you optimize your looks and you you know dress well and present yourself in a nice way like things will come to you not even not even just for men like the world the world will give you stuff I think as a man if you want the world to give you anything but if you don't want to be like on the on the sitting outside like shaking a cup you've got to go out and you got to do something you've got a yeah that's how I that's like a very blunt version I think that's totally right I really you and you can't underestimate the maternal instinct and how that is expressed through femininity and I think that this you know the maternal instinct is something which is very fundamental to feminine nature and you will see you know feminists or feminist feminist types try and do everything that they can to subvert their own maternal instinct but that ends up getting translated onto like their cats and their dogs and you know helping helping people who are not a part of their immediate family unit you know you'll see a lot of kind of charity work being done by these types know trying to help the most disadvantaged nurturing maternal instinct it's gonna express itself one way or another whether it's through raising children which i think is in most situations the ideal manifestation of the maternal instinct or it's gonna be like I'm an I'm a cat lady type thing yeah so why do you think there's a I mean we've been talking about inversion for a long time but why why are people both men and women seem to be rejecting the ideas of both roles in the Western world anyway like I said I mean my family background is originally from Nigeria I grew up in Saudi Arabia so stuff is still very traditional in those places like there's no there's no confusion about what a man is and what a woman is and gender roles are pretty you know some people might say too clearly defined but they're pretty well defined you know there's some certainly in Nigeria you know there's a lot more wiggle room Saudi it's kind of like locked yeah yeah but in in though in the UK and Canada in Australia you know in parts of Europe in the u.s. it just seems like I don't know even guys like are there certain men who will here even what you said and there and they'll fight you on that say women women should you know be like men basically yeah is it just the programming I think it's I think it's it's both ideological and biological I think the the ideology of being gender fluid or being a butch girl or a more feminine guy is cool it's trendy it's it is the preferred way to be right now in pop culture so that has influence on people's minds you can't deny that but I think that there is another aspect of this in that we are living in extremely toxic environments everything we eat is wrapped in plastic you know a lot of us majority of us live in cities where the air quality and the water eat genetically modified foods most people are eating highly processed foods all of these things affect our endocrine system and our hormonal balance there have been studies that show that the hormonal balance of mothers when they have children you know in their womb when they're pregnant um can determine what the functioning of that child's endocrine system will be like when they are adults you have a you know pregnant woman who is low like low or imbalanced in her testosterone and estrogen levels and you have a male baby which is being flooded with estrogen there is evidence to suggest that you will end up with a gay a gay boy or a boy who would maybe end up with gender dysphoria no that's not you know that's not hard hard line science that was one study that I saw but that makes sense to me you know that really make sense to me we are living in very highly estrogenic environments and I think that estrogen the way that it affects women when it's like out of whack there is this kind of shrillness there's this kind of harshness there's this kind of like erratic emotional nnessee in lots of women modern women today and obviously when men have an endocrine system which favors estrogen you're gonna see a softer more feminine like that's why you see you like gay guys they they genuinely and naturally they move in a feminine way they speak in a feminine way everything about them has this feminine quality so I don't think you can underestimate the hormonal and the biological element of this cuz I think it plays a really fundamental role as well mm-hmm you stop drinking the water yeah yeah it's it's it's a tough one like it's something that I worry about all the time because you know I I currently live in a city I'm trying to get out of the city but you know when you when you work in a city and your livelihood is dependent on the convenience of this feat that's not easy and you know I'm constantly as soon as I get home you take everything out of the plastic put it in glass you know and it's like it's it's this thing that you're it's like an uphill battle it's very very difficult to try and keep your your your food and what you ingest and your environment free of these or the very modern toxins it's very true and I mean I mean male testosterone levels and sperm counts and all that have been tanking over the past couple of decades as well but I think I'm I'm very like conscious of it all so a little I I liked specifically you know I make sure I you know I make sure I hit my hit my workouts and make sure I eat my steak what's really interesting as well that I read it was actually it was a part of the same study that um so men who was away obviously when you do a workout when you're doing your deadlift you get a testosterone boost right and that's that is also true for like if you're like going into an interview really competitive job you really want it you get a testosterone boost from these sort of competitive environmental external activities that you're doing it affects your biology and women who are in corporate environments competitive environments test to be higher in testosterone than women who aren't so our environments and what we're doing in our environments and actually like what things we do affects our biology as well you know not just like what we're ingesting and what we're being exposed to but you have women being encouraged to act like men of course that's going to make them more manly you know so there's that aspect of it as well it would be interesting to know what the that's like a bit of a chicken and the egg one isn't it yeah I'm 10 for the job one yes cuz it would be interesting to note you know do women who have more masculine traits or higher testosterone or they just naturally I'd imagine they're going to be more drawn to some of those high-powered careers or sports or competitive fields it's possible I feel like when I like when I've had a really good workout and I do my deadlifts and stuff I admittedly haven't been doing going to the gym as much as I should lately but I know that when I am and when I do that when I do my deadlifts for like days afterwards it's like I have this clarity you know like I feel strong in myself and it's like less of this like feminine irrational emotional chitter-chatter up there you know it's just like a little drip of what it's like to be a man what are you pulling on deadlift I just need to make sure I'm not under threat oh it's so embarrassing the best I've ever done is 125 pounds 125 pounds okay okay yeah which is like roughly my body weight so I think like that was my goal was to be able to deadlift my body weight and I'm not going for bulk yeah good I'm just making sure my records are safe you know am i okay okay let me make sure I like don't wanna be challenged here awesome see see I'm just looking at the time we've just we've just gone gone over an hour sorry we've just gone over an hour so I feel like we could talk for another for another one but I know I'm gonna have to edit this down and I don't want it to take forever so what have you got um what have you got coming up I know you of course you've got your YouTube channel I take it you're gonna be putting out lots of new videos where can people find you ah so you can search critical conditon on youtube or at CC bucco on twitter my my content on twitter is a little bit more daily a little bit more news focused a little bit more comedy focused on youtube I make two different types of videos I do videos where I just sit in front of the camera and it's kind of stream-of-consciousness zero editing so if you have the attention span and the patience for that style of video you can check those out and those are just like my personal opinions often the time often times I'm figuring things out as I speak in those videos they tend to be some of people's favorites videos by me and I'm also working on a podcast right now called Girl Talk where I have been trying to interview and chat with different types of right-wing women from across the right-wing spectrum because there's a lot of diversity and opinion even among right-wing women and to sort of talk about the things that are important to us to talk about fertility to talk about motherhood to talk about you know real women's wisdom there lived wisdom and sort of collect that into a unified series that young women or women who are feeling a little lost or feeling like I don't have a community they can go there and they can see that there's a wide range of women out there who you know they reject the feminism they reject liberalism these are brilliant women there is this often misconception that right-wing women are like lobotomized Stepford wife type women their high IQ lovely women with a lot to offer so I'm trying to feature as many of them as possible you'll get one of those on a sunday of every week awesome that sounds good to me see see thank you so much for joining the show it's been awesome talking to you and I wish you good luck with all of your future projects I wish you good luck with all of your future projects not products thank you so much for having me I hope we can do this again sometime in the future absolutely we will have a good day yeah you too

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