Critical Role – Drugs and Diplomatic Immunity

this is a real deal this is diplomatic immunity man I can get you I get you all honestly don't even know get a more real right now I am so fucked up on this Jerell I listen to him Oh some awfully offers to get people off for telling me you've made friends with a month forward we met we met them in in their palace and we pretty tight now so I bet I could get you all free and clear then please do will you do something for me it was raised if I if it is within my my ability as your employee of course your man who knows things knows how to get things depending maybe I was a little disappointed with the samplings in your home I was wondering if around here you couldn't find me a little salsa huh why a little pick-me-up a little ride you know dipsy-doodle drugs I want drugs I want you to go find me drugs hmm listen I've had a really rough time I saw my friend die we found the body of another friend and the son that I don't really deal with these things you know people are looking for not here in white stronger it's you cleared of murder man look if you want to get some food go down to like the turf fields or maybe over in Chi Minh wait what were those words the thirst feels the turf fields south of the alabaster siarad you said looking for drugs yes yes it's some food some food food I don't know what you're saying oh you smell it Philip su you de food sued foo yes all of it what is that is that a place is that a person no it's a jug why did you even know what you're asking me for don't I don't know it at all you can use me no I must do look as your employee this is a very uncomfortable conversation relationship my word I can send the koi or maybe but like that's a very highly illegal stuff I need to be fair the prison where they put you is currently being sat on by a giant red dragon so if there was the time to buy this would be it um I'm in charge of well that you look over and out it kind of is like face down on the table just trash the charge of the fat now apparently uh still training along with uh with cash a bunch of people I cannot do this myself it was not behoove our current state here myself I can ask her on maybe send somebody it'll be a while I can't get you food here in white stone it's okay it's okay just try your best all right I believe in you Thanks is is making fun of me no no I'm in the clear your name man I'm your ticket to freedom I'll go and get you some food Rock'em that would make me so happy that's all I want be pleased meet me VAX paid attention to that entire hem

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