CS:GO REAL LIFE AIRSOFT WAR!! (AWP | Hyper Beast StatTrak™ + Karambit | Fade)

hey what's up guys this is my new op hyper beast it's an SSG 24 with an L 96 op stock and a hybrid reskin that's made from car wrapping material it even has a stat track module that works by topic and button the register kill and together with the hyper beast I'm using my full auto glock 18 fade since it is a very effective pistol close range and you can use this firepower to shoot through bushes full auto and lastly the round office csgo loadout I'm carrying my crabbit fade for silent kills as the enemy players are not allowed to yell hit one knife killed if you want to get these weapon skins for yourself or the stattrak module I'll have a link for you down below today we have a lot of experienced players on the field and then know that holding the two main buildings are the key to winning this game of conquest I've assembled a small squad to sneak into the enemy's main building by going all the way around the edge of the field and ending up behind them here we go no it's a decal [Applause] but up instead of fighting them head-on and potentially losing many of us we go around to the second floor and hit them once again in the rear Oh No yo get off jeromy's best really trying to get their building back by sending into waves after waves of players cuz they know if they let us have it for too long they'll lose the game instead of banging their heads against the wall they decided to instead take the castle away from us effectively swapping the sides on the field so I make my way to the castle by going the long way around Wow having taken back the castle I focused my attention back on the first building as it made their way through the lower sections and the basement [Applause] all right after having respawn and with both buildings under control the enemy has now fallen back to the surrounding woods our job is now to take out the remaining enemy players in the woods in order to bring the game home [Applause] [Applause] hey ru fuck nice shot man oh man even though my game ended there our team ended up victorious check out the links below if you're interested in my gear or my skins and how to see you in the next one

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