CSULB Duncan Anderson Design Gamel Prather

Thanks everybody for coming out. Full House, much appreciated
show of hands who started at
what level or is everybody in here in design that’s maybe
the first question mostly
design anybody not in design? okay as freshman? sophomores? K Junior? and seniors top seniors my brand
is called the original article
for design anyways and these are my ideas about design so we can
talk about these four things for
peas very conveniently and we’ll see nose with the last one is
when we get there so the three
things that I do primarily are the original article which is a
design brand and then I do the
instead company as well and that’s a vegan food brand that I
started NG ml is a lyrics spoken
word rhyme related music thing so okay how did I get here I
would say took a really long
time to tell people confidently that I am an artist and that’s
because I think for a long time
I felt like I had to do just one thing but over time talking to
lots of friends consultancy then
it occurred to me that I could do multiple things at one time
and that would be actually my
unique in those particular things would make the uniqueness
that has me so but it really
took me a long time to get there and I was really kind of twisted
up about which one of these
things I was going to have to pick Orchards or take seriously
I guess and what I realized and
I are working with a friend of mine and talking about a lot of
this stuff that the through line
or the vector for all this is wellness and I definitely could
not have said that at the
beginning of my career how much is about 14 15 years ago but now
I feel like that is objectively
the thing that I’m trying to do with all the creating that I’m
doing I felt what it was like to
be at an engineering company and getting all that one fine again
there’s there’s nothing runs
like I hate this I’m unhappy it wasn’t as loud as that but it is
kind of a feeling so I decided
that I did want to get an industrial design degree best
friend Pete was telling me and
all the images I could look up on the internet at the time and
I got an internship at Procter
& Gamble in between college and grad schools and went straight
through and this is a really
nice transition for me because it was a type of department at
Procter & Gamble that was mostly
doing engineering but they are engaged with designers in some
way there’s one group oversees
and another one locally in Cincinnati that they wouldn’t
let me get the sketches from
that I had seen photos of so is really cool to see a real life
sketch even though I didn’t do
it and so that was like it’s that kind of these men just got
me a little bit closer and then
next thing I know is I was in grad school at the University of
Cincinnati where is literally my
first day where we are in a seminar about sustainability and
I had to ask what’s the state
ability to understand the word generically but I didn’t
understand it in the context
that most people use it in today so that was probably my first
too many humbly moments to count
when I was in grad school so and is another thing I always tell
people is at a big aha for me
in life is that most skills are learnable specifically drawing
so I don’t know how many of you
came in to school here able to draw I went to grad school not
able to draw but just a huge
fan of design and I wrote this probably 5 page paper about
things that I should have
understood about myself that I knew that I could do this
thing’s like I could tell you
what car was late at night on the Highway by like the
headlights and taillights that
kind of thing but these were still pretty abstract things
at the time and you know and
so this actually even back at Florida A&M was rice first
exposed to 3D modeling and
that’s definitely another big part of my career that’s the
tool that I use all the time and
it’s really important to me so I memorize Exodus IMAX that I’m
every bit extreme gear boxes and
very rectilinear shapes and my first question is like cool how
do you how to make the dashboard
of a car if you can’t make out with extrusions right and of
course no one in engineering
College can answer that question for a few sizes kind of
dumbfounded for a while and then
fast forward when I was in grad school I found out what Alias
was and then yes I’ve been
passwords that you know so learned a lot about 3 that’s
definitely the thing I was
best that I was pretty good at drawing the engineering
background definitely help me
relate to other students in ways that I didn’t expect like they
would they’re all really really
good at drawing but I was terrible at drawing but then
when it came time to paint color
chips and make created scales and all that kind of stuff in
there to be like laser precise
trimmed in Cut I was really good at that stuff again cuz that
lady and paying attention to
what I was doing but a lot of the younger students weren’t
so good at that and there’s a
chainsaw and put them up there with like hot-glue like it is
just craziness much more than
art piece than like something that felt intentional and design
early so so a lot of cool
exchanges that help me out at the time but I don’t think
I feel even realize them they
got this job at a place called Product ventures in Connecticut
and that was structural
packaging type of job and we did some other stuff some
Electronics pencil sharpeners
desk type products occasional set-top box for cable box when
those were much more prevalent
probably than they are now and I stayed there about two years and
it was largely because I was
getting a little tired of the job and it felt as getting
repetitive quickly and so a
friend of mine’s girlfriend lived in New York and I was
going to New York with some
frequency and decided I’m going to move to New York which is a
very new thought in my mind I’ve
never aspired to live in any type of major city I should say
when I was younger probably
before design school I was hyper shy the shiz kid available was
me not think looking back its
I don’t think I felt that my opinion matter that much and I
don’t think I understood the
world is especially changeable but that’s one of the things
that going to grad school
and studying design help me understand was that this is all
just ideas and is kind of grit
and determination a bit of luck to actually get those things to
happen in real life so then I
move to going to the Cincinnati rather to New York City I worked
at this place called marchon
eyewear where I remember very distinctly in that interview I
was thinking to myself circles
and sticks how hard can it be famous last words so learned
a lot very quickly about
doing that into that serve a two-dimensional process
traditionally but the license
that I was working on was the Nike license and things were
happening at their headquarters
where that day I wear design Department was basically being
dissolved in so we had to take
on a bunch of the 3D work kind of overnight and I did not know
how to do that but I did love 3D
and so I was up for it and I did spend my time or near the
exclusively in Rino for that job
and I still use rain a lot today but that’s really where I
started completely self-taught
watch lotta tutorials but the internet was still kind of a
different animal then so you’re
not content was considerably different than now that’s that’s
kind of how I sort of see phase
one but the but the big thing from our phone is that I found
out that I really love I where
is a really nice blend of engineering because we
definitely had to get stuff made
but also Aesthetics in a very particular way because when
something sits on the human face
it’s a bit of a different thing than when it’s something that
fits in your hand or go on your
foot or anyting else so small moves made a huge difference is
what I definitely learned at
that job along with many other things like branding and
community members that have
really really different interests and ideas about really
what this process was that we
were engaging in so I learned I think a lot about communicating
with people with very different
ideas about that that we could there’s a lot of ego shedding I
would say it is but at that job
I started to realize that this is really about a much bigger
thing than just me and what I
got to design but we could all get done together then move
to the Santa Barbara California
and got a job at a place called lifestyle design and that was
largely motivated by the fact
that I thought I was going to be able to learn a lot about Alias
because as I was getting for the
end of my time at Marshawn I felt like I was kind of running
into some roadblocks with Rhino
not really from an ability Sandpoint but really like it
felt like that too was almost
kind of too slow for how quickly I was thinking about trying to
get something done and so I was
like maybe I’ll go back to Elias because I was in grad school and
I basically did a lot of eye
where there cuz I have a lot of I wear contacts historically and
so that relationship turns sour
after a few months and I ended up finding a business partner
their young entrepreneurial guy
that had a big vision for the future I guess I would say and
you move to Los Angeles and
started something called Atelier savant French that means
a brilliant Workshop in French
and Hayden we were together for about probably 3 years or so
before that a business
relationship will be stop being functional and I had to go out
on my own and just figure it out
for myself was what felt like the next recourse and then
that’s when I started officially
the original article so that’s kind of the quick version of how
I got to hear other than how I
really got in this room a friend of mine actually from Marshawn
went to CSULB and his friends
with a lot of the faculty and staff here and just being in the
community eventually know they
asked me to come and speak and I thought that at some of the
reviews and stuff as well so
I’m so the first people who are first question students usually
always asking cycle where you
find clients if you’re working by yourself in the best answer
to that is you’re never quite
sure I don’t know that anybody has like a mirror visors for
the Rolodex but I don’t think
that anybody can just like call people up and just like get the
money and get the project like
instantly like that there’s a lot of lag time that happens
in between and that’s a bit
frustrating at first until you start to you can step back far
enough in start to see more of
the trends in the flows of kind of where things are actually
coming from and maybe why that
happens surf lightning on that stuff a lot of how it’s gotten
more stable in recent times I
think we’ll probably come back to the client thing I’m sure at
some point later so I’ll leave
that there for now Partnerships there’s a private slide about
that at the end but I think what
I really want to say about that it is again you can get a lot
more done with other people than
you can buy yourself and I think that there’s a lot of tenancy
in design schools are way
more collaborative than others Cincinnati was pretty good about
that but I’ve heard of other
schools where people are really keeping their cards close to
their chests and that bums me
out because again I think I just remember the experience of all
the undergrads going to the
co-op to their internships and coming back and talking about
that and different techniques
that they learned and if they got to run out to to work on and
I think that there is so much
richness in those exchanges that I don’t know why you wouldn’t
tell people about stuff that
you’re working on so and I think a lot of the report and such
that you build with people in
those moments in and really throughout your career those
those are the last thing things
that will at some point probably bring you work and bring you
insert the experience would
definitely bring you work at some point but it’s important to
tell people about what you care
about that’s one of the biggest things like I know a lot of
design students have some
trouble speaking about their designs because whether that’s
in 40 card to family and friends
I think a lot of that has to do with your we’re putting
ourselves into these projects in
a way that is pretty abstract for people that are studied
other disciplines are studying
other disciplines so I don’t think there’s really anything to
be shy about you know there’s I
think if I’ve learned anything there’s a lot of emotional work
that I think everybody has to
do but it’s really important to feel confident to overtime
develop confidence about what
you’re doing because I think in that shows through and how you
presented and how you speak to
people and their response to it it’s not just like it’s not like
a like in a store where you
don’t have anybody telling you anything you just have to make
the decision based on what you
know you have to get you have to get to have to Foster
you can foster that so. That’s all I’ll say about that
for now so going to the
principal section so these are the probably some of the biggest
gems I’ve realized and thinking
about career stuff the Only Rule is to provide value that’s all
that matters it’s something my
old business partner and I used to say to clients all the time
and as we were talking about
money and negotiating was price is what you pay in value is what
you get sew-in and everybody has
a different sort of like metric of what those things are and
what’s acceptable to them or not
and it’s again because of our person into this it’s really
easy and pretty natural to take
to take feedback or a client’s rebuff of a proposal personally
so don’t do that it’s not about
you it’s so rarely of about you as a person and maybe about
you know something you said or
something you propose but it’s not about you those are separate
things even though you’re
putting yourself into those things they are separate think
so if you’re ever in that
situation really feeling bad about either a critique he went
through you have to just start
now separating yourself from that time because they’re not
talking about you as a human
they’re just talking about not even all your work that I’m not
this one piece of work so be
easy to work with and this also cultivated over time it’s a
practice of just seeing how
people react to things you say and how you say them I was
telling Max earlier or maybe it
was the same as I was telling you earlier I had a reputation I
guess you could say at a certain
that the first place I worked at for being a bit Gruff harsh cuz
I was looking at things in a
fairly myopic way and not really appreciating the wholeness of
what we were doing or all the
people that were involved her other people’s work that went
into it so do the things that
I think helped ease of working with people is our boundaries
and transparency so people are
going to take as much as you give them or they’ll probably
take more than you give them
so it’s important to set up boundaries and again most of
them saying is is in the context
of my modern times of working independently so you have to set
the boundaries with your clients
or with whoever you’re working with so that they’d understand
roles and responsibilities how
much things cost in the great thing is that once you do that
it’s a little scary to do that
stuff at first but you just statilia do what you just how do
you have to do it you won’t not
have to do it if you’re working independently so that’s
something you’re interested in
now or in the future just get comfortable with the idea that
that’s something you’re going to
have to do sometimes you have to tell people know what you can
feel really weird or I told many
clients that you know if there’s something about negotiation in a
few slides but basically if you
think that what we’ve talked about cost this much then you
should find if I can refer you
to some students that I know or just other friends of mine that
might be open to it but for me
it just doesn’t work that once I started to frame that in terms
of a fit in the so I don’t
really fit into this office just doesn’t feel right it’s the
same kind of thing where like
they just want to pay something different than what I need not
like I want a charge I need to
charge that I don’t run out of money or I can pay my rent by
food and those kinds of things
so I don’t there’s no time we should really feel badly about
charging someone for your work
and I know I’ve wrestled with that for quite a long time that
I might be charging somebody
$10,000 for something or $50,000 for something those are way
bigger numbers than I ever had
in a bank account so it’s it’s scary like that inside like the
successive like my success is
necessarily scary but sometimes it just feels like this very
delicate like Crystal egg or
something I can fit drop it like I’ll never get it back kind of
thing but I don’t think that
that’s true so on the other thing is transparency so great
example we can make a mistake
cop to it it’s almost certainly not the end of the world
recently working on this helmet
project that I was on my objectively oversteps now
asterisk that’s because I felt
like someone else on the team wasn’t getting something done
quickly enough however formally
I should not have done that we had a conversation we hung up
abruptly each other back because
he got heated kind of quickly and it wasn’t that I was
offended by what by what his
message was I was offended by the way he said it to me because
it was pretty patronizing and
been pretty rude so I think even if someone does something to
upset you or theirs they’re
still not a reason to be rude or unkind to someone so that was
my lasting take away from that
exchange and I sent an email to the whole team like here’s where
I messed up I won’t do this
again I didn’t even go this wasn’t happening fast enough
not important was important
that they understood that I understood what my role was and
that I was just trying to get
something done that’s and that’s also nothing about trying to
I’ll leave over somebody else’s
position or something like that so and it’s and it’s like it
doesn’t feel great to admit that
you made a mistake but it is oddly freeing in a way because
now you there’s nothing to hide
at that point and it can be an awful lot of work to try to hide
a mistake or the Huts in a 3D
model or in a human interaction is really hard to hide those
mistakes over the long-term
it’s way easier to address the mistake and make a correction
and move forward so yeah
establish your process again I had the luxury that I have of
working independently is that I
can mostly dictate power going to work a lot of times clients
may have an established process
and in my case more often they don’t because they’re
entrepreneurs if they’re
starting a business or they may have a business but they never
made a product like this before
so they don’t quite understand anything about the molding
process or working with a
factory and what those the times are about so it’s it’s really
important to try to set that up
again early early on so that it’s not something you have to
revisit and that will screw you
up later on especially from a timeline standpoint a key part
of that of establishing that
process is helping a client understand that I’m not just
telling you a bunch of stuff and
it’s time the super important designer with thick black
glasses and just do what I say I
really want them to be a part of it I mean the reason why were
in the room together is because
I know some stuff probably that they don’t and they have
experience or knowledge or an
infrastructure that I don’t have and it’s it is a collaboration
so I always want my clients to
feel like they are a part of this process but I again try to
establish some boundaries about
when and where I’ve run many many many times into certain
clients that will kind of just
like Sunday either text like checking in to say hey how’s it
going and me wanting to again
make them feel good about this I’ll send them like a screenshot
of something and that may start
a whole dialogue about something that is completely not finish
I’m just showing them like a
little work-in-progress something just to give him a
little boost and if you let it
that can totally spin into a bunch of different iterations
that you hadn’t set up in your
contract to taxi work on Elvish then brings me to revision so
effectively the way I look at
the vast majority of my projects is there is this project fee
which is either based on
something hourly or it’s in there’s another side about this
face mean it’s the same thing
with your setting for project fee for me at least or a per
hour fee but it’s very very very
very very clear within that what that amount of money gets them I
think that that’s a mistake that
I I was making it first and lots and lots of lots of my friends
were making this up because they
understand it really quickly and they can probably do it quickly
that it won’t take that many
revisions it’ll be easy don’t really have to don’t have to be
too specific about that probably
incorrect pick a number always pick a number because if you
want to do like initial
presentation into revisions of something pretty often sending
that you need for but they may
have questions and that actually required for but you can’t see
that we have to set up sort of
accommodate that later on like 12 past your Visions it’s this
much per hour or it’s this much
more per revision that kind of thing yeah very critical to be
be clear about that from the
jump and then again you rarely will have to revisit that if
you do have to revisit you have
a place to go to talk about it which is a contractor letter of
agreement to say well in the
original thing was this and we talked about this so if you
think it’s going to be want to
see maybe two more revisions then it’s going to be like
you’re just making up numbers I
think that’s really important is because what we do is a bit
nebulous to people or maybe way
more nebula more than nebula staff people I think I can feel
like the way that we might price
something to someone isn’t really based on anything then
other than for doing that for me
I think this is going to take me based on other stuff I’ve done
times the hourly rate there’s
your answer okay similar to that no scope creep so if you scope
out a project you like how I’m
going to do some sketches me some pretty models and Prince or
some hand models or whatever it
is ministrations that’s that is as good as set in stone or
perhaps in diamond or whatever
the hardest material we have is and again more work is more
money almost I would say always
almost always something times Wednesday so I can like a little
baby toothbrush product and has
all these like little bristles on like Abyss like a big
silicone thimble and give me
nine months later he might want to try to get a patent on it
and you said hey can you answer
these questions from the patent attorney and I saw the opening
questions and just read them
through and I said okay yeah not a problem easy cuz Mike and I
are cool we hope you have had a
good working relationship we’ve done a couple projects together
and it helps them out to not
have to even bother charging him for something that probably
would took me 30 minutes or
something like that could have been doing something else but
but I like Mike and he’s not
really asked me to do this whole crazy thing that’s going to spin
into all this other stuff as far
as I could tell and it didn’t so so I’m happy to do that stuff
but there are other clients
where I would absolutely because working with them just takes
so much time of the sandwich
emailing which is another busy anytime I’m talking to a client
that’s that’s billable time next
time I would have been doing anything else so if I’ve got it
some clients are really really
really really really Reliance on email and there can be a ton of
back and forth it takes a lot of
time and that is again time you could be doing something else so
just be mindful about where the
where the wiggle room is for you and invite for you that might
not be a big deal but for me I
realize that that can really turn into a massive time-suck
and so the way that you curve
that is it cost money for most people that will stop it’s
business not a hobby so get your
money so get get used to talking about money are the link here
and I’m going to send this
presentation to Max and you’ll send it to her whoever wanted
along with a few other things so
all these things you can you can check out yourself but I found
that a really useful strategy
when there’s something I’m uncomfortable with is to just
go and learn about it you do
anything with it just yet just go learn about it absorb
it get a bit of a framework or
structure talk to your friends about it whoever else is
interested in it that I found
is so helpful to take a lot of pressure off of me from feeling
like I’ve got it like go to
become an expert at whatever QuickBooks or something like
that that has to do with like
the infrastructure of running a but yeah that was a huge thing
for me I just wasn’t that
comfortable with talking about money because I had all kinds
of self-worth ideas wrapped up
in that and you really start to equate her worth is a person to
the money in the project in the
success of it and all those kinds of things and it’s just
not it’s so and I even took a I
went to a workshop once about creative and their relationship
to money like that’s where I was
at like I felt like I really needed help to figure that out
because I just I didn’t know
who else to talk to about it so they’re all kinds of groups
they’re talking about all kinds
of things it’s and it’s all on the Internet it’s all pretty
easy to find I’m so if you feel
like you’re you’re wrestling with some of those things you
can probably find some kind of
Workshop or some other way to get that that skill that she
need find people for me. I just called them like they’re
like my three-door community cuz
we’re like 3D dorks like that’s all we talk about a friend from
New York that I Gchat with
nearly daily about something to do with 3D another friend that I
haven’t even met in person don’t
even remember how we met but we g chat all the time similarly
about 3D things and I find that
for me if I was sitting in my in my apartment all the time and
it’s just me in my own head I’d
probably go a little bit not so it’s it’s huge to go out and
find the people that really care
about the same things that you do especially professionally in
especially if you’re working
independently 2nn weather that’s like you’re actually trying to
go out and find a Design Group
of some kind or you’re just trying to find that the line
dancing group so that you can
dance it out you know what I mean you got you have to find
Community I think Community is
one of the especially now when we’re all in our phones it’s
really important to find people
that you can talk to you face-to-face if possible I know
I just said I just live in Santa
Monica friends around La as well that I meet with with some
regularity either friends
from grad school friends from projects that I meet and talk
to about these things because
they’re important to all of us and I think it makes the
community stronger maybe a
second to one of my favorite quotes is by a guy named William
McDonald that wrote the book on
the left cradle-to-cradle I he said that he similar lecture to
this but is that the University
of Cincinnati and Morgan architecture talk cuz he’s an
architect and he said you don’t
have to be the best just do it only you can do and I don’t I
don’t think I shed a tear at
that moment but almost because it immediately like I think
they’re so there’s a lot of
pressure where that self-imposed culturally impose to be the
best to be the superlative of
something and I I think that contract is probably flawed I
think that there is room for all
of us to do what we want to do or what we’re interested in
Mason cheesy but you kind of
have to believe it and again like go find the things that
reinforce that this is possible
so then the second to be remarkable is from I’m not sure
if it’s exactly from the Purple
Cow but that’s my favorite of the books that Seth Godin wrote
that I’ve read he’s a marketing
Guru of sorts super digestible really think these books or
maybe almost looks like a
hundred Pages or so a lot of sage advice in there but the
Purple Cow actually think it is
from that because the Purple Cow at the anecdote is basically
imagine you’re driving down the
road cows with black and white typically wear black and brown
or white brown but if you saw a
purple cow you’d probably tell someone about it right so so
stand out in which is to say Be
Yourself be authentic but so when a man says be remarkable he
means that literally like me be
worth talking about and I think the best way to do that is to
First be remarkable to yourself
answer that when you’re talking to people about those things
you care about that energy and
excitement will shine through and that’s what will make people
remember you much more than like
that one sketch for that project think it’s much more about sort
of your personal what you’re
what you’re sending out with your meeting two people I think
people can read that stuff so
you know if you feel like maybe I just want to do medical design
cuz there’s good money in it and
seem secure but you’re not really into it I don’t think
you’re going to talk to people
about that I can interview that’s not that you’re not going
to shine you’re basically just
kind of playing it safe and sometimes you act sometimes
that’s required and sometimes
it’s necessary but if the times that it’s not I think it’s it’s
really worth trying to get to
stand out in the story I told the the seniors when I spoke to
them a bit earlier was that when
I was driving to Minnesota one summer for one of my internship
sight at the time I had a six or
seven inch afro and my father being an associate Dean add an
engineering College was a little
concerned since they said so can keep the afro and I said yeah I
think so and I like it I’m not
that interested in people that don’t want to talk to me because
of how I look like that’s fine
like no judgment but noted you don’t have to you might have
to but like that’s for me that
wasn’t a negotiable thing to deal with my two dress personal
appearance in that way I think
very much just concerned that I would do well and have a good
experience, didn’t want
something seemingly Extreme as trivial as a hairstyle to do to
ruin that but in a way I look
back at is like at the time I’d say that was one of my stronger
ways of being remarkable I guess
at least standing out if that’s not actually remarkable so so I
always encourage people to
really think about what you care about intend to talk about that
and cuz I think that’s going to
shine through and that will be the thing that that hooks you
in people’s minds and you don’t
have to end it’s not like you have to it’s not a popularity
contest you don’t have to do you
need every company ever to want to hire you right you just need
one right one the one that said
fit is good so and I think being authentic about what you’re
interested in is the surest path
to finding that a book I read in grad schools called The Cheese
Monkeys it’s about a design in
art school but totally works for design students as well highly
recommended read its maybe 200
Pages it’s hysterical I laughed out loud probably 20 times in
the course of that book because
so many of the experiences are where exactly mine when I was
going through grad school and
the biggest dr. lavigna in the story is that not so nice or at
least you didn’t seem that way
type of Professor sends all the students out on the highway and
this is out in it might have
been Minnesota but I’ve called stay in the winter and he gives
them all like a poster board and
one marker each drop some off and says see you back at school
figure it out and so they all
eventually do it and they get back and so we asked them why do
you think I gave you one marker
instead of like a bucket of markers to to choose from they
had no idea and so will you
would have all frozen to death because you would have been
picking out which color is like
the best color that’s going to track somebody’s attention that
kind of thing so he never would
none of you would have made it home so in that case you got to
see your limit is opportunities
or constraints his opportunities and that’s something that is
stuck with me since the moment
I read that sentence has never left me that and I haven’t
always been able to fully
embrace it that is for sure like I wasn’t able to see how certain
things were limits for how
things work that seem like women so I can transfer opportunities
at the time but eventually for
the most part I’ve been able to figure out how that is help me
move forward at some point so I
think the practice is basically once you bump into something
you have to feel that moment
and then is quickly as you can switch it to how can this work
for me how can this work for me
how can this work me how is this used for cuz I don’t I think the
more you can compress that that
lag between like this thing is screwing me over like this
professor says I have to do it
this way or one of the things I wish I’d been said to be not
necessarily in design school but
even before that is that a lot of what you’re learning about is
super busy trying to see if you
can pay attention but you can jump through the hoop properly
and so that’s why some things
aren’t like would be so much easier if we just did this this
way so bright but that’s not the
task it’s not always the task so always try to figure out that
that’s the fastest thing you can
do that that’s what for me often gets rid of like the the
struggle in The Strife of
feeling like a victim of a level limit of some kind is to turn
that around and try to figure
out how that’s going to work for and it’s and I find that the
sooner I do that in the more
diligently I do that the more quickly that solution comes it’s
just like when your you know
it’s like everything everything if everything is an ale house
that go for a hammer everything
is a nail kind of thing not necessarily there are other ways
of looking at things and the
more that you can start to do that and learn to do that
I think so many things open
up to you from a possibility standpoint that you wouldn’t
have seen again cuz it just look
like nails to you the whole time when it wasn’t the nails at
all and also I listen to a ton
of podcast and then there’s a recurring theme that that’s
me feels that watch lot of
basketball see ladies lot of folks like getting injured like
blowing out ACL and achilles and
stuff like that and computers like you’ll never be the same as
over or not we’re looking for
that person got really good at shooting threes instead of like
flying through the lane you know
they are able to find another way to do the thing but I think
it’s very much about making a
choice to find another way that well you know who knows maybe
someone chopped off my right
hand you know what I mean now I got to find another way to draw
you know what I mean I’ve heard
of someone that Drew so much with their right hand that they
had carpal tunnel so bad that
they couldn’t draw their like I guess I’ll learn to drop my left
hand and they did so it’s like
it’s not like everything is it is a career-ender I’m so feel
free to reinvent yourself remind
me that thing that you were curious about Once Upon a Time
when you hit that limit maybe
that’s the time to explore that other thing you know what I
mean sometimes that’s a little
message for you so definitely feel free to reinvent yourself
at any timers going back to just
the types of Industry industries that you might want to work in
that may change and that’s okay
so don’t ever feel bad about that like I’m just tired and
packaging thing I’m tired of
Iowa I’m tired of electronics or shoes or whatever it’s really
okay you’re try not to build so
much identity into into the work I mean it’s important on some
level but I think when it’s time
to change you start to feel like just the Pains of that it’s
important to pay attention to
that stuff just to figure out to think about why I’m feeling
that way whether that’s just an
interpersonal thing really has to work that the thing I’m
working on itself so I process
things so the reason why I’m so excited about the things that
I’m excited about moving forward
or because the things in the past at various points felt
like that like legit the number
of times I’ve wanted to throw a computer out the window it’s
just there’s so many times so
many times I feel like the computer let me down or mad
about it or whether that’s like
I have to use this software so for me what all that stuff was
telling me all that all the
tension was telling me was that at various points was time to
start investigating other stuff
so for me the biggest thing as an independent designer has
been to two really hop on the
wellness train and to build everything else around that like
we’re the last professional
types of projects as well as my life so what you if you start to
work independently or take on
freelance projects is that on the side from a from a full-time
job is that it feels like I
don’t have free time I don’t have the separation that you
that is maybe the luxury of
having an office job where I can go in there and I can work and
when I’m out of there it’s over
and I can have my weekend or I can have my evenings but for
me what I do to the guy in the
left is doing yoga even if that doesn’t look like Instagram logo
that is also yoga so for me I do
yoga almost every day and I discovered eventually that the
middle of the day for me is a
really good time to do that because if I’m up early and I’ve
gone to walk the dog and I can
come back and sit down and do some work for a few hours get up
go move work my body a bit, my
mind a little bit and come back to it that’s really great I
think something I picked up
completely just not thinking about it in school was this idea
of hard work and the longer I
worked at it the better it was going to be not sure not sure at
all I’m not sure how much value
there is two to certain types of like self-punishment in a way so
and I get a lot of that I think
has to has to do with maybe when you’re in studio I’m going to
get you some tools at some point
here but I would highly advise that you start to learn to do
things like tracking your time
now so you start to develop that sense in your body of like oh
I I’ve been sitting here for 7
hours that’s why I’m at Beck’s like this I mean you got to get
up and go move y’all so I think
we’re pretty inundated with information on all levels and a
personal internet all kinds of
stuff I highly advise that you start meditating even if it’s
for like a minute or two you can
work out is it to me I don’t think it’s really about how long
you’re doing it I think it’s
that you’re taking the time to take care of yourself is what’s
really really important side
benefit of meditation that I found as a creative professional
swear so many of my ideas come
from they’re like really coming so I can actual form sort of
visual in my head in a way that
they think they weren’t before there’s much more like a product
just like putting lines on paper
and stuff like that lot more it’s a much more like Hedy
process these days I think
that’s because I’m a lot more tune in to myself into what’s
going on around me some able
more able to pick up the things that are going on around me and
just it’s like ideas are
everywhere now in a way and they kind of always what kind of
always been that way but in a
way that feels like a lot less effort than it was before
another thing I’ve discovered
for me that is important as the food you eat I haven’t looked
too closely it wasn’t any
vending machines around here highly recommended to
eat good food vegetables most
specifically if possible they have all the things that you
need that help your brain work
a lot of the process stuff just doesn’t and if that makes it way
harder to get through if you I
mean there are times when you have to work late night I still
sometimes have all-nighters
weigh less than before they’ll like what does a completely
different experience of those
and I want to have them it’s not like I’m good I’m tired but it’s
not like I’m just like dragging
myself through this kind of thing and I think a lot of that
has to do with the fuel that you
put in your body and then the last one my big fan of ping-pong
whoever wants that we’re can
come and get it I love it and it’s where I’d like my High
School competitive
competitiveness is gone is and how many ping pong so find a way
to play to take to not just take
a break and take a walk that’s great also part of it find a way
to do something that act that
recharges you in that way to an active thing that just get your
body going in and also for me
that the competition of that is really nice now I can put my
competitive into that instead of
probably more in not as usefully putting that into like competing
with someone at work or
something like that which is I think what I was doing for a
long time so find a place for
that I don’t I don’t think competing in that type of way
at work is necessarily the
healthiest thing cuz again I think it’s really easy to wrap
your yourself into that in the
way that won’t be helpful for you oh yeah and I’m like a
college degree is an ongoing
practice that was the thing that that’s that’s a huge part of
this I think I didn’t understand
it may sound like a bunch of work I have to like keep
learning and finding new stuff
you keep trying yes you do because you will change your
grow and change and be wiser and
older have more experience and things that used to matter to
you may not matter to you as
much anymore and you have to find a new way to ping pong or
something like that you know
what I mean so just regarded as an ongoing thing and it may
change over time okay so some
fools are table I know what that is nobody great so it’s like
it’s kind of like an online
database like a relational database and just three things I
do with it all the time I talk
to track my time in there it’s a free tool by the way there are
paid editions but I haven’t
needed any of that yet I track my time in there and I capture
my ideas that’s the time
tracking is great the idea capture on a personal level is
actually way more valuable to
me so what I do is I still have like a little Sketchbook with me
most of the time I draw a little
crunchy noodles I don’t draw big sweet pea harm stuff anymore
it’s mostly like visual
note-taking for me and I realize I was stock you know Paul’s the
podium roughly and have you
terrible tattoos all my ideas so the fastest thing is if you’re
doing something out just take up
you can just take a photo of it put it in your record some notes
at least it’s there so few I’ve
washed notebooks plenty of times lost them they’ve been stolen
and it’s always a bummer so
as much as you can to capture something in the moment it’s a
really great way to to put like
a really great central place to have everything and then also
for project management it’s
coming really handy as a way to try to get clients off of so
much back and forth with the
email because that just gets out of control quickly so it’s a
great feeling you can all the
little icons up their things that it connects you among many
others so I’m a big Evernote
user as well again for all my rhyme writing I attend to put it
mostly in there so, I’m working
on like a mixtape idea with a friend we can collaborate really
easily on that it’s it’s just a
super it’s the most flexible to Alive ever found for this type
of thing and going back to
Evernote I have an Evernote that says tall is a doorway literally
for print it out of me trying to
find something like this because that’s tough it were in it all
started when I had that a
business partner we’re trying to find like a project management
tool that was cross-platform and
was in the cloud and just did everything that we needed to me
never really found it but years
later I found airtable I’ve been really happy with it ever since
not sponsored just free advice
I don’t like to dream about getting paid at all it’s the
worst nightmare if you’re
seriously considering getting some free land something going I
highly recommend QuickBooks the
peace of mind that it gives me that I can just hop into the
dashboard and see very like in 2
seconds what invoices are open how much money how much money is
coming by this day to that date
with Excel and Word before like writing invoices and stuff like
that it’s been a friend of mine
was basing seems like they have other stuff that helps you do
your taxes like they’re trying
to help you but trying to help you with the software to just
get on the train man and his
background doesn’t think I really spend thirty bucks a
month on that he’s like do you
make more than thirty bucks a month in Italy but for me it’s
it’s been a pretty meaningful
Game Changer and then the other thing that you discover once
you’re in there and you’re
starting people starting to pay your invoices is that there’s a
bit of a lag time it could be
two days could be 5 Days by blow out to like eight days were
talking holiday weekends Solis
fun holiday weekend when you’re waiting on money you know what
I mean because you’re probably
super low and that’s why you’re waiting on the money so
something I recommend that
people even casually thinking about start just go and set
up the accounts all you doing
is putting your personal information setting for email
like it’s very basics of that
way when you need it you have it because there’s nothing worse
than trying to again I have this
is food company trying to take a cell and like they can’t pay you
because I didn’t get the card
reader in Tylenol that kind of stuff just do it and then you
got it and when you need it is
there for you did you do if you don’t pay this reverse I’ll look
it up just as I can’t allow you
to generate invoice and tracking as well as pretty good for that
there’s a Free Birds 2 yes
there’s a free version I’m in and I get there other serve less
all-encompassing types of tools
that will allow you to create an invoice also for free so if you
just look up invoicing software
but that’s if you don’t know an invoice is the thing you sent to
someone that tells them that eat
that they need to send you money so it’s really important and
it’s not just like you send
somebody may like okay just send me $500 like you have to send
them a formal thing oh yeah so
ho yeah that’s another I say it’s for sure even more broadly
considering a small business
than than QuickBooks is going to say inventory is a good example
that’s not a good example but if
you go to the website you’ll see that it’s like this massive
before I was like all these sort
of separate things under the same brand and then they most it
into one thing that at the time
was called Zoho one and so I use that I can’t remember why off
hand I switch I think it’s
actually because it was more than I ended up meeting Mom and
then QuickBooks plugged into
the tax stuff so it worked out nicely okay so another question
I get all the time is should you
charge per project or per hour it’s the same thing answer the
question I’m asking myself sort
of once I get to a tabulation of how much a project would cost
someone is ones that feel like
the right amount of hours for the thing and end or if it’s a
project fee the question is you
know does if you have does that seem like the right amount of
money for this amount of work
and butt against me it’s pretty much the same calculation
because that if someone just
likes dark constructed this is a project I’m basically trying to
ask you the estimate how many
hours this will take me time is the hourly rate and then it’s
just as long as some so to me
it’s it’s not really question but for a long time I didn’t
understand that to me at least
of my business it’s the same thing occasion negotiating this
link goes to that YouTube talk
you’ll get it later but this is a guy that used to be I believe
in FBI negotiator and so I have
that’s right because one of his anecdotes was that he had to
get someone that was kidnapped
had was holding someone hostage they’re they’re just going back
and forth and not making any
progress and in that process he realized and talking to some
other negotiator friends again
community that it was the most important thing was probably
they get this guy to say to
agree with him about anything about something so to get
somebody to say it so it’s
almost like to spit it back to them spit it back to them in a
way where they like and that
trigger something in your brain where that’s that’s how the
story of getting two to the
right to the like to do it to a fair thing for both sides often
happens the other way I found
against it to very quickly saw something out whether either
this person is not I was going
to see if they’re serious about this project you’re not that’s
not right but if it’s a good fit
and that is just ask them how much money do you have for this
what your budget is Adam plenty
of meetings where got through all this talkin all this talkin
everybody’s excited and they
think it cost like five hundred bucks but it’s really more like
$15,000 but maybe they haven’t
done this before or they have no practical expectation of what
designing whatever widget should
be your how long that will take someone in there for how much it
would cost so that was something
I learned from this business partner mine is just just ask
again he was his his family had
a lot of business experience that run lots of different types
of businesses and he also has a
very shy kid but is his family just literally Woodforest him as
a kid in Griffin France to to go
to the different outdoor markets and negotiate with people inside
was the worst thing at first but
eventually it will change his mind as he never understood that
like that that was just a normal
thing to him is like a really stressful thing So eventually
the practice it became a less
stressful thing and he saved in came to this realization we’ll
just ask them how much they have
versus doing this weird song and dance and courtship that’s the
question cuz there’s an answer
to it right so and that’s what you want to know why be any less
direct than that n**** and
that’s work for me pretty pretty well every time and in business
and I’ve been able to quickly
say oh great for there’s someone I want to refer you to okay
where my favorite topic software
I spend a lot of my time so these are Missy make sure yeah
I’ve used every one of these
things up here and what I would say is think about going on what
do you want to make and how do
you want to make so for me I’ll just get to the next slide where
the things that at this point I
care about or what you can see most of so okay for me and
then we’re going to talk about
blender a little bit more and more definitely show you some
videos of stuff that I’m really
excited about so I do most of my work and most of my work is high
where I’ve been working on his
helmet project for a while but most of that is in blender
directly so and then I’ll take
it from there into Rhino if if need be and use t-splines
to make that in a nerve surface
and then I can cut it filled it usually without too much
fuss and I can send it to
a factory that likes me. 5 great and they don’t really
care how heavy the data is
because typically they’re just going to rebuild it anyway
moment of inspiration
interesting program that’s a lot like Rhino to nerves
surfacing model are. Half the cost of rhino also has
it a generative design plug-in
that’s just called node editor rhinos is called grasshopper so
busy the things that I haven’t
heard of Whited out of the things that I may not use
everyday but still hold some
interest in certain respects obviously Photoshop and
illustrator hard to get around
them it seems until unless you mess around with Kim or inkscape
which are open source basically
versions of those things begin working as an independent person
you can kind of pick these
things I’ll stop there that book did anybody know what substance
is okay so substances a
texturing tool matching Photoshop but your 3D models in
there and you can spend it all
around you got layers masks and in substances really likes her
like a group name for for three
products that that company makes one is called substance painter
when a substance designer and
the other ones called bitmap2material which is for
making like a tiled wall
material just like lickety-split which I used to spend copious
hours doing and now I don’t have
to because they have to have software for that one of my
friend in New York that I talk
to you all the time about this stuff she’s like way into
substance and he’s like that is
the future so he’s like stars like modeling school is I forget
into substance or so it’s like
I’m getting there more more quickly but and the reason why
that’s important is busy the way
that we’ve been taught modeling and rendering and adding a
material to something is is in
no way the the wrong way or the inaccurate way but it’s not that
I don’t think it’s the way that
gives us the most control and ask people that are illustrating
pretty detailed things I think
that is something that can give us as much control as possible
is helpful so similar to
substance but open program so let me see let me come back okay
so the idea is that you can have
an idea and instead of and it’s it’s almost one of the things
that we take for granted as
designers that I have an idea let me draw up first has plenty
of value electronic value don’t
need a computer can take it anywhere just need a pen and
paper but I think what happens
is that again sketches to me are basically guess is and they’re
great and their emotional but
the way that were taught industrial design is it is
a it’s not a linear process
obviously there’s a lot of iteration but I think it tends
to pigeonhole 3D at the end and
what I’m excited about is trying to bring 3d way way way way way
way forward in the process so
that we’re not worrying so much about perfectly clean surfaces
that have no wobbles in them and
all that kind of stuff we’re much more trying to establish
the silhouette and a form and
a shape and doing it quickly enjoyed curious in your you guys
are learning SolidWorks only for
what else you running for 3D besides SolidWorks Okay cool so
what’s cool to me is that okay
so most of how you’re thinking about making a 3D model is
pretty related to how you’re
making a sketch like I’m Drawn Lines in Adventures in
Babysitting I didn’t to
communicate form but imagine if you could in the same way that
you’re creating that sketch
super quick light and easy not worrying too much about details
you can do the same thing with
a 3D object so and I’m going to show you some videos of some
folks doing things like this
and I’ve done this on certain projects but they’re still way
ahead of me in a lot of these
folks live in like CG Lancer they’re making models that
aren’t necessarily going to be
turn into a the type of model that you would cut steel for for
a tool to injection mold into or
to blow mold into or any of that kind of stuff it’s almost
exclusively for screen viewing
in a movie in animation something like that so so I
think she’ll like zebra I said
there’s a lot of overlap up here so like is it okay if I stand
up here too but you can like
texture paint in blender or substance or 3 code but
you can’t model anything
in substance it’s just for materials so and 3D coats are
really unique tool is well less
so now that she brushes to help some of its tools and users have
developed add-ons for blender
but it’s based on fox holes which are like a matching grains
of sand is like a 3D Pixel and
that’s how I’m you’re generating form they’re there their they’re
two modes there’s one that is
much more like triangle polygon base and then when it’s like
little grains of sand they seem
kind of flipped back and forth but it has it was one of the
first ones to have really really
nice texture paint painting Tools in 3D and so it still
holds a lot of interest to me
because their tools that it has a dentist very quick generative
types of things like just making
a stroke and sing a different thing and sing a different thing
and singing different option
that I think it’s a knitted very new and unfamiliar uncomfortable
skill to go from the sketching
Nexus how ideas come out of me to that I now discovering the
more like happy accidents as I’m
trying to do something else as I’m moving all these polygons in
and out of the way but I think
what’s really cool about is it’s gratifying because how many
people sat through SolidWorks
class me like I still can’t get this thing closed like I can’t
get that fill it to work or I
can just whatever the software is being fussy about yeah that
not that’s a very knowing not
right there okay so I are actually I saw him accept one
of my favorite favorite stories
from grad schools to friends of mine were sitting and working
on alias in the Alias lab and I
couldn’t believe what I saw but I promise this is real they had
printed out the sketch and taped
it to the screen because they couldn’t remember how to get the
image plane to come into the
software so everybody learns and absorbs this stuff differently
and I think a lot of people have
frustrations with at the curve Base Service OC to parametric
approach that mostly mimics how
we think when we sketch but I think what’s really gratifying
is that you can really quickly
add detail or not a really quickly change like the
proportion of a form like by
going like that you know what I mean and it’s a very different
less precise feeling way of
working but I think the amount of output that you can get in
the amount of exploration that
you can do and it’s something that you can either print them
all out at miniature you can
render them you can send them into Unreal Engine to see them
in real-time I think the power
that is huge guy you know I don’t think it’s that much
anymore but there isn’t like
Alias design like 4500 or something like that how much is
substance is a kangaroo from it
I think it runs on I re if I’m not mistaken is Autodesk right
now allegorithmic aliases
Autodesk soap for me I’ve had enough experience with those
products from that company that
I’m out I’m all set good great I did a gas station related
project in 3D Studio Max at my
first job remember sitting down I think I bought a DVD for Maya
for some submarine project I
knew that’s probably not the right answer for what we are
trying to do and I knew that it
was I was going to be the only person in that office to go find
a better answer and plus
whatever you could render out of SolidWorks at the time was not
great in whatever you could do
in 3D Studio Max is far superior so that was how I landed on Max
for that particular thing by the
sea was the other thing in here oh so that’s his Google Slides
remember a lot of folks thought
I was crazy my very last portfolio design school I did it
in PowerPoint and rice me and
break out your Crayola markers and I see nothing like knowing I
could seriously use InDesign for
something that was I mean there were miles of students in their
try it at the at our Print Lab
like trying to print out portfolios and make multi-page
PDF when that was way harder
than it is now I feel like using InDesign to make a portfolio
presentation is you know is this
way way way over kill you just need stuff on slides at a decent
resolution there free oh so
that’s your thing I can point out blenders free Unreal
Engine is free Google is free
in inkscape in krita are free Christian is like a is a
painting software so it’s so
much like an image manipulation type of program like Photoshop
or Ginn are primarily for
painting in 2D but it’s also free and has another company do
they seem to care about their
user base are they listening to their user base and do they make
changes according me that was a
big thing with me for Autodesk where I said I don’t think I can
keep rocking with this and I oh
I should have put Fusion 360 up there cuz I I used that briefly
for a project or two just cuz
it has t-splines in it so I can interchangeability of nerves two
solids are probably rather was
is pretty straightforward but it did it just I knew it wasn’t
quite the right design Freedom
tool from me so and also I was actually thinking a lot about
students when I was really
thinking about the future what I was going to be doing because I
think if I’m trying to suggest
the students that they go pay $800 for zbrush to do all this
sculpting stuff I think I
probably lost most of you die from an interest to go download
it right now and you can do all
this stuff like so it like from there there’s a video editor in
there you can do particle
simulations the community is for sure busy Bryce has a real
trumpeting type of community
lenders is for sure bigger because again cuz it’s free all
around the world or so then the
last one is Unreal Engine does anybody know what that is
if you not so to me I’m hopeful
that one day Unreal Engine will generally equips keyshot as a
thing that were being taught
how to use in an amusing professionally as well I stay in
the max really and I think that
some of the seniors as well. that too long on that slide are
you basically what happens I
decided one year as a maybe I’ll get into to visualization stuff
warm not worry so much about
industrial design and making is Hardcore models maybe I’ll just
make great looking pictures of
the stuff and what I discovered or my experience with that was
it’s not bad but everybody
thinks something thinks whatever object looks different than it
looks in that photo on their
screen and it’s it’s pretty maddening to have to go to try
to face and they want something
that’s not real but that’s not how lights look when they bounce
off a metal surface on the
plastic clear thing just not how it looks because it’s a
physically based rendering in
blender and in Moto but I was specifically doing all this
visualization working and it
just became just Provisions upon revisions upon revisions upon
revisions four things that just
are there certainly a bad stage don’t matter and again when
someone has like a real
particular idea of what a thing actually looks like now we’re
getting away from photorealism
in a way that’s really hard to have a conversation about
especially if that person is in
someone that’s especially fluent in 3D so for me that the aha
moment with Unreal Engine and
actually I’ll go besides you can see it is really hot on this one
here which is a Sim lab composer
which is actually built on unreal so imagine if you had
keyshot it’s almost exactly like
he’s got except there’s a VR component there’s a simulation
component to it so you could
pretty quickly just throw a model in and start spinning it
around and stuff like that which
it is and it seems like way less its it seems way less intense
like less of like a new thing
I have to learn than unreal. So I said well put on real on
the shelf and spend some time in
Sim lab even to the point I’m well known for this if I find
some new cool tool I wouldn’t
you know start to kick the tires on it a bit I will say I call
why is this this clickers off
for the turn down arrow or weird and saw like right at completely
unsolicited email to huelo
whoever will listen at that company like hey I have free
advice can I tell you about it
like the timing of your clicks is weird in like the view cube
is off or I can get a true
orthographic view for some reason in some lab so over time
again is like I started to bump
up against things that were like Powers their butts like the
steering wheel is on backwards
or it’s in the trunk or something like that so that’s
when I started to look again at
unreal and again really nice of them they sent me a free seat
of the software because I was
giving them like legit valuable insight and I also I told them
that they should write a bridge
from from zbrush direct me to sim lab so that people gnats or
CGI sculpt the type of community
to have a quick way to render them out because Keisha had are
at smartly already done that and
they’re like they’re thinking about like mechanical design a
bit of industrial design bit of
architecture that’s one of the big thing that that their way
into and but they hadn’t at all
thought about the CGI market so that was when they sent me the
free seat like thank you for
telling us because all of a sudden they found themselves a
bunch of new users that could
quickly just alright over right back live linking all that kind
of stuff so it was all just like
file saving and keeping track of all that stuff so okay so
quick about Hardware well that
computer is this computer it’s an Asus it’s a PC I jettison the
Mac thing right around when I I
think I started working on my own largely due to graphics
cards love the build quality of
the Mack love with Mac is about and if he used to be about but
at this point at the truest
differentiator for me is going to be the graphics card and that
again that has a lot to do with
things like Unreal Engine and the rendering engine that’s
in the Cycles so and they’re
getting cheaper and more affordable as they’re making
them faster and stuff like that
so that’s that the tablet that I use is made by a company called
I don’t know that I’ve ever
heard anybody pronounce its huion who we are but they make
pretty low cost tablets that you
can buy on Amazon that have a similar pressures pressure
sensitivity to a Wacom tablet
for like 80 bucks instead of three hundred bucks so and they
also make really nice displays
that are more a lot like a cintiq and that it’s like a
full screen and I can paint and
sculpt on it but it’s like five hundred bucks instead of twenty
bucks so and I think at first
the first who started the first release of stuff was okay it’s a
lot better now so I like their
products a lot there’s a point I was working on this laptop all
the time and I’m just doing this
to my head is down on a desk and I can start to feel it and so
for just $239 you can buy a
43-inch UHD TV on Amazon and that’s what’s it’s on my desk so
it’s like I mean I almost have
to turn my head to look from side to side but it’s awesome
it’s really great there’s
nothing like modeling super huge so that was a pretty big
game-changer for me to currently
I have a few 3D printers the first one was the MakerBot there
in the Middle with a little
castle inside it’s been kind of a Workhorse had it for a long
time so I think is wrong 2013
or two maybe 2012 when my part business partner I bought that
about $2,600 at the time when we
quickly discovered that it was good for some stuff and just
and that’s not about make about
that’s just about that type of technology for printing
something so I had that for
a while and then it kind of something broke on it I just
kind of never fixed it for
probably about 2 years or so and more reason I got working but
then it broke again and I was
frustrated so I’m in also add that helmet project I’m working
on I convinced our client to buy
astronics why printer and let it live at my house they don’t have
an office or anything yet
they’re going to censor of a new company so because that printer
was $300 and so far when we
every time he printed a helmet for Shell to check size or all
that stuff about a hundred fifty
bucks so if he had to get two prints out of this thing we’re
back at zero and everything
after that gets a lot cheaper like I think I calculated the
the material cost to be about 10
bucks a helmet or something like that. Now that said it’s it’s a bit of
a tinkerer type of machine so
I’ve had to tighten belts when layers get weird or surfaces
aren’t like really flat that’s
like it’s a true dead flat surface it there. Wobbles in it and stuff like
that I don’t have time for that
as well say at this point like I needed to just print out the
thing that’s on my screen so
that became frustrating and I also actually kind of a cool
thing that happened in the
nicest thing about that is that it has this magnetic bed so if
anybody’s ever had trouble
getting like a print off the bed and like you just can’t get the
scraper under there it has this
magnetic bed that just peels right off with the model stuck
on it and it’s way easier to get
it off because this Earth floppy giant magnet thing however I
left town once in my roommate
was kind of watching it for me now think it’s anything he did
but somehow that nozzle got like
dug down into this like sort of Saw fish tank material and just
scratched the hell out of that
magnet Thinking is for Facebook user groups they have someone
recommended that you could just
buy like a 12 inch mirror tile from Home Depot and throw that
down and it heats up and cools
down everything sticks and comes right off so that was easily
fixable thinking this but now
I have this problem where the filament sensor can’t tell that
there is filament in there for
some reason so I got to figure out how to cut some out of the g
code to get that to work so
again it’s a bit of a DIY do you have to put it together but it’s
was it 45 minutes or something
and you’re sitting there right sorry my girlfriend’s here she’s
watching me put it to five
minutes or so it creates a bit of a sort of user like there’s
three little tolerance as I can
stock up on infield a weird place I’d like an end stop just
like fall off in the middle of
a print I happen to be sitting here but if I wasn’t the next
time then I was coming down it
was just going to dig into the bed so looking for something a
little more put together and
then most recently I haven’t even used it yet it’s sitting
assembled but not used in my
bedroom is the one on the left that’s in Telugu Mars and that
was maybe $280 or so and that’s
a resin printer so imaginative a cell phone screen sitting under
the clear Vape resin and every
at every layer it’s like a black and white image of string that
entire layer one-time versus
like a nfdm machine has to like move all the way around that
layer kind of thing so it’s an
equivalent dish speed thing but the build lines considerably
smaller but that works make such
a lot of jewelry and I where I can stack stuff in there I don’t
know about Resident news about
this machine in two or three others that are the almost the
same build envelope same exact
technology and just trying to figure out which one they’re
like yeah I haven’t had problems
with this like I did have to replace the clear lens thing
but it was easy but Creative
Accounting Electronics Y versus elegoo just noticing like how
different their user manuals are
and their websites are those kinds of things like one is way
more professional than the other
so I have I’m really excited for the smaller one and I’m hopeful
keep you posted it’s elegoo
elegoo and Mars is the name of the model Monette Resonance of
leaders maybe twenty-five bucks
or something like that and get it supposed to be very simple to
use pretty easy to adjust a lot
a lot for your things to adjust an on an fdm printers what is
true about you see I think it’s
68 is the short front back to mention it’s about a hundred and
fifty-five Tall mmmm sorry and
then decide decide is probably a hundred I figured out that I
could take three pair of eyewear
and if I take the temples off of the front and stand everything
up by that can fit three pair of
eyewear in there roughly there are large the next one that you
can find at the larger is that
oh I just heard that the other day and it’s more like $1,500
that is a slightly bigger volume
and then you’re getting more until I can form two or three
or four 3XL put in that five to
ten thousand investing make you anything with Will and they’re
super reliable though so that’s
that’s the trade-off for now hopefully they’ll get this stuff
kind of worked out so censored
in the near-term I’m hoping to kind of get a little farm of
those guys going as I’m looking
at more low volume production e things this the guy there is two
bigger build volume than even
the one I have so the Tronics there is about 300 mm roughly
cubic that was about four
hundred millimeters to cubic and I’m looking for printing things
that might be like table legs
that I might take to an aluminum Foundry to have cast that kind
of thing because again at that
scale all those build lines don’t matter nearly as much
because the object so much
bigger also this laptop is pretty been pretty cool has a
GTX 1070 in it but that’s a
razor Razer Blade I think it’s called the 15in and it’s it’s
got the newer technology that’s
an RTX which is just going to help run everything faster and
also it’s the Mercury space
gray or something like that or Mercury gray this thing gets
incredibly dirty incredibly
dirty because it’s black it’s nothing to me but that’s another
reason why I like that one it’s
a little bit lighter and this is I think actually like a 17in
laptops like case but it’s got
like a 15 inch 15.6 inch monitor so it’s kind of poking even
though it doesn’t really need
to be and it’s also this was plastic and you can really see
that the Tweaky torquing is
forces that one’s mettle so that would be white and I’ve had this
may be 2 or 3 years now and then
in the future future more that will give those guys are made
by any cubic and that deceptive
I try to get things sorted and scale but the one that’s on the
left is actually like it’s it’s
not quite as tall as Podium but almost I was shocked when I
started watching videos it’s
like this big even though the bill volumes kind of the lower
half I mean there’s a smaller
version that guy still and looking more at trying to find
lighter laptops I’ve been doing
more traveling recently in again this thing’s getting heavy so
starting to investigate if I
can find a really thin this is actually 17 inch LG laptop that
has like no graphics card in it
but then this is an external graphics card Hub and some of
these even have places we can
put a hard drive so he can almost become don’t like a mini
like Tower enclosure so starting
to look at more Creative Solutions to help make myself
more mobile but still have power
if I’m home if I’m out and about it probably not needing to too
much horsepower are certainly
from modeling eyes I saw an old Surface Pro 3 that I use with
some frequency even for blender
stuff so it’s not great for rendering but remodeling is fine
screen monitor laptops yet okay
at least they’re on it cuz you so stoked if honestly not even
that one but really this one if
I could draw on that and not have to take that tablet with me
kind of a game-changer it’s just
one less thing that I have to charge and plug in and keep
track of nobody’s figured it
out all day I did find a Lenovo laptop from kind of eons ago
where they put little little
little one off to the side somewhere like in there was a
collaboration with Wacom but it
clearly never took off so that’s the kind of stuff I’m looking at
as I’m thinking about how mobile
I want to be in the future I wear in process but basically
all star with inspiration and up
top that the top of the line is sort of the the very very
traditional process of what I
walked into when I started at Marshawn and there’s some
inspiration give them to you and
then we’re going to do a little straighter for a couple months
basically at some point of a
brand team will come in and look at things that the license or
will look at some stuff have
some comments never going to make technical drawings so it’s
exactly these render things that
we’ve made but now we’ve got to make them black and white
we got to put sections and all
that Shenanigans heaven forbid anything changes in that process
or someone comes in at the last
minute like oh can you make it to millimeters can I give it
to you tomorrow and there’s no
I need to know right well that can’t happen but I will try and
then you’re going to wait for 5
weeks for type in the factory hoping that they understand what
you gave them they don’t ever on
the first one it’s never right so then you make some
corrections and in the meantime
you’re also doing his color cats which is just more illustrator
renderings of like Temple like
the side view in the front view basically in a funny story about
that two things I bumped into
like why do we do it this way so what it turned out was at
Marshawn there’s a design
department and right across the cubicle wall is our development
department and they would the
reason why we did the color pads and that they didn’t do the
color cats like you’d always
have to do it like the rendering but then we really got stuck
with it because all the little
information is like with I size was in the PPL in the temple
length they couldn’t change any
of that stuff because it was illustrator and they don’t use
illustrator so I said well why
don’t you just use my favorite to all the time PowerPoint and I
just make you a custom vertical
are they printed everything out online by 17 so I said let’s
just make a run by 17 PowerPoint
will drop the images in feel free to change them whenever you
like it’s not our job to do that
stuff like to do renderings for sure is our job but to manage
like what the style name was
going to be calm and all the other like data or around it
couldn’t care less but we got
stuck doing it just because we use the tool that did part of
that job and the second we did
that like things got way more fluid and there’s less of these
like surf trip what felt like to
us a great review of request a change type that they could just
do themselves again they didn’t
understand it this way at first but eventually they saw it is
empowering us to just do this
ourselves and it’s less back and forth and communication and
eventually everybody is really
happy about it that’s the color guys then me know send more of
that stuff out another technical
drawing with comments and stuff get another maybe maybe get
another second Factory prototype
before you got to like press go make it which is a bit dicey
when you’re in the volumes and
I wear aren’t especially High they’re not like remote controls
or something like that like
we’re talking more like under 10,000 pieces of a style so even
still that’s that’s a lot of
it’s a bit of a risk and bit of a jump to take to hope that
that’s going to be just so when
you get it back and especially on something with a details
really do matter so overall that
is taking us 18 months sometimes 20 or 22 months to like say this
was the concept and here’s the
final thing that you can sell to someone so then what we proposed
because again we’re working on
Nike which had a different fit then like a more fashionable
fashioned ribbon type of eyewear
there’s a very very very very very long process discussion
about the traditional process
versus how we were trying to do it to integrate a 3D printer
that we had just purchased at
the time but we base it would go from hands from a hand steps and
not even doing Rhino not even
doing illustrator straight to 3D and then have a 3 Prince we
could like put it on as the
evaluation versus standing back at the wall and saying and again
like the variation from things
that thing that you’re picking was like literally fractions in
millimeters but when you can put
it on there’s not a discussion either like that the pantoscopic
angle which is this tilt is off
for the headquarters which is sort of this rap is offer the
temple length is objectively
way too long are there so many things that people didn’t
understand about what they were
designing because they were designed it in 2D that there by
5 or or like lengthen it and
then changed like the temple spread dimensions of like where
it touches back here they didn’t
fully understand what the implications were like if you
move a temple band in a certain
way like was a real product now it looks really weird just when
I look at it like it looks like
it’s like someone broke it almost in those are the things
that are super duper matter
tonight he has as someone letting us use their brand to
make things and so we had all
this infighting in kind of three directions about how to get this
done so but eventually we were
able to demonstrate it to people and that’s when they’re like
this does work and the part of
the biggest thing that changed was that they realize they could
do it’s not just for Turbo sport
hyper r a p type of eyewear but truly fashionable things as well
because again you’re able to in
the course of a week would be able to go through either Asians
on the thing and say final
answer now just going to make it that we were able to get it from
18 down to like 12 months and
then pretty much what I do these days so I do my rough little
Doodles in my schedule I’m I’m
certainly finding inspiration instead of things that capture
the silhouette of what were
generally talking about and then I hop right into 3D and
sometimes I sculpt things for
the cycling project that I’ve done recently I prepare glasses
I started out something that in
zbrush eventually took it to two blender and I needed more
control than I could afford
myself at the time in zbrush to make a polygon model and then I
would take it to Rhino if the
factory truly needed something more than an STL usually an STP
file any benefit to me is now
that I have a 3D model I can do real-time visualization in
unreal I can 3D printed or
Millet not so important but sometimes that still happens and
then from a lot of the three
printed stuff you can cast things so we can you can really
put something on a table in
front of a client and in conjunction with it with
something moving and spinning
around and that’s interactive and they’re instantly connecting
the dots are in a way that
before we are caught on Avocado fun like Reflections and
stuff like is that actually
translucent or is it I can’t tell what I’m looking at kind of
thing and now they fit perfectly
get it the desktop 3vr in the 3D print so again the question I’m
always asking myself as what
deliverable best communicates my design in 10 and a lot of that
in most cases I found that it’s
not the process that I was working in it that’s just how
they’ve been doing it and am I’m
just waiting on someone to tell them her to suggest another way
okay folder structure how do you
guys feel about your laptops right now like are they they
clean and tidy are they not so
clean and tidy be honest see a lot of shaking heads out there
okay so everything generally
in its place there no Flawless systems that I found but I think
I recommend to all students has
the sooner the soonest that you can figure out a system for
yourself the name and locate
files I’ve literally been on the phone with out with that
business partner that I had and
I was traveling somewhere and he was freaking out at the office
trying to find a file to send to
a client and I walked in through like 15 layers of folder
structure because it’s always
the same so I can think is only probably going to be in like one
place but not stand idle up more
that were thin heated so like that was just ingrained in me
but I just find that the amount
of time that it takes actually set the system up like I’m in a
moment of saving out a file or
something like that president of time when it’s crunch time and
I need that file I don’t want
to get in at crunch time ever that’s a dose of the kinds of
things that lead like sleepless
nights when you’re looking for final final super duper last
final draft final not it I will
let me see if I can find a quick no no so see y’all just to
go through I can actually
go through any other folder structure something I’m going to
send to you guys as well with
this presentation in a few other things just so that you have
in mind if I go to my active
projects and then I just have the template folder and I just
copied and pasted it every time
I have a new project it’s maybe 20 megabytes or something like
that tips on dealing with
keeping organized using multiple hard drive your class that’s
because I’m a cloud guy yeah
and I I can definitely think of different types of projects that
are probably more complicated
than the ones I’m working on especially to multiple people
involved which was a lot how it
was at my first job there a lot of people with their hands in
the same project versus when I
was doing I wear it is there many many many fewer people in
that design folder so you can
just have the report of it and it and it worked out but I
pretty much have all my stuff on
Google Drive it’s works fine for now A friend of mine has more of
a private VPN type of thing that
he uses that you really likes but for me for now Google works
pretty well a lot of folks are
Dropbox folks but the way I look as pretty much everything is
either admin so that’s like
that’s like an NDA and then the brief if I get one a lot of
times for me a brief is really
conversation and becomes my job to formalize that and send that
back to them so that we can both
say yes that’s what we talked about and probably going to do
the contract I really called a
letter of agreement feels little friendlier and quotations by
request to factories like once
we got enough something to send to a factory that’s where some
of this stuff goes so I can
keep track of that and then quotations for production versus
for sampling and things like
that and again you can take through all this but the big
thing I would say is like I find
a kid example oh yes yes so this the decline I mentioned in
Chicago with the building and
architecture you basically went from there a 30 versions of that
thing in the first one looks
like you know kind of nothing yeah they’re so for me and even
I think back to our projects
when we’re not his first really cutting my teeth and eyewear
that’s very first project I
think we had 45 or visions of that thing who had no idea what
I was doing and then over time
it starts to reduce introduced introduced introduced, but for
me version number are the key
I don’t date things don’t care when I need to know what the
latest one is I can always go
back and look any of those rendering and stuff to help
remind me but like the date
thing doesn’t help me I need to know what version is and it’s
pretty much everything just has
a V at the end of it so this is a client that really like to do
should like sub iterations of
things so that’s why there’s like the black and the black
with the rusty fence and all
that kind of stuff also some kind of really particular about
their file naming structure this
is definitely not mine cuz it’s all caps and I wasn’t really
underscores and stuff like that
of the time but at that in so I don’t think I even thought about
that when I wrote that establish
your process slide that’s another thing that has become
problematic at times is
sometimes in the in the course of a project when you start
sending stuff to a factory a
client may want that thing to me name two specific thing that’s
different than how you’ve been
aiming at the whole time imported to try to accommodate
that as best as you can in there
certain clients when I work with them Ave been working together
long enough that I can use a
system that they use in it’s totally fine on by will often
suggesting there’s two guys I
collaborate collaborate with a lot that that do I wear and they
both used to work at Marshawn as
well and they’re still heavily invested in the date system
as revisions but even on the
project we’ve been working on recently took you start having
to put a s and then it’s hyphens
him so I can start heading like sub editions of things and it
gets messy really quickly to me
just a linear system of that as much as possible is has always
saved my butt so as best you can
and I’m happy to again I will have my contact info so if you
have any questions please just
ask don’t fight through it if you feel like it’s a fight and
hopefully I can help us a quick
pit on on file file naming that was another thing I actually at
Marshawn that was maybe one of
the first times I just stepped out there like hey what if we
try this is that okay and there
is like no no don’t do that but basically the situation was this
I’m sitting at my desk doing my
job someone comes over with everything on fire like I need
the drawing for this frame in
my hand in the problem was the frame in their hand is probably
from production which means it
has a name probably up like a person’s name that’s a lot
easier fashion brands but when
we were working on it it had like a prototype number and
no one ever there is never a
process in place for linking those two things in a file
somewhere else that you quickly
look up Sophie is pcrs – 19 – 24 or something like that so I
suggested a pretty minor switch
to their revision numbering system and they’re like that
sort of the client brand naming
system that would allow us to like instantly find anything
like you didn’t have to be
working here when it’s designed to figure it out kind of thing
in the push back I got on that
was really intense for about a week and a half but I went
to our VP of design and said
hey this is the thing that’s happening there looking at me
like I’m crazy like product
development looking at me like I’m crazy because I can’t just
like whip it out of nowhere in
there but there’s no reference to it like it’s not really
realistic thing to ask if
someone and so if we just make this simple change moving
forward them to go backwards
with it but moving forward then I think that would take a lot of
pressure off of the design staff
and make the product development staff a lot happier because they
can get their things Superfast
now and once I proposed it in those terms she’s like oh okay
yes we’ll do it we’ll try it
we’ll see how it goes and then slowly like day by day by day
by day almost every an office
on that floor there probably 20 people are No Cry 25 people in
that office on that floor came
over me and said because it just took all that problem and just
completely eviscerated it and
and just that little thing I think endeared me to like a
lot of people so and it made
everybody’s life easier so I think if you start to see
those things I encourage you
to thoughtfully diplomatically kindly suggest at the Manor
dictate what if we did this
I think these would be the outcomes in the benefits to
these people in those people
like all this design thinking that we had that we do on a
product we can also do certain
relationally to say how you know how to make life better or my
own life better or our
interaction better just put a little bit of intention for hand
sew portfolio stuff to me it’s
the last step effect with your design process so where do you
guys keep your keep your work if
it’s online like to potential employers are people that might
let you in turn is it you guys
have your own websites or using more like kind of super sites
like this or adobe is actually
really nice setup I have some models of mine on sketchfab is
everybody know sketchfab I
didn’t mention that earlier it’s a place that you can upload a 3D
model throw some materials on it
pretty quickly everything for you and textures on it if you’ve
gone through like a substance
type of thing and they look really really can spin around
easily on a computer but also
really nicely on the phone so it’s a really nice way to
present tomorrow to someone and
that that there’s something about just right at least right
now that you can spin around and
interact with it that will set you apart because I visited
you positions you as a more
Progressive designer probably than the next sketchfab and
there they have like a sketchfab
I think we called Creator Studio which is more of like a
configurator type of thing which
is what I’ve been waiting for forever or like that there’s
another thing that that isn’t
great or not my favorite is that there aren’t really like
material presets like if you go
back in the key shot if you save data Library let’s go get those
materials again not so instead
yeah at least so that’s kind of one of the limitations also
things you can’t do or like you
can’t have animated things in there but you can’t like tell it
like play now or like when the
mouse moves hear clicks this do something it’s more like an
animation is just playing kind
of thing so I don’t know that it’s as useful for for that kind
of thing but other places I
think Tribble School are working not working I think fairly
recently opened itself up to
like whoever wants to apply it used to be kind of an exclusive
I don’t exactly know how you got
in before I have a few friends that they see got into it
somehow and it seemed to be a
much tighter network of life people that were looking very
specifically for an industrial
designer or graphic design intern level type of folks
were in that Network vs. now it’s much more open so
I recently thrown away some of
my work up on there as well or station tends to be more of this
kind of thing for folks that are
in like CGI type of things but I still think it’s it’s a really
nice presentation format very
similar to behance tips to prevent your models in a lot of
times you might find a different
type of inquiry comes into you from artstation than a place
like or Flutterby hand sew if
you’re open to it I think it’s worth trying your best to
maintain at least a couple of
these because it might help you find people looking for work in
in different types of Industries
so more resources artstation blender behance lot of the
markets like for unreal and for
blender there’s really cool things that you can find it
there often times for free I
found some really good courses even on udemy if you dig deep
enough they’re they’re cool
things there nothing I want to mention that everyone is that
about unreal there’s an academy
event that happens in South Carolina I believe in April ish
and its really affordable take a
hundred bucks and I’ve not gone but I have a few friends that
have and they have nothing but
epic things to say to bad pun their company that makes meals
called epic games sorry it’s a
really enjoyable learning experience for lots of people
that have gone there so they
have a grant program they just got a hundred million dollars
and funding that’s going to be
doled out to people that are doing cool usually unusual
unique things within real engine
so that’s another probably pretty meaningful route for
you might be able to just fine
money to develop Your Own Thing through through through the
system and poor folks that are I
spelled that wrong the Demonte group sorry that are back in
your SolidWorks reality there’s
a company Chicago called the Demonte Group which is d i not
de sorry about that they have a
bunch of tutorials are mostly PowerPoint presentations on
their website that completely
changed how I understood surfacing in the program like
SolidWorks and I spent a lot of
time reading through those they really actually even help me
understand how I was going to
try to do some things in Rhino as well because it’s a similar
the math is this is the same
set of math another company in Chicago that makes really
powerful Kre-O in Pro-V
tutorials and stuff like that so that’ll I said remember this
guy pitted so pitted okay since
the stuff I might really stoked about so there’s more stuff with
blender so just a couple things
I want to show you guys I know that obviously we’re designer
so sketchings sketching matters
with the in blender there something called the grease
pencil and this is a assure it’s
like a minute to get a sense of what this person is doing here
again at hyperspeed right so a
lot of character I don’t know how much you guys are drawing a
parallel and things like that
has never been my game but again there doing all the stuff in
three and that’s how to get any
spare lack Parallax effect to happen more relevant for us some
car sketching just me and then
to me if I’d had some of this stuff when I was in grad school
learning and I just took a car
Studio this would have been definitely a game-changer for
me there’s a guy named Scott
Robertson that started PSI call draw three.com years ago that
basically everybody that I went
to school with her and how to draw her a minute in a serious
way and a lot of these are
similar types of principles except you can really manipulate
it in a way that we just
couldn’t at the time so that was an exciting on the first time I
saw that I don’t sketch a ton
with grease pencil just yet cuz I haven’t really needed to but
the cool thing is is that all
those strokes and things that you’re saying those are actually
3D objects the curves with likes
of the stroke applied to it so you can take that stuff to
Unreal if you wanted to show
someone a model that’s good solid hurts at a certain place
in the in the process but you
don’t want to look too polished you’re too realistic just yet
that’s a nice way to loosen up
something that’s even tighter than it probably needs to be
people always ask me what how do
you know how big anything is if it’s just polygons if it’s not
this thing I’m used to there’s
a great add-on that I believe comes pre-installed that’s
called measure it so there’s a
way to Dimension things so don’t worry so much about that and it
is definitely my biggest
concerns because so much of the work that I do is dimensional
even though maybe just for a few
key types of dimensions this add-on has been really really
helpful to me to make sure that
I am not modeling something that’s the size of the room and
it should be the size of a
Podium and that kind of thing so in the nice thing is it goes
there’s I think it’s about
halfway here you can see there’s like there’s like a layer system
and everything with its it’s not
just like a bunch of crap dumped on your model so you can hide
and show all the stuff I’m not
exactly sure that you can export it anywhere that’s that that’s
another thing I’m trying to
figure it out figure out is how to get a dimensional item or
objects into something like
on real so I can send that to manufacture in place of my least
favorite which is a technical
drawing I’ve got a 3D model why would I make a 2d drawing out
of it just so that you can know
how big something is or how far apart something is too many
times to me so definitely a
pretty fully function dimensioning set that’s in there
00 Nash machine this one for
sure blew my mind this is one of the uses that I would say has
what is called Deep knowledge
he’s making like custom interface tools for himself and
any can buy this stuff for sure
it’s like maybe a $40 plug in which is a little pricey but as
you seen the stuff that he’s
doing you would realize why that is a steal. Especially for a package that’s
free but a lot of the stuff
would be nearly impossible it is effectively impossible to do
unless this person has made this
thing which you getting that say a few years ago I don’t know
that I could have recommended
blender with the same exuberance that I do now but because of
what how you can change things
so quickly and ree-ree create forms and change the edge flow
of things it’s an exceptionally
powerful tool Zoe out like variable Phil it’s like a lot of
the things that were from there
with you can still do it’s just that a lot of the stuff isn’t
like smooth and subdivided but I
think again for what we’re doing that may very much not be
necessary done chamfer tool
that’s a great one lottie’s folks that worked really really
hard on figuring out ways to
cut things that are very pretty straightforward in a in a rhino
or Emma why or SolidWorks are
the worst News Bears in a program like blender but I’d say
his his sort of champion tools
like when you’re cutting one thing with another thing and
then getting like a useful Edge
there that you can either smooth out or round over before this is
I mean just a nightmare this
like this would take you all day just to do this one thing but
he’s figured out how to get the
normal stuff to fix themselves into how to create easy Cutters
mini as a few other plug-ins
there’s one about decals they’re all super duper powerful
from up from a visualization
visualization standpoint in particular so that guy’s grates
and then did you do to this
cutting tool Against The Cutting conversation and bullying and
conversation is is a meaningful
one cuz I know that that’s a lot of how we think about things so
this is okay all the ads perfect
perfect citizens who called box cutter by a guy named Master Z
on 1001 and it is really cool
tool called box cutter where you cannot get you cannot only just
like cutting soda simple things
like I said Simple things like I said the real purpose is
anything as a cutter so easy
pretty simple example so he’s got this would like pre-made
message for like handles and
things that cut into things are like loops and locks and things
like that just something that’s
more complex to watch this one like amount of time it would
take you to do this otherwise at
least a couple hours but he just did it in like two clicks so
again that might be more
appropriate for something like someone that’s doing more
environmental work or things
that are more rectilinear but I was doing a project where I
needed to cut some text and just
plan it just it just wouldn’t like I would always just leave
me errors or if their faces we
would be missing an eye in with his tools it works because of a
lot of the math under the hood
is taken care of directions of faces and stuff like that for
you learning wise anything else
I would say so I think the biggest thing for an industrial
designer wrist is to set aside
our current contract of this curve base sketch space type of
modeling that’s that’s for sure
the biggest thing and top new stuff to do soft skills 9:30
different software is there I’m
trying to keep it as it’s under control as possible but it’s
hard sometimes it just got here
seems bat handles Baptiste G lot of his cars sculpting tutorials
like he can see if I can get
these aren’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination but
like a lot of time and take you
to build something like that Rhino or SolidWorks we’re talkin
certainly the better part of a
day if not a couple days but again it’s like he doesn’t mean
he does work with with do to do
do it with with under lace with some frequency but then he has
some some nice videos where yeah
yeah yeah song starts out from nothing and you get a real sense
of how he’s creating creases and
that you can use the big major worry for me at some point was
that I was like what am I going
to like precisely sharpen something or curve something
there’s you can lay down a
curved and like literally run your brush along that until it’s
like the tightness that you want
it and it’s still too tight you go back to smooth it out and
move on it’s not about how it’s
a point for that goes to a point one and then back up to a yet
that’s later to schedule so I’m
going to get in the speed that you can do this stuff with
password I don’t think that is
the one but on the side you’ll see that there’s if you search
anything in Blended you’ll see
that there are is just a plethora an overwhelming
plethora of information
available in from me that’s what again working independently I
don’t have one I can just call
for a lot of this stuff so I got to just go find it in for me
YouTube has been an epic
resource for that like pretty much found everything I need
to know how to do or just if
something straight up wasn’t possible yet like you guys ever
have to do like clown renders or
Inn in keyshot basically that material passes so that you
can separate stuff out later
Mickey’s our Selections in Photoshop not specifically
course on it okay okay okay yeah
I mean again it’s it’s a it’s a definitely a different way of
thinking about it but I think
it offers us so much more flexibility and so much more
especially from a standpoint a
lot more speed once you’re more comfortable with the tools that
especially if you’re having
meaningful pains in the in the standard tools I would highly
recommend that you that you give
it a look are just watching videos on it in NC what’s there
and for me that’s it’s a lot of
like watching really really really really simple tutorials
and imagining like what can I do
with that her like a phone cable curlicue I put am I going to do
with that and it’s never it was
it’s not often a parent at the time but then later I’ll be
doing something like oh wait
that one thing it’s just perfect technique for that and again
there’s so many users using
it and so many people making tutorials of various complexity
that you will almost certainly
find what you’re looking for that’s nice that one that
one this one’s ever really
interesting when this was another big piece in my head
this guy was types how to stuff
a lot of polygons it so you’ve got 200,000 polygons on a
mnemonist on a shape that’s
making a car or boot or whatever if you want to take that and put
that into action you can use
freecad to translate it from from an STL to nerves but yeah
it’s but it’s ugly and it’s and
it’s slow is the really tough part so if you can find a way to
take this really high poly mesh
needs to be does it it’s like yeah or the slice of a crash
on you so it’s a way of taking
no one no one in here wants to model this thing right in
SolidWorks right anybody down
right I’m not down for that so so how would you so again if you
can’t so there’s things that you
can clearly make with sculpting that you can’t make it until it
works right but if I want to get
it to thing where I can convert it to nerves it’s got to be less
polygons than that and that’s
what that’s what this add-on called instant message does so
they see what it does it takes
your match and it looks at it and it says well what’s the most
optimal way that I can get it to
about 10,000 polygons instead of 200,000 and it works as an
add-on and it also works as a
standalone so you’ve might take it to that software and then you
can actually kind of like drawn
the model to give it some like guidance in some suggestions of
like I will this is a really
important detail I wanted to go this way and again that’s useful
for when you say later want to
go to make you wouldn’t texture paint with you wouldn’t do
that on her soup on it like a
triangle ated mesh on because you need it does everybody know
to UV map is clothes that don’t
it’s just it’s basically just a translation from a 2d model to a
3D models just that’s it’s like
unwrapping it right so a thing I learned in school and it was
really hard to get my head
around so this is a tool that again it’s really no fun to
unwrap a triangulated much but
to get something that way if you are polygons and to unwrap that
that’s when plunders going to
have a much easier time doing that so so that’s the that this
was a big key for me to really
start to think more seriously about the sculpting work like a
high poly thing to Laura poly
thing that I can use to paint on and visualize or that I can or
automatic apologize and then
sent a rhino with t-splines set to make something usable I’m so
that’s not one in my send this
link is broken to the this company would have wanted to
show you sorry about that but
it’ll be there when I send it to you guys and then this is the
last one I wanted to show which
is about okay about I think some of the techniques in this
tutorial this is a Corvette
modeling tutorial goes through a bunch of techniques that are
highly relevant to Industrial
design to this is a begin this is like a c g model like
it’s a polygon base model not
a SolidWorks model or a rhino model or something like that and
this guy and CG Masters is who
who produced this there a great resource this tutorials maybe
like 60 bucks or something like
that may sound pricey but my senses you’re going to learn
almost every technique you would
ever need from from just like your modeling Sandpoint not
in the sculpting but modeling
standpoint you learn here to make super crispy like beautiful
Reflections and he goes to the
entire materialization process lighting the rendering and as I
recall you also get how he does
the Cinematic like you slow pans and stuff like that too so again
for me it’s like I’m always
trying to make the highest quality deliverable that I can
and this was a big help in
trying to figure figure that out I know we’re getting late on
time so these are some folks
that I found that I’m always watching their videos I’ll have
all these things perfectly
updated unreal Studio the last the coolest one I’m going to
show you okay here’s a real
simple one and so basically it is Unreal Engine that’s kind of
the term many people know then
there’s also unreal studio and what unreal Studio does it’s the
same thing it’s just that it’s a
different target audience for a mostly the same product I’m
actually has more funky it’s a
kind of stuff added on to it and it’s more for what they would
call an Enterprise client which
is where we all fall in which is for trying to visualize
something for someone create
a configurator change the background spin it around in
real time so once I said this is
one that you can buy and what immediately went the way program
this and you program all this
functionality is not with code it’s with with a note graphs
it’s like a bunch of boxes and
you plug noodles into sockets it’s really it’s like a visual
programming language is supposed
to like a text base one which is how Unity works and now is when
I want it on Unity as I call I
don’t have time to learn to code no thank you not interested but
when I realized that Unity had
this visual programming approach that was when I got really
excited because I already
do some notable things for materials in blender and so it’s
you just have to kind of line
with the functions are so I’m going to be working on trying to
create something that would be
easy for everybody to use where it would feel kind of like he
shot like how I can just drop
them all in and then I put it in this bucket now it knows if
that’s the thing to change the
color on or that’s where I can create a slider for things so
that’s that one and I mean you
can go pretty nuts with this stuff so something I’m kind of
the other end of the spectrum
but would have been really helpful for me when I was doing
that architecture project with
the 30 revisions we’re doing we started off doing six angles of
this building at I don’t know if
three or four minutes a pop to like 16 angles that he wanted to
see the thing and then there but
then there’s like four versions you don’t even like it it
doesn’t make sense at a certain
point so this this isn’t real this is all generated stuff in
there particle effects to help
with the leaves move and that control things like the lighting
in the environment so when I saw
this one has really inspired to try to think more about how
I could use it for the pro
architectural things as well which is a big market for them
is is architectural
visualization for sure so let me see noticed all the presentation
and again the grants is linked
to the grants a couple other configurators and cinematics
another thing is even if you
don’t make something that’s fully interactive that they can
just spin around you can just
set up like preset animation so they can watch you do this and
come up and over and down which
I think it’s again at my much more emotional way to tell a
story about a product than just
still renders and again the amount of time 50 Cent you know
it key shot takes a second to do
its thing right this does too but it does it kind of all at
once and then you can kind of do
whatever like once it’s captured all the lighting is the best way
to say it then you can go Hog
Wild in there and change stuff moved all around because it’s
all happening so underneath
all that shading that he shots having to calculate from every
angle so I can suggest a
different approach but I think it’s just as powerful and almost
certainly faster and more
enjoyable and some future things I’m working on I’m working on a
thing called unsolicited we’re
basically I find cool stuff that people have made or design or
Illustrated very often and
direct message okay is it cool if I make a model of that
they’re like yes please do that
I don’t know how to do that at all so that’s the way I’ve been
thinking about establishing
Partnerships is again bringing value to someone that hasn’t
thought about making a 3D model
of something that they drew with Nixon I have some I wear ideas
that I have to present to them
and to me it’s like until I feel like it’s my duty to show people
cool things that they’re brand
could be doing that they’re not doing so that’s where a lot of
these ideas come from Brand
Jordan isn’t everything for me that I kind of like that I also
think is way off the mark but I
think I could show them some cool stuff about I wear that
would work with this little
little sub brand with a brand Jordan that they have nice and
once upon a time I would have
been like way too scared to even think about that but now I’m
like no no I can see it I can
see it clearly I just have to show it to them so that’s the
stuff I’m excited about moving
forward awesome collectible stuff I’m working on basically
just like a chocolate bar
project that’s based on the Harriet Tubman twenty-dollar
bill that seems like it’s never
ever going to come out again I felt like I could help stimulate
conversation around that in a
way that was fresh and new for people I’m also working on to
the fake championship rings for
things cuz it going I think there’s a pop culture and where
the people identifying connect
two things that will get them really excited about it make
them want to lay just have this
thing so that’s Collectibles organizational things are
looking at light again lot more
I wear in jewelry projects for organizations because what
occurred to me is that when
you have when you’re in an organization you’ve got a very
focused target market that a
lot of suspend particularly the Greek folks depending made it
will just buy thing because it
has like the letters on it lets it but for me it’s like it’s not
just a cash grab I’m looking at
it like I want to make these Brands these things are very I’m
not in any Greek organizations
but I know for people that are it’s a meaningful thing and but
tragically to me no one’s ever
tried to make a legit brand out of any of those in a product
kind of way so like if you ever
seen glasses like they’re kind of like party like kind of junk
throw I don’t care if I break
them kind of things made a really nice pair to capture
this thing that they really
care about which strikes me immediately is very strange so
that’s more how my brain is
working as I’m looking forward to take these skills like with
eyewear and jewelry to try to
put them in a place where they haven’t really played so much
before last one is working
with kids always excited about working with kids is that an
even as a student you have to
be an expert because they don’t know any of this stuff right so
anything you can share with them
it’s going to be probably pretty interesting so I feel like I can
I can make something out of that
and give something back in the same way that you know my mom
taught me to bake and that let
me down this whole other path I don’t know that I ever would
have necessarily come upon so
and I think you guys can all appreciate that like not too
many people know what id is and
I think it’s all of our duty to help people understand what it
is and how people become
interested in it so that’s a lot a big part of the reason why I
want to work with kids no time
for the demo but the care package will have all of like an
NDA letter of agreement just
some basic stuff to help to help provide a little bit of
structure for you if your trying
to work independently even now you can email Max or he’ll send
that out to everybody and I hope
they catch you started on your journey and I think I’m
going to wrap it up there
cuz I’m overtime thank you.

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